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Livecode App Academy - Introduction to LiveCode

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This LiveCode App Academy video-tutorial will show you how to build your very first multiplatform app, and give you a quick tour round the LiveCode Development Environment. Lets get started!

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Elixear (19 days ago)
Is it only for full fluent english people ? And the rest of the world can't do Livecode ? Put on some french and spanish subs, at last. It's by far too fast for non-english speaking folks.
Marie Orlin (3 years ago)
How in the world do you get to the building interface. I have tried to get to anything that would be helpful and keep getting sent around in circles. Extremely frustrating and not at all usable.
Howard B (3 years ago)
i need to create an ipad app that reads values from tables, say for example, you have Row value A, Column Value B, the result C should be displayed on Screen.. is it possible to do this in liveCode?
Nicholas Wiewiora (3 years ago)
To me, this wasn't too fast lol.
Stephen petersen (4 years ago)
try the pause button if its too fast
Ba Line (4 years ago)
I loved Hypercard. I am glad to see this updated similar idea.
Blake Jacobi - Sharp (4 years ago)
Bernhard Pahl (4 years ago)
by far to fast. No beginner will be able to follow your intro. Its not inviting, its putting me of.
harvinder singh (3 months ago)
Shut up and learn. Hes going just right for me if its too much them go to youtube sttings and slow the video speed down
thisIsMe (2 years ago)
+Nicholas Wiewiora hahahahahaha
Nicholas Wiewiora (3 years ago)
+Bernhard Pahl There's a button called "pause," and it looks like || . Use it.
M ALI Subhani (4 years ago)
Hello , My IDE is not making apps and generating Classes message can you help me ???
Andrew Morehouse (4 years ago)
SLOWWWWW DOWNNNNNN. Please and thank you. 
边昭 (4 years ago)
Whenever i use English software,I regret i didn't learning english well.
Hilary O'Shaughnessy (4 years ago)
you need to slow waaaay down. this is all new information for beginners. the only reason i could follow is cos it seems similar to flash. watch other beginner videos- esp the ones with lots of likes, they are slower. just a tip.
itkiddo (5 years ago)
Like Jekub, i also have same problem
Jakub Wiśniewski (5 years ago)
For me, you can not select iOS! Maybe it caused no program? Help!
HotNitrogen (5 years ago)
Is there anyway of creating ios apps within windows using livecode? I tried searching for xcode but it seems that, it's MAC only
LinuxMintUsers.De (5 years ago)
It's very impressive. Does it get any faster? I think it also goes all in 10 seconds. Impossible to follow ... and you call this an introduction? :/
DrLocoMono (5 years ago)
Kevin Phan (5 years ago)

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