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Inspired by Grace Helbig's Fart Soundboard Challenge, we figured we'd answer the call with our own take. Hope you enjoy, and be sure to thumbs up for some seriously mature humor.. Also! To check out Grace's video, click this link, and be ready for rip-roaring laughs (punny!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpQqAy6GZVA
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Annoyed with the recent surge in fake/spam profiles on Grindr, I decided to help educate ya'll with some tips and tricks to spot the fakes and avoid the bulls*t. If you have any other tips, post in the comments below! And don't forget to subscribe to my channel: new videos every Tuesday and Saturday - YAY!
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Shadows - Lindsey Stirling Choreography
A music video for a class, inspired by Lindsey Stirling. A big shout-out to her for being amazing, and special thanks to Stephen Klopfenstein for filming for us. And of course, this song is by Lindsey Stirling - I didn't write it, and so I don't claim ownership. It's just an awesome song, and I hope you enjoy :) P.S. If you haven't already, go check out her page. No, really. Go do it.
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Know Your Coffee!
Are you curious about where coffee comes from and what it is? Are you unsure if it's pronounced "expresso"? Do you suspect baristas are giving you decaf on purpose? These questions and more answered in this video - be sure to like and subscribe, and share to help educate the uneducated :). Also, the promised link: http://www.popsci.com/technology/article/2012-06/fyi-what-espresso
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Why SitComs Suck
After accidentally punishing myself with some of The Big Bang Theory, I decided to explore why many SitComs utterly suck. Behold, TFRT: Why SitComs Suck. Don't forget to like and subscribe, and tell me what you think of SitComs down below!
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GAY U.S.A. - Gay Love in the Midwest
Howdy my homos! Today I figured what better topic for the show than the travesty that is living gay in the Midwest. From paranoid straight men to living with cats, I give you advice on finding love in these here boonies. Don't forget to like and subscribe, and leave some love in the comments below!
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Modern Art is Crap
Thanks to recent spotlight, I've realized even moreso that Modern Art is Crap. Go dumpster diving, slap some trash in a glass case, call it art, and sell it for millions. What happened to legitimacy? What happened to skill, practice, and effort? Anything can be art, but that doesn't mean everything should be worth millions. Get it together.
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Taylor Swift Banned Me!
Today I rant about Taylor Swift, because her legal team forcibly took down a short Facebook clip of me singing in my car. Meanwhile, the "dancing cop" video is advertised, and other artists condone viral use of their music . Copyright has double-standards like nobody's business, I swear... That, or maybe T. Swift is just a tyrant.
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Unboxing My MacBook! (A Semi-Fail..)
I just got my new MacBook Pro in - and I was so excited, I'd figure I'd share the unboxing with you. And then.. I realized my accessories were missing, and there was the whole setup process. And I wasn't going to put you through that. Regardless, I still enjoyed this, and hopefully you do too. Also, if you'd like to check out where I got this awesome deal from, here's the link to B&H Photo Video: http://www.bhphotovideo.com
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Tangiers Noir Prince of Gray Review
Having just gotten my new shipment of shisha in, I had to test out the Prince of Gray shisha by Tangiers Noir. An Earl Grey-esque tobacco, I mixed it with a little of Mazaya's Four Seasons (citrus) blend, and the results were phenomenal. Care for a spot of tea, old chap?
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Amanda Palmer "In My Mind" Cover
My piano cover of Amanda (Fucking) Palmer's inspiring song "In My Mind". One of my most cherished musician's, I've always found AFP's style unique and quirky, with a special dose of personal meaning and inspiring undertones. This is my first ever cover song, and I was insanely scared to make this for you, but I love singing, so I had to give it a shot. If you like this, please be sure to give me a thumbs up and share it! It's a huge leap for me. ALSO - be sure to check out the original version by Amanda Palmer - it can be found right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9WZtxRWieM
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How-To Adult: Writing Checks
Now that I'm being forced to learn how to Adult, I figured I'd do my best to help others who are doing the same. So today is the first in a series of videos I like to call "How-To Adult". Hope this helps, and if you need any sage advice on Adulting, let me know in the comments!
