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Dr. Phil Accuses Folks Again (Soundboard prank call)
The good doctor is still on his search for the person who has been tormenting Greg, rubbing his chest and his bum.
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Dr. Phil Calls Angry People (Soundboard prank)
The good Doctor calls a few people with anger/profanity issues, and is dismayed to learn that he doesn't know a dick sucker from a damn cock sucker. Thanks to KoRnDuDe19886 for the awesome photo work.
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Dr. Phil Chats With a Racist Lady (Soundboard Prank Call)
The good doctor informs a woman of a condition she has, namely being a bitch. She then plays the race card, breaking out the N-word.
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Dr. Phil Counsels an Angry Man and a Moron  (Prank Call)
The good doctor tries to provide free mental health counselling, but as usual, people just get mad at him. Come on guys, quit being mad at him and just love him again.
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Dr. Phil Diagnoses Bitches (Soundboard Prank)
The good Doctor calls a woman to give her the bad news. It turns out the condition is hereditary. Thanks to KoRnDuDe19886 for the image!
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Dr. Phil Chats With Kathy (Soundboard prank)
The good doctor chats up an unfriendly Kathy, and learns by the end of the conversation that he is an idiot. I deserve to be treated better than this!
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Dr. Phil Counsels a Family (Soundboard Prank Call)
The good doctor Stephanie Vincent provides valuable counselling to a needy family. Thanks to KoRnDuDe19886 for the awesome photo work.
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Dr. Phil Makes a Date With a Hooker (Soundboard Prank)
The good doctor is feeling a bit lonely, so he phones a luscious prostitute who likes giving blow jobs.
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Dr. Phil Calls A Frustrated Prank Call Victim (Soundboard Prank)
The good doctor chats with a self-proclaimed FBI agent who apparently gets a lot of prank calls. Please forgive my clumsy and somewhat inappropriate responses, ROD took down my main board so I had to use an unfamiliar one.
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Dr. Phil Calls Stores
The good doctor calls some grocery stores, and makes a big pain in the ass out of himself.
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Dr. Phil Chats With A Genius Sniper (Soundboard Prank)
The good doctor has a lighthearted conversation with the first person to threaten death on him.
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Dr. Phil Harasses Folks (prank call)
The good doctor is up to his old tricks. Disclaimer: I did NOT call 911.
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Dr Phil Is Diagnosed With Alzheimer's By a Scooter Salesman  (Prank Call)
The good Doctor chats with a man, about important things. They settle nothing, as usual. Dr. Phil eventually is forced to admit he has Alzheimer's Disease :(
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Dr Phil Calls a Wise Guy (Prank Call)
The good doctor chats with a good humored fellow.
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Dr. Phil Converses With a Southern Gentleman (Soundboard prank)
Stephanie contacts a Southern gentleman for a heartfelt conversation. Thanks KoRnDuDe19886 for the video image.
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Dr. Phil Calls a Leech (Soundboard Prank Call)
The good doctor confuses the hell out of a minor functionary. She can get self-righteous till the cows come home. Thanks again to KoRnDuDe19886 for the image.
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Dr. Phil Makes Housecalls (Soundboard Prank)
The good doctor Stephanie Vincent Donates her time to counsel troubled people. Thanks again to Korndude19886 for the excellent graphic!
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Dr. Phil is Thinking About Getting an Enlargement (Soundboard Prank Call)
The good Doctor calls around to medical facilities to get a second opinion, but as usual, no one will help him. He says "penis" a lot, which is pretty funny to those of us whose sense of humor never graduated middle school XD
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Mr. Rogers phones the newspaper office.
Mr. Rogers chats with his good buddy. Not the most hilarious soundboard call but what the hell. The guy loves to talk and I think he expects an interesting call every Saturday, so I oblige.
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Dr. Phil is Counselled By an Old Friend (Prank Call)
The good Doctor gets together with a trusted old buddy on the phone. Guy is cool as hell, despite being pummeled with accusations.
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Dr. Phil Accuses Folks (Prank Call)
The good doctor accuses people of various misdeeds, and finds them in deep denial.
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Dr. Phil Counsels an Angry Man (Prank Call)
The good doctor provides some much needed therapy to a man.
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Dr. Phil (Stephanie) Chats With Journalists (Prank Call)
Stephanie calls his friend at the newspaper office for another Saturday conversation.
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Dr. Phil Chats with a Drunk Racist (Soundboard Prank)
The good doctor attempts an intervention with a drunk redneck, to no avail.
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Dr. Phil's Pranksgiving (Soundboard Pranks)
The good doctor spreads some holiday cheer with some average Joes.
