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The New Adventures of Superman - Clark wears costume for first time
Martha makes her son a costume to go with his new super hero identity. With my favourite TV Superman Dean Cain.
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GMTV Eamonn and Anthea - Anthea's Hair/Anthea 2015 + Eamonn would buy Football Team
Eamonn Holmes and Anthea Turner on GMTV clowning around before "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" at Christmas. Here we see Anthea showing a newspaper article of what she'd look like in 2015 (we're here now!), plus get comments about not brushing her hair. Eamonn also comments on what he'd buy if he won the lottery.
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Funny Clip - Rita falls in love with Goldar (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers)
A hilarious moment from season three of MMPR when Rita falls in love with Goldar thanks to Finster's love potion (which she'd used earlier to marry Lord Zedd). The monster here is Mischief, and the episode is "The Potion Notion" (alternative UK title "Chaos In Angel Grove"). Rita is played by the lovely Carla Perez.
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DIGGIT + ads
DIGGIT on ITV, with ads.
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BBC2 Tinseltown (later than scheduled due to Buffy)
a new episode of BBC2's Tinseltown is late due to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
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CITV "Art Attack" full episode (last in present series 1995)
Neil Buchanan presents the last in the series of Art Attack in 1995. Includes CITV intro and "made by Scottish Television Enterprises for ITV" at the end.
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News at Ten "Drugs and Crime" feature (Bristol 1993)
Feature from ITV News at Ten, looking at drugs and crime in the UK.
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Carnal Knowledge ITV late night Graham Norton/Maria McErlane
Graham Norton presents a saucy adult quiz show made for ITV by Rapido Television, that lifts the lid off viewers' sex habits. This cheeky format changed the face of broadcast quiz shows forever.
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Gods Gift with Davina McCall - late night ITV
Late night ITV series where men get their kit off for the ladies (and those watching), presented by Davina McCall.
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CITV 1988 "Tube Mice" (opening credits)
Opening credits to the 1988 animated series "Tube Mice" from CITV.
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GMTV "Wake Up in the Wild Room" end credits + 90s ads
The end of GMTV's "Wake Up In The Wild Room" with Dave Benson Phillips + various ads, including "Kickmaster", "Maked Rider", "Pound Puppies", "Star Wars", "Barbie", "Woolworths VHS", "Lego Bat Lord Castle", "Kelloggs Strike" and "Huggies Pull Ups".
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Beadles You've Been Framed on STV 1996
A complete episode of Beadle's "You've Been Framed" from 1996, broadcast on STV.
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Betty's Bunch (Channel 4 + TV ads 1993)
Full TV episode of "Betty's Bunch" from Channel 4 in 1993, with TV ads. Recorded on VHS.
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Jane Asher's 12 Days of Christmas on GMTV (1995)
Jane Asher presents another day of her "12 Days of Christmas" on GMTV sponsored by Sainsbury's. This instalment gives you everything you need for vegetarian guests.
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Rise and Shine GMTV 1993
end credits to GMTV's "Rise and Shine" from 1993.
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Weekly World News from 1996 STV with ads
An episode of the US Weekly World News, recorded on late night STV October/November1996.
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The Television Adventures of Mr Majeika - opening
The opening to the wonderful television series Mr Majieka starring Stanley Baxter and Fidelis Morgan.
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Bob Monkhouse's $64,000 Question STV 1995
An episode of The $64,000 Question with Bob Monkhouse from STV 1995, with a couple of ads.
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TVAM/Cartoon World ad-break 1992 (SEE DESCRIPTION)
Cartoon World on TVAM ad break and promo, with ads: (1) "The BEST of Scott Walker and the Walker Brothers" album, (2) McDonald's Happy Meal Toy (Corgi Racers/Barbie), voiced over by Timmy Mallet, (3) Jacobs Iced Gems, (4) Sugar Puffs Christmas Ad, (5) HP Postman Pat Spaghetti Shapes, (6) Hippo Pots Fromage Frais, (7) Milton Steralising Fluid, (8) Findus Ham and Cheese Scrunchies, (9) Pickfords Travel (Summer Holiday's), (10) ASDA, (11) promo for Diana Ross LIVE on TVAM from her home in Los Angeles, (12) Cartoon World outro, featuring mention of shows including; The Junglies, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Captain Planet and Dink the Little Dinosaur, (13) TVAM egg cups.
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2 x Kenner "Star Wars toys" ads
Two ads from 1996-1997.
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GMTV Claire King from Emmerdale (clip)
GMTV clip showing guest Claire King who talks about her character on recently re-branded TV soap Emmerdale.
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The Munsters LIVE on "Rock Fever" (from "The Munsters Today" 1988)
Herman, Grandpa and Eddie must take the place of up and coming rock band "The Lizards" on US TV show "Rock Fever" after one of Grandpa's experiments has accidentally turned the band into real lizards. The performance gives Herman a chance to perform the song he wrote for his wedding anniversary to Lily...
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BBC one ads Christmas 2001
Ads for Christmas Day 2001, including a promo for the premiere of Toy Story, Alistair McGowan's BIG Impression and Dale's Christmas Cracker with Vinnie Jones.
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CITV end of the week promo 1995
Featuring teasers for "Animal Crazy", "The Ink Thief", "Rubbish", "Sooty & Co", "How 2" and "Animaniacs".
