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A Fem and Masc User Switch Grindr Profiles | What The Flip

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Miaou (3 days ago)
Gay men are complicated as much as women.
Inf4mousKidGames (5 days ago)
I'm masc but I have a (small) fem side I keep him caged so I don't get in trouble with people
Rúben Campos (16 days ago)
"How do I translate that into nice? " #relatable
Jo LC (18 days ago)
Honestly, seeing the comments in this thread, this is the reason why I am proudly with a bisexual man who likes femininity on women and men, and why I have never been in a relationship with a gay man. The problem is not preference, it's respect. A lot of masculine gay men do not have respect for feminine men, and feel that it is their right to be insulting or demeaning about Community existing in someone who was born male. It really is sad and disgusting for someone who knows the struggles of being gay to think that pulling the masculine card somehow makes him better than an effeminate gay.
McShady (22 days ago)
wait wait wait, So if a gay man is proud of his masculinity he's "faking it" or "internalized his own homophobia" but he is just really proud to be a dude it's bad thing???? Not every guy wants to be fem and faggotty like damn. Talk about pushing stereotypes, if I want myself a buff, hairy dude who loves just being a man then thats what i FUCKING WANT and you can't make me like you. like that poor masc guy just got shit on this whole video, this is just internet peer pressure and making guys feel bad because they don't act JUST LIKE YOU. honestly just leave them be.
Neredan (27 days ago)
i have nothing against mascara on my guy. i even would prefer haha but tea is, they ditch me because im not 100% 'masc' lol
Ronnie Samuel (1 month ago)
"How do I translate that into nice" was my favorite part
Catherine Christanti (1 month ago)
"I'm gonna try act like a man... I'm a Leo too bro." LMAO deceased
Claud Wong (1 month ago)
When does being gay = being feminine?
orando15 (1 month ago)
I don't date "femme" but not cuz of the label of "oh they are femme"...its the personality. I'm gay, I got femme friends & even one of them doesn't date other "femme" guys sooo
Adam S. (1 month ago)
Just a tip. If a guy is wearing a hat in his profile pic, he's bald. Always turns out that way 😂
Eduardo Vega (2 months ago)
Well, yes. What's wrong with being "limited" in taste? It's taste! Suck it up if you're not a majority's choice.
oli Fuckoffski (2 months ago)
What the fuck happened to men?
Kevin Z (2 months ago)
Bitch please. If he really is so comfortable and natural in his own skin and his “masculinity” (whatever that means), he won’t feel the need to constantly label himself that and try to sell everyone that idea.
Mx. Enigma (2 months ago)
Masc for mascara LMAO
nakito loress (2 months ago)
i hate very much when femenine boy complain when a masculine boy want another masculine boy and say, they are homophobes because they do not want anything with them but they are the first ones in loving a masculine and not feminine boyfriend, looking at the men gays we like the men not a few boys full of makeup with long nails as women
Sebastian A (2 months ago)
“What do you think of Masc for Masc?” “I love Mascara”
Twisty The Clown (2 months ago)
The gay community has gotten so politically correct its sickening. Im a masculine man and I like masculine men because I find men and masculinity hott. Sorry but a dude in long painted nails who is also wearing make-up coupled with the annoying high voice is a turn off. It takes the whole "MAN" element right out of it. No its not "internalised homophobia" its not "what society has taught me" its I dont want to date a feminine guy. It is what it is.
hey34 (2 months ago)
2:57 "How do I translate that into nice?"- MOOD!
granmistico (2 months ago)
I don't know I've always thought that femme guys like the one in the video would rather be a woman but don't undergo the full transition because one the surgery is expensive and two they have the thing the like the most attached to them (dick). That would be like asking a woman if they'd like to have a dick and hey! they have the mind of a woman and a natural dick. I may be wrong, don't know.
NJ J (2 months ago)
I'm very attracted to fem guys.
Jan (2 months ago)
I mean people attracted to what they attracted to...
