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Free Grammar, Punctuation and Spell Checker! (You need this)

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Free Grammar, Punctuation and Spell Checker! (You need this) http://www.alicialyttle.com/grammarly If you are a writer, author, blogger or you post on Social Media for business - you need to make sure your grammar is on point! I hope you enjoyed the video - start off with the free version of Grammarly here: http://www.alicialyttle.com/grammarly

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Nicholas Walker (6 months ago)
Nice demonstration! Have you tried the Virtual Writing Tutor as a free alternative? You might find it useful, also.
Alicia Lyttle (5 months ago)
No I haven't but I am going to look it up now!
SensaiMan (6 months ago)
I liked it but they keep asking me to upgrade to their paid version so annoying. Otherwise it works well.
Alicia Lyttle (6 months ago)
Its true it can be annoying to see the upgrade options all the time! I haven't upgraded yet but I know plenty of people who have and who love it.
Bob Wareham (1 year ago)
it is very good but will not work on opera

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