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Coming Out to My Religious Best Friend

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Talking with one of my best friends about me coming out to him at a young age. We discuss religion and sexuality, and where the misunderstandings and controversy comes from. Let's be friends! https://www.instagram.com/donavanbarrett/ https://twitter.com/donavanbarrett
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Donavan Barrett (27 days ago)
Okay so...I feel the need to address this lol. In this video, I stated that I believe my friend's beliefs are "trash". First off...I do want to apologize for that. It was a bad attempt to lighten the mood with a blunt statement because...you guys don't know this, but prior to this video...I didn't know his full beliefs on homosexuality. So this was my live reaction to being told that a big part of who I am is a sin, having peodphilia also be brought into it (and yes I acknowledge that he wasn't saying they're the same thing) and I didn't bat an eye at that. If I could take back saying the word "trash", I totally 100% would. I knew Joseph wouldn't take it that seriously because that's just how we talk off camera and I didn't think about the fact that people who don't understand how we talk...it would come off as being super disrespectful. That being said...I tried my best to stay as calm as possible when someone I love dearly was questioning a fundamental part of who I am. He and I have had many conversations since this video. We are stronger than ever now. We're both still learning and growing. I hope you all enjoy the video <3
Travis Suarez (8 days ago)
Ty Ramirez- you're gonna report this to the lgbtq community?? Do you think it's like some kind of law enforcement group?? And do you think they would actually be on your side??? Lol GTFO
Travis Suarez (8 days ago)
Tell him this "Being gay isn't a choice. Believing in religion that hates gay people IS a choice. See the difference?"
genderpunksap (14 days ago)
you honestly should not have to apologise! what you were hearing was hurtful, it doesn't matter if that's his belief, it was still hurtful to you and you're allowed to be hurt by it and react to that. people who honestly think you did something wrong need to chill.
Margie Bueso (23 days ago)
Donavan Barrett I am Christian and I strongly believe in god, but I have nothing against gay ppl, I actually have a gay best friend. It disgusts me how ppl are talking about how they believe in god etc. If they really did they know that a person should have a kind-hearted heart towards others. We are all brothers and sisters and should treat each other equally and with respect, yet they’re over here, being rude and saying all of these disgusting disrespectful things, what a shame🤦‍♀️
hiIMbeau (5 hours ago)
Was “coming out” really necessary? Haha
Allan Billington (8 hours ago)
Donavan,,,can you please ask your friend how he became a 'Manchester City' fan (the jacket!), because I am also. He is an amazing person, We Brits are as far away from religion as some of you are close to it. I mean I believe in God but I don't believe in religion. In UK if you are gay then - so what ? its your life, no problem. Its difficult to understand why people there live their lives because what was written by some guy thousands of years ago. Look forward to hearing from you.
Heidelbuam (16 hours ago)
Its a shame, that this charming young man can believe that evangelical crap..
Joseph Stout (1 day ago)
What a great conversation.... Loved the honesty....
ehhjeep (2 days ago)
Being a religious person is a choice, being gay is not a choice! It is that simple.
Leah Graver (2 days ago)
2:43 "thanks u for not smiting me" 😂😂 I died
Andrew Squire (2 days ago)
Nice Manchester City jacket
The Fredster (3 days ago)
I’m bi and I’m 14 and I have had male crushes but am still single My friends accept and support me.
Alexis Wilson (3 days ago)
So I love this video! I am a Christian and my church and I believe that God loves and everyone and if a Christian disagrees with someone’s ways, judgment should not be thrown at someone. I personally do believe that homosexuality is a sin BUT being judgmental is also a sin and MANY other things. Everyone sins and God forgives All sins. I feel disgusted when Christians put such an emphasis on homosexuality as if it is such a horrible thing. It’s not. I wish more Christians would realize that while they are shaming these gays, God is saying “Love your neighbor” Love how you guys had a peaceful conversation that moved forward and didn’t just sit in one place. Btw. I’m a Christian who is gay as hell, and I am proud as hell too. God loves me and has done so much in my life. Very glad I came across this video ❤️
Bruce Allen (3 days ago)
Is there any doubt that you are gay? Who could be so think headed, clueless and dense???? I am gay myself dude, do it is not being critical.
ariana torres (5 days ago)
u are beautiful, i wish i can be friends with u !! u seem so amazing to be around ! don’t let anyone tell u otherwise 💛
Rusty Writer (5 days ago)
However people become LGBT, the fact is not one ex-gay Christian in the 40 years of ex-gay ministries became heterosexual, admitted the ex-gay leaders in 2013. Since then every major, decades-old ex-gay ministry from the US to Australia closed.
