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Neil deGrasse Tyson on universe misconceptions

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Neil deGrasse Tyson explains some of the biggest misconceptions we have about the universe. Produced by Darren Weaver and Kamelia Angelova. Additional production by Kevin Reilly and Rob Ludacer. Read more: http://www.techinsider.io/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/techinsider TWITTER: https://twitter.com/techinsider INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/tech_insider/ TUMBLR: http://techinsider.tumblr.com/
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Text Comments (276)
Man's not hot (14 days ago)
Day 1176: We still found no trace of misconceptions. Will keep on searching.
John Wright (1 month ago)
I would like to hear Neal's take on the Electric Universe theory...
BlackBerry (2 months ago)
lool wait til vsause hears this
LieutenantJaws (3 months ago)
Wartur. A million wartur molecules in a cup of wartur. I love it!
betaneptune (3 months ago)
Please drop the distracting music.
bestguitar11 (3 months ago)
Wait...did he say black people evolved from monkeys? That's a pretty racist theory.
tsitas tsitoulis (4 months ago)
biggest ASSHOLE in the world
Space Cowboy (4 months ago)
I think the most mind boggling of them all is size. There is no law that states a sun, planet, moon, comet so on and so forth must fit within some certain size. In fact science is discovering more and more things of almost unimaginable size out there in the universe. So if all sizes exist, what that hints at is beyond the imagination of most. In other words what if you found out that the milky way was like one tiny dot inside of a planet that was what you might imagine as the size of a billion galaxies, its not impossible is the point. All sizes leaves a very large gap of possibilities open in relation to the universe. For all we know the tiny part of the universe that we imagine we are within, is just a dot inside of some unimaginable large body of water on some unimaginable large planet. Or how about this one, given all sizes exist that could just as easily mean our galaxy is very small compared to some other galaxy out there that may be billions of times larger. Which means the life on that large planet in that large galaxy would be to big to even get in its space ship and visit our galaxy. Because its spaceship alone would be bigger then our galaxy. And this is just some of the more simpler possibilities relating to size in the universe since all sizes exist within the universe.
Atheists are so angry, it’s sad!
TheDude Abides (5 months ago)
Theists are so stupid, it's sad!
SigmaTV (6 months ago)
I feel like teleporting myself to any of those planets right now.
Quantum Queef (6 months ago)
What about milk molecules
ww3 Fire (9 months ago)
He said The universe is flat how stupid is that
Freddie Dixon (9 months ago)
This guy is full of shit
Mihai Grajdieru (9 months ago)
everything is relative, logic means only survival.
sunlight electro rays (10 months ago)
This , They should've known ! Gas bonding ! It's only Grade school science . If GAS BONDING is a fact , gravity is not ! All downward falling motion including Newton's apple begins when rising gas molecules becomes trapped gas molecules , known as gas bonding , which takes on a state of solid mass , blocking out it's electrons motion , it's fire power , thus becomes energy lock lifeless gas molecules , and falls downward in real time , following its electrons unlimited potential velocity at the speed of light , connecting with the earth energy conservation system establishing a downward falling path for trapped lifeless gas molecules / solid objects only . Equating the above fact with the physical universe same as Einstein e = mc2 equates to the physical universe . E = Energy = MM = Molecule Motion = Molecules in motion within star flames earth gases birds and balloons plains and rockets , even us humans rise from molecules in motion creating an energy flow , the ruling force o f the universe . M = Mass = GB = Gas Bonding = Gas Bonding takes on a state of solid mass . C2 = Light Speed = E = Electrons = Electrons unlimited potential velocity at the speed of light connects with the earth energy conservation system , establishing a downward falling path for trapped lifeless gas molecules / solid objects only .
Jason Wolf (10 months ago)
Only NDT could talk about drinking Jesus' piss and make is sound so eloquent...lol
Nightfall Shadow (10 months ago)
Enough time has probably passed since hitler died, and everyone has drank water that was a part of him which means that everyone is "literally hitler".
