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The Grindr Guide Ep 2 - Sex

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Sex. It's an unavoidable topic when it comes to Grindr, but is it all the app is good for? Directed by Damien Dunstan Filmed by Rob Jones http://www.facebook.com/thegrindrguide http://www.twitter.com/TheGrindrGuide http://www.damiendunstan.com.au ABOUT THE GRINDR GUIDE The Grindr Guide follows the lives of five gay men as they explore sex, dating and friendships through geo-based application Grindr. The eight-part web series was filmed over a three-month period during early 2012. ABOUT GRINDR With more than 4 million users in 192 countries, Grindr is the largest all-male mobile social network in the world. Since its launch in 2009, Grindr has become a leader in the quickly expanding social networking realm and sees nearly 10,000 new users every single day.
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daboywunda (4 years ago)
I'm watching this, while on Grindr :)
yummyf33t (4 years ago)
Well, what do you expect when you name the site Grindr? >_>
Steven Greer (5 years ago)
Whenever I meet someone on sites like Grindr. I always leave myself open to the possibility of something more than just sex developing. I have met a couple of boyfriends including my present boyfriend of the last two years. And have met guys who started out as just a trick and a friendship develops. So you just never know.
G Doe (5 years ago)
I love how the creator says he was in a relationship for a whole 6 months. WOW, that really oughta shut down the people who say it's only for sex!
Goofy Emoji (6 months ago)
ikr. I was like wow 6 whole months of "loving" relationship. Sexing maybe, but definitely not loving.
S (5 years ago)
Yes it is, I've met several guys on grindr who are now my best friends and we always hang out.
MethodicTrain (5 years ago)
Good luck :/
KanishQ Quotes (6 years ago)
One status should be "married yet gay" And Grindr works horrible on Android
letopho (6 years ago)
i found a great hairstylist on grindr!
umibenokafka (6 years ago)
ok so in the next video you have to include links to all those boys' facebookses so i can stalk them kthxbai.
KanishQ Quotes (6 years ago)
Grindr is for "hey we're close...lets FUK"
KanishQ Quotes (6 years ago)
Have you read comments on Grindr app on the Android app store It is one of the lowest rated app Because it constantly crashes and lags

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