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Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your AirPods
The AirPods have undoubtedly been one of my favorite apple products released in the last few years and as I sit here impatiently waiting and dreaming about what the second version might entail, in this video I show you how to get the most out of the current version of AirPods. Read More - https://www.macrumors.com/guide/airpods-tips-and-tricks/ AirPods 2 Rumors - https://www.macrumors.com/roundup/airpods/
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7 Useful macOS Tricks You Might Not Know
In this video, we are going to share 7 tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Mac. Read More - https://www.macrumors.com/guide/macos-tricks-and-tips/
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Everything New in macOS Mojave
Today, Apple has officially released its next iteration of macOS, macOS Mojave, and in this video we're going to go over some of the key features users can expect to see in the latest version of macOS. Read more - https://www.macrumors.com/2018/09/24/apple-releases-macos-mojave/
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Demo of MAJOR FaceTime Bug That Lets People Spy on You!
There's a major issue affecting FaceTime right now, which all MacRumors readers should be aware of. A bug with Group FaceTime can let someone force a FaceTime call with you, giving them access to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac's video and audio even when you don't accept the FaceTime call. In this video, we demonstrate how the bug works, going through the steps to initiate a call and listen in on someone's audio and video without their permission. Read more - https://www.macrumors.com/2019/01/28/facetime-spying-bug-demo/ How to disable FaceTime - https://www.macrumors.com/how-to/turn-off-facetime/
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Cool Stuff from CES Unveiled and Samsung (CES 2019 Day 1)
CES 2019 is officially here and it all starts with CES Unveiled and later we checked out Samsung's First Look. Here are some of the more interesting products from the events.
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How to take Better Photos with your iPhone!
Using these tips will help you get the most out of your iPhone camera. http://www.twitter.com/macrumors Http://www.macrumors.com
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How to Get the Most Out of Your New iPad
Apple last week announced and debuted an attractive new iPad option -- a sixth-generation model with an affordable $329 price tag, an upgraded A10 Fusion processor, and support for the Apple Pencil, an accessory previously limited to the more expensive iPad Pro models. For MacRumors viewers who are upgrading to Apple's stellar new tablet from an older model, we've put together a video and guide covering features, accessories, and tips for getting the most out of the sixth-generation iPad. More info - https://www.macrumors.com/guide/new-ipad-tips-and-tricks/
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7 Tips Most iPhone Owners Won't Know!
So, you’ve had an iPhone for a while. And you feel like you know everything there is to know about it. Well, think again...Here’s a list of 7 tips that most iPhone owners won’t know. iPhone Wallpaper - http://bit.ly/2DkJvti Read more -https://www.macrumors.com/2019/01/18/seven-useful-iphone-tips/ Check out our last tips video: 7 Tips Every iPhone Owner Should Know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dB6tiQrnOU #7tipsiphone #iphoneXS #tipsandtricks
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Hands-on with Duet - An App That Turns an iOS Device Into an Extra Display for a Mac
Duet for iOS and Mac turns your iPhone or iPad into a secondary display for the Mac with a Lightning or 30-pin cable. Check out our post for more information: http://www.macrumors.com/2014/12/18/duet-display-ipad-tethered/ It should be noted that Duet Display does not currently work with iOS 5.1.1, so original iPad owners should wait for an update before purchasing.
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Hands-On With Case Logic's Slim Ibira Backpack
We went hands-on with one of Case Logic's newest backpacks, the Ibira. The Ibira is a slim, lightweight backpack that holds a ton and has a great price point $29.99.
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Everything New in watchOS 4!
watchOS 4 is out now for the Apple Watch. Here is what to expect! watchOS 4 Roundup: https://www.macrumors.com/roundup/watchos-4/
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Best Tips for Using the macOS Finder More Efficiently
In this video we’re going to go through some of our top tips for using the MacOS Finder more efficiently. More info - https://www.macrumors.com/guide/top-tips-macos-finder/
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Top Apple TV Remote Tips and Tricks
In this video, we've collected some of our favorite tips for controlling features of tvOS using the Apple TV Remote included with the fourth generation Apple TV and the latest fifth-generation Apple TV 4K. Some of these tips may be obvious to advanced users but those who are new to Apple TV will definitely find this tips useful. Read More - https://www.macrumors.com/guide/top-10-apple-tv-remote-tips-tricks/
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Hidden Apple Watch Tips and Tricks
Apple's new Apple Watch is a complicated device with a lot of different input methods and hidden secrets. Here's a list of tips that will help you get the most out of your Apple Watch.