Noblesse Obligee (10 months ago)
So the water bottle I bought can have atoms from Jesus's piss? Hell yeah! Wait- poor choice of words
Also, it could contain Nero's piss, Kublai Khan's piss, Buddha's piss, Muhammad's piss...
Daniel Carrera (10 months ago)
It's like a yo mama so fat joke. She so big no one can comprehend how truly big
n (10 months ago)
thank you! :)
Chris D (10 months ago)
Come for the science, stay for the militant atheists get their panties in a twist because one of the smartest men in history mentioned Jesus.
Jerrythesnail (10 months ago)
Isn’t it very likely that there are air molecules that everyone in the world has breathed at one point?
H311AF1U5H (11 months ago)
I think it’s more of a personal decision on whether or not to understand those things that were just described. Maybe even open minded enough. I personally use ratios to put things into perspective for any audience willing to listen.
Manraj G (11 months ago)
NDT, my favorite scientist, astrophysicist of this time!
Андрей Дынин (11 months ago)
KMON! Аny point moves along the path of least resistance through time This is the first law of the universe. this is how people go through their live. this is how a leaf from a tree falls. that's why brain cells and the universe are so similar this unites them so easy but no one told me this
Robin Lundqvist (11 months ago)
1:23 I love when he does that lol
Jbugs (11 months ago)
Spit my water out real quick
caleb jaymes (11 months ago)
How smart is this guy woweww
Gizmo Cat (11 months ago)
Jesus helped originate Christianity, under historical definition, yet not a god.
Kevin Tran (11 months ago)
My science penis is fully erect.
AquaDronix (1 year ago)
So chill :)
Laydie Elle (1 year ago)
Don't forget using relative size to explain how small our sun really is, in comparison with many others out there.
Trump's Dingleberries (11 months ago)
In comparison to Trump's ego
Jason Schilinski (1 year ago)
i ran to the kitchen to get a cup of ghengiskhans kidney juice
Yuuup (1 year ago)
Right, that guy. I guess I just don't accept "attempts to reconstruct" as evidence.
COD Boss (1 year ago)
wow atheists get so triggered when a scientist says " jesus" well wether you believe in god or not jesus was a real man
Jso's Productions (2 months ago)
People could also scam back then u know
Modern Atheist (2 months ago)
Most atheists (myself included) are aware that Jesus was most likely a real person. He was not however, divine in any way, shape, or form. We will still need evidence of God’s existence.
Sam Anderson (4 months ago)
Atheist dont believe in a god, it has nothing to do with Jesus. There might have very well been a guy named Jesus and was nailed to the cross. That does not prove anything tho
TheDude Abides (5 months ago)
HAHAHAHAHAH. This is the BEST bullshit I have ever read.
Eric Steele (5 months ago)
he existed in reality, just he was not the kind of amazing person the bible said he was.
TyrStark (1 year ago)
Neil, do you mean that what I'm drinking right now is Jesus' piss?
Sean Vahey (1 year ago)
An astronomically small dose of it, yes ^_^
OverlordARG (1 year ago)
sooooo....I´m drinking Jesus´s pee ?....huh...."takes a sip"
Enrique Diaz (1 year ago)
Scientists are the ones that give everyone misconceptions about the universe.
Vimal Kumar (11 months ago)
Enrique C lol really
extraterrestrial16 (1 year ago)
Out of africa is only a theory neal
Jordan Nephsnafsky (11 months ago)
Yeah, it's a theory. It isn't a hypothesis. Evolution is a theory, along with quantum relativity and plate tectonics. You prove his point, while showing that you really don't care much for accuracy.
Assata nkosi (1 year ago)
there might be other theories, but the idea that humans originated from africa has such a huge amount of empirical evidence that it is essentially fact. Calling something a "theory" doesnt disprove it in any sense whatsoever. And just because there are people who say differently doesn't make it any less either. In history classes and literature it is belivied that humans came out of Africa. Why? Because its pretty much factual at this point.
extraterrestrial16 (1 year ago)
Assata nkosi no actually there is at least one other theory out there to go against it.
