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Boyf riends TextingStory
Made with TextingStory // textingstory.com
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Step brothers AU chat (BMC+DEH)
Sorry for not posting much. I’ll start posting more from now on and I’ll start posting on my second channel @ALonerWhoNeedsHelp SendHelp. Quite a mouthful lmao. There’s nothing up yet, but there will be soon. Maybe I might post more than just TextingStories. If you liked this video, please remember to like, comment, and/or subscribe. Byyyyye! :)
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Extreme part core 3 SU characters
Cringe. Thx smule
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Extreme part core 2 SU characters
Thx smule 🙂👌 98% of u guys will be triggered
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Extreme part core with SU
Cringe. Thx smule. 🙂👍
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Different SU Ships/ Helpless READ DESCRIPTION!!!!
I give the song Helpless credit and the whole musical it was from in the first place. Hamilton is a very amazing and stunning musical that I think you'll enjoy, so please copyright me, I am giving this song credit and supporting it. Also please support this song, Hamilton, and SU because if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have made this video. PLEASE READ!!!! Here's the link for the original song, https://youtu.be/30N4rPZuUMc please support it and thank you guys so so so much. Bye ;3
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Toothpaste can clean your sink!!!!
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Bird mom
Thank I'll so much smule!!!
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My little cousin, Karalina. Like this video if cute
My little cousin, Karalina. I love her.
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I wanna b a crayon!
Lol just lol
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Ruby X Sapphire Fan Animation
Ruby X Sapphire Forever. I give credit to every talented artist in Steven Universe and Robecca Sugar.
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Fairy birth animation//not inappropriate
I just decided to do a short little fairy animation. This is appropriate so...yeah Enjoy and don't forget to like and subscribe Byyyyyeee😘
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Cinco Andy DeMayo
Andy DeMayo from SU and his favorite holiday. Don't forget to like and subscribe. ;)
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