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Tips and Tricks for the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar
With the 2016 MacBook Pro, Apple introduced an all-new design that incorporates a Touch Bar, a small touch-sensitive OLED display that offers up contextual controls depending on what you're doing on your Mac. Though the Touch Bar has been available, in our experience, many Mac owners don't take advantage of it, so in our latest YouTube video, we thought we'd share a few tips and tricks that might make the Touch Bar more appealing. Read more - https://www.macrumors.com/guide/macbook-pro-touch-bar/ Wallpaper - http://gameranx.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Firewatch-4K-Wallpaper-1.jpg MacBook Pro with Touch Bar - https://amzn.to/2IGOzs4
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Apple Watch Series 4 Destroys Older Models in Speed Test!
The Apple Watch Series 4, launched last week, features a new dual-core S4 chip that's significantly faster than the S3 chip in the Series 3, and, of course, the chips used in older Apple Watch models. We did a side-by-side comparison of the Apple Watch Series 4 to the original Apple Watch, the Series 1 models, the Series 2 models, and the Apple Watch Series 3 to see how far the Apple Watch has come since it was first introduced in 2015. read more - https://www.macrumors.com/2018/09/28/apple-watch-series-4-speed-comparison
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AirPods on Android: Yay or Nay?
In this video, we're going to take a look at how well AirPods work with Android devices and if it's possible to get a good user experience without an Apple device. Read more - https://www.macrumors.com/guide/airpods-android/
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What's the Best Unlimited Data Plan?
AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint all offer unlimited data plans. The plans all vary in price and in what they offer, but which is best? https://www.macrumors.com/2017/02/21/sprint-att-verizon-tmobile-unlimited-plan-comparison/
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What's New in macOS High Sierra!
At WWDC Apple announced macOS High Sierra. Here is what to expect when it is released in the Fall!
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New Apple TV (2015)  - What We Expect
Apple is rumored to be introducing its new Apple TV set-top box in early September, complete with Siri voice control and an App Store. Check out our roundup for additional details: http://www.macrumors.com/roundup/apple-tv/
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How to Set Up and Use Handoff in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite
Handoff is one of the new Continuity features introduced in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, letting users begin a task on one device and seamlessly pick it up on another. Handoff is available on several built-in Apple apps like Mail, Safari, and iWork, and it also works with third-party apps that have added support for the feature, including Pixelmator, Wunderlist, and more. For more information on Handoff, how to set it up, and how to get it working if you're having problems, make sure to check out our Handoff how to: http://www.macrumors.com/2014/10/24/how-to-handoff-not-working/
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Otterbox Video Review: Hands-On With the Defender and Commuter Cases for iPhone 6 Plus
Check out Otterbox's most protective cases for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the Defender and the Commuter.
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Streaming Music Over LTE in watchOS 4.1!
Apple just released watchOS 4.1 beta with support for Apple Music streaming over LTE! https://www.macrumors.com/2017/09/27/watchos-4-1-music-streaming-radio-app/
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How to Get More Battery Life Out of Your Apple Watch
The Apple Watch is by far one of, if not the most popular smartwatch on the market today and is definitely one of my personal favorites. It does a lot of things very well but one area it could use some help in is battery life. In this video, we’re going to share some tips on how to get a little more battery life out of your Apple Watch. Read More - https://www.macrumors.com/guide/apple-watch-more-battery-life Music by Lakey Inspired
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iPhone XR Unboxing and Hands On
The iPhone XR is set to launch on Friday, October 26, and ahead of its release date, we were able to get our hands on a review unit from Apple. We spent the day with the iPhone XR in New York City, checking out its feature set and doing a quick comparison with the higher-priced iPhone XS for all of our readers who are thinking of picking up Apple's most affordable flagship smartphone later this week. read more - https://www.macrumors.com/2018/10/24/iphone-xr-hands-on-unboxing/
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Finally…Multiple Timers on HomePod!
