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If Guys Acted In Real Life The Way They Do On Gay Apps

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Whether you’re looking for a relationship, new friends or a hot encounter, there are certain behaviors that have overstayed their welcome. Directed by Aron Kantor. http://www.aronkantor.com
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Andrew (30 days ago)
You forgot the one where the profile says "looking for friends", but the guys says you're not his type. 🤔
Imraz Bashir (1 month ago)
no fat no fem nd no asians hehehe
Davide Muñoz (1 month ago)
I need to know who he is!? 0:32
stephenn77 (1 month ago)
Hilarious and so true!!
Lemon Cristo (2 months ago)
jamesaellis (2 months ago)
Hmmmm do I really want the app if they all act like this?
jlw (2 months ago)
Solitude and celibacy suddenly become much more appealing :-)
jay kay (2 months ago)
Those are not even men here. Just queer queens. Not all gays act or look so gay like those girls here
Andre (3 months ago)
Exactly what it is like!
VietonyGoodiez (4 months ago)
The constant "hi.. hi... hi..." part annoys the fuck out of me! LOL
michel castaignet (4 months ago)
It's more like if gay guys reacted like straights, they're so uptight
Sean Wilson (5 months ago)
This the greatest thing I've ever seen.
BRYAN HALLIGAN (5 months ago)
Maurice Barnett (9 months ago)
Who is the asshole in the “hi”situation though? It costs you nothing to respond back to someone with a “Hello, have a nice day” or “Hi I don’t think we are a match but have a nice day”.
cabellero1120 (9 months ago)
A faceless anonymous moron can do or say anything he wants! brave behind a computer screen....Not very!
XYU (10 months ago)
LOL!!! DAYUM...they NAILED IT by having the Asian dude do the "hi...hi...hi..." thing LOL...not hatin' just statin'.
Edgar Garcia (10 months ago)
Through the gay applications, most of bottoms demand so much, so much...demand something they can't give XD
Jermaine Dillard (11 months ago)
Franklin Chen (11 months ago)
Wow you opened with "No fats no fems no Asians" and you proceeded to not having any Asians in the video? What a hypocrite.
Spaniard Republic (1 year ago)
fuck homophobes
TheGravity (1 year ago)
Song at 0:49 ?
Freakshow 😂😂
Larry Banks (1 year ago)
Lmao thats some of the reasons why I hate Jackd!
Dean Yotibo (1 year ago)
You call them guys? They act and speak like little school girls.. lol.. Turns me off...
Wilford Fraser (1 year ago)
uh....gay guys do act like that in real life
Stanley B (1 year ago)
I want the hi guys beanie!
Cute Bitch (1 year ago)
In real life I'm attractive but on "dating" apps I'm the equivalent to vomit.
freakylocz14 (1 year ago)
I like how the most fem guy in the club was claiming masc4masc. 😂😂😂
finn (1 year ago)
This clip is very accurate, unfortunately. Myself I was growing up in a very remote place. So internet and those sites/apps where my first and only contact out. I was not at all prepared how people turn, once they feel anonymous. That was a devistating experience- and i promised myself not ever to become like this. While I get the idea of some simply preferrig a steamy date (and there is nothing wrong with it of course), does that automatically have to come by those impolite manners? I can for all in the world not understand how this is acceptable anywhere. Anyone meet me on the street like this, I'd instantly knock him out!
molitva2007 (1 year ago)
I can't stop watching this!
crackersnbed (1 year ago)
Why do you need to see THAT guys face......I dont need to see anyone's face...... I do it doggy style woof woof
Karl Sheen (1 year ago)
It does crack me up, if you ignore someone face to face you're labeled a rude ignorant C**T, but because its on a app it's considered ok?! Is saying no thanks or hitting the block button really that strenuous or inconvenient. Once saw a profile that said "if i don't reply give up with good manners", to which i pointed out that ignorance isn't good manners in the 1st place. Also the fit guys with "no pic no chat" i find deliciously hypocritical as even with a clear pic they still ignore, give a guy a set of abs and they think their a deity. Why cant people be straightforward and stick to their own rules they set. The average app user has more lying faces than a broken clock tower and its getting to the point im embarrassed to call myself gay! how can you aim for a goal when the posts are so moveable. Oh and one more food for thought....since when has "sexual preference" been a excuse for blatant racisim and discrimination! You fought for equalitity...now you got it your now fighting for segregation?!