1223567890 1234556890 (2 months ago)
Grinder cat and mouse game
Edward James (2 months ago)
I'm probably a good mixture of both fem and masc, especially, the older I get. I'm more comfortable in my own skin. I've attracted guys to me that like ME, no matter what I'm expressing. It's never extra, or "put on"...just ME!
Lil Dreamboyy (2 months ago)
i dont understand the big problem between masc for masc let them be attracted to what they want and let there rooms smell like ass and shit because we all know what THOSE gays do and dont do.... OMF i can already smell the hotdog water
Lil Dreamboyy (2 months ago)
for my mascara GAYYYYSSS AMEN
polydipsiac (2 months ago)
They didn't let the masc guy utter a word in the second half of the video lol
Stefano Velasco Muschett (3 months ago)
So annoying to have this type of discussions. Can we please just be ourselves, without feeling the entitlement to belittle someone else based on how they handle themselves.....it is so sad to see people being so narrow minded in terms of who they meet, or who they feel "deserves" to meet them. Let's not be ignorant and say shit like "if I wanted to date someone feminine, I would date a woman"; we really need to start being more inclusive and not just pretend that those outside the "community" are the only ones who have to respect us.
PrototypeC4 (3 months ago)
It all stems from this deep subconscious hate and contempt for women.
Brandon (3 months ago)
Honestly theres nothing more unattractive than a "pick me" attitude and bitterness over someone not liking you, like rejection sucks, but perhaps he's not into not because of your femininity but your desperation to be liked for something that you expect people to not like you for. try being confident and not giving a fuck if a guy is gonna write you off, if someone is that superficial and judgmental they werent a healthy choice for you anyway youre better off.
Neil Hunter (3 months ago)
which one is masc
El Hijo (3 months ago)
I dont discriminate when it comes to guys I'm into. However masculinity is very important to me, that I feel and look masculine. Certain feminine traits on myself make me feel like not me. I've tried makeup I've tried nail polish and glitter it's not for me . I like being hairy and beardy do I "act" masculine? Not at all I act like me. But masculinity is a very important trait for myself and it probably comes from my Latino upbringing and it's a part of me that I'm very proud of. Masculinity can be positive. Demeaning other for thier lack of masculinity. is toxic
R RQ (2 months ago)
Sweetie you do not look masculine at all lmao
seropa longeness (3 months ago)
oh, yay! billy francesca!
Mr X (3 months ago)
I love fem guys only so this has never been an issue for me. Gay masculinity is weird because the vast majority of gay guys are only a step away from the cutie in the white hat yet they think they come off as fucking Charles Bronson or something.
Zed Tibetan (3 months ago)
"How do I translate that into NICE?" LMAO 🤣🤣🤣
g sun (3 months ago)
"Masc for mascara." INDEED !
Rals Becket (3 months ago)
My best friend is a masc guy but that's just who he is. Makeup and getting his nails done just aren't things he does or wants to do but he doesn't shit on the guys who enjoy it. wtf.
Rals Becket (2 months ago)
Did I say that? I just said he can be who he is without shitting on anyone else in the gay culture or what they like
Mr X (3 months ago)
Sakura Kasugano it’s almost as if your friend doesn’t represent gay people as a whole. Strange right ?
XxGigifabulousxX (3 months ago)
"How do I translate that into nice?" MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Bradley Dennis (3 months ago)
I see a ton of posts saying this is " anti-masc" or there is an " anti-masc movement ". Nope. The reason this video exists, and the reason people talk about it is because we see "Masc4Masc" and " Not into Fems " everywhere. I have never seen one profile that says " Not into Masc guys" or " Fem only ".
marvin raphael monfort (3 months ago)
masc for mascara! yas kween
kir (3 months ago)
The main problem I have is that guys who say they are masculine rarely are in reality. If you have to paste it all over your profile that you’re masc, from my experience, chances are you’re less masculine than you think you are. THAT is what’s really painful; something is going wrong for guys who want to be masculine and aren’t naturally achieving it. I am 6’ 4” and hairy and people assume I’m straight until I come out but I would NEVER call myself “masc”. As much as I love domination and a smaller twinky guy, there are days when I want to be treated like a sissy boy. Just get out there and stop putting labels on yourself, because when you don’t live up to those labels, you create resentment for them. All of these fem guys are mad that they wasted their time on that one hook up with a guy who wrote himself as “masc” and turned up just as fem as they were - THAT is where this torment is all rooted.
