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January 1, 2019
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I do my makeup | Face Reveal
So at first this video was 31 minutes long I spent 31 minutes then screen recording the video while it played in I movie since you can only export videos that are 15 minutes or less from iMovie. I went to go upload the video and it took 3 try’s reuploading it and 2 hours then I gave up went back to iMovie and shortened the video to 15 minutes I only cut out the blending foundation and seeing how orange I was in the mirror if you would like to see that I still have the footage and I can upload it if you want One other terms go follow Veronica Rose you can find here channel under channels I subscribed to and if you want a shout out um ask me and it might happen
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Jurassic Park what are those
A great vine to remember a great app
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Happy birthday to me
Okay I know it’s late in the day but so what it’s my birthday I do what I want and if we are being honest here I forgot because I was kinda busy.
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R/entitledparents part 2
Sorry I couldn’t make it one vid but here you do watch the first video here: https://youtu.be/MQvXbdOqms4 Go follow Veronica Rose for the recommendation
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My posting schedule
Posting new content every Tuesday and Friday and if their is only one video on certain weeks it will come out on a Friday.
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R/entitledparents reactionish part 1
It was to long to make one vid so go check out the other video: https://youtu.be/QyF4GL48YZM Also go follow Veronica Rose since she recommended the reaction vid
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Painting my nails - Sorry it is a little bit later
So I painted a purple to magenta gradient on my nails and yeah I have nothing else to say
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School Ski Trip-I do I jump for the first time and succeed
Um..... this was film 2 weeks ago enjoy 😁
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Vines For Those Who Miss It’s Glory
Just yo average vine compilation. It’s not clean if you’re wondering! 😁
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Two lines | First animation
Uh.... well it is a story of two lines and it’s my second animation first upload my first animation is for New Years 2019 and it will be the first upload of the year 😆 I started it off with a random squiggly line going down the page then animated it so it would be moving forward than went on from there
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