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Call 866.651.2839 today to claim your free trial 30 minutes on the best gay chatlines on the internet. A wide variety of gays think that meeting their potential spouse is going to be easy. You may find that people will tell you that all you need to do is find a church and you'll have plenty of possible dates to choose from. However, it is not always that easy and it can be even more frustrating when other people just don't understand the situation. Fortunately, there are services that are specifically calculated to help gay boys meet that someone special. One such dating service that is becoming popular is Gay chat lines where members chat via their home or cell phone. Members that use this type of phone gay chat lines commence by creating a profile that lists some information about themselves and what they're looking for in a potential partner. Once they have done this members can begin to search other profiles and make contact with other Gay singles using the service. Finding a feature gay chat line takes a little bit of time and some research. The major decision will probably come down to whether you wish to join a dedicated gay chat service or a general gay men dating service that allows you to search for other Gay members. There is abundance of information on the Internet about the best outlined services as most members are very willing to offer their opinions. It is also a great idea to talk with other people about the services they use and recommend. Previously you have found gay boy numbers you want to join is a simple matter of texting or calling the operator and providing age verification details, with a valid credit card, and you will be given instant access. Finding a Gay partner is merely part of the process. Finally, you still need to find someone that is well-matched with you. This is why it is important to fully complete your profile with your interests and what you are looking for in a partner. Try to make your profile is interesting as possible while keeping it short enough to hold people's attention. Be more hands-on as most of the larger gay phone chatline companies allow you to search for members by interests, gender, age and denomination so that you can create a shortlist of people you wish to contact. Calling up a Gay hotline can be more difficult than most people imagine and the heaviness of being single can be quite high in the date environment. Gay Phone chat numbers offers a great way to meet other people in a fun and relaxed environment. It is for this reason that services such as Gay chat lines are so popular with Gays right across the country.
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Gay xchange
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Pirates gay chat
Just a random vid i made on GoAnimate
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0891 Gay Chat - 1990's UK Advert
0891 Gay Chat - 1990's UK Advert
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Gay Xchange Advert (Long Version) Sky Movies Gold 1996
Advert for Gay Xchange broadcast on Sky Movies Gold in the UK. This was broadcast in 1996.
London UK Chat Line - Try it Free
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ITV Late Night TV "Bouncing" Dating Advert Text Go to 88099
One of the late night dating adverts seen on ITV4 and such, this particular one just makes me lol everytime i see it, especially the blonde on the ball about 3/4 of the way thru ..
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0898 50 50 50
From http://ads.retropia.co.uk/ Group chat lines were a huge fad in the early 1990s just before the internet - and AOL and IQC and the like - caught on. For 36/48p a minute, you could be bored or outraged vocally rather than just by words on a screen for free. The profits from them were good, but not good enough to pay for adverts in peak, so this type of ad ran endlessly on ITV after it went 24hrs.
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Gay chat 100s of guys online
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Gay Party Hotline LISTEN TO ACTUAL VOICEMAILS LEFT BY PEOPLE WHO CALL THE LINE: http://www.gangsterpartyline.com/voic... Late night TV advertisement for an adults only chat line for gangsters. Written and Directed by Brent Weinbach Produced by Brent Weinbach and Adam Schary. Cinematography and Editing by Trevor Ames. Lead Creative Consultant: Adam Schary. Starring: Leland White - Bedroom Gangster William Guirola - Fighting Gangster Michael King - Couch Gangster Danyasius Leslie - Couch Gangster Terrance Wentz - Tall Gangster Omar Deckard - Buff Gangster Byron Bowers - Dark Gangster Victor Nguyen - Asian Gangster Tony Fox - White Gangster Greg Edwards - Deaf Gangster Tommy Otis - Italian Mafia Guy Paul Major - Skinhead ? - Mystery Gangster Pierre - Dog Gangster DeAndre Turner - Jewish Gangster Special Thanks: Blanche D'Souza, Neal Ames, Andrew Michaan, Donny Divanian, Sara Radle, Moshe Kasher, Greg Edwards, Louise Smith, Basak Erol, Jay Brady. Watch more videos and subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/brentweinbach Follow Adam Schary on Twitter: https://twitter.com/adamschary Download Brent Weinbach's comedy record Mostly Live on iTunes:
All alone at night without any plans?... pick up the phone and call a Man...
