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Yoonmin text story
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Taegi Texting story
Ik this sucks but bare with me 😂😂
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Yoonmin text story/ pt.2
Well I hope you like it... I didn’t have a plan to make a sequel but THANK YOU for the Requests!!
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Namjin texting story
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Yoonmin Stay with me FMV
Yoongi and Jimin have been dating for a while.. But recently jungkook and Jimin has been really close and too friendly for Yoongi’s Liking so he gets really jealous until he snaps.... OFCOURSE yoongi is misunderstanding the situation.. Because jungkook and Jimin are Just friends! Song: Stay with me Edit by: Olivia ( me )
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Bts Death Note AU
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Train to Busan Bts au
I made an edit on the movie Train to busan! You should check it out if you haven’t watched it! Clips are not mine Editing is mine!
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Yoonjin broken love fmv
Yoongi and jin were dating for 4 months! But they finally get to meet each other! But a careless drunk driver hits Yoongi and he ends up in hospital..... Ahead is based on your imagination If he survives or not
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Bts ~ Wonderland Au
J-Hope You Enjoy my horrible edits... 😂😂💔 I need to find a better Program ooft
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Bts Halloween Au
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Scars to beautiful Jin FMV
Happy 26th Birthday Jin... I love you very much. Glad that you’re you’re with us. Thank you very much for being my inspiration and you never fail to make us laugh 🤧🤧💜
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Taekook texting Au
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Yoonmin Faded ~ MV
Here’s an edit of Yoonmin! I don’t own the Clips... But the edit is mine! J-Hope you enjoy ♥️
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Jimin taki taki FMV
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Vkook Fmv
Jungkook and Taehyung met in a coffee shop! They both lowkey stalk each other.. And they got this Thing going on between them. Their relationship was not exactly love but possessiveness, Jealously, Attraction Taehyung just wanted jungkook to himself and only himself
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Moonchild MV
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Taehyung birthday project
My precious (2nd) MAKNAE I love you very much! You’re like my whole World never fail to make me laugh. I PURPLE YOU 💜💜💜💜 Hope you have a wonderful day... my favorite Crackhead 🥰😆😆😆
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