Matt kelly (1 year ago)
From scruff !! definitely subscribing 👌🏼
Marcathur Julio (1 year ago)
1:52 this is the best part, lmao, why would you keep texting or talking to someone who's ignoring you?
Tomi (1 year ago)
Does anyone know who the min boy is 0:26? It's for a task
I agree. most of these Guys on this app are asshole's. Not all Though their are some good ones. That is so Disrespectful when I see no fats No fems ON GUY'S PROFILES. And the main Problem is tomany people Judge a book by its cover. I am over weight but I am loosing to better myself. Karma is Coming. When my appearance Changes I will NOT hang out with Guys who say No fats No fems Ect. BASICALLY WHO DISRESPECTFUL IN GENERAL. I want nothing to do with NEGATIVE INDIVIDUALS. I AM A VERY POSITIVE PERSON..WITH MORALS.I HAVE ALWAYS HAD A GOLDEN HEART AND A HEART THAT LOVES EVERYONE.
LEON LEON (1 year ago)
ahahahaha yes It's universal, in my country it's the same, they're demanding and when you know them they are uglier ugly than Shrek, greetings from Chile
Birds On A Plane (1 year ago)
My boo Sampson McCormick is in this! Ugh I love him
I relate to this.....so much.
Albin (2 years ago)
Some people are ugly as fuck, some people are average and some are very attractive, that is how Life works stop being so fucking butthurt beacuse you are the worst race in the world ( i talk about asians as the worst)
Robert Ellsworth (2 years ago)
Mikey James (2 years ago)
I never thought I'd be cruising in the comment section of a YouTube vid .
Warbird Phoenix (2 years ago)
This is making me laugh too hard,the truth is so funny sometimes.
Laurent mind (2 years ago)
WHO IS THE JOGGER?!??!??!....
rustandruin (2 years ago)
I'm ok with most of that.
Jayme Young (2 years ago)
I love this. can't stop laughing
Kì Lân Một Sừng (2 years ago)
oh well I do say hi for a thousand times . fuck them
Matthias Groß (2 years ago)
Great! Großartig!
starkid77 (2 years ago)
Funniest thing I've seen in a while, I screamed when he said, masc for masc.
Donnell Poe (2 years ago)
Mermai_gap (2 years ago)
what the fuck
Greg Noah Kogkalidis (2 years ago)
Looking at the comments, so many wanna know the hot jogger's name. Me included.
Kscape (2 months ago)
same and the beanie one
Stephen Pettersson (2 years ago)
Anyone knows the name of the hot jogger at 00.24? :P
Lukaaa .-. (2 years ago)
The beginning had me dying
Jarais Ferguson (2 years ago)
well what if people acted in the chat just like how they act in real life...they just wouldn't act most likely
Mikey James (2 years ago)
Jarais Ferguson (2 years ago)
-.- -_-
Mikey James (2 years ago)
Guys check it! It's faceless torso guy! ^^^ "Let's FUCK" ...
Kamal Rashad (2 years ago)
OMG This is hilarious and shows just how absurd we behave on social media, because of some since of disconnect/anonymity. Totally "oxiMORONic" being that we've labeled it as "SOCIAL Media". This was a genius way to hold a mirror up to show us ourselves (one of the powers/responsibilities of the arts in this case cinematography). And shout-outs to my man Samson. You were great. Really proud of you and happy for you. Good Work!
why is this so true
Kì Lân Một Sừng (2 years ago)
I also have all that shit situation.
Luis Meriño Vásquez (2 years ago)
Luis Meriño Vásquez (2 years ago)
hi hi hi hi hi the best part XD
Pc game downloads (2 years ago)
I wish I could find that guy with the fan.
Aldo Reyes (2 years ago)
this video gives me life
Andrew Aguelo (2 years ago)
do dont (2 years ago)
People !! Just because some White males are homosexual , does not automatically make them nonracist . All white people are cultured to be racist . so why are is everyone tripping on this topic ?
Felipe Fiel (2 years ago)
Achei bastante engraçado hahahaha. Essa é a realidade dos apps. Pessoas vazias de conteúdo.
