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Hitler reacts to the HP Touchpad selling out in the UK
Hitler hears news of his HP Touchpad order cancellation and doesn't take it lightly. The dialogue is all originally written by myself. Please do not steal this clip and re-upload it - but if you have to then kindly give me credit! :) Like it? Thumbs up!
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The Samuel Jackson Five - Ten Crept In [High Quality Audio]
From their self-titled 2012 album - Sigmund Bade / Bass, Keys, Baritone Guitar - Stian Tangerud / Drums, Percussion, Sampler - Thomas Kaldhol / Guitars, Mandolin - Thomas Meidell / Guitars, Keys, Theremin, Voice - Jonny Knutsen / Guitars, Lapsteel, Bass, Voice
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SKE - La Nefazia Di Multatuli [High Quality Audio]
- Paolo Ske Botta / compositions, organs, electric pianos, syntheisizers, electronics Collaborators: - Fabio Ciro Ceriani / sansula, percussion - Valerio Cipollone / clarinets, saxophones - Enrica di Bastiano / harp - Maurizio Fasoli / piano - Elia Leon Mariani / violin - Nicolas Nikolopoulos / flute - Giuseppe Jos Olivini / Theremin, percussion, effects - Roberta Pagani / vocals - Valerio Neth Reina / vocals - Matrtia Signò / drums - Markus Stauss / saxophones - Fabrice Toussaint / idiophones, trombone, percusion - Pierre Wawrzyniak / bass - Francesco Zago / acoustic & electric guitars
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Subsignal - Con Todas Las Palabras
01 - Feeding Utopia 02 - My Sanctuary 03 - Echoes In Eternity 04 - The Size Of Light On Earth 05 - As Dreams Are Made On 06 - Wingless 07 - Finisterre 08 - The Essence Called Mind 09 - The Lifespan Of A Glimpse 10 - Embers - Part I; Your Secret Is Safe With Me 11 - Touchstones 12 - Con Todas Las Palabras Arno Menses - Lead Vocals Markus Steffen - Guitars David Bertok - Keyboards, Backing Vocals Ralf Schwager - Bass, Backing Vocals Roel Van Helden - Drums, Percussion
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Aspera - Do I Dare
Atle Pettersen - Vocals Robin Ognedal - Guitars Rein T. Blomquist - Bass Joachim Strøm Ekelund - Drums Nickolas Main Henriksen - Keyboards Album: Ripples Tracklist: 1. Intro 2. Ripples 3. Do I Dare? 4. Remorse 5. Between Black & White 6. Catatonic Coma 7. Torn Apart 8. Traces Inside 9. Reflections 10. The Purpose Release Date: January 25th, 2010
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Bad Infuence! on anti-piracy... by teaching how to pirate.
Bad Infuence! does a piece on anti-piracy... by showing viewers how to copy and play pirated games.
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The Samuel Jackson Five - Electric Crayons [High Quality Audio]
2012 - Sigmund Bade / Bass, Keys, Baritone Guitar - Stian Tangerud / Drums, Percussion, Sampler - Thomas Kaldhol / Guitars, Mandolin - Thomas Meidell / Guitars, Keys, Theremin, Voice - Jonny Knutsen / Guitars, Lapsteel, Bass, Voice
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Far Cry 3 Gameplay - XFX Radeon 7950 Double D Ultra HD 2560x1440
The framerate averages around 35-60 FPS. FPS was around 25-40 with FRAPS recording unfortunately. Great game though. Super fun. UPDATE: Turning shadows down to medium/high and post process effects down to medium brings the FPS up to 50-70 with no noticeable visual difference. Just basically less soft shadows... i5 2500k @ 4.5Ghz XFX Radeon 7950 DD Edition @ 1000 Mhz Core 1450 Mhz Memory OCZ 4GB (2X2GB) DDR3 1600MHZ
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Arz - My Friend
- Steve Adams / guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals - Merrill Hale / drums, percussion 1. Arz Nova 2. Birth of a Hero 3. Shadow on the Wall 4. Hope and Glory 5. My Friend 6. To the Better Man 7. Turn of the Tide 8. Lost Lake 9. Twilight
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Random - Tururu
