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Server-Side rendering with Firebase: Live Code Session - Supercharged

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In this Supercharged Live Code Session, Surma is joined by Firebase specialist David East. Together they are creating a web-component using, server-side rendered, flaky network resilient, comments section! Code is here: https://github.com/GoogleChromeLabs/ui-element-samples/tree/gh-pages/firebase-firestore-comments Whether you are watching live or not, please send in your questions and comments to the guys as they will read them and if they can, answer them for you. For more Firebase subscribe to the Firebase channel: https://www.youtube.com/firebase Follow David on Twitter: https://twitter.com/_davideast Follow Surma on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dassurma

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Text Comments (32)
Akram Al-Shameeri (1 month ago)
Router, lol.
Steven Patterson (3 months ago)
O appreciate the tips
Atomiko Lex (5 months ago)
Does this work in FF?
Jérôme Pott (6 months ago)
Awesome to see you guys code! 👏 Thanks for the video!
Denis TRUFFAUT (6 months ago)
Interesting way of creating components with lit-html, clean and super readable : https://github.com/GoogleChromeLabs/ui-element-samples/blob/gh-pages/firebase-firestore-comments/src/components/sc-login.js
Morgan (6 months ago)
That `snap.docs` part isn't in the docs anywhere I believe. But should be!
Drewry Pope (6 months ago)
It's router, of course!
Ralph Christian Eclipse (6 months ago)
Very cringy
Surma (6 months ago)
At your service!
Carlos Durán (6 months ago)
Awesome Coding Session! Keep Sharing!
Firstly thanks for the video. I would like to know how to handle the login button rendering, when the page is reloaded it's visible for a brief period. What's the right way of storing this auth state? Should i store? Or default should be hidden and show when didn't auth? Thanks.
It can take some time to authenticate with a slow network. If i have an application which depends heavily on user info, the rigth way would be store it in a session on the server? Thanks.
Surma (6 months ago)
How about hide it by default and only show it if you are _not_ authenticated?
WEBCONN (6 months ago)
Hi @Surma, Firstly thanks for these great videos. I want to share one of my thought/need : We need decent and understandable videos for WebRTC, most of the content about it just works for a single page and except few of them there is a no updated and good resource for free(or affordable price). I read your blog post, it's really helpful but too short for creating a real project. Best regards.
robrez (6 months ago)
Nice session, enjoyed it. Thanks
Esneyder Palacios (6 months ago)
Raja Yogan (6 months ago)
Nice stuff..
Steadfast Wog (6 months ago)
what editor are they using?
breezyashell (6 months ago)
VS Code
ZXman (6 months ago)
Surma (6 months ago)
VS Code
darkspl (6 months ago)
Pls share some python staff
Dark Magician (5 months ago)
Python is totally outdated and slow, everyone has moved on to either Go or Typescript
David East (6 months ago)
I did a bunch of timestamps, but they dead air was cut from the beginning. I'll re-stamp it in just a bit.
Dark Magician (5 months ago)
David East yo David I gotta say I really appreciate all you do for the community!
harmony (6 months ago)
oh, ok
David East (6 months ago)
Ah. Th beginning now was cut off. I'll need to minus 22:11 from each timestamp.
harmony (6 months ago)
it's only 1:29:09 long, how did you get the 1:49:30?
Guilherme (6 months ago)
Artgento (6 months ago)
Guilherme thanks.
Surma (6 months ago)
Andrew Fluck (6 months ago)
you had too :)

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