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Gta 5 - How To Fix Error Code 202 (Rockstar update service is unavailable)

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Special Thanks to RockstarSupport staff Vicky S After I got this error I tried everything I even uninstalled and TRIED to re-install the game, nothing worked so I decided to contact rockstarsupport email. If this helped for you leet me know! Song: Warriyo - Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release]

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Text Comments (236)
craftgamer (1 month ago)
It works I didin't believe it worked firstly I thinked u want clicks but IT WORKED OMG Thanksss
Serv3rFox (1 month ago)
haha ofc it works! No clickbaits here
Shahrukh Rahman (6 days ago)
thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx It worked can't blv
THE Skorpion (8 days ago)
10.09.2018 didnt worked again after 50000000000000000 vids
Lili The Queen (8 days ago)
didn't work
Cumback (22 days ago)
thx :)
Anouar BEN (1 month ago)
Not working for me :(
thanks it worked dud i was trying to play gta 5 from 4 year u won't beleive thanku
T- Series (1 month ago)
It's not working in my laptop Kya karoon?
Corbyn Rees (1 month ago)
Terrible video
Serv3rFox (1 month ago)
Neon (1 month ago)
i need help! i formated my compter... now i can t install the game :( . it allways says rockstar services are not available ( code 217 ) I rly need help please Serv3rFox :(
Riyaz Khatri (1 month ago)
neon please check your internet connection in internet explorer not google chrome make sure your connection working in it?
Serv3rFox (1 month ago)
I dont know what error code 217 is, I do not have that error myself sorry.
Neon (1 month ago)
Serv3rFox virus 😔
Serv3rFox (1 month ago)
Why would you format your computer?
John Cena (1 month ago)
it didnt work, the problem cause me to not be able to play any online games but still could browsing thorough webs
Serv3rFox (1 month ago)
So you cant play gta atm?
predator X (2 months ago)
still working
DMX Dario (2 months ago)
how do i fix code 213
Serv3rFox (1 month ago)
I have no idea dude. Dont have the error myself.
Al Sayegh Dani (2 months ago)
thanks budd rea;;y wrked!<3
John Clint Besana (2 months ago)
Serv3rFox (1 month ago)
Then I think you did something wrong.
jatin mittal (2 months ago)
Not working
Serv3rFox (1 month ago)
Then I think you did something wrong.
It not work any another way
Blue_Fire1607 XX (2 months ago)
Kaldes Football (2 months ago)
How can I have wifi there
Graco (2 months ago)
It's not working for me ) :
Serv3rFox (1 month ago)
Then I think you did something wrong.
Josh Konrad (2 months ago)
I have tried this and it worked the first time and I was like awesome but when i tried to play another time it does not work for me and I was wondering if anyone could help me
Josh Konrad (2 months ago)
Ok well thanks for the help Ill try it out
Serv3rFox (2 months ago)
then idk dude try contacting rockstarsupport
Serv3rFox (2 months ago)
put it on automatic
Josh Konrad (2 months ago)
Do you know if there is anyway I can reset the Ip address to what it was before I changed it
Josh Konrad (2 months ago)
Yes there still there
HeavenNinja (3 months ago)
it didnt work:(
HeavenNinja (1 month ago)
Serv3rFox it didn’t work but I found a different video that’s worked...
Serv3rFox (1 month ago)
Then I think you did something wrong.
Ryukii (3 months ago)
Thanks it helped! :D
Kikookiller 91 (3 months ago)
i suck you when you want man!
Kikookiller 91 (3 months ago)
Serv3rFox (3 months ago)
hahhahaa have fun playing again bro
Khandeshi kida (3 months ago)
Bro it says DNS server is not valid ip adress
Serv3rFox (3 months ago)
Then you did something wrong
SilverEye 39 (3 months ago)
doesnt work
SilverEye 39 (3 months ago)
Serv3rFox i think this isnt the dns problem for me. Its another win 10 update issue. Going back to win 7. Win 10 too buggy for me
Serv3rFox (3 months ago)
SilverEye 39 make sure to restart your pc after you instert the dns
Kenneth Huisman (3 months ago)
Did not work😭 dont know what to do now...
Kenneth Huisman (3 months ago)
Serv3rFox i restarted my computer but it didnot work
Serv3rFox (3 months ago)
You have restarted your computer once you've inserted the new DNS?
khalifah agung (4 months ago)
i still go that message
khalifah agung (3 months ago)
done it
Serv3rFox (3 months ago)
You have restarted your computer once you've inserted the new DNS?