Apple's HomePod was updated this week to version 12, which debuted alongside iOS 12 for iPhones and iPads. The HomePod update brings about a handful of new abilities for Apple's smart speaker, including support for multiple timers, lyric search, find my iPhone, making and receiving phone calls, and more. Read more - https://www.macrumors.com/how-to/homepod-guide-multiple-timers-lyrics/
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Use iPad Pro as Your Mac Mini Display With Luna Display!
Last week, the team behind the Luna Display adapter that's designed to turn the iPad into a second display for any Mac published an article outlining how the adapter was used to morph a current iPad Pro into a display for Apple's newest Mac mini. The Mac mini ships sans display, which means if you have an iPad, it can be used as the Mac mini's sole display. We thought the idea was interesting, so we decided to try it out in our latest YouTube video. Read more - https://www.macrumors.com/2018/11/20/mac-mini-ipad-pro-luna-display/ Www.lunadisplay.com
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Goodbye to the iPod Nano & iPod Shuffle
Apple discontinued the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. These were the last of the pre-iPhone iPods. https://www.macrumors.com/2017/07/27/apple-removes-ipod-nano-ipod-shuffle/
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How to Use the Siri Raise to Speak Feature in watchOS 5
Apple's watchOS 5 update includes a new Siri feature that eliminates the need to say "Hey Siri" or push the Digital Crown to activate the personal assistant. Instead, you can raise your wrist and speak right to Siri, with the Apple Watch able to detect your movements and your desire to relay a Siri command. It's simple to enable, and it works well once you know a few tricks. Read more - https://www.macrumors.com/how-to/use-siri-raise-to-speak-watchos-5/
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Is Sleep Tracking Coming to Apple Watch?
Apple recently acquired Beddit, an iPhone-connected sleep monitoring system. What will Apple do with the company? https://www.macrumors.com/2017/05/09/apple-acquires-sleep-monitor-beddit/
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7 Tips Mac Users Might Not Know
macOS, the operating system that runs on Apple's Macs, has tons of hidden shortcuts, keyboard commands, and features that have gone under the radar. In our latest video over on our YouTube channel, we dug deep into macOS and came up with a list of useful but lesser known tips and tricks. You might think you know everything there is to know about the Mac, but we bet there's something new here you've never come across or have forgotten over time, so make sure to check out our video. Read more - https://www.macrumors.com/2019/02/20/seven-useful-mac-tricks/
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Hands-On With the New Nike+ Apple Watch Series 4
Today is the official launch date of the new Nike+ Apple Watch Series 4 models, which were available for pre-order on September 14 alongside other Apple Watch Series 4 models, but had a later release timeline. We got our hands on one of the new Nike+ Apple Watches this morning to show off the custom watch faces and the new reflective bands that Apple has designed. read more - https://www.macrumors.com/2018/10/05/nike-apple-watch-series-4
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Best Hidden Force Touch Features for the Apple Watch!
The Apple Watch has quite a bit of hidden features and menus that are not easy to find if you have forgotten about Force Touch. In this video, we highlight some of the best features using Force Touch on your Apple Watch. More Info - https://www.macrumors.com/guide/apple-watch-force-touch-features/
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Everything New in the iOS 10.2 Beta!
Apple just released iOS 10.2 beta to developers with a few new features. Here is everything new! Stay tuned to MacRumors for the latest Apple news: http://www.macrumors.com/2016/10/31/apple-seeds-ios-10-2-beta-1-to-developers/
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Mophie Juice Pack Access vs Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS/XS Max/XR
Right around the time that Apple debuted new Smart Battery cases designed for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, Mophie, a popular accessory maker, also introduced its Juice Pack Access battery cases for the new iPhones. In our latest YouTube video, we went hands-on with the Juice Pack Access to compare it to Apple's Smart Battery Case to see if it's a better option for those looking to extend their iPhone batteries. Read more - https://www.macrumors.com/2019/02/14/battery-case-comparison-apple-mophie Juice Pack Access - www.mophie.com
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Original Apple Pencil vs. Apple Pencil 2
In this video, we're going to do a quick comparison between the original Apple Pencil and the Apple Pencil 2 that was just released alongside the new 2018 iPad Pros. Read more - https://www.macrumors.com/2018/11/16/apple-pencil-comparison/
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Hands-On with Apple's New Clips App!
