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5-6week old puppy raw diet
Starting this young puppy on a raw diet. Whole chicken quarters with cuts in it for easier grasping for the puppy. This little guy was rescued days before this video as he was found in a basket on the side of the road. This is his second raw meal and he is eating like a pro!
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Yorkie remote collar work
7 month old yorkie mix trained using remote collar. Sit Means Sit Atlanta.
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Yorkie obedience at Tractor Supply
Poppy the yorkie working on her obedience around distractions at Tractor Supply. Sit Means Sit Atlanta.
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Roommate caught on hidden camera.
Roommate caught on hidden webcam. Why bedroom doors should always be locked. She had planted money in my room and accused me of stealing the money when in fact it was her all along. This is my room which us usually locked while I'm not home. Ashley had snuck in while I was outside or preoccupied doing something else and planted a roll of 22 one dollar bills with "Lillian's $22" written on it. About 2 days before I found the money, she had accused me or my bf at the time of stealing money from her water jug. I know I didn't steal it and my bf sore he didn't take it so that is when I set up my webcam and intentionally left my door unlocked for a few days when I went to work to see if Ashley would go looking for the money since I never brought up that I had found it. In this video you will see me put $7 on the dresser to see if Ashley would mess with it or steal it. What she did was write "Lillian's $22" on MY money in an attempt to make it look like it came from the roll in the dresser she had planted. She continued going in the room for several days looking for the money where she thought she had put it but never looked in other locations as she still believed that I hadn't found it. Once confronted with the video she denied it was her for around a week and then asked me to remove it off youtube out of "respect" for her. Obviously she had zero respect for me so the video was left up for the world to see her in action.
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Lancing abscess on neck
**READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE LEAVING COMMENTS!!** Dee-Dee the goat had an abscess from a dog bite that didn't heal properly. The cyst was sprayed with Vemcane to reduce pain! Once camera was cut off, the wound was flushed and properly cleaned. Dee-Dee is a well cared for Lamancha goat and yes she was born with tiny ears as is standard for the breed. Thanks!
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Dog eating cabbage
Rottweiler eating a head of cabbage that was meant for the pigs.
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Found kitten hit by car
Update on kitten: Thy kitten was taken to the vet and given a 50/50 shot at living. With Food/Water/Shelter the kitten recovered fully after about 2 weeks. The kitten did not need any medical care. If I felt like the kitten had no chance of living, I would have had him euthanized. I do not understand the negative comments and thumbs downs in regards to saving a kitten that needed help. The kitten is about 1 year old now (May/2014) and is living a normal pain free life in my care.
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Sit Means Sit ice cream fun
Zillie playing in kiddie pool at the Sit Means Sit Ice Cream social.
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Pigs scratching an itch
Monti and Matilda are mini pigs who are around 8 months old in this video. This is Monti's 3rd home and Matilda's 2nd. Pigs are cool animals but require a lot of care.
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Pig eating lemon
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"Pet Training Mat" thumbs down
3016 Pet Training Mat brand electric mat does not work and is a waste of money! The mat will discharge when I touch it but not when my dog stands on it. The mat beeps when it "shocks" and as you can hear it doesn't beep when the dog is on it but beeps and shocks when my hand is on it. Bought this on Amazon.
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Motion 164
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Dog taking out trash
Chumah taking out the trash.
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16 weeks Yorkie Puppy shaping
Shaping "down" to a "stand" and backing up onto pod. 16 week old Yorkshire Terrier.
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Motion 162
MUST WATCH! WRITING on MY bill in order to blackmail. Wrote "Lillian's $22" on MY money.
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Motion 163
MUST WATCH! WRITING on MY bill in order to blackmail. Wrote "Lillian's $22" on MY money.
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Motion 67
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EPI Feeding Instructions
BEasy the Cane Corso's feeding instructions while boarding. BEasy has EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) so requires pancreatic enzymes with every meal otherwise will have loose stool or diarrhea and weight loss. I'll be gone for 3 weeks so it is imperative that the staff understands how to feed her.
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Puppy vs. Wasbi Pea
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Dog taking out the trash
Mastiff mix chumah taking out the trash.
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Off leash obedience
Off leash Yorkshire terrier at park performing obedience commands “naked”.
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Grady and doug
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Dogs sweet water creek
Zillie (Rottweiler), Chumah (mastiff mix) and Big Easy (Cane Corso) having a blast at sweetwater creek.
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Motion 160
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Dog passed cat test
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Motion 71
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Motion 161
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Zillie fetching ball sweet water
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3 bees 1 flower
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Foster dog up for adoption through Rotts n pups rescue. Please email rottsnpupsrescue@fastmail.fm for more info. He has been learning loose leash walking, sit, place and is crate trained and does well in the house. He is fine with other dogs and friendly with all people. Now that he has learned basic manners, he is ready for a new foster home or adopter. (12/15)
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Motion 132
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Pig stuck in box
Monti stuck in a box.
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Motion 64
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Motion 143
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Mastiff speaking
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Mastiff bowing trick
Chumah the mastiff mix showing off his new trick "Bow".
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Chumah playing
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Moe attacks himself
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Zillie &chumah playing
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Piggies on leash
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