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Create an iOS/Android App in 3 hours 16 minutes
Support our Kickstarter campaign to create Open Source LiveCode: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1755283828/open-source-edition-of-livecode Share our vision of a free open source app creation platform for non-programmers and programmers alike. Everyone in the world can code: let's start now! Learn how make your own apps, FREE: Visit http://www.runrev.com/academy?a=yt Whether you're just starting out in mobile app development or a seasoned software creator you too can make the apps of your imagination quickly and easily. LiveCode for iOS supports the full range of native iOS functions including shake, multitouch, location, orientation and much more. LIveCode for Android supports date and time handling, shake, graphic effects, blending and more. Thank you to Malte Pfaff-Brill (theloungelizzard.com) for the soundtrack Step up to mobile freedom now. Visit: http://www.runrev.com/academy?a=yt
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Livecode App Academy - Introduction to LiveCode
This LiveCode App Academy video-tutorial will show you how to build your very first multiplatform app, and give you a quick tour round the LiveCode Development Environment. Lets get started!
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LiveCode by RunRev - Open Source Programming for All
LiveCode lets you create an app for your smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or server, whether you are a programmer or not. We are excited to bring you this Kickstarter project to create a brand new edition of our award-winning software creation platform. LiveCode has been available as a proprietary platform for over a decade. Now with your support we can make it open and available to everyone. With your help, we will re-engineer the platform to make it suitable for open source development with a wide variety of contributors. Support our campaign and help to change coding forever. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1755283828/open-source-edition-of-livecode
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Create an iPhone app in 3 hours 16 minutes
Learn how make your own games, FREE: Visit http://www.runrev.com/academy?a=yt Support our Kickstarter campaign to create Open Source LiveCode: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1755283828/open-source-edition-of-livecode Share our vision of a free open source app creation platform for non-programmers and programmers alike. Everyone in the world can code: let's start now! RunRev ltd revolutionized mobile app development with LiveCode for mobile, a cross platform mobile app development tool. This video shows a game being designed, built and deployed to an iPhone is just over 3 hours. No thinking, planning, coding or design work was done before we came up with the idea of trying to build an iPhone game in a single day. In fact, we surprised ourselves by how quickly Ben was able to produce this game. With LiveCode you really can build apps faster than any other environment. Thank you to Malte Pfaff-Brill (theloungelizzard.com) for the soundtrack
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What is LiveCode
More about LiveCode here: www.runrev.com?a=yt LiveCode is a multiplatform development environment which empowers you to create apps that run on every major device and platform -- iOS and Android as well as Mac, Windows and Linux Desktops, the Web and Server environments. LiveCode is a fully featured development environment -- you can create anything: cloud apps, business apps, multimedia and video apps, e-learning and games. ** If you can imagine it, you can build it** LiveCode has two main components that make it quick and easy to learn: **An English-like programming language Write code that makes sense in the language you use every day! LiveCode's natural programming language is far easier to learn and use than Java, Objective-C or other traditional languages because it does not use obscure symbols or arcane syntax. LiveCode is easy on the eye -- the expressive, memorable and English-like code is easy to read back months or years later. "If I'm not sure how to do something I just write the code in English and chances are it works.... I'm halfway through the trial and I've already written half my app". - Kevin Tildsley, LiveCode Customer ** A visual development environment A clear drag and drop interface makes app development a snap. You build your app by dragging objects and images into your interface -- making it quick and easy. You then add scripts to those objects using the English-like programming language we talk about above. You can create applications with speed and ease In addition to be quick and easy to learn, LiveCode has one more unique feature that makes rapid app development possible: ** Compile-free coding Make your apps in a fraction of the time with our compile-free workflow. Unlike other languages, LiveCode is always running - you can add new objects, alter their properties or edit code while your application is live and see the results immediately. That makes it remarkably quick and easy to develop, making one change and trying it out, then another and another. Editing live applications creates an incredibly powerful workflow, and one that can dramatically shorten a typical development cycle. "I designed and prototyped the (software) with LiveCode, and in less than one week was able to present a full running demo to the customer."
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Features of LiveCode
Learn more: www.runrev.com/?a=yt LiveCode is a unique 'Integrated Development Environment' (IDE) that lets you build applications for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, the web and server. LiveCode gives you an incredibly rich, deep feature set, with more than 2000 features for even the most sophisticated project. LiveCode is so simple even non programmers can learn it. Our responsive, visual development system starts with drag and drop and lets you craft your program in small chunks. This is complemented by a simple language loved by non programmers and busy professional developers alike. LiveCode means the end of unnecessary jargon: up to 90% fewer symbols, statements and expressions needed to get the job done, when compared with popular alternatives such as JavaScript. To find out more and download a free trial visit www.runrev.com/?a=yt
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Empower individuals with autism through coding.
Our goal is to train 3000 individuals on the autism spectrum across the world how to code. http://livecode.com/autism
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The LiveCode Story - Develop Yourself
We’ve developed LiveCode so you can develop software. Yourself. Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you want to code, you can develop your skills, your app, your business, yourself with LiveCode. You can learn more about LIveCode at https://livecode.com
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How Does LiveCode Work?
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Bring HTML5 to LiveCode
http://livecode.com/livecode-to-html5/ Bring HTML5 to LiveCode Our mission is to bring coding to everyone, everywhere.
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Business Mobile App Academy
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iOS Externals in LiveCode
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Using a Data Grid to Display Images
This LiveCode App Academy will show you how to use a Data Grid to display images. You might want to Display tables and forms in your application, Customize a table display to render custom content based on the data in each row. You'll learn how to Create a Data Grid and set its contents, Create a custom template for one of the columns and add code to render an image in the custom column
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Android Setup  LiveCode
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Create a PDF
Generate an invoice or report, Automate the creation of complex material such as leaflets or print documentation, Build PDFs with links and anchors In this LiveCode App Academy video-tutorial you will learn how to Create a stack with a print layout, Populate the stack with content, Save a PDF and Include a clickable link in the PDF.