Cheetahjammerplays AJ (3 months ago)
I’m like in the middle
Steven Fontenault (3 months ago)
This is so one-sided lol
randomassname (3 months ago)
Maybe its cuz im bi, but im not really into masculine dudes. Im a bearish kinda dude i get hit on on grindr by far more dudes that look and probably act just like me. Its flattering but im just not into guys like myself.
windrunner (3 months ago)
just  1)Be with who you want 2)Accept that internalized homophobia is a thing that is rampant in the gay community 3)Be considerate of people's feelings
Yandol Fe (4 months ago)
Only bisexuals can pretend to be straight
Morgane Gautier (4 months ago)
I have to had it’s a lot about misogyny! Everything female related is considered as less.
Brandon Jean-François (5 months ago)
I m pride To be fem4fem , i m queen and i like queen. Masc4masc is ok . Fem4masc is like straight couple
Brandon Jean-François (5 months ago)
"Fem4fem is not homophobic but masc4masc is homophobic " it is illogical. Fem4masc is heteronormative. Fem4masc is a stereotype which copy straight couple.
Lyan Alsabti (5 months ago)
im a lesbian and i understand NONE of this, but sending support
Rusty World (2 months ago)
Same, being a gay guy seems wild.
Jesus Christ (5 months ago)
"they don't cut they nails cuz they nasty" lol
BBB (5 months ago)
masc looking for masc... showing 100 results masc looking for fem or ts...showing 10 results fem looking for masc... showing 100 results fem looking for fem... there is no such inquiry if gays are attracted to fem, they would have been straight or bi
Gude Tama (5 months ago)
'if gays are attracted to fem, they would have been straight or bi'. BBB you aint gay I assume, ya don't know. Fem guys are 100% my thing and I definitely am not into women.
David Davidson (5 months ago)
Turns out gay dudes aren't into women, surprise.
David Davidson (5 months ago)
What the fuck did I just watch. Some of these dudes are normal and the others are off their meds, lol.
Francis Duguay (5 months ago)
The feminin one is perfect, he is so funny XD ! ''how do I translate that into nice'' ! THE friend to have !
Joolban (5 months ago)
Some of the guys who go on about how masc they are aren't as nearly as masculine as they think they are.
crazyTommytourettes (6 months ago)
This whole thing is ridiculous. Most gays prefer masc guys because it's a turn on. Period. If you act femme, you remind us of being a WOMAN. We are gay bc we aren't attracted to women. Maybe you femmes should try acting more manly. It won't harm you to be more butch. Also, there's nothing wrong with having preferences. Imagine if we did this exercise with WOMEN. Most women don't want to date girly men. Are women awful for this?? Do we shame women bc women won't date girly guys? Or if a woman has sex preferences, like not wanting to date out of race, or fat? Of course not! If you did this practice on women, they would tell you that you are NOT entitled to their bodies! Guess what? It's the SAME here! Hot masc men do NOT owe you sex! It's their right to fuck who they want. Stop shaming hot masc dudes. The fact is you're just bitter bc u want to fuck these masc guys and they don't want to. And let me tell you- they don't have to! Stop telling ppl what they should be doing in bed. And maybe, if you want masc men, you should try to be what Masc men WANT (other masc men, usually).
Lay Royalty (6 months ago)
Lol looking at the thumbnail and it looks like the masc is actually fem And the form is actually masc.
videodude23 (6 months ago)
Effeminate men are fuckin disgusting, especially if you you black
Todd Edwards (6 months ago)
Everyone's has preferences but just don't judge and criticize others who are different from you also keep an open mind you may meet some one outside your preferences who you could be attracted to.