Mi kel (2 years ago)
Lol the opening line is me
Nicko Jackson (2 years ago)
Very accurate but I see you glazed over the whole no blacks thing xD that's huge in the gay community along with the "No fats, Fems, asians" Basically the only thing acceptable are white people and afew others with lighter skin. Gay racist (never thought those two words would ever be together) like to use "preferences" as a shield for just the blunt over the top racism but in reality, A preference is like eating nepoleon ice cream you eat the strawberry side first because you like the way it taste, some people sampling the other two because they dont mind it and sometimes feel strawberry can be abit overbearing but some just eating the strawberry first then when you get to the other two vanilla and chocolate you still eat them even if it's not your favorite that's a preference but those gay racist dudes just eat the strawberry and throw the rest of the ice cream away and call it a preference. Thats not a preference you didnt even try them in the first place! and totally avoided them because they werent strawberry. and here I thought gay guys were more open and less divided but it seems the opposite.
Isiaih Harris (2 years ago)
Kscape (2 months ago)
he's hottt
ANNA6773 (2 years ago)
+Isiaih Harris Adam Ramzi?
Matty Jeanson (2 years ago)
this app is just another grindr. this video is so hypocritical
MrRyukage (2 years ago)
@Matthew Ross That's why I'm a bear/chub chaser.WeHo clones are too shallow.
MrRyukage (2 years ago)
One of my biggest pet peeves is guys that are either live across the country or the world for that matter wanting more then just pen pals and/or friendship. Dude,Do you even know how far away you guys are.from me.Plus there a bunch ones who live closer that are better.
Tirrell Livingston (3 years ago)
Nailed it! 👏🏽 😂 How can a business advertise on Jack'd?
Gossip Control (2 years ago)
And this is why I don't claim gay or the gay community. Straight people have been more kind and fun and genuine to me. Straight guys have treated me with more respect. The gays are thots, judgmental, and shady af lol
33,3 Anders (3 months ago)
+Mikey James the fights not worth it. it is EXTREME where i live. being the "cool" or uniquely gay is heresy and i'm no longer interested in their fight because that fight of the 70s and obviously 80s is long over. gays have NO idea what good music is. they ALL worship madonna beyonce or gaga rihanna or sum mainstream bs.
33,3 Anders (3 months ago)
GC, I AM 100% with you. was completely out and proud, now i just hang with str8 and curious men. ive never had anything in common with rad queers or stereotypical gay and the atypical werent usually not in the scene or available...im WITH u. im still out per se but i just dont hang with us.
Gossip Control (2 years ago)
+rustandruin bye, 😊😊😊
rustandruin (2 years ago)
+GOTAEBI REACTS Yes, I was upset by his calling me "nigga" in such a disrespectful and completely unprovoked manner. As for your comment about how it *must* be that I came onto straight guys... yes, that triggered me as well: even when a friendship is completely platonic and aboveboard, there will always be a possibility of sexual attraction. This is something that is understood in straight male/female friendships, and no one seriously attempts to tar anyone with unfair accusations ... but let it be a friendship between a gay male and a straight male, and the gay male will be accused of cruising his friend and the straight male will be accused of being a latent homosexual. This will be done by people who literally know nothing about those two men other than they are friends, one is gay, and one is straight. To hear a gay man invoking this harmful stereotype for no other reason than to lash out at someone he disagrees with ... that triggers me. It disappoints me. It upsets me. Anyhow, I'm done on this thread. I hope you have a great life, whether or not you ever find a gay community, and that you find it in yourself to not spread any more harmful gay stereotypes.
Gossip Control (2 years ago)
+rustandruin you're the salty one. You came to my post hella mad because you probably felt some truth in my words about yourself. Why were you so triggered?
Matthew Ross (3 years ago)
This reminds me of west Hollywood , but with more color lol
rebellerihanna (3 years ago)
the "hi" one 😭😭😭😭😭 omg this is so accurate
ZboomMacattack (3 years ago)
Lmao not me I try conversation
Jay_The_R.N (3 years ago)
So fucking true hahahhah
joshua newson (3 years ago)
that paper bag guy had some rad gyno
Terry Martin (3 years ago)
were can u find real love at at this day an time can someone tell me
Oscar Palencia (3 years ago)
If this isn't me................
Stephen Banks (3 years ago)
I just died!
Gregory Hayward (3 years ago)
Mattteus (3 years ago)
headless pics and 'I'm married but' are the two hugest turn-offs I know of. MAN UP!
