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Old Gays Try Drag

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"It definitely looks like it hurts." Produced & Edited by Ryan Yezak Camera Lighting & Sound by Devy JS & Shane Whitaker Photography: Alex Schmider Featuring: Robert E. Reeves @robertereeves https://instagram.com/robertereeves https://robertereeves.com Michael Peterson Jessay Martin Bill Lyons Wardrobe & Styling by Nick Mateovosian Makeup by Taryn Forehand & Alexander Ayala Hair by Alexander Ayala Assistants: Adriana De Leon & Liam Riley Get Grindr: https://grindr.me/YTube Get More Grindr Social: http://www.Instagram.com/Grindr http://www.Twitter.com/Grindr http://www.Facebook.com/Grindr
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Text Comments (2627)
Guys look so beautiful with the makeup on
seanmckeownyoung (1 day ago)
I love these guys! Thanks for this!!!
David Scott (1 day ago)
This is giving me life!
Mikaella Roberts (1 day ago)
I LOVE THESE GAYS SO MUCH 😂😂😂😂 They’re so silly & funny to watch ❤️ I don’t know how I found them but LAWD am I glad I did !!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
That’s so funny I barely choked from laughing 😂😂😂
snakehands (2 days ago)
That sparkly mustache is the best thing I've ever seen.
cholericqlare (2 days ago)
Mick is such a connoisseur of the arts. Would love to hang out with him so that we can be sophisticated together....having high tea and wine at the same establishment 😊
Maika Plamondon (2 days ago)
i wish i had a grandpa like that
Keziah Greer (3 days ago)
miss vanjie
Henry Elsner (3 days ago)
They know how to turn up! Work it, ladies!
Maison Clemens (3 days ago)
Plot twist they all smashed after
Emily Replogle (3 days ago)
You go Lily!
Brad The Volfan (3 days ago)
its just the best that they have Liam Riley/Bambi helping get them set up
The Imperial Scholar (3 days ago)
I usually enjoy this content I enjoyed it and was horrified at the same time.
Michelle Gr (4 days ago)
Oh, I just LOVE all of these guys! They are such wonderful souls. I have been watching all the videos and they make me so happy 😊❤
Raiza Edwards (4 days ago)
I really love this💓💓
Giselle Resendez (4 days ago)
2:18 the old gays going absolutelyyy is precious
Mil Williams (4 days ago)
I’m lowkey gonna name my son after one of yall.
Arya J. (4 days ago)
AriArtFART McGrew (4 days ago)
When Mick was done his makeup on he looked like he was from Golden girls this is amazing yasssss Queen
Mee Naii (4 days ago)
I honestly absolutely think they should meet the Try Guys!!!
KAE RAE (5 days ago)
“Freida Slaves” 😂😂😂😂😂
Calvin Dwi Endrika (5 days ago)
They all bottom?
Alailah Chheng (5 days ago)
i love them they’re so funny lmao
Renee Iz Boredith (5 days ago)
I feel like Robert's scab is a very very very very very very tiny sombrero
kilderok (5 days ago)
I was thinking this whole video transformation "that guy looks like Phyllis Diller" and then he said it. XD
azito ahmad (5 days ago)
I'm gonna get wrinkles after watching all their videos, I feel like they purify me and I can't stop smiling
Shir Ben Ari (5 days ago)
This video made my day they are so sweet and funny 🥰💕
GG_123 (5 days ago)
3:41 🅾️🅾️🅾️🅾️🅾️🅾️🅾️
Abby's life2 (5 days ago)
2:26 that ladys but crack is out
tay qwad (5 days ago)
5:20 im getting american horror story hotel vibes
Tiana-Marie Rotolante (5 days ago)
0:26 I love how the guy was so shocked when Jessay said he got shaved last week 😂
im sister shook hunny (5 days ago)
uhhhhm 🤣 yaaaaas qweeeeen
Tracy Walker (5 days ago)
Gorgeous! As men or drag queens! ❤❤❤❤
KFC DOSTAWA (5 days ago)
4 Old geys?
Nicole Cheyenne (5 days ago)
I wish they had actual drag queens do their makeup and wigs and costumes because they would look a whole lot better.
Is it just me but they always remind me of the try guys but old and gay
Big Al (5 days ago)
My goal in life: to be as happy as these men
renarts (5 days ago)
this is actually the stupidest thing ive ever seen
Loulou Love (5 days ago)
I think I’ve found a new obsession. Old gay men 👏🏽❤️😂
Jemaika Vien (5 days ago)
this makes me so happy. 💗🌈
Mon Gerald Aclan (5 days ago)
The old bald man with the blue shirt sounds herbert to me
inkd64queen (5 days ago)
6:30 very beautiful ladies!
inkd64queen (5 days ago)
3:45 lookin like one of those patients chillin watching no tv on outlast lol
inkd64queen (5 days ago)
Colored men make amazingly gorgeous women
Jc Jackson (6 days ago)
Cough, cough, gag, gag! Excuse me while I purge.
