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My Movie hampton c3
aleph's side of the story in "They Poured Fire On Us Fro The Sky" This was for World affairs!! other videos will be FUN!!!
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Sister Breaks down for BTS AMA Preformance
She watches BTS preformance at the AMA's and is so moved, she cries. Half an hour later she is still crying with no sign of stopping!
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Joliet Central High school Ballroom Dancing Club Enrique Iglesias - "Bailando"
Joliet Central High school Ballroom Dancing Club Enrique Iglesias - "Bailando"
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Cube 1997 Film Review
Cube 1997 film review for English 4.
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My best Friend Has A Boyfroend
My Best Friend Has A Boyfriend
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Told you karma is real.
Couldnt believe it! Amazing! Once in a life time. He didnt know us at all and bought all of us drinks!
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Why Turn To Suicide
The music is Joyner Lucas- I'm Sorry (clean version) DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE SONG (LYRICS, MUSIC, VOCALS, ETC) (PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION) This was a short film project for my drama class and I was honestly very depressed at the time. I have dealt with depression, suicidal ideation, and was a cutter. I have gotten help and have gotten better now but I know many are still going through things and suicide rates are at its worse. Suicide and cutting IS NOT THE ANSWER! IT WILL GET BETTER! I know its cliqued or whatever but hey.... It took me over 2 decades for my life to get better. They almost lost me many times but they kept me and now I'm going to college! Now my siblings lives will be better. And friends. Keep fighting. It's not worth it.
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My career Movie
Im yuki and I like cats!
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Make a Change
Karma is real. Just know. A day later me and my friends went to Starbucks and the person in front of us played for all of out drinks.
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Screaming bloody murder with crackling which.
Walking down the street screaming bloody murder while a which screamed BURN! Music by: Disturbed
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ariana grande love me harder Sis & Ari
ariana grande love me harder sis is dancing harder
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sex ed
Sex education that is based on abstinence has a negative effect on teens
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The Hills by The Weekend dance for Ellen and Jimmy
Dorothy turnt up at before school party.
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