Assata nkosi (1 year ago)
extraterrestrial16 no idiots it’s not a theory, it’s literally a fact that the first humans originated in Africa. Eliminate racial concerns from how you perceive history and maybe you won’t have so a hard time conceiving that.
Riccy Diangilo (1 year ago)
This guy is great at explaining things. He puts thing in an easy way to understand. :)
raoul st-onge (1 year ago)
Another person who also had those molecules pass thru him is R.Kelly.. So in a way he peed in all of our mouths.
Sam Walker (1 year ago)
Beee EZ (1 year ago)
I try to not mention jesus and here Neil out of all of the real people to mention he had to mention jesus. Still love you Neil.
Yahia Albazi (1 year ago)
Be like Water my friend
ASDFx2 (1 year ago)
There are more molecules in a cup of water than there are atoms in the universe.
c2 (10 months ago)
ASDFx2 Lmao, that is so not true.
Sasha Bakhshi (10 months ago)
Muslim Daily joke went way over your head
Muslim Daily (11 months ago)
ASDFx2 That makes no sense to me, because a molecule is made of atoms in the first place.
Vimal Kumar (11 months ago)
ASDFx2 wtf
Ryan Rogers (11 months ago)
Made my day
Alejandro González (1 year ago)
Jesus is inside all of us... you heard it from NDT
DaBesFish (1 year ago)
ayyyeeee so ig everyone does got a lil jesus in dem lulllll
Arsalan A (1 year ago)
May God bless this atheist
TheDude Abides (5 months ago)
An agnostic atheist is still an atheist.
YouGotNoJamzs bish (7 months ago)
Jack Leó well im an atheist. So no it doesnt
Dogon Backwards (8 months ago)
Khoi Pham bullshit
Infenos01 (8 months ago)
He made a video explaining this.
oZzIbRiDgE GaMiNg (9 months ago)
ShenolX he is but he dont want to be called on group and he said there is no evidence for all powerfull omniscient etc cause he see suffering so it contradicts god characteristics and also he step to you if you put religion in science class lol and dont say free will because contradiction so hes an agnostic atheist but he just didnt really want to be called in group
46664 NM (1 year ago)
Love how he breaks things down. Even I can understand.
Roland Cuthbert (1 year ago)
I disagree. I think the thing people totally misunderstand about the universe is that time passes at different rates depending on where you are. Every sci-fi flick pretends that people can fly to different worlds and galaxies and share the same reference frame for time. That's nonsense. Even if I can "warp" to another planet instantaneously, I am subject to time in that reference frame. If the planet is very massive, just being in its orbit for a day could result in many years passing on earth. Can you imagine a "federation" with thousands of planets? All with difference frames of reference with respect to time?
Roland Cuthbert (1 year ago)
??? uhm. . .what?
Gabriel Carpio (1 year ago)
Both are correct.
boog_masskwé (1 year ago)
I am pretty sure that there is a small likelihood that people really need this education from NDT will actually watch this video. But if he can pique the interest of the small minority That do arrive here, then he’s made the world a much better place.
Geo Bla (1 year ago)
Neil , there's need for the explanations for the misconceptions. There's the misconception of the big bang. A thesis that defies all known scientific laws , but is still discussed as though it's a fact. And yet , we know (science) that it's scientifically impossible. We'll ( science) discuss how we understand everything down to the trillionth of a trillionth of a second , but nothing before that. But if you question the thesis based on the same scientific calculations that brings us to the trillionth of trillionth of a second , then you reject science. So basically all these calculations which are basis of the laws of physics apply only when we can apply them to our (science) own prognosis. When you apply these same laws to the possibility of of the Big Bang ever happening , it creates a real conundrum in that it proves the scientific impossibility of this ever happening 10 times over. Not to worry , science has come up with many more misconceptions such as the multiverse and string theory in response to the impossibility of the origins of the universe. Then we have the more recent findings of the Plank Telescope showing the Universe to be the same temperature in every direction which is impossible if the universe is the same age. Then we have the problem of all the missing matter that the Hadron Collider was going to find. Although we could look at the one of your other speculations that were living in a computer simulation which really would eliminate the need of knowing anything. It's wonderful to have a Science Icon such as yourself clearing up all these misconceptions.
