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Aesthetics on Omegle Original

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For Best Sports Nutrition Supplements checkout https://1UpNutrition.com. Use my discount code CONNOR20 for up to 40% off. Social Media: Subscribe to my Vlog Channel: http://tinyurl.com/jb3ooaw Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ConnorMurphyOfficial/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ConnorMurphyOfficial/ Track List: Waysons - Eternal Minds [NCS Release] https://youtu.be/ZhECyz85FMc Waysons • https://soundcloud.com/waysons • https://twitter.com/WaysonsOfficial • https://www.facebook.com/WaysonsOfficial • https://www.instagram.com/waysons/ In this video Connor Murphy, a YouTube prankster and fitness personality, impresses girls on a video chat website called "Omegle" by showing off his aesthetic physique. The girls' reactions are priceless.
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Text Comments (1856)
GTA MODZ (6 days ago)
2:02 the Dog😂
danemark viloria (18 days ago)
Wonder how long would take to take out most of your body fat with proper exercise and proper eating meals
Adriel Felix1275 (1 month ago)
Some might
Sarthak sharma (1 month ago)
Damn!! I am Sooooooo Sooo Jealous Right Now!!! My new gym Motivation!!
Elba Lazo (1 month ago)
Name of the song
chris.p. bacon (1 month ago)
Major flooding in the us. i wonder why?.
JB Entertainment (1 month ago)
Come to Canada 😂😂😂
Jula Like (1 month ago)
You is very sexy! Me too is very sexy
Udarsha De Silva (1 month ago)
*Watch Zyzz Chatroulette #5:* https://youtu.be/2S-dskHe28k Check it out bruhs ^^^^
Papa Lasagna (1 month ago)
Maximum level of cringe
Fit & Form (2 months ago)
Thats the best shape connor ever had
buster trap (2 months ago)
James Duman (2 months ago)
As you are all those
James Duman (2 months ago)
Weird but funny and awesome
Ryo Akira (2 months ago)
The First Girl Is Hot So Pretty <3
FN_KING_EXTREME (2 months ago)
Imagine how many dicks he had to go through just to find the girls
This is why we grind, gentlemen.
Vou entrar na academia e vou ser assim kkk
Jonathan Guancia (3 months ago)
All girls are worthy of the SIX PACK/ ABS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Set Ka (3 months ago)
Yup, Omegle is a gold mine! I saw a description for those who want to see what it's all about: http://4strangers.com/omegle
SungHun Kwon (3 months ago)
Hey girl, Do not Me Too any more.
Ceca Maric (3 months ago)
Kurve I peder
Вот Денису Гусеву бы в чат рулетку на сушке
Jebin Rio (3 months ago)
Love you conner
Tom Hocking (3 months ago)
Wtf his lats are massive
Bumble (3 months ago)
американки страшные
gamers universe (4 months ago)
Dude ur really awesome
Partho Mondal (4 months ago)
A H J tv (4 months ago)
I'm really don't know what i can do czzz i have not good face or body😥
Marek S (4 months ago)
xD :
Cece Sunaedi (4 months ago)
Nguyễn Khương Winner (4 months ago)
3.02 lol
Santos S (4 months ago)
Damn that piano organ is really Good
ToBi Line (4 months ago)
Switshirt ???
NOOB TV (4 months ago)
I'm to the gym right now
MaTiiaS-_-SkillZ (4 months ago)
100% STRESSSA (4 months ago)
Прикольно Ахах
NesaFashion Channel (4 months ago)
$$$$$$$$$$$ https://www.nesafashion.com/
Krieger des Todes (4 months ago)
But we are also handsome without sixpack
Night's Freak (4 months ago)
damn this phhhhhzzic
Edder Da Free (4 months ago)
2018 ? :v
Toni Lok (4 months ago)
Лайк если тоже ушатаешь его с пыра в ебасосину
Aesthetic Caleb (5 months ago)
Shredded 💪🏽
Alex Varmint (5 months ago)
I am sure that he fucks himself )))
Filip Polic (5 months ago)
Are u natural bro?