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90s/00s Phone Chat Ads
90s/00s Phone Chat Ads
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GayLive Network TV Commercial
GayLive Networks TV commercial currently airing on LOGO networks
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Channel 4 Adverts & Continuity - August 1997
A new longest continuity upload but this one strangely has no idents. 17 advert breaks. Watch at your own waste of time Ad Break 1: Vauxhall Frontera, Argos, Currys, PC World, Spontex, Sensodyne, IBM, Hellman's, Argos Ad Break 2: Faberge, Comet, Eagle Star Direct, Faberge, Corn Flakes, Allied Dunbar, Cuprinol, Renault Clio Petrol Torque - Next Ad Break 3: Colgate Total, Party Time, Renault Clio, Courts, Brie Couer de Lion, Event Horizon, Currys, Ronseal, Autoglass, Spontex, IBM, McCain Home Fries One False Move promo Jackie Stewart: Weekend of a Champion - Next Ad Break 4: Event Horizon, American Express, Hovis, Elmlea, Autoglass, Allied Dunbar, Chatterbox, Renault Clio, Fruitibix Football Italia promo Ad Break 5: Vauxhall Frontera, Advil, Mcdonalds, Inland Revenue, Dove, Flora, Chatterbox, Ronseal, Powerhouse Ad Break 6: Cornhill Direct, Budweiser, Gay Network, Poli-Grip, Renault Clio, Comet, Salon Selectives Ad Break 7: Gay-Chat, Clearasil, Pantene Pro-V, Worldvision Lil-lets, Diet Pespi, Friends Network Petrol Torque - Next Ad Break 8: Feberge, Gay Xchange, Weetabix Advantage, Faberge, Event Horizon, Tampax, Dulux, Tony's Cocktails, Muller Nine Days in Summer - Next Ad Break 9: Friends Network, Kitkat, Muller, Event Horizon, Tampax, Sony Trinitron, Robinson's, Royal Air Force PIF, Gay-Chat Ad Break 10: Party Time, Spontex, Courts, Carlsberg, Comet, Mastercard, Worldvision, Chatterbox Ad Break 11: Foster's Ice, Conspiracy Theory, Sony Trinitron, Dulux, Worldvision, IBM, PC World, *some chatline which they can't even be bothered to give the name of*, Currys Petrol Torque - Next Ad Break 12: Fanta, Castrol GTX, Tony's Cocktails, BNFL, Listerine, Mastercard, Gay Xchange Sieg Rekord Meisterschaft - Next Ad Break 13: Worldvision, Listerine, Blackthorn, PC World, Friends Network Ad Break 14: Orange, Courts, Brie Couer de Lion, Listerine, Budweiser, Whiskas, Vision Express, PC World, Friends Network Petrol Torque - Next Ad Break 15: Event Horizon, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, Glade, Mastercard, Blackthorn, *some chatline which they can't even be bothered to give the name of*, Orbit/Wrigley's Extra, Courts, Michelin, Southern Comfort More Petrol Torque - Next Ad Break 16: Diet Coke, Fruitibix, Foster's Ice, Adidas, Zovirax, Nytol, Setlers Checkpoint - Next Ad Break 17: Cornhill Direct, Muller The Rank Organisation Presents logo
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0891 50 50 50
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Gay Love | Gay Chatline | Gay Men seek Gay Men
Gay Men Seeking, Gay Men on GuySpy Voice. GuySpy Voice is the #1 Gay Chatline in the United States. Call ONE Number, and it will automatically connect you with other Gay Men in your Area. 888-965-6439 SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! THIS NUMBER WITH FRIENDS!!! Keywords: Gay Chatline, Gay Chat Line, Gay Phone Talk, Gay People Meet, Men seeking Men, Gay Hookup, Gay Love, Gay Lovers, Gay men Chat, Chatty Patty
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Adult Chatline Ad 1999
Taped From Tv-VCR-Laptop
1980's   Around  Gay  Tucson®
Gay Historical 1980's 1980s 80s 80's Gay Lesbian Transgendered Bisexual LGBTQ LGBT Tucson Arizona history
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Gay Club TV Casting Ad
Will be held on Sep. 19th from 6pm-9pm @ Triple Crown in San Francisco.
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Meet Singles on The Free Chat Lines At 1-888-364-8850 or go to http://www.freechatlinesusa.com/ for all dating numbers and websites. The lines are available to all men and women 24/7 in all 50 states in the United States for fun friendly chat to meet phone friends, casually date and even meet that special someone for long term relationships. Call from your mobile phone or landline anytime! You don't have to be lonely anymore, your match is just a phone call away and ready to meet you right now! Use the many features available including: Voicemail Live Chat One On One Party Line Chat Rooms Bulletin Boards Much More! Don't forget to like, and subscribe for more chat line numbers and dating tips as well as Q&A. https://youtu.be/8xXKH5-kLc4
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Channel 4 1990s Late Night adverts
Ads from a late night in the 90s from UK Channel 4. Possibly 1994 or 1995.