RANDOM -- Todo.s los colores del (2011) (TIAS001) Setlist 1. Cachafaz 2. Elchi, John 3. Tururú 4. As Far As Impossible 5. Tarzan's Void 6. Cuando el blanco no es color 7. Qualm 8. Meeting at Jabol Todas las canciones fueron compuestas en su totalidad por Random, grabado y producido por Ramiro Rodríguez y Random en estudios Mediterraneo y Music Corp, masterizado en La Nave de Oseberg. Random es: Raúl García Posse (Guitarra y voces) Marcos Crosa (Batería) Pablo Lamela Bianchi (Bajo) Musicos Invitados: Matías Orquera (voces en "Tarzan's Void") Julián Palacio Fernández (Violín en "Cuando el blanco no es color") Arte: Marcos German Martín www.facebook.com/marcosmartin Random Online: www.randomtuc.com.ar www.myspace.com/randomtuc www.facebook.com/randomtucuman ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disco registrado bajo Creative Commons Licencia Atribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 2.5 Argentina (CC BY-NC-ND 2.5) 2011 | LAS TIAS RECORDS www.lastiasrecords.com.ar
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Aspera - Torn Apart
Atle Pettersen - Vocals Robin Ognedal - Guitars Rein T. Blomquist - Bass Joachim Strøm Ekelund - Drums Nickolas Main Henriksen - Keyboards Album: Ripples Tracklist: 1. Intro 2. Ripples 3. Do I Dare? 4. Remorse 5. Between Black & White 6. Catatonic Coma 7. Torn Apart 8. Traces Inside 9. Reflections 10. The Purpose Release Date: January 25th, 2010
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Unigine Valley Benchmark [XFX AMD 7950 Radeon DD Double D Ultra 2560x1440 4k HD]
This looks amazing. Around 25 FPS with Fraps recording, 40-45 without. i5 2500k @ 4.5Ghz XFX Radeon 7950 DD Edition @ stock settings (installed new drivers and forgot to re set the clocks) OCZ 4GB (2X2GB) DDR3 1600MHZ
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The House That Drips Blood On Alex - Teaser Trailer #2
Watch it online now: http://www.atom.com/channel/channel_the_house_that_drips_blood_on_alex
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PlanetSide 2 - Flying around - Ultra High Settings 2560x1440
Don't really know what I'm doing, but boy does this game look awesome! Intel Core i5 2500K @ 4.2GHz XFX 7950 Double D.
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How to fix Bioshock Infinite's texture streaming / pop-in problems
Open DefaultEngine.ini in notepad. It can be found in your Steam folder under Steam\steamapps\common\BioShoc­k Infinite\XGame\Config Edit to the following and save: [TextureStreaming] UseTextureFileCache=False TexturePoolSizeReductionMB=150­0 PoolSize=3000 LowPCTexturePoolSizeMB=256 Thanks to aawells07 for pointing me in the right direction! http://www.youtube.com/user/aawells07
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Anchorman 2 Teaser Trailer
Cropped and stabilized... Official Websites: http://www.anchormanmovie.com/, https://twitter.com/#!/RonBurgundy, http://www.facebook.com/anchormanmovie Plot Summary: A sequel to 2004's "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy." Will Ferrell, will return to the title role with supporting cast members Steve Carell and Paul Rudd said to be involved as well. The original film also starred Christina Applegate, David Koechner, Fred Willard, Fred Armisen, Chris Parnell and many more.
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"I really don't enjoy killing... that much!" - The Laughing Dead
My favourite scene from the classic horror movie "The Laughing Dead"
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Bioshock Infinite Gameplay [XFX 7950 DD Ultra Settings 2560x1440]
Everything is maxed, but I've disabled AA for the video as it brings the FPS down quite a bit. AMD XFX 7950 DD i5 2500k @ 4.5Ghz 4GB Corsair XMS3 Ram
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Spock's Beard - Edge Of The In-Between
1. Edge of the In-Between (10:30) Line-up / Musicians - Nick D'Virgilio / drums, vocals, additional guitars - Alan Morse / guitars, vocals - Ryo Okumoto / keyboards - Dave Meros / bass, vocals, additional keyboards
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PlanetSide 2 2K HD Ultra High Max Settings 2560x1440
Intel Core i5 2500k @ 4.2 GHz XFX 7950 DD Edition
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Larry David trolling... "problem?"
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Veho Kuzo VCC-002 720p HD - Macro Test
720p, Stabilization on, Macro on. Seems to cope well apart from bright pink/red for some reason/
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Mafia II - All Your Base Are Belong To Us (Easter Egg)
Thought this was pretty funny...
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Play him off at his funeral, keyboard cat
Probably not the best thing to happen at a funeral...