Gwen Ellis (6 days ago)
I would get in the car like "Dude, you're gay."
Allison Hinz (7 days ago)
This is honestly amazing. I'm religious, and i think religious people get a rep for being judgemental, and whatenot. But this is beautiful to see the interaction and the brotherly love. That's the change we need. Not discrimination, or judging. Just love.
Doggo Games (7 days ago)
Donavan: I was not out in 6th grade! Me: I cannot relate
Lyrics 4 u (7 days ago)
Lmao u look like a b tech mj
Trix _ Toons (7 days ago)
I tried coming out to my friend their literal words were “OoF ThAtS dEeP”😂
Savanna Charlene (8 days ago)
sister 1: dad i like girls dad: ok... sister 2 : me too dad dad : omg does anyone like guys?!?! twin brothers : we do!
Waeng Kevin (8 days ago)
His friend legit looks like Cole Sprouse
Travis Suarez (8 days ago)
I wish more people on opposite sides of the aisle could have civil conversations like this. The world would be a better, kinder, more understanding place.
lucas wilson (9 days ago)
Why are religious guys so cute
Donald Livingston (9 days ago)
Don't U Just Love how some people are so desperate too be famous that they have too Tell everybody that they are Gay
AllVids TV (10 days ago)
Legit_ Deuce (10 days ago)
Ashley Honeycutt (10 days ago)
This just gives me hope.
Pearl 7771 (12 days ago)
I came out to my best friend and she didnt like it. Were not friends at all.
Zozo The Demon (12 days ago)
Jostein V. Jordet (12 days ago)
He looks a bit like prince, THE ARTIST, PSYCHO! GOD!
calo10able (12 days ago)
It sounds like donavan brainwashed this weak minded christian
calo10able (12 days ago)
That word tolerance, that word just makes trouble
Ben Meysembourg (13 days ago)
I'm 14 and still in the closet. I can't come out to my parents because they are both super religious and I don't want to be disowned for being gay. They are both super loving, but I just can't bring myself to coming out. I need your support guys!
Doris Uhlman (5 days ago)
You have my support! I am in a similar situation so I know what it's like. And no matter what your parents say to you remember Jesus loves you
glupje glup (12 days ago)
The movie 'Prayers for Bobby' gives good insights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqIF50lSNVo&t=4065s
mateo lopez (13 days ago)
That nigga been known my dawg
amelia burgess (13 days ago)
dude ur friend is cute
Skylar Neely (15 days ago)
I have a gay best friend and I wouldn’t change him for anything in this world.
_Mtthew_ (15 days ago)
Not to be rude but, you are quite clearly gay. It’s not rocket science to tell.
glupje glup (16 days ago)
Wise man!: 2:34 I am religious, but - like - I think: It's more important to support friends in what they'r doing, than to - you know like - smite them.
Morgan Kors (16 days ago)
You two lovely people both need to read the following website: www.gaychristian101.com Saved my life 😁
Gucci nife _ (17 days ago)
If your religious u live for ever if your gay u do but in hell because it’s against the bible
Doris Uhlman (5 days ago)
Oh really Well let's first talk about what Jesus said about it, except he didn't say anything😂 And what verse says that gays all go to hell? Cause I have never seen it
Morgan Belshaw (17 days ago)
EDIT- I'm straight but have very close friends who r gay / more gay than straight and I respect that you both r friends and able to have different beliefs👍 .•°•.•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°• This is discussed so much in the country were I live and I go to an all girl's school with an all boy's school down the road and I would say that 1/6 of Both school's (around 2500 people) so 417 people r openly gay and r accepted by most people *most r not that religious but come from very religious family
Dina The taco queen (18 days ago)
U don’t choose to be gay It chooses u
Evan Douglas (18 days ago)
is it wrong if I'm attracted to masculine gay guys because I said this on another YouTube video comment section and I got a lot of heat towards me 🙄🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Joseph Deschamp (18 days ago)
It sounds like you are interrogating him because you are gay and you need his acceptance or some sort of acceptance..Dude I am gay and I'm older than you..I know you said your so "old" and your not. I was raised in church. I believe the bible BUT I understand what you are saying but who are we to be against them and telling them how to live..yes it might save the next gay life..that kid who feels like they wants to kill themselves but we need to teach our kids as well how to be good to people and better..it don't help to be mean and judge..Like i said i understand where you were coming from but i grew up in church and I am gay..don't push your beliefs on them..
