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#itzangiiees60k for angiiee 😁
Shes my fave gacha tuber I hope she watches this!!
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Dreams meme
A lot of people use n*zi German so I'm just gonna use it- IT ISNT ILLEGAL TO DRAW N*ZI RIGHT?!??!?!??!
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gEt doWn mEme
I dont have a crop thingy
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Waves speed paint
I don't know how long it took but I made it yesterday and fell asleep
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Audio meme
Original meme: kagayaki fell for lancar Animation: gxcha puma Music: Audio Owner music: LSD Subscribe for more videos
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Gachalife new cliche
People started to make japan else urban legends like kuchisake onna or they can changed it to fire girl onna, i really started to cringe when its in my youtube's reccomendation and wont stop reccomending the same videos. Its no hate but u gotta be original, except Jonathan because he is the original person but people started to copy. I appreciate ur hard work on making stories but please do not make those kind of stories I reccomend making original stories that people havent make. If u have saw a story maybe like 3 different gacha stories you can conbine them like Saw: fire girl Im trans gender Best mom And u can combine them to "fire girl who kills for her dead mom" And the story line you can make is Once she was a 5 years old girl and her mom was the best mom for her but one day.. Her mom had a heart attack. Her child didnt know about it cause she dont want her to worry about her mom. And at new years her mom didnt want to go outside and go somewhere else but her child have idea she showed a video of fire works and her mom died of heart attack. Her child thought she was pretending but after hours of crying she realise that she can be heart attack thats the reason why she dont want to see fire works. A witch came out of now where.. she said Witch: hey little girl Girl: who are u and how did u come here??! Witch: calm down you should probably revenge to someone Girl: but.. why? Witch: *lies* a heart attack can be caused by other peoples that are mean to your mom Girl: WHAT?! Witch: i'll give you Powers when your 10 and revenge on others And blablablabla You can use this story but remember to credit me
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Everyone hates exams
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If ur friends think dirty pls send this to ur fren
No music cuz im lazy
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Speed edit
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Is it ilegal to draw bill
Bill Cipher from gravity falls
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Mew new intro!
I use kinemaster only lol and i don’t speed up the green screen animation part.
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Gxcha puma | speed paint gift for crystal latte
Hands IPhone5 IbisPaint X Isnt that obvious xD 2 hours and 6 minutes
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This is disturbing cartoon .-.
Nice bill
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Outro (forgot to upload it along the intro)
Music: Diplo revolution (unlike pluto remix)
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I changed my character
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Speed edit || Gabriella •3-
This is not my first time but this is the first time posting speed edit
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