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10 Problems America Could Easily Fix
Whether it's abortion, gay rights, or the latest trending discrimination - here's a list of 10 Problems in America (and elsewhere) that we could easily fix with just a little common sense and empathy.
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Hookah review! Layalina Dub-Apple Mint & Tangiers Spearmint (F-Line)
Layalina Double Apple Mint and Tangiers F-Line Spearmint: two flavors I've never tried - I hope you enjoy this video and be sure to give a thumbs up and let me know what you think in the comments. Oh, and subscribe!
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Why Holidays Suck
Especially in metropolis, you'll see that Holidays are both overly done and also blindsided. So today I'm laying down the reasons why holidays suck. #HappyHolidays #MerryChristmas Don't forget to hit that like button and share your thoughts below!
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Magic 8-Ball Pregnancy Test!
What if Magic 8-Balls were meant for something more? Introducing the Magic 8-Ball Pregnancy Test! Perfect for those who prefer a little discretion.
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The Problem With Gay People
Following an exceptional example of trolling, I figured I'd give my two cents on how one side is no better than the other when both are overzealous and blind in their crusade.
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If History Was Clickbait
Clickbait itself is garbage, but what if we used those tactics to explain History? Social Studies would be a blast. So today is a list of 10 Historical Events, if they were Clickbait. Enjoy!
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50 Shades of Grey Trailer Reaction
Having heard lots of comments on the trailer for "50 Shades.." I figured I should give it a watch. Sure, it's not Skinemax, but it's damn close.
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Toothpaste as Facewash? (And Other New Year Ramblings)
Happy Ho-lidays! Back from my little break, I figured I should do a little recap and a peek at what's coming up. Get your bottles poppin' kiddies - happy hour is almost here.
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Lindsey Stirling - Success and Shatter Me
An intro to who Lindsey Stirling is and how she rose to YouTube stardom, plus a sneak peak at her upcoming album, "Shatter Me", available April 29th! Be sure to check the links below to order the album and other goodies! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lindseystirlingmusic?fref=nf Pledge: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/lindseystirling iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/shatter-me/id844250403 Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Shatter-Me-Lindsey-Stirling/dp/B00J924YC0 Home: http://www.lindseystirling.com/ All music and related videos property of Lindsey Stirling and her YouTube channel "LindseyStomp". Interview footage courtesy ClevverMusic on YouTube.
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Is Davey Wavey a Hypocrite?
Thanks to a recent video by gay YouTuber/Bodybuilder "Davey Wavey", many people have returned fire by calling him hypocritical for not practicing what he preaches (essentially). Today I give some of my own thoughts, and I'd love to hear yours. Links so you can join the fun: Davey's video: https://goo.gl/3vOjpu HuffPost Article: http://goo.gl/rI6qqR Davey's redress: https://goo.gl/dwrtN8
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Surgeon Simulator! -Double Kidney Edition-
Dr. Julian Munoz and myself blunder our way through a double kidney transplant in Surgeon Simulator 2013 - up next: brain transplant!
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Take 2! Celebrity Nudes; 'Chelsea Lately'; 'Friends' Reunion
It's Take Two! And this week I'm discussing the biggest leak in nude celebrities history - to calm those excited nerves, topping it off with the finale of Chelsea Lately, and the Friends reunion skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which some people just didn't quite understand. As always, links are just below here so you can check these out yourself! 4chan Celebrity Leak: http://latest.com/2014/09/hacker-steals-posts-numerous-nude-photos-celebrities-4chan/ Chelsea Lately: http://nypost.com/2014/08/27/top-moments-from-the-star-studded-chelsea-lately-finale/ Friends Reunion: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/29/jimmy-kimmel-friends-jennifer-aniston_n_5737898.html
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Seattle: Before & After
Before I moved to Seattle, I made a vlog about my concerns on moving to a new, huge city. Since I've been here a year, I figured it's time to address those concerns and see if life matched my expectations. Link at the end to my original "Moving Concerns" video, and I'll see you next time for more goodies!