Deku _ (18 days ago)
23 seconds in and like you must have acted like that just for the video right cause if your like that all the time there’s no way your friend wouldn’t think that your gay like what the f is he blind EDIT: never mind I thought he was just coming out to him
Ryan Gollings (18 days ago)
Two guys meet at high school and start dating. Holding hands, they come out to their parents, one of the dads strikes his son and throws the other boy out the house. Eventually, they learn to accept them. They come out to their friends who, at first, ridicule or dismiss them but eventually accept them. Then they go to difference colleges and suffer the distance but prevail and stay together. After college they get full-time jobs, move into their own apartment. Then, in a restaurant in Rome, one of them gets on one knee and proposes. People start clapping but then other people start booing. They pass the news on to their family and they hear that some of them are refusing to attend their wedding. They get married at a church with protesters gathered outside. They go on their honeymoon but the hotel refuses to let them stay. When they get home, together for 12 years, and now married, they suggest adopting a child. Dozens of meetings and consultations later, they receive custody of their child. As a family, they go to an animal shelter and let the child choose. They adopt a dog and they call her Betsy. They take their child to the first day at school. Months later, they hear that their child is being bullied because of having two dads. I don't know why I'm gay. Tell me though, when will the persecution and discrimination stop?
Jk films (18 days ago)
im so glad that you have a supportive friend . the real ones always stick around . i filmed a coming out story on my channel and i would love it if you checked it out
Gigijosh luv (18 days ago)
I'm pretty sure the guy in the blue jacket already knows😂
samson stebbins (19 days ago)
Someone told me that my cloths were gay. I said, “I know. They came out of the closet this morning.”
Cookie Girlx (21 hours ago)
samson stebbins hmmmmmmm I’ve seen that comment somewhere before........ HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Emma Morris (19 days ago)
sis you look like michael jacksonnn
basic bich (19 days ago)
What's his @? Im trynna see sumn 👀👀
UZZY (18 days ago)
Mr Froggy (19 days ago)
Cole Sprouse & Michael Jackson
*i thought you were American*
Natty J (21 days ago)
It kind of baffles me when non-Christians assume all Christians were brought up in a Christian home, always surrounded by other Christians. What about God performing miracles in sinners’ lives? My family are not Christians whatsoever, and I wasn’t influenced by ANYONE. At a young age I went to church by myself. Unfortunately, I grew apart from God as I got older, lived a very sinful life, then was saved (born-again) by grace 2.5 years ago... 8 years later. We’re not all brought up with the Bible nailed into our heads or “brainwashed” as some people say. God truly works in people’s lives. Also, to expand on Joseph’s statement about free will, everyone does have a free will. You can choose to live in alignment with God’s perfect plan, or you can choose to live however you want. When one chooses to live however they want... THAT is when satan can really get a hold of you and destroy your life. That’s his ultimate goal - to destroy you. But when one has a relationship with God, you have constant protection, constant love, constant guidance. God already defeated satan. If you truly KNOW Jesus and have been saved by Jesus’ precious blood, you are 100% safe in God’s hands. He is able to change you. That’s not to say you won’t encounter hardship. I personally think being a Christian is harder than being of the world, but the Bible says (paraphrasing) that the suffering we go through now cannot compare to the glory to come! The ONLY way to Heaven is through Jesus. I went from being completely of the world - drinking ALL the time, using foul language, I was so full of myself, I was having sex, I smoked weed. I could go on. Jesus saved me from all of that. I hated who I was. He has completely transformed me. What’s amazing is the people around me can see the change. I give God all the glory and praise. So when Donovan said about “not choosing to be gay”, that’s because satan has made you think “oh I can’t be changed, this is who I am, I’ve tried to be heterosexual but I guess this is just me”. Did you try asking GOD to change you and mould you into the person He wants you to be? Because the truth is He is the only One that can change you. Sex was created by God in order to reproduce. God wants us to enjoy sex, it’s a good thing - it creates life, as Joseph said. But the Bible says it is for a woman and a man when they come together as one in God. In marriage, the woman has her part to play, and so does a man. They both have different natural roles and characteristics. It is hard for me as well because my brother is gay and I love him. God hates the sin, but LOVES the sinner. It’s truly difficult telling my brother than he will go to hell. So as I do for him, I will pray for you, Donovan.