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4Later Adverts 26 09 1999
Adverts Shown Around Henry Rollins Live And Ripped In London 0:00 4Later Logo 0:07 Inland Revenue - Better Deal For Working Parents 1:08 Strongbow - Live To Loaf, with Johnny Vaughan 1:18 Jaffa Cakes - Dog Obstacle Course Chris Eubank Voiceover at the end 1:59 Iceland - Feel The Deal, Laura James, A Crash Helmet and Some Eggs 2:29 Nike Football Training - Today Passing, Kicking Balls into an old Fiat 500 2:59 Surf Tablets with Soda Bright - Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson fake a housewife challenge 3:20 Gayxchange / Gay Xchange - Premium Chatline 3:30 Xchanges - Premium Chatline (not gay) 3:53 You're Dead - In Cinemas Friday 4:03 Aero - Have You Ever Felt The Bubbles Melt? Gospel Singers on a Bus 4:34 The Flirt Hotline - Another Premium Chatline 4:44 Nike Rugby - Lawrence Dallaglio, Deon Kayser, Andre Venter, Race over 50 Metres 5:15 Tetley's - Sneaking into Twickenham as a Mascot, Tess Daly behind the bar 5:45 Rimmel 1000 Caresses Foundation 6:16 Bupa - New Services For The Elderly, Old Lady Doing Exercising To the Television 6:46 Polo - Animated Polos on the Beach 7:06 The Gay Network - Yet Another Premium Rate Chat Line 7:17 The Truman Show on Video at Asda
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MR RIGHT NOW: telephonically yours
A while back, someone introduced me to a "party line," a public phone service where people call in to chat with strangers, arrange to meet, get off on the phone, etc. The one I was introduced to is called "MR N" or "Mr. Right Now." As some of my professional work has been in broadcast advertising, I looked at this party line, in part, from an advertising standpoint. In some ways, MR. N fall somewhere between the public cruising ground, such as a public park, and the instant access of the Internet. At once, the party line represents a potentially antiquated form of technology that still is in use for the purpose of connection and cruising, yet within the context of an anonymous format. I became interested hearing how men advertised themselves within the time limit of an outgoing message, in hopes to "sell themselves" and attract other men. In the video, I record four different outgoing messages, describing myself in different ways, in an attempt to see variation in the responses. Several common themes or slogans appear in these messages, expressions like, "no fats / no fems / no Asians," "looking for whatever," "straight acting / straight looking," and "party and play." Are these catch-phrases an appropriate summation of how we view ourselves or how we sell ourselves? Are these messages an accurate window into a particular culture?
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UK TV Adverts 1997
From June & July 1997. Nissan Soft & Gentle Fruitful Shredded Wheat Royal Mail Concern for Comfort Walkers lites Merlin's Flik a ball Vauxhall Egypt Sun life Chart Buster compilation album Percil Loreal Elvis compilation album Directline Clover Wrigley's extra Ford Clarasel Ragu Boston Beer Necafe Gold Blend GayXchange C4 ad for Dinosaur Cops Men in Black TV SPOT Mr Muscle Specsavers Budweiser Boots Ford Faberge Ford C4 ad for King of the Hill / In search of Lawrence Citroen xantia Asda Walkers Colgate total Weetabix Advantage Gay-chat
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0891 90's Advert
0891 90's Advert
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Gay rabbit
Thanks mum, for mentally disturbing me for life
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Baby Swing Assembly
Baby Swing Assembly internet-millionaire-secrets.blogspot.com CHAT Line Below: Guy Spy Voice- U.S Only Gay Chat Line 888-965-6439 844-358-1949 Live Links Men and Women Connections: U.S and Canada: 866-519-4139 Bi-Sexual Chat Line U.S and Canada: 866-942-8141 Men and Women Chat Line U.S Only 888-503-3361 Vibe Line
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Classic ITV TV Adverts. Old adverts - clip 1 of 3. One of the famous ITV Digital ads featuring Monkey (Munkeh!) and Jonny Vegas. In this, the first ad, Monkey and . Old adverts - clip 1 of. Mid-70's classics comprising: Birds Eye Beefburgers, Smash, Busby (telephones, Bernard Cribbins), Campari (Lorraine Chase), Corona, Yorkie & Guiness. I am gradually sorting through some of my ancient video tapes to log what is on them, and caputuring some vintage clips whilst I do so. Here is continuity, coming . UK TV Ads from a the TV.
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