D Pyrolusite (6 months ago)
Cmon Masculinity is very important in gay comunity Dont act like there are no judgment in gay comunity, because many guys are into masculine guys Hell i started working out only cuz i liked someone very much i was attracted to that person so much i thought hell i have to step up my game I imagine its hard being discriminated against feminine people but im discriminated agains all the time World isnt fair and it shouldnt have to be! U will get someone perfect for u someday and u will be happy. Believe in it cuz its gonna come true. And dont bitch about this makes u look bad
D Pyrolusite (6 months ago)
Kai Decadence im a funky ass bitch that dresses like a bum and has a freaky hair style. This is who i was This is who i am and This is who i will be and not many people are attracted to that type of guy, neither girls nor boys When people get to know me im immediately their best friend their mate to drink with someone they can trust but im never the boyfriend material im either the ‘gay best friend’ or a blow queen I had fights with buddies i had fights with parents but i never stepped down because this is who i am and i like it this way I am happy now with someone i deeply love and appreciate and im glad to have the feelings i give out be given back to me I know its fun and games but there is truth planted in it and it irks me to see people who are beautiful in their way bitch because they arent getting enough dick U gotta appreciate what youve got, first of all and then u will know that that isnt the way u will get love and appreciation and whoever will give you that u will find that person and u gotta believe in it Nobody wanted to fuck with me on grindr either except for very desperate people but now look at me my personality my looks my positivity gave someone that something that theyve been looking for in this life and thats the same for me and how we fit each other its a beautiful thing and u gotta search that
Kai Decadence (6 months ago)
"All the time". How so? Furthermore, it was just a little experiment, it wasn't really supposed to have some deep meaning .We all know that masculinity is more preferred in guys and this goes for most feminine guys ourselves.
Ashley ASHLEYM (6 months ago)
Masculinity and feminity are two very important things. I don't like how some people want to degrade masculinity and shame people for being masculine. ANd theres nothign wrong with only being attracted to masculine people, so long as its not coming from a place of hate.
Kai Decadence (6 months ago)
In the grand scheme of things, you are right. People are who they are (masculine/masculine leaning or feminine/feminine leaning) and there's no shame in being attracted to what you're attracted Ias long as it's not like children or something extreme like that).
Dominique McQueen (6 months ago)
I'm gonna go ahead and hit the subscribe button as I'm now 5 videos deep. this host is EVVVVV-very-THING! (I've been a mac top, a fem bottom, a vers GNC and now trans- seen it all done it all twice!)
Danny Leo (6 months ago)
I've been rejected twice by guys because Im not feminine enough for them lol although Im not really that masculine ..
Kai Decadence (6 months ago)
As a feminine guy myself, I can relate with that. Some guys wanted me to look exactly like a girl and I'm like, dude I'm not trans lol.
akm960 (6 months ago)
But why can't masculine guys have a type? I this topic to be an odd thing to debate over because as a masculine gay man i know I'm attracted to other masculine men. Whats the big deal? I wouldn't have a problem with someone saying fem 4 fem.
Jordan Grimm TV (6 months ago)
As a masc guy I like fem guys
Juan Jauregui (3 months ago)
Jordan Grimm TV oooo hello! ✨
Poke Russ (6 months ago)
Lol the nails thing at the end was funny
Brent Foster (7 months ago)
Two moments that gave me life on this video. @ 1:00, the response to "Masc for Masc", and the eye roll for the GAWDS @ 1:15!!!!
Ricardo Marchosky (7 months ago)
Brock is hot, masc or not.
Samuela Kurumaira (7 months ago)
Gurrrrrllllll y'all need to do this in Australia Ahahahahahaha. Please 😘
Xerxes Vazquez (7 months ago)
Everyone is allowed to have a type. Just because a masculine guy won't date a feminine guy doesn't mean it's a form of "homophobia". That's just his type and everyone can have one.
akm960 (6 months ago)
Robert Hall Sweater (7 months ago)
OK, you can't understand a man wanted a masculine man? it's called a type. You are gay, and you have to be attracted to all gays?