_sxrcastic _ (21 days ago)
Awh he is sooooo cute 🥰🥰
Irvineblue (22 days ago)
Lmao I think he already knew he was gay
Dr. Phil Inc. (22 days ago)
i'm a christian and i support the lgbtq+ community. i believe in spreading love and positivity, not hate and discrimination. support everyone !! 💛💙💜💚
Ian Injety (22 days ago)
Fuck off
Kayden K (8 days ago)
No u
Don't Trust Me ._. (20 days ago)
No u
TheGamingLegends (22 days ago)
Eww cringey and gross
Don't Trust Me ._. (20 days ago)
What I thought when ur comment
Zach'sJourny (22 days ago)
If your friend didn’t know you are gay, his gaydar is off holy fuck. It’s obvious you are gay.
ExoticFrost_EMP (22 days ago)
Damn Idk how this got in my recommendations but I don't regret watching it
C&D Gaming (22 days ago)
If you’re friend didn’t know he’s not your friend..
Cusyn Fugger (22 days ago)
Like he didn’t already know
KingKongTom (22 days ago)
I’m sorry but how the fuck couldn’t he tell you were gay already😂😂😂
Madness Snake (22 days ago)
Should of been aborted
Don't Trust Me ._. (20 days ago)
What I thought about you......
Reldnahc Deens (22 days ago)
He doesn’t need to come out of the closet, I can tell
Wow my guy r u stupid ... r u serious its pretty obvious dis dudes gay
He didn’t realize you were gay in the start? I mean look at you and the way you speak lmao
Kylie Rose (22 days ago)
Sry but homeboy slow if he didn’t know
Itss Rezii (22 days ago)
How would he not know especially when he looks like that
gorillaztrash (22 days ago)
ayup does this geezer support man city? man city as in the man city based in the UK? my guy.
Jessi Biebs (22 days ago)
Ur friend is sooooooooo hoot!
Kitty Purry (22 days ago)
Donavan Barrett (22 days ago)
Awww thank you babe 💜
Logan MLG (22 days ago)
Gay people can be religious, there don’t have to be sides, there don’t have to be sides. The Bible and teachings come down to interpretations. What’s most important in my opinion is God loves everyone, it’s when you choose not to accept his love and faith that He lets you go. However, that doesn’t mean you’re just saying, “I believe in God”, it’s about living with gratitude and with his guidance, and sharing the love that he offers to you, just as Jesus did in the stories of the Bible. There’s lessons to be had through these stories. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
Jess x (22 days ago)
Wow someone said it. I came out as bi sexual a few months ago and I'm in high school and 14 years old. Most of my friends left me just because I like both genders. It broke my heart that not everyone can accept me being myself. Thank you for saying this. I love you
N7LR4 07 (22 days ago)
To me it’s obvious doesn’t change how I think about him if I was his mate tho Xx
J West (22 days ago)
You’re wearing eyeshadow he already knew
unplannedangel (22 days ago)
I love the book Autoboyography come to life
Mr Kryptonite (22 days ago)
I think he already knew
AP3X Geej (22 days ago)
how can it be genetic if it can’t be passed on
713halliwell (22 days ago)
Some people can hide it well... like me... but if you couldn't tell or didnt know he was gay. Yall need some profiling classes
Jake Labrador (22 days ago)
Here’s the deal! When man first sinned it is called the Fall! It caused sin to permeate all parts of Creation. Not just physically through death and everything but it also changed the make up of our minds! This is why many people are born with genetic disorders, and mental disorders. With Homosexuality it is a change in the “natural” programming in the brain. So when you say God created me this way. That isn’t true! God created us pure, and holy. Even in The book of Romans calling Celibacy the highest calling! This means even a lot of m/f relationships are even distorted. The problem is that Gay trans.... these are very visible, and open sin. Where as the guy who is cheating on his wife secretly is guilty of the same. I am sorry for the behavior of many Christians treating you like a pariah! If you have time please read this book. It may help to understand what I am saying here: A War of Loves: The Unexpected Story of a Gay Activist Discovering Jesus
Kayden K (8 days ago)
Homosexuality is very natural and common in the animal kingdom all around the world, look at giraffes for example, which just normally swing both ways.