Dark666 Lucifer (4 months ago)
It works! A big Like!!!
Serv3rFox (4 months ago)
Have fun playing again! :P
Machinishit (4 months ago)
Thanks, it worked.
__Aircrxft (4 months ago)
Work, thx
technical soni ji (4 months ago)
no working in window 8 plz help me
MinecraftMarcus1 (4 months ago)
Thnx man! Fixed it. :D
ghostlegend540 (4 months ago)
didnt work
jonatan sinkovic (4 months ago)
Lol thanks dude
HellMoto (4 months ago)
work if you have problem code 202, merge perfect daca aveti problema code 202
Alex Payne (4 months ago)
no work
light border (5 months ago)
it's true it worked! thanks you i want to ask also,does this option change affect anything else on pc??
Serv3rFox (5 months ago)
It can sometimes like you wont be able to connect to the internet just reset the DNS code's and you will be all good bro
Tiago Carrelo (5 months ago)
thanks , thanks thanks thkans its working
StaiN .R (5 months ago)
thanks you helped me
Jezze (5 months ago)
Worked great!
kamikaze_azzai (5 months ago)
i have the free one does the solution the same or?
Bradley Duke (5 months ago)
Didn't work
Daniel Gerard (5 months ago)
your a living legend!
COMbat. (6 months ago)
Thank you sooo much!
Newz GameR7 (6 months ago)
Thanks you, now i can play again + 1 subscriber
SriCharan 98 (7 months ago)
not worked .But u have a good news u earned a dislike enjoy
Serv3rFox (7 months ago)
SriCharan 98 hahahaha lmao it worked for like 1k + people so you did something wrong
Swapnil Tiwari (7 months ago)
Bro game is work but stream uplode is unstable what can I do bro
redwhitentrue (7 months ago)
You helped me. Thank You!
Christopher Fate (7 months ago)
Worked for me
Miroslav Ivanov (7 months ago)
1:03 But i have only Ethernet ;d
Serv3rFox (7 months ago)
Miroslav Ivanov then do it in there works aswell. This tutorial is from my laptop I have only ethernet aswell on my computer
Enis Tasim (7 months ago)
not working
-Syed Abdul Rahman - (7 months ago)
Did not work!
-Syed Abdul Rahman - (7 months ago)
Serv3rFox yes
Serv3rFox (7 months ago)
-Syed Abdul Rahman - did you even watch the tutorial?
-Syed Abdul Rahman - (7 months ago)
Serv3rFox what is dns?
Serv3rFox (7 months ago)
-Syed Abdul Rahman - it does work, make sure when you have restarted the dns is still on
Lino Mayer (8 months ago)
Konix :D (8 months ago)
Serv3rFox (8 months ago)
Haha have fun playing again bro :D
Captain Potvis (8 months ago)
It worked😁
Captain Potvis (8 months ago)
Yeah thank you!
Serv3rFox (8 months ago)
=) have fun playing gta for pc again!
Jorn (8 months ago)
Thanks! this fix finally works
Beaconator (8 months ago)
Dit ligt toch gewoon aan GTA? Heb geen zin om dan allemaal rare shit te moeten doen voor dit. Zij moeten fixen, niet ik!
Beaconator (8 months ago)
nee totaal niet xD, maar is gewoon logisch jij koopt iets voor normaal 60 euro (ik 30) en dan kan je het niet normaal spelen dan kan je ze gewoon aanklagen.
Serv3rFox (8 months ago)
Beaconator hha jij kijkt te veel films
Beaconator (8 months ago)
Serv3rFox daar heb je gelijk in maar als ze er niks aan doen dan kan je ze voor de rechter slepen
Serv3rFox (8 months ago)
Beaconator denk jij dat hun dit iets boeit haha pas als gta globaal minder wo gespeeld gaan ze misschien na denken over een fix hun hebben hun geld al hoor lol
Beaconator (8 months ago)
Serv3rFox Ze moeten wel, ze hebben een spel gemaakt die je niet op een normale manier kan gebruiken (heb het over dns)
ItsMental (8 months ago)
I deleted my GTA 5 and wanted to reinstall it. But i can 't go on the rockstar site on my pc for some reason it keeps loading. Plzzz make a fix
Beaconator (8 months ago)
pray for you!
