Alan Watts RrecordingsThe audio recordings of Alan Watts (1915-1973) are presented here for download in their original format. Best known for interpreting Eastern philosophies for a Western audience, Alan Watts wrote twenty-five books and delivered over a thousand lectures on topics such as comparative religion and the true nature of reality. Alan Watts’ mastery of the art of communication is most apparent in his spoken words. (more)
Classic Radio Talks with Alan WattsOriginally broadcast by Pacifica radio station KPFA, the classic radio talks collected here were assembled after an extensive review of all the Alan Watts archival material, and are highly recommended as an introduction to his philosophy on human consciousness. Although he preferred to engage an audience, most of the early radio talks were done solo—Alan Watts, an empty study and a microphone. (more)
Classic Seminar Series with Alan WattsThis collection of Alan Watts recordings includes an exceptional selection of intensive seminars—weekend events comprised of afternoon and evening sessions. In contrast to the Radio Talks, the seminars usually occurred at a private home or studio, with 20 or 30 students in attendance. The seminars’ topics of discussion were fully explored and discussed in depth, generally in a more extensive manner than the shorter radio talks. (more)