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trying to do henna freckles but like,, successfully
I think this was a success??!! If you wanna know how to do henna freckles like i did or ur just bored cause it's the holidays then uh. watch this.
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ART GCSE Exam Sketchbook (level 7/A)
haven't filmed the terrible first sketchbook video yet so look out for that whenever I upload it. In the meantime, enjoy this considerably more depressed me as I explain the Exam sketchbook. again, fight me in the comments if u disagree with my advice or whatever.
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Do You Know Where We Parked Our Car?
Do You Know Where We Parked Our Car? Thanks to David for letting Maddie and me yell at him, and Torin and James for being our camera-bois.
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ART GCSE Composition Sketchbook (level 7/A)
I just finished my gcse art course so i thought I would take you through what a Composition Sketchbook actually is. If you've also done GCSE art and disagree with my advice comment down bellow and I'll fight u.
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Neighbourhood Cares are teaming up with Viva and other community partners to buy Nellie the Tuk Tuk for Soham! She will provide a unique form of volunteer-fuelled community transport for the town. Edited by Phyllida
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The Moon Song| Cover
We recreated this 2 years later with much worse harmonies: https://youtu.be/yx0ReROC9pw
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Taylor The Latte Boy (cover)
I sing this song way too often so here I am putting it to rest at the Fiddler Frolics.
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Galway Girl (by Steve Earle)
I've been watching a lot of Stewart Lee, so here's the product of that. Points to whoever can spot me playing the wrong chord. Also lol y does my face look so sad when I sing?
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What a Wonderful World
Haven't been able to get outside in ages so I took this footage from about 2 years ago and a btec recording of me singing in my kitchen and BAM, a mediocer video to celecrate study leave boiiiis
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Pas De Deux (cover)
we did this in an afternoon cause it's basically the only song I can play on piano. it also happens to be the only song dodie clark can play on piano, no that's not fair she's very good. Well done dodie clark. thanks also to my mum , Bridget, for working out the cello part and playing it, especially as all the help she got from me was me going *smacks piano* "that note, play that note." happy new year.
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A Second A Day Of The Longest Holiday Of My Life
I almost lost all this footage so u better enjoy it. I obvi didn’t include the days where I did nothing cause I want you to think my life is great and not just average/good
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