Jordan Nephsnafsky (11 months ago)
I watched it. It disproved nothing. He failed to include other theories of a singular universe. You're trying to convert me to your religion; it's obvious. If I showed a weakening in my support of science, you would try to start my conversion. Nice try, bud. Evolution is one of the strongest theories out there. You might bring up why there are so many rapid expansions; it has to be God. Well surprise, it's punctuated equilibrium through adaptive radiation. Also, you can't call a theory speculation; that's reserved for hypothesizes.
Geo Bla (11 months ago)
Your wrong in that people have been trying to disprove evolution for a long time. It's hard to disprove speculation . The scientific evidence supports very little of the evolutionary theory. If you think much of the evolution theory has scientific merit that it's presented as , your greatly mistaken. Here's a link to a Ted Talk from a physicists from the Hadron Collider which will take 15 minutes of your time. Very interesting presentation from an evolutionist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWPFJgLAzu4
Jordan Nephsnafsky (11 months ago)
I was genuinely considering looking at your sources, but then one was 44 minutes long, and I don't have the time for that. People have been trying to disprove evolution for a while, same with the Big Bang, but they've never been taken seriously. Why? Because their arguments were invalid. I would understand your point if you argued that the theories need to be revised, but you're just the standard "God created everything" guy that everyone shrugs off.
Geo Bla (11 months ago)
I think if you take a look at scientific evidence against a lot of these hypothesis and theories that there's certainly much more evidence against them then for them. There's an excellent video made by a physicist that has been involved with Hadron Collider since it's startup. This was the largest and most expensive science endeavor in human history. This was going to help prove at least one of the many theories associated with the origins of the universe. But , instead they found only the Higgs Bosom which accounts for something like 100th of 1 percent of all the missing matter that has to exist for any of their theories to have any semblance of merit. This seems to be the norm in almost all the fields of science where it's associated origins and evolution. There's also a large group of scientists that realize evolutionary science lacks whats required to form life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWPFJgLAzu4 https://evolutionnews.org/2017/12/10-of-our-top-stories-of-2017-nobel-laureate-is-80-percent-confident-in-intelligent-design/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00vBqYDBW5s https://dissentfromdarwin.org/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZFZl9_1G4c
Jordan Nephsnafsky (11 months ago)
Pretty sure that it doesn't defy all known scientific laws without explanation (different laws) or scientists wouldn't be so sure of it.
bitch ass (1 year ago)
But that wasnt a misconception..?..??...???
J Stilin (1 year ago)
lmao I love referring to him as “N d’GT”
Eustakio Habichuela (1 year ago)
Imaculate misconseption
Shadow Heart (1 year ago)
I thought I was drinking piss.
Davanthall (1 year ago)
{drinks a cup of water} that's some good Jesus right there.
Kp (9 months ago)
Jesus's blood*
Eva Martane (1 year ago)
I love this guy
Chris A (1 year ago)
When he said "of Jesus" some people's heads exploded
officialricefarmer (8 months ago)
But wouldn't the water Jesus drank just turn into wine.
I AM GOD (9 months ago)
Håkan Lundberg bro try to read the bible as non literal its supposed to convey a message not turn you into a spiritual cannibal
just saying (11 months ago)
BloodofPatriots he's agnostic not an atheist, ur community always trys to claim lol just like he said in an interview. He's rather open minded to new evidence.
