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Grindr in Real Life
What if people talked to each other in person the way they do on Grindr when they first met...? (A clip from my documentary "The Grindr Project") Watch it all here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mjOffjXUoY
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The Grindr Project
A short documentary about the wonderfully taboo little app known as "Grindr" and the people who use it. Just a quick disclaimer: This project was made in the span of just a few days on a very tight deadline for a class, and the entire project was edited in one night. That being said, there were many more things that could've been discussed about Grindr and the people who use it, and many more aspects that could've been covered. I do not think that I have painted a complete picture with this film, nor do I pretend to. Rather I hope that I could have at least created a launchpad for further conversations.
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A project for Ms. Lemons' science class.
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"Three Dollar Bill" Trailer
Ethan, a high school student living in the rural south, encounters the tragic consequences of hate and intolerance after revealing to his classmates that he is dating a man. (Note: Now that I'm officially diving into my next project, I felt it was time to finally release my most recent one. This was a passion project through and through, done with virtually no budget and limited resources--Just a group of friends all dedicated to one cause. Here is the official trailer for it, and be on the lookout for the full short film, coming soon. Thanks guys! ~Will)
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Blacklight Full Trailer
The second trailer for my experimental film, "Blacklight". Filming of the movie is now complete!
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Sadie, With a Heart of Gold
Sadie unexpectedly encounters an ignorant southern romance on her way to the vet to try and save her dying dog.
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2 Girls Dorm Reaction (Dude Pukes!)
Reactions to 2 Girls 1 Cup and 2 Girls 1 Finger from the good ole guys of 9-D. Culminates in Alex puking.
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Three Dollar Bill
Ethan, a high school student living in the rural south, encounters the tragic consequences of hate and intolerance after revealing to his classmates that he is dating a man. [Note From Director: At long last, I am so pleased to share my film, "Three Dollar Bill" with all you beautiful people. Completed in February of 2014 for my last college semester, this film is the product of an all-volunteer crew who worked their asses off with literally no budget and minimal resources. Not only was it a passion-project through and through, but I consider it to be a part of myself as a human being, and I am elated to finally share this part of me with a wide audience. So if you have 30 minutes to spare, dive on in! I'd love to hear any and all thoughts and comments =) PEACE] ALSO view the film on Vimeo HERE: https://vimeo.com/148409741
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"Moving On" Trailer
Trailer for my feature-length film, "Moving On". Shot, edited, and completed in 2012. Starring myself and good friend, Abra Salazarte.
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Paranormal Activity Audience Reaction
Sorry for the low video quality. Turn up the volume and you can hear the footsteps coming up the stairs, followed by the light in the hall turning off. And notice how dead silent the audience is during the night scenes. The sqealing at the end comes from my step-brother. I do not have the copyrights to this movie. I'm just showing a scene.
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Lauren of Arc
Lauren finds an opportunity to do some good when her friend comes out to her.
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The Khalifa's Building!
Me at the big Khalifa's Building in Dubai, United Arab Inmates!!!
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Comida! con Patty Sue Fupaina!
A segment from the world-renowned cooking show, "Comida! con Patty Sue Fupaina!" Patty Sue makes Macaroni and Cheese!
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SE Asia Trip Pt. 3
Song: "Shadows (ft. Debbie Harry)" by Future islands
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SE Asia Trip Pt. 2
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Angry Cleaning Lady
On the phone, in her closet.
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Running of the Bulls
So I got chased by some bulls. Pamplona, Spain. July 8th, 2017
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Chongbocs Bleu: Blitzkrieg Bop
Chongbocs Bleu's performance of the song, "Blitzkrieg Bop" at the 2008 Ram Jam.
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Weeknight At Gertie's
Sam and Hain pay a visit to Sam's grieving aunt, who is a bit more unstable than she seems... (Final Project for my TELE4250 Production Class at UGA.
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This is Ponyboy
Got bored and made a thing. (This is how I normally dance to this song).
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SE Asia Trip Pt. 1
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"Thud" Trailer
The trailer for my upcoming short horror film, "Thud".
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First Xmas in Australia
I do not own the rights to this dope-ass Future Islands cover. (RIP George Michael)
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Snakes on a  Plane- Audience Reaction
The audience reaction to the famous line in Snakes on a Plane. You can hear me and other people shouting along with it, and my girl-friend laughing.
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Closet Monster
A young boy experiences terrifying...stuff, while trying to go to sleep. *Watch this in a dark environment, or you wont be able to see!
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