Brett Larch (3 years ago)
I could have filed a lot of reports for sexual harassment
Mikey James (2 years ago)
I coulda fucked a lot of sexual hairyassmen
monkeylord jake (3 years ago)
All of this is so true
Rhaka Andhika (3 years ago)
Hahaha this video i love it ! Kiss from Jakarta 💋💋💋
henny wang (3 years ago)
Daniel Rodriguez (3 years ago)
Wenzel Massag (5 months ago)
Mikey James (2 years ago)
That's a shame. Names please . I will report them for you.. Phone numbers too,
Black Bullet (3 years ago)
Mhahahaha when he said come get it bitch!!
DandyDon (3 years ago)
I thought for sure the guy in the park would open with "Sup"
ecuanis89 (1 year ago)
As long as you don't put any halfnaked pictures on it you wouldn't get any answer... try and people will talk to you, gays are sometimes weirdos and mostly on apps. And the best: they pretend to be saints. They will never be saints as long as they are on these apps.
Larry H (3 years ago)
Btw, who is that guy jogging in 1st clips?
James Ferguson (3 years ago)
You forgetting the whole purpose of most of the apps you seem to be talking about!.... That is they are GAY sex hookup sites!!!! GTF over it! Go on Facebook if you want straight style BS. If you don't like hook up sites then DON'T GO TO THEM!! It's like some fundamentalist moron going into a leather bar and wanting the porn on the TV to be shut off! FT! There is time and places for all these behaviors and hook up sites are for hooking up for sex so you are going to see dick and ass so don't go Period! Frankly if people were more open and honest about sex and sexuality there would be far less problems!
DandyDon (3 years ago)
+James Ferguson They use to be. They'd go to the boathouses.... But there are many guys who only put in their profiles "networking and chat only". They don't get it.
James Ferguson (3 years ago)
If you think grndr is seedy then don't use it.....
James Ferguson (3 years ago)
Never hear of it . But that doesn't change what I said. Most of the apps are hook up sites. So I would suggest those just wanting to socialize and "be friend" should not go to those and stick to your Jack's site then
hasher22 (3 years ago)
+James Ferguson Jack'd is not just a hook up app. It actually brings more people that are looking for friends/dates. The men I mostly meet are from Jack'd. I get prob 5x more messages on Grindr but I yet have to meet up with one of them. Cause grindr is just so seedy.
lunarpark (3 years ago)
absolutely GAGGING.
EJCTV (3 years ago)
The guy that says " show me your dick is cute
EJCTV (2 years ago)
+Jordan Wright yeah evanthejames
Jordan Wright (2 years ago)
+EJCTV Oh ok. We're both on the east coast at least. Lol I live in NY. Do you have IG? Maybe we can chat more there. ;)
EJCTV (2 years ago)
+Jordan Wright Florida
Jordan Wright (2 years ago)
You're welcome. Hey where are you from? I'm from NYC🗽.
Jordan Wright (2 years ago)
You're welcome. Hey where are you from? I'm from NYC.
Karim Marquette (3 years ago)
Pure genius!
VDK BONEZ (3 years ago)
that is so true
A Boston (3 years ago)
As a gay guy I hate stuff like this. It misrepresents gays as a whole and further associates us with negative stereotypes. Why do it?
Shawn DeRay (3 years ago)
Yeah, no fats, no blacks, no Asians, no fems, are completely valid points but Jack'd completely forgot to mention how lots of guys living with HIV are treated like #TheWalkingDead on these apps. I say this as someone who is poz-friendly and has family and friends who are positive, it sucks to hear their stories of being rejected, treated rudely, ignored, or feeling like they'll be alone forever. As HIV is still affecting gay men at alarming rates, if we dealt with stigma, maybe more guys who are going on these apps to hook up randomly, will be comfortable getting tested and treatment, and reducing the spread of HIV because no one will treat them like a monster or alienate them if they were to tested positive. You know, a friend of mine actually said to me once that he stopped bringing up his HIV status unless the other guy specifically asked because he was so tired and hurt by how so many guys treated him rudely and coldly when he was being honest. That was 3 years ago....and I think about how many guys out there don't get tested because of the fear of becoming another pariah, a monster, a feared and vilified subhuman in the gay social world. So they choose the "ignorance is bliss" path but in this case ignorance is death! As a group of people demanding to be treated with equality and respect from mainstream society, why do we treat our own with less than that? #criticalthinking
Leki Jolo (1 year ago)
🙄 Just like people have a right to say no fats, fems, etc they also have a right not to deal with someone who has HIV. Sorry, but HIV would be the first thing that came to mind in a list of things I don't want to deal with. It's no one but your own fault you caught it in the first place. It's your responsibility to take care of your health. This is exactly why condoms were created. When you willingly sleep with someone unprotected, it's the risk you choose to take.