Jc Jackson (6 days ago)
Getting tired of gays men's twisted concept of what a women is. Stick some ovaries and a uterus up in your butt and see how much you love being a woman.
TheeBabyDollJenny (6 days ago)
Lmao the gag is that I know way more graceful female dancers than graceful male dancers. 😂
Shanna S (6 days ago)
I just love seeing them happy, they deserve to be happy
PrincessVon Tv (6 days ago)
They all looked good
Dezeri Smith (6 days ago)
The black man has an awesome #Bod.
Aiden Kesse (6 days ago)
Did they mean guys
•Stellar Moon• (6 days ago)
Who Is *sHE*
Damian Low (6 days ago)
he looks just like kelly conway, only he looks better (the tall guy)
Raynecia Cassis (6 days ago)
How can you do that man like that in the thumbnail😂
Mariana Yepes Rojas (6 days ago)
I loveee them!!!!!
Danielle Roberts (6 days ago)
That was so cute!
Maria Perez (6 days ago)
The bald guy reminded me of the guy from AHS Hotel when he was getting his makeup done
Kitella 123 (6 days ago)
Jessay is such a queen
Jenni Park (6 days ago)
Their all queens
Linda Marino (6 days ago)
Love you guys!
Blubber Nuggz (6 days ago)
Robert is such a Nicole Paige Brooks 😂😂
Play Boy Agent (6 days ago)
What the actual fuck did I just watch I seen it all now
Agustin Rubin (6 days ago)
Some older people of the same age as them, could learn a lot from manners and education, which today almost do not exist Learn from them that reaching that age is not being cold and serious, bad-tempered or bad person with whom Be heterosexual, bisexual or gay, can reflect a lot It is not always all serious and dry, much less hide things or gestures that you like or leave inside yours Completely as the saying goes: I take my hat off before them ! 👏 Very nice video guys !
Kaibil 3 (6 days ago)
The one with black shirt look like my priest.
Gabriela Cristina (6 days ago)
I need them to collab with the Try Guys
Jhourdan Williams (6 days ago)
“Beat for the gods” 😋
Aww,it's nice to see how they feel confident and ready to show that amazing transformation to the people in,i think,in a club. All of this reminds me a bit of "The adventures of Priscilla,Queen of the desert "(…if I remember well..),a wonderful movie I watched years ago.
Kelly Ann (6 days ago)
Love this so much 🙌❤️ it’s awesome seeing such a generation difference and what lovely guys they seem so sweet
Brennen Johnson (6 days ago)
Haaaaa, Gayyyyy
Are you ok? Year, I'm just practicing
Colette Peterson (6 days ago)
Lol they’re all so adorable 😊❤️
Zyon (6 days ago)
I love these guys.
Jessica DiSalvo (6 days ago)
this is too much for me 🤣😂🙏 protect them god
silverbullet (6 days ago)
I don't want this in my recommendations. No offense and I'm not homophobic.
Spiritual Meditator (6 days ago)
That was really sexy
shushush shushush (6 days ago)
Your mom Loves me (6 days ago)
“I’m a Nordstrom girl “ I request a certain designer 😂 yasss
bob duncan (6 days ago)
I l o v e j e s s a y , p r o t e c t h i m a t a l l c o s t.
Nancy Dominguez (6 days ago)
I saw the thumbnail and thought it was cardi b
Mr Big (6 days ago)
OK Mick is a snack! Look at that body!
bozidar djuratovic (6 days ago)
This is why USA is fucked up.Proud to be a slav
Tattikat (7 days ago)
This is so much fun to watch. Love them all! Thank you for sharng your beautiful selves!
i Carus (7 days ago)
Aw they are so cuteee
Dark Soul (7 days ago)
Work it gurlll!!! YASS QWEENS
freedom seeker (7 days ago)
Watching this makes me sad. I miss my grandpa so much. He killed himself four days before 9/11 because he was gay. I just wish he had known that he had known that in this day and age that being gay is excepted and that he shouldn't have any shame and that he is so loved. I watch this and I can't help but think about how happy he would be and how close we would have been.
Diana Santos (7 days ago)
they are all so cuteeeeee
nct protection squad (7 days ago)
It’s Zyha (7 days ago)
Lmaoo ohh I love themmmm
Nadia B. (7 days ago)
Jessay is really so cute omg😭😂😊.
Elizabeth Marie (7 days ago)
Love! I love how drag appreciates the beauty, confidence and sexuality of women while also celebrating the gay culture. Work!
Smhiley (7 days ago)
Yakusaka (7 days ago)
Lovely old men!
tatiana (7 days ago)
They’re so cute and funny 😂🥰
Kira Judd (7 days ago)
Lmao yasss their so amazing
Nikita Marie malu (7 days ago)
Why is that guy so red
Can you please STOP calling them old? Aging adults is a better term.
Cassidy Ngo (7 days ago)
try guys who?
Jayvon Stallworth (7 days ago)
Wtf 👎💩
asd asdqwrqe (7 days ago)
Mick is the best

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