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Dr. Phil Is Looking For a Gay Relationship (Soundboard Prank)
The good Doctor is desperate for a gay relationship and will go to great lengths to find one. Starring Stephanie the homosexual.
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Dr. Phil Calls the Projects (Soundboard Prank)
The good doctor does his best to council the good citizens of the projects. A proud folk they are.
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Dr. Phil Calls a Hawaiian Resort (Prank Call)
The good doctor tries chatting with the ladies at a popular Hawaii Resort, but they can't seem to understand him. They keep transferring his call to various places, including the police department and the suicide hotline.
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Mr. Rogers, Arnold, and Dr. Phil infuriate a gas station employee (Prank call)
Yep, they sure do. She loses it at 2:20.
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Dr. Phil is Still Seeking a Gay Relationship (soundboard prank)
The good doctor is still trying to fulfill his sexual fantasies.
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Dr. Phil Counsels Folks Part 2 (prank call)
The good doctor chats with some ladies at a cabinet shop, a mechanic, and of course the gas station attendent. Like and sub for more quality counseling.
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Dr. Phil's Lolworthy Day (Soundboard Pranks)
The good Doctor Stephanie angers and confuses people once again.
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Dr. Phil Interviews a Potty-Mouthed Man (Soundboard Prank)
The good Doctor has a friendly chat with a fellow with a very dirty mouth. Granted not the funniest conversation ever but the he was so vulgar it had to be shared.
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Stephanie (Dr. Phil) Calls a Gay Woman (Soundboard Prank)
The good Dr. Stephanie chats with a gay woman about various issues, including why he doesn't shave his pussy.
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Dr.Phil Calls Tom Thumb (prank call)
The good Doctor, posing as Stephanie, counsels the good ladies at Tom Thumb.
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Stephanie the Drunken Pimp (Dr. Phil) Calls a Texan Man (Soundboard Prank)
The good Doctor seeks companionship with a phone call to a Texan Gentleman. He posted his number on the internet. Remember kids, don't post your phone # on the internet, or you may get a therapy session with Dr. Stephanie Phil the drunken pimp. Thank you KoRnDuDe19886 for the funky photo work :)
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Dr. Phil Shenanagans (Soundboard Prank Calls)
Officer Powell steps in at the end. 2000 subs celebration video! Much love to all y'all. Thanks again to KoRnDuDe19886 for the sweet image.
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Dr. Phil Contacts Some Folks (Soundboard prank calls)
Just a brief part of the good Doctor's day as he completes telephone interviews focused on stereotyping and getting along with folks, drinking problems etc...
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Dr. Phil Counsels a Laughing P.I. (Prank)
Vincent the drunk pimp strikes again, chatting with an amused private investigator.
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Dr. Phil Counsels an Alaskan Man (Prank)
Dr. Phil doing what he does best, providing free mental health therapy to the poor.
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Dr. Phil Counsels an Alaskan Grocery
The good doctor questions the motives of these food retailers. He suspects they may be stealing groceries from the store. And being generally untrustworthy.(Having done this on April Fool's Day..I think I am entitled to a free pass on this one.)
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Dr. Phil Accuses a Fool (Soundboard Prank)
The good Doctor has another long and pointless conversation with a dude, accusing him of various transgressions. He is attracted to Miley Cyrus.
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Dr. Phil Calls A Homophobe
Dr. Phil chats with an angry man who doesn't care for gays.
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More AA confusion (Dr. Phil Soundboard Prank)
The good doctor makes yet another attempt to get help for being a drunk pimp. But instead he got a load of crap about higher powers.
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Dr. Phil Counsels a Crazy Bitch. (prank call)
Dr. Phil, posing as Vincent, drives a man to the edge of sanity and beyond.
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Dr Phil Counsels Folks, And Calls AA Back (Soundboard Pranks)
The good Doctor is back to cold-calling again after a rough summer of being held hostage by the Mexican Mafia. He is more concerned than ever about people shoplifting and drinking too much.
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Dr. Phil Gets Cheeky With Folks (Soundboard Prank Call)
The good doctor finds love with an equipment operator, then his secret identity is finally revealed. Sorry Russel Taylor, you've been discovered.
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Dr. Phil Calls a Gay Men's Chat Line (Soundboard prank)
The good doctor looks for some romance. Instead he finds this. smh
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Dr. Phil Soundboard Prank Compilation 2014
Here are a bunch of calls that were sitting on the hard drive that I didn't upload because they were each too short for stand-alone vids. So here's some of the stuff I didn't get to upload last year.
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Dr. Phil, Wilford Brimley, Ed Powell and NWA Call Various Folks (Soundboard Pranks)
And now for something completely different. The good doctor and some of his cohorts annoy some people, starting in Florida and ending up in Canada.
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