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UberHaxorNova Rage Compilation (Part 1)
This is not every single instance, but these are what comes to mind whenever someone asks me to list of the times that James has raged. There you go for whoever asked. Don't expect this to be a daily thing guys.
UberHaxorNova Singing Whitney Houston
I'm sure other people recorded this too, but this was too funny not to post here on YouTube.
UberHaxorNova Rage Compilation (Part 2)
Continuing from my last compilation exactly 1 year ago, these are what comes to mind whenever someone asks me to list of the times that James has raged. Don't expect this to be a daily thing guys.
One of many turning points | Why James left The Creatures for Cow Chop
The likely moment where James took his already existing plans for Cow Chop and then put them into action. While there were many issues that had happened over the years, this video shows one of the last few times James went on the Hub and he he sort of goes public with the issues.
UberHaxorNova - James Getting Trolled by Chat
James enabled Mediasharing on Streamlabs on one of his streams. Chat realized and took advantage for the better or for the worse...
UberHaxorNova Rage Compilation (Part 5) (Final)
This was sort of a stretch to get together. This will be the last part of this mini annual series. These are the last few times that James has raged. Enjoy.
UberHaxorNova Rage Compilation (Part 4)
Probably the last part of this mini anual series. Continuing from my last compilation exactly 1 year ago, these are what comes to mind whenever someone asks me to list of the times that James has raged. Don't expect this to be a daily thing guys.
UberHaxorNova Breaks The Game (Glitch)
I had recorded the moment on the live stream when Nova glitches the game and then laughs his ass off. youtube.com/user/UberHaxorNova
UberHaxorNova Rage Compilation (Part 3)
Continuing from my last compilation exactly 1 year ago, these are what comes to mind whenever someone asks me to list of the times that James has raged. Don't expect this to be a daily thing guys.
Van Halen - Jump (Keyboard Track Only)
Well, this is *almost* only the keyboard track. I posted this to mainly help people learn the keyboard portion of the song. Update: Sorry. I forget where I found this. It's been a couple of years.
Will It Blend? Soundtrack
Here is the music that "Will It Blend?" uses as their background music. Enjoy.
Jesus Chatline - 4chan TROLLS CALLING IN
This was a show on www.ustream.tv. Well, a bunch of people came together on a very popular imageboard to "troll" this live show. Here is the result... This was a 2 hours show. I cut out the legitimate callers and took it down to just 42 minutes. Unfortunately, I won't be posting any more JC videos (not like I ever did anyways).
Original Xbox ALL Sounds
For archival purposes. Excluding the boot up sound, this is every sound that was on the first XBOX including ambient audio and various sounds. I extracted these sounds from the Hard drive in my broken XBOX. Some of these sounds I don't think ever got played during normal operation of the console, but were instead hidden secrets of some sorts. The ambient audio is self-explanatory. The ADDITIONAL ambient sounds were played at random points over top of the ambient soundtrack. Some of the additional ambient sounds almost sound like a distorted train going down the railroad tracks. The rest of the ambient sounds represent distorted wind/wave sounds and a voice talking into a distorted transceiver radio.
Mario Kart Super Circuit - Credits (Better Instruments)
In this random video, I took a little dabble in soundfonts and MIDI and decided to improve the instruments in the end credits song for Mario Kart Super Circuit.
♫ I Have Massive Dick Cheese ft. UberHaxorNova
James always has a soft spot for this song and he decided to make it his own. I present to you the song titled "I Have Massive Dick Cheese" made by ImmortalHD and UberHaxorNova.
theSHOENICE - Smoking Weed and Getting High
Here is YT user theSHOENICE getting high on ALIEN OG INDICA X SATIVA. Want more shit like this? Head over to his channel now.
Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament (Highlights)
YOU MUST GO HERE! You get a dinner with an amazing show on the side!
YTP: Angry Grandpa's Candy
I can no longer find this video here on YouTube (it must have been deleted) so I am re-uploading this for archival purposes.
Amazon Alexa - All Songs (2018)
Sing me a song! I asked Alexa to sing me some songs. These are all the songs that Alexa had to offer up as of July 14, 2018. Enjoy! List of songs are below. Songlist: Love Song Take Me Out to the Ball Game In the Moonlight Tonight Sand Beneath Your Toes The Ballad of the Broken S'more It's Raining in the Cloud The Pirate Song Woohoo Technology Paper Airplanes Note that at the time of this recording, some of the seasonal songs are not present in this list.
Wii Homebrew Browser Music (1 hour version)
This music is actually from titled Addiction.mod (loop.mod). Google for the MOD file.
Alert Ready Test - May 7, 2018
This video is a test of the Alert Ready system on 95.3 CING-FM, aka 95.3 Fresh Radio. This test was notable as it was also the first time the emergency alerts were pushed to mobile phones as well.
RadioShack DVD lens cleaner (w/ Video & Audio Check)
This RadioShack DVD is dated from the year 2000. Got it a long time ago when Radioshack stores were still in Canada. This lens cleaning disc features a full 5.1 surround audio check. It also features a colour and contrast check as well.
Scarewear - Sound of Horror
Save this video in your favorites! This is some scary stuff to play to Halloween night! This is some scary shizwack right here! -- I actually found this CD in the dollar discount store in the decorative section lol!
JUST DO IT! (x100 Ear ®ape Edition)
If you haven't gotten enough of Shia LaBeouf, well than you can get you dose of Shia 100 times over in one single video. How convenient!