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Facebook/Internet Drama & How to Avoid It!
Hello! Alicia and I are back this round to talk about Facebook/online drama and how to avoid it - a short, funny list of things that most of you have experienced. Yay! P.S. Sorry for the change in video/audio quality - just got some new equipment and am still getting the hang of it.
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What's In My Purse - A Drag Parody
Helena Botsky returns! This time, she has an imperative list of things that no woman should go without in their purse. So sit back and get ready for laughs, and don't forget to share with those dear friends who could use some pointers!
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Alicia and I (mostly her) discuss a short list of the most obnoxious issues females face these days - and as usual, the credits may also be the best part. Thanks for watching, and be sure to like and subscribe, and feel free to add to the list of #ladyproblems in the comments below!
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The Problem With "Freemium" Games
Inspired by repeated late-night tramplings in Hearthstone, I decided to explain my frustation with pay-to-win games. If you feel like I do, click that thumbs up button and give me your thoughts. AND DON'T FORGET TO WATCH THIS VIDEO: http://goo.gl/urjZMu
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XY - His & His
Spoofing KY's His/Hers lubricant commercial, Levi and I decided (a long time ago), to finally make our hilarious gay-friendly version :) Be sure to like and subscribe for more!
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So today is my birthday, and for a little pre-celebration, best friend Alicia and I went to a Chippendales show, and even got to go party with the dancers after! Don't worry, I've included a healthy dose of the show here so you can enjoy as well ;D Thumbs up for gorgeous men, hot seat dancing, and Alicia getting spoiled! P.S. I'm curious - do we call them "male dancers" or "strippers"? Lemme know what you think (and why)!
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Iowa, Episode 2
After making it to Iowa in search of a place to live, we take detours to shits and giggles.. and by that I mean we freak out over things we don't have back home: from 2-story malls with escalators to comic book stores and more - we learn that Des Moines really does trump anything we have in South Dakota. Oh, and god bless Whitney Houston.
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Thirsty In Seattle - A Personal Vlog
Having discussed my experiences since I moved, I've never talked about how it's all affected me. And it has. So grab a drink with me as I explain what I've learned about myself and living in the big city. I hope my experience helps with your own obstacles in life - I'd love to hear your stories, comments, and advice, so leave us all some love and light in the comments. See you soon.
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D&D Play Heroes of the Storm
Heroes of the Storm! The newest game from Blizzard Entertainment. A "MOBA" like the classics DOTA and League of Legends, starring the most notable characters from all 3 of Blizzard's universes. Today, Dylan and I decided to share some glorious moments from a fun match - between the game still being in Alpha, and my technical difficulties, this may not be my best attempt, but I'm working on making better gaming videos. Thanks for watching; more to come soon :)
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Channel Trailer
Welcome to my channel! I film humorous rants, skits, vlogs, and the occasional terrible drag, usually while enjoying a stiff cock(tail). Oh myyy. Don't forget, you can also follow me on social media! -Facebook/DahrkMezalf -Twitter @DahrkMezalf -Wordpress @DahrkMezalf -Snapchat @dahrkinthepark Subscribe & follow along for all my ridiculousness. See you soon!
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HELLOOOOO! Levi, Dylan, and myself have taken up the mantle of the Mrs. Doubtfire Pie Challenge - a movement much like the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for suicide prevention. In honor of the late Robin Williams, grab a pie, call your nomination(s) and get to pie-smashing!
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People Who Should Probably F*ck Off
Working in customer service, or.. well, being alive period, tends to subject you to idiots. Everywhere. So today I decided to harness my rage in a productive manner. Presenting: People Who Should Probably F*ck Off. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more! I love hearing from ya'll ;D
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Sex. Sells. Period.