ItsMental (8 months ago)
Beaconator I fixed it my game is now downloading. I downloaded the download launcher on my phone send it to onedrive. Downloaded it on my pc then started installing. Its now still installing hope it doesnt give the code 202 again!
Beaconator (8 months ago)
got the same, but I don't need to download it from there
Joseph Allen (8 months ago)
Worked like a charm... thank you 3 January 2018. You earned a subscriber.
Rob (8 months ago)
31.12.17 - Works! thx
MrRumble (8 months ago)
I did it and then it said gta unexpectadly exited. Help!
ShootingSTAR (8 months ago)
did not work
Mr_D0D0 (8 months ago)
Lol was eerst bang dat je op deze manier toegang zou krijgen tot mn pc xD
Mr_D0D0 (8 months ago)
Serv3rFox T werkt wel
Serv3rFox (8 months ago)
JustCollin hahahahahaha ja man pas maar op lmfao
lwittorf 36 (8 months ago)
Thanks!! It worked
beast music (8 months ago)
cane somebody help me i tryed evreything but nothing works even this... please somenody help me
〖RᗴᗩŁ〗MASŦER (6 months ago)
beast music me to
Jorge Assad (6 months ago)
Let me know if you guys fond something
Anas (8 months ago)
same :3 i tryed every thing and still not working :( if u find a way let me know
Many mutch You Friendsly (8 months ago)
Did not work :(
RazvaN : (8 months ago)
I thought that i was banned xD
Serv3rFox (8 months ago)
hahhaa lol naa I am banned you just can't play gta online no more, however you can still play single player with mods or go in roleplay servers lol
RazvaN : (8 months ago)
Thank you very much man, fuck gta
Serv3rFox (8 months ago)
RazvaN : hahhaa np have fun playing again
mᏒ ᏉᎪᏞᎥᏟă (8 months ago)
Is not working :(
TheCoreOfLive ❶ (8 months ago)
Not working for me tough...
Lumos Dargon (8 months ago)
it doesn't work please help
Usual Gamer (8 months ago)
great thx so much <3
Itz Gogata (8 months ago)
Now I bought GTA 5 and I turned it on without having an account at Social Club was loading me. And suddenly a mistake came out (202). Why is there any solution because nothing happens. And I wonder if I've given my money in the wind
ByeTon (8 months ago)
It worked, thanks.
Albertus Rahesta (8 months ago)
it didnt work, i followed all steps but it still show the error code :(
Serv3rFox (8 months ago)
Albertus Rahesta when you restart check if the dns is still there
Brian Griffin (8 months ago)
You are a god. How come you not have more subscribers? *Thank you* :)
Serv3rFox (8 months ago)
Brian Griffin hahaha ty
KIKOKZ :D (8 months ago)
Bro help me pls
iMP_DarkRaijin (8 months ago)
thank you8
Noizy Boi (8 months ago)
Thanks man you saved my life
TheMartinwrc ! (8 months ago)
no fix :/
Wouter K. (8 months ago)
thank youuuuuuu
Sander De hans (8 months ago)
Thank you my bruddah
TijmenvGroezen (8 months ago)
This fix worked for me... i was struggling with this problem for 2 weeks already
Let [Alen] Be (8 months ago)
nothing worked for me
harryjochie (8 months ago)
Albert (8 months ago)
this worked for me! thanks!
Jasper Smit (9 months ago)
Oh shit this one actually worked! Thanks man!
MaciekSzary (9 months ago)
Thanks man!
GamingForSadsa (9 months ago)
Thx this really worked from all the 100 video's.
Nope Yeah (9 months ago)
U didnt need to restart
DrKentUmut (9 months ago)
Danke schön meine lieber
Dark666 Lucifer (4 months ago)
Wo kommen denn die ganzen deutschen her😂
Felonix (8 months ago)
Da spricht ja mal jemand Deutsch! xD
Felonix (9 months ago)
Mike F (9 months ago)
Minecraft Gamer BE (9 months ago)
jij bent nl
Serv3rFox (9 months ago)
dat klopt.
Andy Nissen (9 months ago)
SamuelStudiosTV (9 months ago)
chmuren pl (9 months ago)
KoldyTheZ11Pro (9 months ago)
Did not work :/
MEELO (9 months ago)
YOU’RE A LIFESAVER !!!!! It solved my problem OMG Thanks to you man!!
Serv3rFox (9 months ago)
Flaxz have fun playing gta again!
eatsleepJDM (9 months ago)
Love your wallpapers xd. JDM
Serv3rFox (9 months ago)

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