Dr. Pepper Flammable?
Speaking of soda, I'm not sure if these two Canucks added anything to this bottle but it seems to me if they did, they wouldn't have stood this close. Put this on your list of things to try on your next camping trip.
UberHaxorNova - James looks at porn on Stream!
Decided to take the task to blur it to get it here on YouTube. James goes to deepthroat.com. Apparently James got a warning on his Twitch account for this so he had to get his emotes manually approved for 90 days after this incident. Stuff happens.
UberHaxorNova's Last Gay Tony Jump (2013)
UberHaxorNova's only Gay Tony that was performed in 2013.
If Cars Were Controlled by Computers...
This is what i'd imagine it would look like if 100% of the cars are being controlled entirely by computers. They could get their timing perfectly. Because of that, you would never have to worry about getting hit. --Not the original video
Mario Kart 1cc Mode (YES... I SAID 1cc)
One race took 77 minutes to complete!
Hamilton Bulldogs win the Calder Cup (2007)
The final moments of the game, PLUS the celebration that ensued after the game ended. Carey Price won the Jack A. Butterfield Trophy as the Calder Cup playoffs MVP. Price subsequently went off to the Montreal Canadiens. The Hamilton Bullldogs 2007 roster was: Cory Urquhart, Sergei Kostitsyn, Novopolotsk Belarus, Kyle Chipchura, Matt D'Agostini, Maxim Lapierre, Mikhail Grabovski, Mathieu Aubin, Eric Manlow, Troy Bodie, Greg Stewart, Duncan Milroy, Zack Stortini, Jonathan Ferland, Andrei Kostitsyn, Francis Lemieux, Michael Lambert, Ajay Baines, Jimmy Bonneau, Corey Locke, Ryan O'Byrne, Andre Benoit, Dan Jancevski, Jon Gleed, Jean-Philippe Cote, Danny Groulx, Mathieu Biron, Mathieu Carle, Andrew Archer, Carey Price, Philippe Sauve, Cedrick Desjardins, Yann Danis The Coaches: Don Lever, Head Coach Ron Wilson, Assistant Coach Broadcast By Cable 14. Cable 14 staff members mention near end of video. POSTED HERE ON YOUTUBE FOR ARCHIVAL PURPOSES ONLY no profits are going to the uploader of this video. Thanks.
Axl Rose's Voice (1992 vs 2010) - November Rain
Axl's voice was in good shape in 2010, but it still does not match his 1992 voice. Here is a comparison.
All Star but the vocals were converted into MIDI
What happens what you convert the vocals into a MIDI file and then pair it to the instrumental? Magic. What a concept!
The Weather Network - March 26, 2016
For archival purposes. This is the National broadcast, hence why the forecast looks very different.
How to get a Seizure (Seizure Warning)
Watch this video to get a seizure. WARNING: you might get a seizure
Bus Driver Falls Asleep at Wheel: the passengers' perspectives
I decided to slow the original footage down. Also, I decided to show each person up close as well to help further illustrate the injuries.
Angry Neighbor Knocks over Chimney!
This man thought it was a good idea to push over the chimney. All the emergency personnel just stood and watched. Just one of the many daily occurrences you stumble upon when living in a big city.
The Weather Network - Halloween Theme 2012
A 10 minute clip from the TWN broadcast showing what TWN looked like during Halloween of 2012. Hosted by Chris Mei.
MarineLand Commercial
Marineland of Canada commercial. This is their more general commercial not focusing on the Arctic Cove or the Sky Screamer.
The Weather Network - Halloween 2013
A 10 minute segment demonstrating the Halloween broadcast of The Weather Network.
Making Phone Call to Assassin
This is a random video I found online where some calls a hired killer.
Xbox disc inside DVD player - Error Message
This is what happens when you insert an original Xbox disc into any DVD player (or other game console that can play DVD video discs). Recorded direct from my PS2.
Tim Hortons First Store Reopens for 50th Anniversary
Tim Hortons officially opened its re-designed first location on Ottawa Street North in Hamilton Wednesday. So the coffee and donut chain threw a party. The renovated store has plenty of Tim’s memorabilia on display. And a lot of customers have been reminiscing about the Timmies of their childhood. Most of us know it’s a coffee chain that changed the way we drink coffee. But now, on the heels of a merger with Burger King, is Tim Hortons about to change even more? The party had throwback donuts and long-time staff brought back from retirement. Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger “For those of us old enough to have see the whole evolution, the uniforms are a hoot.” Nick Bontis from the DeGroote School of Business says Tim Hortons taught us something the rest of the world still hasn’t learned: “To wake up in the morning, go wait in line in your car in the cold to get a coffee in a cup that you take to work. It impacted the auto industry, now they have to put cup holders in cars.” In Europe, people take their coffee in China cups and they stick around to savour it. Much of the U.S. is stuck on either Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. But the whole point of the Tim Hortons merger with Burger King is expansion in other countries. Bontis says: “One plus one will somehow equal three. So we have to expect change in the long run.” There’s been a pervasive rumour over the past few weeks that the new head office at Tim Hortons was going to get rid of one of the most iconic menu items. I can confirm that rumour is not true. The Timbit isn’t going anywhere. Bontis adds: “You’re not going to see a difference at your local Tim Hortons. It’s going to be business as usual.” And that’s good news for Tim’s many fans.