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Mind Control with Gary Brown [The Psychic Coin]
He repeated this around 10 times and had a 100% record!
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Veho Kuzo VCC-002 720p HD Test Recording
The memory card hasn't turned up yet, so I'm limited to recording time. But here's some of my fat cat Chloe Rodriguez and a quick shot of the garden...and a token roadsweeper vehicle :D
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Saints Row The Third - Tommy Wiseau / Johnny / The Room
Johnny rises from the dead to wreak havok in Steelport
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Dwarf puffer sleeping in his bogwood cabin.
Does this every night at around the same time. I can only assume they do it in the wild to hide from predators?
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Crysis 3 Multiplayer - Air Stomp Triple Kill
feelsgoodman 1080p, ultra settings, anti aliasing medium. XFX 7950 DD @ Stock speeds (Cryengine has never liked overclocked GPU's for some reason) i5 2500k @ 4.5 GHz
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Thieves Chase And Steal Sick Boy's Pug
Stolen from Batley, West Yorkshire. Help Find Peaches: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Help-my-son-find-his-pug-peaches/1426924560925113?fref=ts Thieves were caught on CCTV snatching a sick child's terrified pug puppy, leaving the boy heartbroken. Peaches, a seven-month-old pug, was bought to cheer up six-year-old Ellis Barrett after he came out of hospital in February. He has spent the last four years having surgery after contracting septicaemia when he was scalded with hot water. Now he has been left heartbroken by the news that his 'best friend' has been taken from him. His mum Lucy Swift said: "He's devastated she's gone and all we want is to find her." Lucy, 29, worked extra shifts as a carer for the elderly until she saved the money to buy the pug, which can cost between £800 and £1200. She said: "Ellis had been asking for a pug for months but when I saw how expensive they were I couldn't believe it. "I worked as much as I could to get her and when Ellis came out of hospital in February I could finally give him his pug." Peaches was stolen from the family home in Batley, West Yorkshire, on Sunday afternoon after she had been let out into the front garden. Footage from a neighbour's CCTV camera captured two hooded men brazenly walking into garden. They were filmed chasing Peaches as she tried to run away, before scooping her into their arms and making a getaway. Lucy, who has another son Mason, 11, has started a Facebook page in the hope someone will recognise the stolen animal. The 'Help my son find his pug Peaches' page is filled with photographs of Ellis with puppy and details of how to get in touch with information. PC Nick O'Meila, from West Yorkshire Pollice, said: "Peaches is much missed by her owners and I would ask anyone who has information about her to contact us at the Batley and Spen NPT on 101. Information can also be given anonymously to CrimeStoppers on 0800 555111."
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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Gameplay (2560 x 1440 2K HD XFX 7950 DD Ultra Max Settings)
I used PowerDirector to edit some of the parts out where I'm waiting to respawn, unfortunately that meant it loses some of the quality with it's compression. It looks a lot more detailed in the original! Awesome game and runs it excellent. 40 fps minimum at stock speeds and 2560x1440.
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Chippy Alley Fight [Cardiff]
Flawless victory
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Don't ride an exercise bike when you're drunk
tom + lots of alcohol + exercise bike
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Gay Exchange LKS 2.0
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Boom boom boom! Impressive halloween dancing...
I like turtles
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Gavin's reaction to Rebecca Black's 'Friday'
During an evening camping Rebecca Black's 'Friday' randomly gets played. Our friend gavin hears it for the first time and this is what happened
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Crab Land - The Grand Opening
Terry & Gary II spending their first day in the luxury Crab Land aquarium. Gary is enjoying some carrot, whilst Terry is in hiding.
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Tom Coburn Steaming
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Chloe Rodriguez in HD!
Yep, a long white plastic stick!
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As if Spurs will ever beat Manchester United!
They got an early goal, but got hammered of course. This was Giggsy's free kick :) 3 - 1 in the end.
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Desktop | Powered by GeForce GTX
Livestreamed from NVIDIA GeForce Experience GPU: GeForce GTX 980 Ti CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz Memory: 8 GB RAM (7.94 GB usable) Resolution: 2560x1440@59Hz Driver version: 359.06 Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro N
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Veho VCC-002 Kuzo HD 1080p (Downscaled by YouTube) - Full Zoom Test
Even though digital zoom is generally good, it tends to beging shaking alot the further you zoom. Should be fine on a tripod, though!
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Rainbow Six Siege
GTX 980Ti Ultra
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Don't ask
I don't even
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LKS - Gay Exchange Advert
Call now!
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