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SKY Promo Video September 1993 (Recorded from original VHS)
A promo for SKY in 1993, from an original VHS copy I've had since I was a kid.
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"Every day's a cartoon day on CITV" promo 1995
Promo for the cartoon's resident to the beloved CITV
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SLIMER and the REAL Ghostbusters on CITV - 1992 1993
Intro for SLIMER and the REAL Ghostbusters on CITV from 1992-1993.
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Mr Gay 1999 UK LIVE Channel 5
Jane MacDonald presenters Mr Gay UK live on Channel 5 in 1999. Guests on the show include Sir Ian McKellen.
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UK TV breakfast ads 1995 (SEE DESCRIPTION)
Various ads, including; (1) Nesquik Cereal, (2) Snickers ("Hunger Buster"), (3) Disney's The Lion King Magazine, (4) Wiskas ("Your Cat Couldn't Be In Better Hands"), (5) Coleman's ("Norfolk Jed"), (6) Andrex Ultra Kitchen Roll, (7) Andrex "Squeezable Soft", (8) Somerfield (with actress Leslie Joseph), (9) McDonald's Happy Meal, (10) Walkers (with Gary Liniker and Paul Gascoine), (11) Butlins 1995, (12) Safety on the Road - Wear a Helmet, (13) Shredded Wheat/Fruitful.
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ITV2 UK TV ads Dec 2002 (see description)
A selection of memorable ads from December 2002 on ITV2. (1) Farepack Catalogue Christmas (2) Cancer Research UK "Magic Mirror" (part one) (3) Zantac 75 "Live Life Heartburn Free" (4) Regency Mortgage Provider "I've Got the Right" (5) Lombard Direct Personal Loans (6) Ashley Ainsworth No Win No Free Personal Injury (7) Cancer Research UK (part two) (8) Chelsea Building Society Mortgage (9) Sun Life Over 50 Plan
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TV Hits awards 31/10 1999 LIVE on Channel 5
Broadcast LIVE on Halloween Night October 31 1999, on Channel 5 - presented by Toby Anstis, this is the TV Hits Awards, featuring "performances" (ahem!) by the likes of Steps, S Club 7, Adam Rickett and Five among others. Only recorded this as the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" movie was on that night and I put the tape in to record it while I was hosting a party for my little cousin and his friends.
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GMTV "The Legend of Zelda" and "Power Rangers" with ads + Mr. M
A clip from an old VHS with the end of an episode of "The Legend of Zelda" cartoon, "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" and Mr. Motivator on GMTV.
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various 90s TV continuity - The Munsters + The Munsters Today
From Channel 4, STV (late night and CITV), BBC 1 Scotland and BBC2.
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CITV promo 1995
Various promos for CITV from 1995 including Where's Wally, Finders Keepers, Chris Cross, Mike & Angelo and the "CITV What Does it Mean" segment.
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Masked Rider + Star Wars + Lego Bat Lord Castle toy ads (1997)
Three ads from 1997 - Masked Rider (Bandai), Star Wars (Kenner) and Bat Cave Castle (Lego).
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CITV "Captain Zed and the Zee Zone" from damaged BETAMAX tape
Managed to recover this minute or so of video from an old Betamax tape that was damaged. Has a really old episode of CITV from 1988-1989 and the opening for "Captain Zedd and the Zee Zone", a cartoon I really loved. Sorry I don't have more, this was from a damaged tape as I said and took me 4 hours to repair enough to get this and a couple of other quick clips. Worth it for the nostalgia. Can't remember this CITV presenter's name (as I was really young). If someone knows feel free to let me know and I'll add it to the video.
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CITV 1988 "Tube Mice" (closing credits)
Closing credits to the 1988 animated series "Tube Mice" from CITV.
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Late Night ads from ITV Dec 1995
Late night ads from December 1995 between TALES FROM THE CRYPT and HOTEL BABYLON. 1. EXTRA Strong Lockets 2. Jeff Banks ARIEL FUTURE COLOUR 3. The People Paper 4. Flora spread 5. Ford Escort Encore 6. Noughts & Crosses National Lottery 7. Sunday Mail - Margaret Solis Zodiac Scratch Card 8. STV ad for KNIGHT MOVES movie 9. DAEWOO 10. Friends Party Line 11. News of the World Sex Survey 12. Whiskas (Jasper the Cat) 13. Boots Winter Cold and Flu season range 14. Scotland Teletext/Barrhead Travel 15. Jiff Moose "After The Rain" 16. Hula Hoops (Harry Enfield) 17. Organics hair shampoo 18. DM Design (with Ally McCoist) 19. Glens Hutchison Robertsons and Stepek "Zanussi" sale 20. Chart Bite late night STV music show ad
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GMTV MMPR "Monster" segment (after Power Rangers)
"Monster" segment following Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on GMTV.
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GMTV Christmas Day preview + Time Out with Mr. M
An old ad for GMTV's children's line up for Christmas Day and Time Out with Mr. M aka Mr. Motivator.
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CITV 1994 promos + ad break + episode of 'The Lodge'
Some CITV promos (including one for the animated HULK HOGAN series + Dr Zitbags Transylvanian Pet shop), short ad break, plus the full intro and partial episode of THE LODGE.
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