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Another gay Texting story ( Sorry not sorry)

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Text Comments (17)
JohnTheBabyDuck (2 months ago)
I want a kitkat now
Izak (8 months ago)
When you say sorry not sorry because you’re an utter savage
Psypsy Realreal (8 months ago)
That was..uhm.. quick?
Greenless (8 months ago)
Two moons KitKat!? Haha
OW_Seraph (8 months ago)
If onmy my texts wentike this last time i tried i got told to fuck off and blocked lmao
Monkey Maya (8 months ago)
Kitkat Alex xox (8 months ago)
My yt is called KITKATz xD
Wonder Boy (8 months ago)
"i can fix that"? really? how's that nor offensive? if it were a girl saying that to a gay guy everyone would be losing their minds, this guy is an asshole
Nightmarefoxy Dagamer (9 months ago)
Who is kitcat? They sound weird
dager dick (10 months ago)
Awww this is adorable ❤️
PsychoKyle PK (10 months ago)
The first names is like South Park XD
Mish Mash (11 months ago)
Don’t reject him this is too cute
Alxnd (11 months ago)
1:43 me
Sophia_The_Pan (1 year ago)
The 1 dislike is Donald trump
Peter Shanedling (8 months ago)
He disliked 6 more times
Panica Pans (1 year ago)
Yeah the second one is my strait ass friend.
Lonely sometimes (1 year ago)
I’m pretty sure your right. (Probably because I’m Mexican, which I really am.) LOL IS YOUR PROFILE PIC ALBERT AND JAY?!

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