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Convert a FileMaker Solution to a Native Android app with LCFM Native
We’re very excited to bring you an update on the progress we’ve made towards LiveCode for FM Native. In this video we convert a real client’s FileMaker solution into a Native Android App. You can read more about LCFM Native here - https://filemaker.livecode.com/native/
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Create an iPad app in 3 minutes with LiveCode
Kevin Miller CEO RunRev - presentation at the Turning Festival
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LiveCode 6.5 Promo
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Skinning Using Graphics
In this LiveCode App Academy video-tutorial, we are going to show you how to create a skinned interface object using just a single graphic and some effects. The advantages of doing this are that Graphics can be rescaled without losing quality, your final application package can be much smaller. You might want to use this technique if you are creating rich skinned apps that need to run at various resolutions and screen densities. For this example we are going to create a beautiful glossy Pill button, with hover and press states.
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The LiveCode Community
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Customer Case Study - Eurotalk Ltd
Eurotalk have been working with LiveCode for many years to make and deploy language training software. They also use LiveCode to teach children overseas using interactive mobile video products. See LiveCode in action and learn about Eurotalk's charitable work overseas.
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LiveCode Widgets Preview
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LiveCode Academy Lesson 1
Join the LiveCode Academy http://www.runrev.com/academy?a=acyt The LiveCode Academy shows you how to make a killer iOS/Android Game in just 7 lessons,.
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RevMobile iPhone Multi-Touch Tutorial Part 1
This tutorial guides you through the process of writing an iPhone game which takes advantage of multi-touch. It is developed using revMobile, which is a cross platform software development tool. For more information go to: http://www.runrev.com
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Develop Yourself: Tom Svensson
Tom talks about how he came across LiveCode and used it to write a weather app for his flying club.
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RevMobile iPhone Shake Tutorial Part 1
In this tutorial we look at how revMobile allows us to use the shake functionality provided by the iPhone. We create a simple app together that tests our reactions times. For more information about revMobile visit: www.runrev.com/products/revmobile/
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Develop Yourself: Gert Veltink, teaching with LiveCode
Gert talks about how and why he uses LiveCode to teach coding.
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New Graphics Effects in Rev 4.0
Revolution guru Ben Beaumont demonstrating some new multimedia features of Revolution 4.0
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Skinning and Animation The Basics
LiveCode makes it easy to create stunning apps that look exactly how you want them. You may want to do this to Add branding and customize your app, develop a stunning user experience, or bring your app to life with simple animation. In this lesson you'll learn how to organize projects that reuse images, create a themed button with a rollover effect, create a custom background and finally bounce a ball around the screen.
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Upload a Photo from an iPhone
This LiveCode App Academy will show you how to upload a photo from an iPhone. You might want to use this for the development of Apps that take photos and Uploading files from any device. You'll learn how to Take photos from your iPhone or Android camera, Access the device photo library, Upload a file using FTP and Display progress during the upload
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Learn to Code: Using JSON
Elanor Buchanan takes you through the basics of using JSON, why you should use it, how you can use it, and how it works with LiveCode. This is republished from LiveCode Global 2017, learn more about LiveCode Global here: https://www.livecode.com/global Download the associated code example for this session herehttp://livecode.com/LCG_videos/JasonWho_Resources.zip
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Building an iPhone App in 3 Minutes @ MacTech Conference
RunRev's CEO Kevin Miller builds a simple iPhone app on stage using LiveCode at the MacTech Conference...in just 3 minutes. Support our Kickstarter campaign to create Open Source LiveCode: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1755283828/open-source-edition-of-livecode Share our vision of a free open source app creation platform for non-programmers and programmers alike. Everyone in the world can code: let's start now!
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Learn to Code: Build A Basic Todo list App
Learn to code with Elanor Buchanan using LiveCode. Create a simple todo list app, starting with opening LiveCode for the first time, and ending with a built app you can run on your computer. This session is republished from last year's online global conference. Download the completed app source here: https://www.livecode.com/LCG_videos/DoItApp_source.zip For more great content like this, check out LiveCode Global 2018 here: https://livecode.com/global/
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Data and Text Combining Text
LiveCode's uniquely powerful text handling capabilities comes in handy for a wide range of applications. Common tasks include: Mail merging a form email, Creating a leaflet for print, Building an invoice, In this tutorial, you'll learn how to: Work with words and lines, combine texts together, make decisions and insert variables into your output.
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Learn to Code: Make a Restaurant App
Elanor Buchanan takes us through making a simple restaurant booking app in LiveCode which runs a browser within the app. This was first streamed for LiveCode Global 2017, learn more about LiveCode Global here: https://livecode.com/global/ Download the completed code and icons here: https://www.livecode.com/LCG_videos/BrowseIt_SourceAndIcons.zip
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Ralph DiMola - Text Processing with LiveCode
Do you still count characters when processing text? Maybe take a look at LiveCode's ability to recognise a word correctly.
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Hour Of Code- LiveCode
Link to Hour of Code course materials- http://livecode.com/hour-of-code/
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Learn to Code: Make a Movie Rating App
Join Elanor Buchanan for the 3rd in the Beginners series from LiveCode Global 2017: Rate it! How to make a movie ratings app for yourself. Learn more about LiveCode Global here: https://www.livecode.com/global. Download the code resource here: https://www.livecode.com/LCG_videos/RateIt_Resources.zip
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