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0891 Gay Chat - 1990's UK Advert

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0891 Gay Chat - 1990's UK Advert
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jaredyjaredy (7 months ago)
Ooh, ALL the stereotypes...
Jay West (1 year ago)
I remember wanting to phone this number when I was young lol, like maybe 14 years old before I realized I was properly gay.
twitchygiraffe (1 year ago)
Had a riverting chat on choosing shoes and musicals on this one!!!!
vin nie (1 year ago)
Just tried the number it doesn't work
Wing Toons (1 year ago)
thats because its old
M1st3rB3nn (4 years ago)
Thank you for preserving this cornerstone piece of British culture!
lilblitz (6 years ago)
wheres the one in vests I am trying to make a facebook funny on my friend who wear gaychat vests you sob's
jaredyjaredy (7 months ago)
Ah, good old internalised homophobia... I bet your friend is now out & proud & taking it up the ass every night.
ffiB nogaB (7 months ago)
At college, we had a friend who spent several weeks strolling about in a red vest, thinking he looked the business. Then, one evening, we were sat in front of the tv and that advert came on. He promptly stormed into the yard, took the vest off, doused it in lighter fuel and burned it.
Mad Walrus (7 years ago)
It was brilliant that they went for the Village People look.
beastatlay (8 years ago)
@caturn88 It's not "50 50 50", it's "FIIIFTY FIIIFTY FIIIFTYYYYY!"
Crutchley29 (10 years ago)

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