Jesus was just a crazy guy A good crazy guy who helped people, sure... but still crazy. Wait HE'S BATMAN
the GOAT -IsHere• (1 year ago)
Christopher Amaya wait Is anyone gonna ask the real question here... Did Jesus even take potty brakes?
Tom (1 year ago)
I love Neil and I love space but whoah - more molecules in a cup of water than cups of water in every ocean of the world..... bollocks
llg td (6 months ago)
Kudos Scott. Thats awesome. Tom tucked his tail rofl
Sullegin Smith (7 months ago)
Scott E Scott E for president
LottoOne (10 months ago)
i would trust neil over you any day of the week just saying lol
alex ojideagu (10 months ago)
Tom you are a prime example of exactly what Neil was talking about. There are more atoms in a grain of sand than grains of sand on earth
Vimal Kumar (11 months ago)
Scott E thank you scott e
Al El (1 year ago)
2:00 wait so you admit jesus existed.? nah i'm playing
Robin Lundqvist (11 months ago)
Al El jesus was a man that spread the word of something he believed in. There's much difference in saying god doesn't exist.
Al El (1 year ago)
...not to sound like a creationist or anything
Al El (1 year ago)
Obviously. But I'm just thinking out loud here. I'm not saying it happened, only that we as scientists can't say they didn't, simply because they go against what we can or cannot understand... Because that's the whole point. It's supposed to be impossible.
Al El (1 year ago)
But now that I think about it, and I don't mean to sound like a creationist, but it just occurred to me that isn't that the whole point?
sweiland75 (1 year ago)
"of Jesus" *facepalm*
TheWaross (1 year ago)
Some good Jesus juice
Surge Álvez (1 year ago)
Great vid, I've been able to comprehend infinity since I was 5 Neil, I can go as far back as I can forward.
James Gill (1 year ago)
I love star talk.
betonchuga (2 years ago)
Great and inspiring educator this guy is. However, I have a small remark to his water molecules example (he sometimes mentions air molecules as well) and I will quote it from book called Guesstimation. The question asked is: "How many molecules of Alexander the Great's last breath do you inhale with each breath?". After some back-of-the-envelope calculations, they get the answer of 8 molecules. However, they make a remark which was never made by Tyson: "Alas, we know from quantum mechanics and thermodynamics that all oxygen molecules are alike and cannot be tagged like classical macroscopic particles. Thus, this question is ultimately meaningless. The following analogy can be helpful. If you pay for a $20 purchase with a $20 bill and then six months later we give you $20 (for being such a loyal reader) then there is a chance that the same bill returned to you (since each has a unique serial number). If, however, you pay for your purchase with a credit card and then six months later we transfer $20 to your bank account, it is completely meaningless to ask whether it is the same bill. However, it is still fascinating to know that are about as many molecules in one breath as there are breaths in the atmosphere."
Captain Quirk (1 year ago)
That's not a good analogy, because the $20 credit/transfer in the second example is not a real thing, i.e., not a physical object.  But molecules ARE physical objects, so even if all oxygen molecules are alike and can't be "tagged", it is still possible to say that a certain number of molecules that passed through Alexander the Great's lungs are passing through your lungs right now.
yurges (2 years ago)
What a smart man. Mashallah
Ezekiel Brickey (2 years ago)
Can't believe you included Jesus when as a scientists you know he is fake or have you not watched zeitgeist?
Ryan Salle (10 months ago)
Jesus was a real person. Doesn't mean he had supernatural abilities though.