Bonidee Lee (22 days ago)
The thing that is funny gays generally hate Christians while at the same time trying to hijack their faith to conform it to fit their lifestyle choices.
RayTheBossYT (22 days ago)
Donavan u probably don’t remember me but I was in ur tawkando u were the helper my name was raymond
Doug Hansen (22 days ago)
Great video; you both are refreshingly honest.
phlips49 (22 days ago)
Clickbait af
phlips49 (22 days ago)
Is it actually a question if the right guy is not straight? He is an absolute stereotype of being gay
Eowyn Rose (22 days ago)
I. Love. This. So. Much!
Beefy Tingle (23 days ago)
Fucking gay ass
*Im taking your YouTube virginity*
camden graves (23 days ago)
Awwwwww “acceptance” that was really amazing how he said that damn I thought I was only going to watch like a couple minutes in the middle I ended up watching the whole thing. I still gotta watch the beginning tho but damn this was dope I wish all hard core Christians could be this accepting or atleast go through a situation like this so they can stop being so harsh. Great video great watch
Bonidee Lee (22 days ago)
The thing that is funny gays generally hate Christians while at the same time trying to hijack their faith to conform it to fit their lifestyle choices.
camden graves (23 days ago)
I’ve only watched a few mins of this video but why am I having trouble believing that these two are “best friends” maybe alright friends over the years but I couldn’t see these two hanging out everyday like bros. Is that weird to say? Or mean? I don’t mean it to be disrespectful I just don’t see these two joking around with each other on a daily basis like that..
Ricky (23 days ago)
I could tell u were gay LITERALLY in the first 5 seconds of the actual video is the boy in blue retarded or something?
Anthony bee10 (23 days ago)
gay ass nigga get some help, how you gon want dick if you have one
Doris Uhlman (5 days ago)
Anthony bee, don't watch it and spread your hate.
Jess x (22 days ago)
Why don't you get some help in accepting the gay community? Oh and learn some manners whilst you're there too
Ava Haller (23 days ago)
Luke Skywalker and Prince talking about sexuality oooh
Thomas Gonzales (23 days ago)
Im a Christian but I support Gay marriage. My great uncle was gay and I have known some people who I grew up with and I know it wasn’t a choice for them. It’s not easy to be gay in this world so why would they choose to go through so much judgment and hate if they weren’t born that way?
Jezebel Smallwood (23 days ago)
Who agrees if we are having to much children?
Ricky Perales (23 days ago)
I think he knew you were guy because of the makeup I think ? Your voice sounds like how gay people usually sound and you do those weird hand movements girls do
Tiffany Almurshidi (23 days ago)
So you're trying to tell me that this kid couldn't tell you were a fairy without telling him? Poor kid..... I'd never assume your straight 😂
Hector Soria (23 days ago)
Fine I’ll watch it YouTube
kristal Perez (23 days ago)
I feel like it was more like two different point of views going at it. Also I feel like it was disrespectful when he said “ he was raised believing crap” I feel like the other guy was being respectful in his beliefs in being gay. But am happy they are friends because it shows that it is possible for people with different beliefs can be friends and not judge each other u know.
Spark in the DaRK (23 days ago)
He said it perfectly FREEWILL!!!

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