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trndsttr Gacha map #spagghetmap (rules in desc) MAP OPEN
PLEASE READ The deadline is on 2 February:) Theres 23 parts. Make sure to cut the parts on time. And if you're done add #spagghetmap on the title, if pass the deadline you'll be kicked out. Watermarks are allowed. 🙅DO NOT STEAL OTHER POEPLES PROJECT🙅 Its ok if you're not good at editing. I will heart the comment if you ask for the parts :) The parts are in the pinned comment. This is my first map btw~ If you wanna know trndsttr lyrics link in my pinned comment. 😸 Good luck 😽
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Top 3 Funny Editors in the Gacha Comunity
THIS VIDEOS ARE NOT MINE! This is my opinion ----------------------------- Sorry there's only 3.. a cause I can't find the other funny videos.. THEYRE ALL SCARY 0-0
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"The nameless girl"
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Math Promblems Gachaverse Story time
Hi BANANA A.R.M.Y I added Gachaverse Story time! I hope you enjoyed! . . . . . Math Problems Don't be lazy to study Is bad. . . . I wanna add this cause... Idk maybe it's fine or something..? But I hope so btw I call yall banana A.r.m.y I hope you loved It . Don't forget to Subscribe and like for more vids like this! And don't forget to share to your friends too!
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How to make thumbnail on Android
This is how to make a thumbnail please watch till the end so yall can make a thumbnail and hope it's helpful.
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How to turn to creative mode in Minecraft trial.
FOR ALMOST 30 SUBS SPECIAL I MADE THIS! :3 🤗 I hope it's helpful And hope u enjoy. Bye my Spagghettis Song by: Kevin MacLeod (Sneaky Snitch) Btw Deadline is tommorow. Well if u don't know what I'm talking about... I'm making a trndsrrr map Come and join there's a part left! 😄 Bye bye now~ -SpAggHeTtOs Playz-
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~Genius~ /GMV\
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Nerd Raps |Ep 2|
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°Bye Lena Problems° {meme} /Read desc/
In 1 Dec... I'm Bi Rt H D A Y . Hbd to meh :3
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"The Delivery Guy" (A scary story)
N No Not Not S Not So Not So S Not So Sc Not So Sca Not So Scar Not So Scary Not So Scary G Not So Scary Ga Not So Scary Gac Not so Scary Gach Not so Scary Gacha Not so scary Gachav Not So scary Gachave Not So scray Gachaver Not so scary Gachavers Not so scary Gachaverse mini movir I'M TIRED PLS subscribe pls (I'm not pushing u guys to sub)
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Ima Banana ~meme~
I made IMA banana meme finally... TwT I'm happy this is my first goal is to make IMA banana but I have another goals. . . . My goals: 1 Ima Banana meme (done) 2. 10K special 3. 50K Special 4. Hit 100K Subscriber 5. Hit 1M Subscriber And yeah that's my goal. Oh yeah! I forget something. My no. 6 goal is...... chage my YT channel name, why cause.. I saw somebody named I'm a banana, but IMMA chage it to ShadrinaPlayz that's my instageam name but PLEASE DON'T VISIT MY INSTAGRAM. And just wanna let y'all now I'm adding a Vlog in Singapore. . . . And yeah that's all make sure to subscribe and like thank you so much for watching. I love you guys so so MUCH bye guyss
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#HappyBdayCsomic Pt 21-22 (Reupload)
Name on the bottom left corner
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+*Hime Hime*+ ~meme~ [EARRAPE WARNING]
I finish it! It's sooooo bad very bad bad bad sorry :3
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When Peppermint watches I'ma Banana MEME"
Hi, I'ma Banana here pls check Techno Cyrus she my sis she's new to YT
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+* Solar Moon *+ {FT. The Cousin $QUAD}
#Gachalife #Song #Lunime
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Wonderland meme •Collab with Techno Cyrus•
It's cringe tho ;-;
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Clarity meme
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The bully Ep 9
This is my video recorded with DU Recorder. It's easy to record your screen and livestream. Download link: Android: https://goo.gl/s9D6Mf iOS: https://goo.gl/nXnxyN
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"Friends Forever"
Friends Foeveh
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6×3=?? Meme {read desc}
Pls comment the ask&dare vid ik I was a bad YouTuber but plsss plss plss plss
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Spoiled Brat Ep 2
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Gacha Verse - The bully Ep 7 -
This is my video recorded with DU Recorder. Hope u liked it at the same time subscribe to my channel and leave a like and share the video for more gaming video u guys have to subscribeEeEeEeEE ok? Ok
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°I don't Believe in ghost° {Meme} /Scary Warning
It's sooooo bad I tried mah best. Scary warning this video is so spooky right? Of course not Please Subscribe we tryna reach uhm there's only 25 subs uhmm 24...!? If we can't reach that.. you'll die by the ghosts Jk! Byeeee
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Impoartant info
I'll give you a chance to complete the parts. (Last chance) And omg my my grammar is so bad ;--;
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"Da fight" (Read Description)
Djmzisjdofhksidkzos d idvxlshdldjskhdnd dkdhdjdhjfidnskfhe jdhdmdkdje. Means subscribe to my sis and Susbcribe to me and of course leave a like,Share.
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"Nerd Raps"
So this video is just for fun hope u guy enjoyed and yeah u guys cannot laugh to a nerd or maybe say "TEACHER PET"NO u cannot say that nerds is smarter than u so don't laugh at them or maybe BULLY THEM is bad u know is bad so yeah subscribe and leave a like and share and BAII
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*I miss you mom and dad* (Read Description)
Hi I'm making another Sad story :( so.. you guys cannot be spoiled and mean to your mom and your dad. Cause ur mom is the one who borns you and take care of you until your big and your dad who give you some food who buy you things who make money for life. And yeah hope you enjoy this video Subscribe and like of course :D remmember be nice and don't be Spoiled!
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Light meme ft. Night NuggetGacha
Inspired by: Mizzo ipang
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"The Bully Ep 10" (Read Description)
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Tonight -meme- (remake)
Is it better
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Spoiled Brat Ep 1
My sis make my Intro hope u like it and pls Subscribe if ur new and leave a like and share and I will see u guys on the next vid BAIII
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Gacha Verse -The  Bully Ep 2-
This is my video recorded with DU Recorder. It's easy to record your screen. Hope u like this video Pls subscribe for more vids
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Tonight -meme-
I'll be fine :)
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#nikemap Intro
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I just wanna make this cause how much I luv my fans... BUT ITS ONLY 11 SUBS But it's ok :D make sure to like and Subscribe
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The bully Ep 8 (Morning Routine)
This is my video recorded with DU Recorder. . . Rebecca says: SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE FOT MORE KYLIE JENNER LIPSTICK AHAHAHA (im joking arround lol) Hope you enjoyed my video and I forgot to make Ya girl Pep and Ya boi Randy :V
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Daddy can you pass me the salt?
Ok so the youjg girl says "daddy can u pass me the salt?" Is just a random character OwO
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"Dance 3"
Idk why I'm making this o.o BUT WATCH THIS IF UR :(
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Murder and Sheriff  Sisters |Mini Movie| *ORIGINAL*
Is realeased! Hope u enjoy
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"The Talent Show"
Pls turn on the volume cause there's the guitar sound effect and.. yeah but It's not the same as Guitar voice so sorry!! O.o And make sure u Susbcribe if you're new and don't forget to turn on the notification bell and leave a like,share and I will cya guys at the next Video Baiiii guys
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