2min Covers (7 months ago)
2:41 See I can sort've relate to to the opposite situation, when I was a teen I identified as gay. I moved out at 17yo and has my 1st penetration, I bottomed again at 18yo and then at 19yo. I basically had sex once in a year and didn't really get much of it, I'd rather jerk off home. One day I was walking a friend home after a night out cuz she was drunk, and this drunk macho guy started hitting on her, he followed me after my friend got home and wanted us to hook up in his car. Tbh at this point I thought no selfproclaimed gay bottom would turn down a chance to hookup with a hot straight guy, so we went into the woods and I started giving him a bj but he wouldn't get hard and then he asked me to fuck him to which I was 1st hesitant but then did it. Hearing him moan in such and being in control was so thrilling. So after that day my sex life changed, and I've had 100s of hookups over the past 5years, all these experiences led me to understand what I truly enjoyed sexwise. I know now that I'm attracted most to feminine bottoms. Which is why what was said at 2:41 hit me cuz if you go by gay means being attracted to masculinity, then does that not make me gay? I've been curious about experiencing with a woman lately, hell I even had sexdreams about them. I realise now that I might be Bi and everybody around me is comfortable with me being gay, I have no reason to want to turn straight or something. If I have any advice to share is to try out as many things as impossible, and take note as to how your body and mind react to them. You really have nothing to loose.
icantwithchant (7 months ago)
You bettah wash your hands 💀😂😂
Izaya Evarez (7 months ago)
As a gay guy who considers himself masculine I will say I clean under my nails. And I put lotion on so I'm not looking all ashy and stuff. I can't do ashyness. Completely outta line. LoL!!
wild heart (7 months ago)
I hate that at the end of these videos there is a grindr notification sound and I think I'm popular
J C Galloway (7 months ago)
So if you substitute the masc only for a race, it does sound like one form of an "ism" or another. So maybe the idea is just to set up a profile and politely ignore people you are not interested in, but then I'm sure you'll get a "fem" profile with a "no fatties" in the description. And a great many people seem fine with that. To be completely honest, I don't give a fuck. I'd rather have someone place "no fatties", "no fem" or state their racial preference right up front, that way you don't waste your time, and you can spend that time @ being a better you and not screwing up your own inner peace getting angry at some other faceless person's preference.
Kayla Barnes (7 months ago)
"It's a thing- fucking idiot," ... "how do I translate that into nice?"
Nicola Berti (7 months ago)
Well I hope this brings peace into the thread, I've seen an increase on profiles on Grindr of guys looking for only fem guys and trans women and I look at that as a super positive thing. And I personally believe that shows like Rupaul's Drag Race have had an impact on this and expanded the minds of a lot of people about gender, even in the LGBTQ community.
Kai Decadence (7 months ago)
Eh... It's not as glorious as you would believe. As a feminine guy, I have somewhat noticed what you said however the truth is these men are mostly looking for transwomen. I'm not sure if other feminine guys have had this problem but I've had a good few of these guys ask if I'm trans and when I say I'm not, they say I should transition.
it’s maia not miai (7 months ago)
psa: femme is a lesbian specific term
Xerxes Vazquez (6 months ago)
+it’s maia not miai What's the difference? They're pronounced the same.
it’s maia not miai (6 months ago)
Xerxes Vazquez nah, they can use “fem”, but “femme” is lesbian-only terminology, it has been for a long time
Xerxes Vazquez (7 months ago)
just trash Gay guys also use it.
James Bradford (7 months ago)
Even the super-fab super-femme host clearly had hangups around masc/femme stereotypes, demonstrated by him associating a high five with masculinity and a handshake with femininity. It's almost impossible to escape these kind of binary standards, but what people CAN do is not treat others differently because of our perceptions.
