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Interview with Pornstar Vanessa Veracruz

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Pornstar Vanessa Veracruz takes a break from filming to sit down with RatedXLife and chat about her life and career in porn. Don't forget to click the SUBSCRIBE button! Follow @RatedXLife on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat! For inquiries please email us at ratedxlife@gmail.com
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Text Comments (9)
RoundenBrown (8 months ago)
Hot, but needs to do hardcore B/G.
Ethan O'Brien (11 months ago)
James Salvatore (8 months ago)
And you're a jealous basement dwelling idiot that hates women like this because you're afraid of them.
simone picchi (1 year ago)
Hay que ser mujer para hacer el amor contigo? Otra pregunta.. Porque' cuando los americanos ablan, parecen todos iguales?? Mismas expresiones faciales, mismos gestos.. misma voz me parece. Eligiste las mujeres por miedo al confronto con el otro sexo en cuanto es mas facil y conveniente o porque' te sientes lesbiana realmente.
Jorge B. (1 year ago)
Why is she in jail
Juan Boss (5 months ago)
Porn set.
Jose Lopez (1 year ago)
Jose Lopez (2 years ago)
Vanessa Veracruz I wanna have sex with you while your in that blue jumpsuit
dbreiden83080 (1 year ago)
I think she only does chicks..

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