Luis Ojeda (11 months ago)
Ezekiel Brickey and do you really care if he believes in Jesus or not, let people do what they want bro
Col.Glover 413 (11 months ago)
JESUS is the only way to heaven ✝️
tazz250 (1 year ago)
Nathan No, there's an underyling denial of the man himself going around as well, which i see as a waste of time. There is no proof that anyone can show that he performed miracles, all we have are stories. And the same goes for the story of a man named Jesus who claimed he was God or godlike. But as to the question of whether a man existed during that time, named Jesus, who claimed he was a deity, is not really that important. People have done that throughout history, a million times over. So what? There was probably a man named George who lived 50 years ago who claimed he was a wizard, so what? I'm saying don't spend time debating THAT, as many people do. Spend time debating the ideas in the Bible, whether they are moral or not, or the evidence or lack of evidence of a God, or many other things. The Bible shapes many people's beliefs, decisions, way of life, even legislation. So the ideas and philosophy of the Bible are real, even if Jesus wasn't real, so it's a moot point whether he was real.
Nathan (1 year ago)
tazz250 It seems like you don't understand these discussions. The discussions are not simply about a random man who is called Jesus, but about Jesus from the bible, who allegedly performed miracles and rose from the dead. So these discussions are about what he did.
Viral Videos (2 years ago)
existential crisis in 12....😨😨😨😨💀💀💀💀😱😱😱😱
Grendelbc (2 years ago)
Neil makes the world a better place.
Basic_Assumption (6 months ago)
Grendelbc but he’s black
Enter the Bragn’ (11 months ago)
michaelgorby I’ll repost this link too. It really points a big finger at big names in a way where you have to ask if we are intentionally being misled. If people want jump to the conclusion that it’s crazy to think we are being bullshitted then as far as I’m concerned they lack critical thinking. https://youtu.be/nXF098w48fo
Enter the Bragn’ (11 months ago)
michaelgorby I have to say you’re kind of repeating some silly stuff such as conspiracy and gps. It seems obvious to me that physics lost the plot awhile ago. How much of that was intentional is hard to say. But there’s a difference between doing math and understanding what’s going on. All the math that is currently used can be applied to the Electric Universe Theory without the need for creating undetectable particles, dimensions, singularities and what not. For me you have to be passed open minded to accept Big Bang, Blackholes, Spacetime etc. It’s in the realm of sci-fi as far as I can tell.
michaelgorby (11 months ago)
Enter the Braggn' I've been hearing about the Electric Universe hypotheses recently and it just sounds like another conspiracy theory to me. We have tons of technologies that would simply not work if Relativity was BS (for example, GPS Navigation). Relativity apparently breaks down around singularities, such as horizons of black holes, or at the instant of the Big Bang, but that just means the Theory is incomplete or insufficient to explain everything. It does not mean it's BS. But I'm open-minded when it comes to new discoveries about nature, so I'll start taking the Electric Universe seriously when I see reputable scientific journals publish about it, nobel prizes given out, or simply hear legitimate experts in the field who actually understand this stuff on a deeper start taking it seriously.
Enter the Bragn’ (1 year ago)
I’m going to post this link again because it’s too good to ignore. https://youtu.be/YkWiBxWieQU
Junius 3 (2 years ago)
I got a visceral sense of what a billion years felt like while walking around Enchanted Rock in Texas. Enchanted Rock is one of a group of seven pluton granite batholiths, or intrusions of rising magma which cooled and were later exposed by surrounding land erosion. As a young man I visited this place often and was always struck by the incredible beauty of it, although I only recently learned that the domes were formed a billion years ago - nearly twice the vast length of time between our present day and the Cambrian Explosion when complex, multi-celled animals like trilobites first appeared on earth.  A humbling experience.
N G (2 years ago)
Does time exist because we needed a sense to measure, or is it just a vehicle for the imagination.
Ash bro (2 years ago)
Nicholas Golden whole modern science exist bcz Einstein proved his theory of relativity and according to that ..YES time does exist. and he proved that it's a 4th dimension. so far no one came up with a theory to question that so.....
Big Ron (2 years ago)
fraud this guy is
Mason M (11 months ago)
Big Ron sorry for you i am
Kenoa J (1 year ago)
TheWaross you beat me to it
TheWaross (1 year ago)
Yoda, is that you?