rustandruin (2 years ago)
+Montez Mays "No one's asking you to date them"... except I feel that you are. That's why I asked Shawn for the clarification in the first place. Which I am still waiting on. His comments seem to imply that you're a small-souled, mean-spirited, scientifically illiterate person if you aren't willing to date HIV+ individuals, but he hasn't out and out said it. Instead he's referenced rejecting HIV+ individuals on dating apps in the same breath as stigmatizing them, which muddies the water. I wish he would be clear on what exactly he's decrying here: stigmatizing HIV+ individuals, or not dating them. Because the two are not the same. I have no problem being around HIV+ men, platonically loving them, or being friends with them. I have a problem HAVING SEX with them, just like I would not be willing to have sex with anyone who I know has an STD. That's not stigmatizing, that's just me looking after my own mental and emotional health. To tell me that I MUST be willing to fuck someone with an STD, or else I'm a bad person is to attempt emotional manipulation of the highest and most irresponsible order. And I do wish Shawn and you would stop casting everyone who has no interest in dating HIV+ individuals as also having the habit of engaging in unsafe sex promiscuously. It's insulting and stereotyping to all gays.
Shawn DeRay (2 years ago)
+ Montez Mays well said! 🖒😊
Valentino Mays (2 years ago)
Most HIV positive people are just looking for compassion, love, friendship but they settle for less because of the fear of being rejected. When you can't even be around someone because their positive theirs something spiritually wrong with you. No one's asking you to date them... Just be a nice person who cares. And don't pass judgement.... But unfortunately most individuals judge people even though their out here selling their asses to the highest bitter. People have the nerve to judge, someone who could be a billionaire that donates to charity, feeds the homeless, and is just an all around amazing person... But as soon as they reveal that their HIV positive people start gasping for dear life and saying all types of evil shit.... But however the person who's judging just got getting a train ran on them for hours and letting bodily fluids fly all over them... But has the audacity to judge someone who's positive...yet put themselves at risk for God only knows what.
Valentino Mays (2 years ago)
+Lumps Plays​ actually all form of disease comes from man experimenting and playing God. Scientists have all these different diseases or evolved forms of current viruses. Instead of shaming people who are positive why don't you look in the mirror... Your not immune to disease or getting sick, your not better than another person simply because you're HIV - ... And no one's forcing anyone to date or mess around with individuals who are positive. Do you feel like people that are suffering from this disease aren't human? Because I can assure you that people with HIV don't wanna deal with you're ignorance. It's not about them wanting to date or mess around... It's about love, compassion, and respect for another human being. You keep making the same argument. And I'm pretty sure they know it's not curable yet but they don't need ignorant people saying stuff like that to them. Where is the fucking compassion? So basically if you fall in love with someone you can't be with them if their positive? .... That's basically what your saying. Basically you want to separate the negative and the positive and quarantine the ones who are positive... What do you want... HIV concentration camps? You want to alienate people with HIV like their a fucking zombie coming to eat your flesh.... FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT IGNORANT SCIENTIFIC STATISTICAL BULLSHIT!!! I pray to the Universe and Galaxy that they come out with an amazing cure soon. Because most of you aren't worth dating or getting to know. And trust me there's a lot more out there than physical diseases...Opening yourself up to such negative human beings can have a horrible spiritual affect. All the spiritual dark and demonic energy around the world running rampant and you guys are worried about individuals with HIV. All the spiritual vampires sucking people's light and energy to the point of hospitalization... You guys can keep all the negative spiritual sapping BULLSHIT to yourselves. 
Andrew Roling (3 years ago)
LOL >.< My favorite part of this video, is the guy with the paper bag over his head. Faceless profile pictures - what IS the point??
Medraut (3 years ago)
And this is why I dont use apps or Grinder

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