In light of recent advertisements, I give my 2 Cents on sexualization in the media. Let us not forget that, regardless of gender, Sex Sells. Period. (Unfortunately) Long story short: every gender is sexaulized. We need a revolution in marketing.
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Carrie and I would like to share our dance floor etiquette and things you should *NOT* do on the dance floor - so take note. Also, did we miss anything? Leave your thoughts and advice in the comments!
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YouTube Channel Intro
Welcome to YouTube, and more importantly my channel, Dahrk Before Dawn! Chances are you accidentally stumbled upon my video(s), but hopefully you'll stay awhile and listen. If you get a kick out of my antics, feel free to like, comment, share, and subscribe!
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Where I Live
After receiving numerous requests to showcase where I live (not my house, you see that all the time), and in honor of hitting 170 subscribers, I figured I'd honor those requests and share a little about my city. Keep in mind I'm not a professional tour guide, so deal with it :)
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Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge!
Following popular trend, I decided to try my hand at getting that sexy, pouty lip look - let's just say it didn't go as planned.
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Ghosting - The Social Norm?
"Ghosting" : suddenly going AWOL on a relationship. It's a thing, with a name, and it needs to stop. It's a new age of technology, and we are often losing ourselves in it. So take a moment, find your humanity, and be better people :) Because love is already a battlefield. Let's not make it a World War.
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Are You a Racist Dater?
"The Daily Show" recently did a skit, deciding that having a romantic "type" means you're a racist dater. But why stop there? Why not harp on people having preferences at all? Whether it's age, height, weight, etc... P.S. I know the original was a comedic skit, but many people truly feel that racist dating is a serious issue - This is directed towards them. For reference, here's the original video: http://goo.gl/qP5obT
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Brace-removal day! And truly, the drill was the most pain I've felt in years. GAH. Still not over it. Nope.
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Mrs. Doubtfire 2 - More doubt. More fire. What do you think?
It's no secret now that Mrs. Doubtfire 2 is now in the works - here's a little insight to what's happening and where some of the original cast stand. I want to know your opinion - comment below! And if you enjoyed this, be sure to check out my channel for more. Also, if you're looking for more Doubtfire goodies, check out these links below: http://metro.co.uk/2014/04/20/mrs-doubtfire-2-update-more-of-the-original-movie-cast-would-be-up-for-sequel-4704071/ http://popwatch.ew.com/2014/04/17/mrs-doubtfire-sequel-mara-wilson/ http://screencrush.com/mrs-doubtfire-then-and-now/
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D&D Adventures in Minecraft!
Welcome to our Minecraft debut! Dylan and I (also Dillon) set out on our epic quest to shape the world of Minecraft to our will - but first, we've got to get a proper start. Join us for laughs, ambushes, and the discovery of the rare Ice Plains Spikes biome, aka: Home. P.S. Texture pack is ChromaHills if you were wondering.
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FloRida, Episode 1
Hot on the heels of my Iowa trip, now I'm vacationing in Florida with family, and it is simply amazing. From palm trees to theme parks, 6-pack Adonis' running rampant and then some, this place earns it's title for vacation paradise. HOLLA AT YA, FLORIDA. P.S. Episode 2: Busch Gardens, coming soon. Foxman Music: http://www.foxmanmusic.com (iTunes): https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/foxman/id326450590 Aubrey Wollett: https://www.facebook.com/aubreywollettsings
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I'm Moving!
Hot on the heels of a failed move to Des Moines, today I have big, new moving plans to announce (and it's already been finalized, so no failed attempt here). Grab a drink and laugh at my moving concerns as I pour my heart out, and if you have any advice for a newbie, please share the love.
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$10 HAUL (y'all) !
Inspired by Mamrie Hart's $10 Haul videos, I decided what better way to round out a day of errands and shopping than to buy a bunch of crap from a dollar store. This also serves as a great way to get ready for date. So.. party down! I also challenge you to do a $10 Haul video and lemme know how it went in the comments!
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