Enter the Bragn’ (1 year ago)
I can’t stand Degrasse either. I’m just here to introduce people to evidence based cosmology.
Bieber Ninja (2 years ago)
2:02 oh look now he loves genghis khan, send connor mcgregor to kick this racist's ass
David Welsh (2 years ago)
No. This man is not at all thinking on a sane and sensible level on anything on this matter. His entire perception is based on science alone, and that is totally imbalanced.
Alejandro González (1 year ago)
science is the study of the universe so I don't know what else he should be basing on, there is science or bullshit, should he also base on bullshit?
Michael (2 years ago)
What other basis should his perception share with science?
David Welsh (2 years ago)
Nods. I wasn't trolling, but was pulling a little "devil's advocate" to a degree. Peer review is always the key to closing in on such things.
MrDamien15 (2 years ago)
What are you even arguing?
Robert Graybeard (2 years ago)
OK, I think I understand what you're saying - but the strong point of science is that it is "peer reviewed" and gradually closes in on the truth. Of course, sometimes it takes a paradigm shift, like plate tectonics.
bucksy99 (2 years ago)
jesus? No reason to refer to myths...
Sandwich Breath (1 year ago)
+bucksy99 The Romans have records of him (the real man, not the pretend magic version in the sky), in documents that have proved to be truthful in every other respect. If you're going to put your foot down about something, at least be right. Next you will say Julius Ceasar never existed either, because no one found his tomb.
Sandwich Breath (1 year ago)
Jesus the man did exist. But after he died, someone wrote a book about him being supernatural and generations of idiots are still arguing about him.
Christian Hernandez (1 year ago)
LuVedBR thank you
Alejandro González (1 year ago)
PhaeL N. R. - I agree, god is real depending on how you define the word god. For example, for many years humanity was right about god being the sun, it was simple, it gives us light and allows us to live. Now scientists think there are 10 or 11 dimensions and we as 4 dimensional beings can only understand 3 physical dimensions and time, imagine a being that is aware of all 11 dimensions, what would you call that? god? it is what you decide to call it
Alejandro González (1 year ago)
there are roman documents about a man named Isa in the current Israeli territory, that was before the romanization of the christian cult, yes you can't be 100% sure it's true but a little logic can tell you there's a chance there was a man there that later on was used to manufacture the religion, you know there are archeologists studying these subjects, this just doesn't comes out of someone's ass, the same happens when they study pharaohs and ancient egypt, their studies lead to certain evidence that something happen or someone existed, you can't just claim pharaohs never existed just because you never got to meet them in person
Bumble Bee (2 years ago)
His intelligence and the passion he expresses in explaining anything is the sexiest thing in the universe...
verapamil07 (2 years ago)
I think he should definitely start insulting people who don't have a luxury to think their whole day about the space and time. You know that 99% of people who have a real job and families. He is the single most annoying "educator" in the whole history. Such an utter failure when it comes to really promoting science and not guilt shaming people who lack formal education. A total moron.
Yuuup (1 year ago)
Maybe it's not such a bad thing if logic and fact are making people second guess their 16-times-translated storybook.
Sam Walker (1 year ago)
verapamil07 also he loves the film Martian, and interstellar is a film literally based on the limits of what we know *could* happen. It discusses going into a fourth dimension, which is unlikely to be possible. He likely just pointed out that the plot of the film is unlikely, doesn’t mean he suggested that people couldn’t I enjoy it. Also on religion, I’m pretty sure he feels strongly about people spreading creationist belief everywhere without evidence, and I for one agree that saying your blind and unsupported opinion instead of as fact is stupid and people like Tyson should stand up against it. He never directly targeted to the population for having said belief.
Sam Walker (1 year ago)
Max Speedster you must be joking, in know so many people just living their lives fay in day out who are drawn to science by charisma and approach of people like Tyson.
Tommy Slatts (1 year ago)
Shittest comment ever.

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