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Chris Hansen Prank Calls a Ghetto Chat Line
Chris Hansen decides to call a ghetto chat line in hopes of finding new love. He even encounters a man who was matched up with Chris by the hotline and Chris attempts to hit on him too anyway. ENJOY!!! WOW!!! Over 10,000 views and counting! Keep watching!
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Angry Jamaican Guy Prank Call Rampage
The Angry Jamaican Guy calls random Bars and Roti shops to piss people off over the phone..... ENJOY!
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Angry Jamaican Guy Prank Calls Random Places in The Bronx
The Angry Jamaican Guy returns to harass several random places in the Bronx and some of the victims become irate and curses him out too.ENJOY!!!
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Gangsta Barber Prank Calls an Angry Spanish Lady
I originally called her with the Angry Jamaican Guy, then my computer crashed and I lost the file. So I decided to call her back and here's the results: In this prank call featuring The Gangsta Barber, he calls a very pissed off Spanish lady and tries to find out why she keeps calling him... Enjoy!!!!!
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Angry Jamaican Guy, Gangsta Barber & Philly Thug Roti Rampage Prank Call
The Angry Jamaican Guy enlists the help of the Gangsta Barber and the Philly Thug to piss off a couple of Roti restaurants... The first roti shop thinks that a friend is pulling a joke. The second one refuses to take crap from anyone who called their store cursing at them. Enjoy!!!!!
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Angry Jamaican Guy, Irate Black Man & Gangsta Barber Prank Call Rampage
The Angry Jamaican Guy, Irate Black Man and the Gangsta Barber team up to call random places and harass them... ENJOY!!!!!
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Angry Jamaican Guy & Irate Black Man Pranks a Gangsta Barbershop
In this call, the Angry Jamaican Guy goes toe to toe with a Gangsta Barber. The barber thinks that the caller is an off duty cop and claims that his connections will find the caller. Irate Black Guy makes a special appearance too... WOW!!! Over 10,000 views and counting! Keep watching!
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Kebab, Chinaman & Liquor Store Guy Prank Call Crazy Indians!
Using the Kebab, Chinaman & Liquor Store Guy soundboards, I called random places and here's the results! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Black Guy Prank Calls a Roti Store
Black Guy pisses off a local Roti Store because he wants them to stop calling his house... ENJOY!!!!!
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Angry Jamaican Guy Prank Calls Fairway
The Caribbean harassment continues with the Angry Jamaican Guy calling a Fairway Supermarket and cursing out everyone he talks to. ENJOY!!!
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Roti Thug & Angry Jamaican Guy Prank Call a Cab Service
The Angry Jamaican Guy returns with a new partner in crime, Roti Thug. Together they make a couple of prank calls to a cab service and go head to head with a crazy ass employee! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sgt. Hartman Prank Calling some crazy people!
Sgt. Hartman prank calls random places courtesy of Frank Prankman. First, a Chinese Restaurant. Then, a bar and finally, a Retarded black guy!!!!! WOW!!! Over 100,000 views and counting! Keep watching! Please check out my other soundboard pranks too!!!!!!! They're view-worthy as well... (Trust Me) :) Whether people like it or not, FRANK PRANKMAN is back!!!!!
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Sho'nuff Pranks Leroy's
Sho'nuff makes his debut prank call in search of his enemy Leroy Green. He suspects that a business by the same name is hiding him and gets pissed off from the employees who answer the phone. ENJOY!!!
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Liquor Store Guy calls a Pissed Off Indian Chicken Place Worker
In this prank call, I manage to keep this crazy ass Indian guy on the phone for over 11mins!!! ENJOY!!!!!
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THREATS prank calls random businesses!!!!!!!!!!!
If you ever heard the song from Jay-Z' Black Album called "Threat", then you'll get the idea of this exclusive prank(in which has never been heard of, created, or attempted before). After chopping up the acapella to this song, I came up with this brilliant plan, to prank people with THREATS!!!!! In this prank, THREATS pranks a clueless Indian restaurant worker, a wannabe gangsta Arabic guy from a local chicken place and a terrified chinese restaurant chef....... PLEASE RATE, COMMENT AND SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS PRANK!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!
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Angry Jamaican Guy Golden Krust Prank Call Chaos!
Angry Jamaican Guy returns to harass Golden Krust Restaurants! ENJOY!!!!! WOW!!! Over 10,000 views and counting! Keep watching!
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The Scream Experiment Prank Call (Part 2)
The following video is a follow up of a prank call I did a few years ago... I called random places with any screaming samples I could find off YouTube. There's even a surprise prank call I did to a victim I called a couple times in the past. ENJOY!!!!!
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Bloody Loco, Gangsta Barber, Black Guy and Luther The Obama Anger Translator Prank Call
Using audio samples from 3 new voices, Bloody Loco, Gangsta Barber, Black Guy and Luther The Obama Anger Translator pisses off random places!!!!! If anyone is interested in making soundboards from any of the THREE, Please don't hesitant to ask..... WOW!!! Over 10,000 views and counting! Keep watching!
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I've found another pizza shop to prank using Ultimate Warrior, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Angry Jamaican Guy and Angry Chinese Man (He was pranked by Black Guy and Joe Pesci).
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Luis Lopez & Angry Spanish Lady Prank Call Random Places
Luis Lopez from Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony and a new voice Angry Spanish Lady join forces to call random places and piss off whoever that answers the phone..... ENJOY!!!!!
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Angry Jamaican Guy Pranks a Pizza Shop
I pranked a Pizza Shop using a new soundboard.... The Angry Jamaican Guy. He wants to find out why the Pizza Shop called his job and he accuses the owner of being a faggot. If anyone has any phone numbers to give me to prank, I'll be more than happy to oblige....
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Gerry Bednob Pranks a Pissed off Chicken Place
Gerry Bednob a.k.a. Mooj pranks a Chicken Place and trades insults with the employees there..... I was bored so, I've collected Gerry Bednob clips from Youtube and made the first ever Gerry Bednob prank video...
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Angry Chinese Man Chinatown Prank Call
A short, but very very funny prank call using the Angry Chinese Man Soundboard... ENJOY!!!!!
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Buzz Bunny and Craig Robinson Tag Team Prank Call
In this series of prank calls, I used the Buzz Bunny soundboard and I used audio clips from two Craig Robinson movies to prank random people and annoy the hell outta them... ENJOY!!!!!
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Crazy Chinese Guy calls a Black Religious Retard
I called the black retard once again from the last prank with the Crazy Chinese Guy soundboard. Funny shit.... Told y'all I'm back, where my crown at? Lol!
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The SCREAM Experiment Prank Call
I'm back with a new prank video..... After gathering lots of annoying screaming samples, I decided to prank random people with them. Sorry for the delay..... Enjoy!
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