Hi everyone (7 months ago)
Why is this community so complicated can’t I just be me and love guys who I want to love and be loved by whoever does love me ??
violet skies (7 months ago)
The guys being interviewed are acting all "love4all equality!!" But in reality they be the masc4masc headless torsos
Ashley Davis (7 months ago)
This is a good concept but could be done so much better
Prp Kk (7 months ago)
straight acting is stupid s**t too cos straight loves p**sy
Rikki Velez (7 months ago)
I generally go for more masculine guys but I wouldn't be against dating an effeminate guy. I've dated guys all thorough the gamut and the only thing that truly matters if they treat me with e same respect I treat them. Everything else is just fluff.
The Childfree Curly Girl (8 months ago)
OMG I love the mixed guy!
nicholas williams (8 months ago)
I love being a masculine gay man. I'm never shaving my chest, arm hair, leg hair, or feet hair. Pubic hair, ass, and back hair only lol. It's sad that people always assume I'm straight because of their stereotypical media influenced perception of what gay men are usually like.
Brandon Davidson (8 months ago)
I'm masc and it's not because the gay community rathers masc I would of thought it was the other way around
Andrew Matthews (8 months ago)
“How do I translate that into ‘nice?’” Is my daily internal monologue.
AmazinA100 (8 months ago)
the masc guy is not masc. he's just normal person.
Claudia Garzia (2 months ago)
AmazinA100 but normal acting man= masculine acting man. Normal is not the right word, cause also femme guys are normal
Jade X (8 months ago)
What's the host's name? He's amazing
rc5chi (8 months ago)
Well, I have issues with the whole hating on people for who or what type of person they're attracted to! Why does anyone have to explain to anyone else about their preferences? If they miss out on something, so what? when did it become fashionable to criticize people for what makes them happy? we all have preferences in our lives that we would never be asked to explain or justify, so, why is it ok when it comes to dating?.
Len11999 (8 months ago)
"Older men who just want to pay my tuiton" BITCH I KNOW!!!!! SO TRUE.
rockybernina (8 months ago)
A preference is just that. This is completely overblown. But I guess people need to justify there feelings by attacking other people. But just throwing this out there, I’m not attracted to guys with long press on nails with a full face of makeup...🙄🙄
Ben G (8 months ago)
"Fucking idiot - now how do I translate that to nice?" - exactly, you can't. LOL
Emerald Isle TV (8 months ago)
They can say they are straight acting/masculine ..........Remember it was those fems and drag queens at Stonewall that fought for your liberation. You can be as masculine as you like your still GAY!!!!!!!
Jack Black (8 months ago)
Why is it bad to be masculine? Like that’s just how boys are unless you are more feminine. Like it’s bad to be masculine but good to be feminine? Like being gay just means you like the same sex.
Morning dream (8 months ago)
The level of hypocrisy. Most of the fem guys I know (I'm fem too) are not interested in average looking guys or guys with small penis, they turn so many people down on dating apps. Yet they have the audacity to complain about masc4masc while they do the same on others. Not everyone has to like you, grow up! Having said all of that, most masc guys I know prefer fem guys, I rarely run into masc4masc profiles. I can't see the sensation over masc4masc thing.
Kai Decadence (7 months ago)
Feminine guy here and you're mostly right though in my experience, most masculine guys prefer other masculine guys. But I mean, preference is preference and it's better to date who you want than someone you don't want. But you're right that the feminine guys who put so much stock into this are the same. They have preferences too and you know for a fact they wouldn't date another feminine guy. Most feminine guys are attracted to masculine guys as well.
Herp Derp (8 months ago)
I can honestly say the fem guys tend to be a lot more judgemental than the masc.
Jesse Reyes (8 months ago)
I just kinda figure people will always claim to not want feminine, black, asian, fat, red, green, bottom, half-candle, mostly-made-of-treebark, etc. types of guys, so why waste our time trying to convince them otherwise? In the end, they lose out on diversity in love. I say move on. There's someone out there for us all, if you choose! ❤

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