This is Apple's new Clips app for iOS. It allows you to create short movies for sharing on social media. http://www.macrumors.com/
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iOS 10.3 is Here!
Apple just released iOS 10.3, with Find My AirPods, a new Apple File System (back up before installing!), App Store review tweaks, and tons of smaller changes and bug fixes. Make sure to check out MacRumors.com for more info! https://www.macrumors.com
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Apple to Discontinue Back to My Mac in macOS Mojave
Apple today began sending out notifications to customers letting them know that support for Back to My Mac is ending in macOS Mojave. Back to My Mac was not present in the first developer beta of macOS Mojave and it has not been available in any subsequent beta, but many customers may have missed the news of its imminent sunsetting, which has now been confirmed by Apple. Read more - https://www.macrumors.com/2018/08/21/apple-back-to-my-mac-discontinued-macos-mojave/
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iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8: Which should you buy?
The release of the iPhone 8 is leaving many wondering how it stacks up against the iPhone 7. Here is what you need to know! http://www.macrumors.com/
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7 Useful macOS Tips You Might Not Know - August 2018
In this video, we check out another set of useful macOS tips that you might not know about. read more - https://www.macrumors.com/2018/08/03/useful-macos-tips-you-might-not-know-2/
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iPhone 7 Plus "Portrait Mode" Hands-On Preview!
At the iPhone 7 Plus announcement event, Apple previews a new "Portrait" mode that simulates a shallow depth of field. This feature did not ship with the iPhone 7 Plus, but with the release of the iOS 10.1 beta we have a preview of this feature. http://www.macrumors.com/2016/09/21/iphone-7-plus-beta-portrait-mode-hands-on/
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New 2018 MacBook Air vs. Old MacBook Air
Apple in October gave us a major surprise with the launch of an entirely revamped, updated version of the MacBook Air, its most popular and affordable notebook option. We went hands-on with the MacBook Air last week, and this week, we picked up an older MacBook Air to compare the new model to see just what's different and whether it's still worth buying the old version, which sells for $200 less than the current model. read more - https://www.macrumors.com/2018/11/14/macbook-air-new-vs-old/
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5 Cool Things to do with 3D Touch!
3D Touch is the latest feature on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Here are 5 things you may not know you can do! http://www.macrumors.com/ Subscribe: https://goo.gl/JWlv0H Twitter: https://twitter.com/macrumors
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CES Day 3 Roundup (Rollable OLED TV, Electric Air Taxi, and More)
As CES 2019 starts to come to an end, we decided to go over a few more interesting tech items from the show floor.
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Hands-On with iOS 12's New iPad Gestures
The new iPad gestures are identical to the gestures on the iPhone X, with Apple preparing us for the elimination of the Home button in future iPad models. Rumors suggest upcoming iPad Pro models will feature a TrueDepth camera system and Face ID rather than a traditional Touch ID Home button. If you use an iPhone X, the new iPad gestures will be familiar to you, but if you don't, it could take a bit of time to get used to. Here is a quick rundown of what to expect. Read more - https://www.macrumors.com/how-to/use-ios-12-ipad-gestures/
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Best macOS Preview App Features
In this video, we're going to go over some of the best features that the macOS Preview app has to offer. Read More - https://www.macrumors.com/how-to/get-the-most-from-the-macos-preview-app
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Apple Releases New 4K & 5K iMacs!
Today Apple quietly announced yet another spring refresh to its product lineup, this time focusing in on iMacs. The entire lineup has been updated, including a new RAM option for the iMac Pro. Check out what's new in our latest video! Read more - https://www.macrumors.com/2019/03/19/2019-imac-refresh/
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Everything New in Messages in iOS 10
Everything we know about iOS 10: http://www.macrumors.com/roundup/ios-10/
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Hands-On with Beats X Headphones!
These are the new BeatsX headphones. The W1 chip inside allows them to easily pair with an iPhone and other Apple devices. They also come in multiple colors and come in at a cheaper price than the Apple AirPods. Check out the hands-on for more! http://www.macrumors.com/
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