TheChildGnome (3 months ago)
Definitely not but still amazing.
Vishal Tamang (5 months ago)
That asian girl is hot AF
Gang Of Four (5 months ago)
Verhoeven1980 (5 months ago)
Superman is this you?
Schwarzkopf (5 months ago)
How long time go gym?
Adrian Montero (5 months ago)
Cuando tenga ese cuerpo así lo haré :')
Iubesc Berea (5 months ago)
I just finished watching this video. Now i am going to start training. day 1! see you guys in 1 year for the results :)
Sebastián 7 (5 months ago)
Por qué las chicas no lo imitan y se quitan la ropa de su torso...?
yonus popal (5 months ago)
How long is going take to be make this body? Reply me
Qasim love (5 months ago)
Andreas Febrian (5 months ago)
Clark kent is playing omegle nowdays
Rafi khan (5 months ago)
loud music killed your videos. next time do soft music or no music. ear hurts man. btw, new subs here.
dara mr (5 months ago)
Can i touch
merkara37 (5 months ago)
Instant thirst 😂
Domán Jani (5 months ago)
A fasza meg lehet 2cm :D
Karan Singh (5 months ago)
are you killer sir heads of to you
Nadie importante (5 months ago)
Puta vida la mía :'v , puta gordura y ginecomastia
Y Nhu (6 months ago)
Ignacio Mestre Bastias (6 months ago)
Soy hombre muy seguro de mi heterosexualidad pero el bato esta bueno
Gamingkiller123 boss (6 months ago)
Cringe srry
Beau Dennis (6 months ago)
Oohh tough guy I'm s s s s s sc c c card of you
Jo No (6 months ago)
So cringy 😂
SO GRAVE FORTE br (6 months ago)
Sou br
Study_ Shots (6 months ago)
That sexy blonde girl is in a omegle video or porn hub XD like so people can see
DarkMoon (6 months ago)
1:21 adadagdgsgszg
Dennis XXL (6 months ago)
LOL!! he was losing his patience 2:09 too many dicks, guys and random stuff
Never24Summer (6 months ago)
Conner reminds me of my friend in 7th grade. Insecure as fuck.
_ _ (6 months ago)
ای ول عضله. آرنولد شوارتینزگر جدید ☺
Pablo Vinicius (6 months ago)
O cara é fosa euem
This is fucking perfect👌
spottercorp (6 months ago)
How could anyone Have a perfect body like this? 😮😮😮🔥🔥🔥 Gosh I'm 28 & still struggling to get ripped myself
AllDay Gamer (6 months ago)
Show off
Melik Yılmaz (6 months ago)
Pierce Cain (6 months ago)
You Like 👍✌
Alystar SLJ (6 months ago)
so many fingerings tonight
kristiano Ronaldo (6 months ago)
Ferum 380 (6 months ago)
Oh my god! He's perfect tips of men!! For me!
GameRosh _ (6 months ago)
This body is fucking perfect brah
Sam Herik (6 months ago)
Vay amk
Sezer Kolcu (6 months ago)
Turk varmi leyn T R T R
jet natsu (6 months ago)
Imaginemos cosas chingonas :,v
JUNIOR & MELYSSA (6 months ago)
Miguel Angel (6 months ago)
2:19 😉😉😉
Eduardo H. (6 months ago)
D a r k (6 months ago)
Como mierdas llege aqui yo estaba viendo wigetta :v
elma canon prieto (6 months ago)
Never in my fuck life😪😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
Gabriel Calvi (6 months ago)
Ese Men se parece a Superman 😂
Archibald Findri (6 months ago)
Almost closing in on narcissism but dam I would be out there as well
Jhonny Cage X Rage (7 months ago)
The ultimate douchebag
Jani Oranda (7 months ago)
what's the music
Tom Lipski (7 months ago)
PUBG MOBILE (7 months ago)
اسم التطبيق الي يعرف😖
Tezlar Smith (7 months ago)
Big headed cunt.
Jon Osterman (7 months ago)
He got the best shape here or is that just the Darn Good Lighting

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