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C. Saint-Saëns - The Swan - Double Bass and Harp

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caitlin gonzalez (1 month ago)
caitlin gonzalez (1 month ago)
It's more confusing cause the fingering is accurate to playing like that wtf
It was necessary to still stand on the splits between the two trucks. So it would be epic.:)))For the music paid guys on the boat?
Nicholas Scott (2 months ago)
Cyril (3 months ago)
Bravo! Swan arrived on time at the pier!
Павел Гурбо (4 months ago)
Заебись играешь , тебя бог учил?
Alessandro Barattini (9 months ago)
Vozo User (10 months ago)
Please tell me this was a joke.
Stephanie Ray (10 months ago)
I’m legitimately confused and concerned. Either he is playing it wrong or my life is a lie. RIP
Clayton Young (10 months ago)
Is this video a joke? That kind of sounds like a cello. I have never ever heard of playing a contrabass like that.
jay (1 year ago)
Out of tune, this had to be a total joke 😂😂😂
Brody Delestre (1 year ago)
Stefan Otto (1 year ago)
Holy Saint Intonatius - help....
Joseph Escobar (1 year ago)
Wow even the harp player is trying not to laugh at ur terrible joke
Joseph Escobar (1 year ago)
I give him credit tho I tried to hold the bow like that it's pretty damn hard
Joseph Escobar (1 year ago)
Guys we've been playing the swan wrong the whole time
Ronald Bozicevich (1 year ago)
This guy must be from Australia. (Down under). Also the toilets drain the opposite way down there. A bat would like this. His after the recital reception included upside down cake. Can he sit upside down and play the bass the usual way? Ah! True retrograde. Actually, this is more difficult than it looks. I say bravo or maybe ovarb.
Joseph Escobar (1 year ago)
Terrible joke buddy the swan is a good piece it's meant to play good not jokingly
Halona Kelsay (1 year ago)
Ben Manaois (1 year ago)
Is there a name for this technique?
Gabriel Mendoza (1 year ago)
Ben Manaois German bow hold xp
Alex Haldane (1 year ago)
I like how everyone is critiquing his playing, isn't it clear that this is a joke?
Josquin Sans (1 year ago)
McDonaldTrump Channel (1 year ago)
Too fast
Imani Robinson (1 year ago)
Who else thinks his hair is a wig
Sharon Crowley (1 year ago)
I do. Because it *is* a wig!
Arjen Franken (1 year ago)
Awfully out of tune!
TY SEXY (1 year ago)
Uniqueness is key
Jo Schmo (1 year ago)
Now I want to hear him play it from the bridge side. That would be a trip!
Mia Hasan (2 years ago)
may i inform you all that his bow is a german bow. which means he does not use the french bowhold that most people use. also press your fingers down harder and keep your hand flexible on the vibrado
thegroovee (1 year ago)
Mia Hasan u dont know what u talking about ahhaha
Brent Breault (2 years ago)
*It's vibrato, presumptuous insect!
Daniel Khain (2 years ago)
Bass is off tune and sounds squeaky. The Swan is a beautiful piece that deserves respect...
Jeremiah Salyer (1 year ago)
Versus the Cello playing up in the stratosphere? They both have that same sort of timbre.
Stephane Petiet (2 years ago)
oh come on, have a sense of humour. It's music, it's meant to be enjoyed, laugh a bit
Neopotato (3 years ago)
Really nice! I was wondering, what's the technique for playing your bass with your bow near the nut?? How do you read music scores? Is it different fingering?
Rolf Jansen (1 year ago)
Yes. It's a bit work for the brain...
Rolf Jansen Wait, is it actually possible to play the double bass like that?
Rolf Jansen (2 years ago)
It's the opposite direction of normal playing. I just do it for fun. I started it with playing some violin lines while orchestra rehearsal.
Mux (3 years ago)
nice green screen m8
Teamofoxen (2 years ago)
SAnIC the EDGEhog (3 years ago)
me irl
Sl3id3r (3 years ago)
That hairy chest just absolutely distracts me...
nelson grimaldi (3 years ago)
Dragonneti,Bottesini,Simandl,Zimmerman,Rabbath,And for the New era Rolf Jansen!,thank you maestro!
Eric Najhawan (3 years ago)
The green screen kills me xD
2001spaceoddessy (3 years ago)
fucking beautiful
Ciprian Ghiţă (4 years ago)
damn man, I love you :D 
leif olav korsnes (4 years ago)
Great harpplaying:)
06subielover (4 years ago)
LMAO why are you holding the bow like that.... or has my whole bass playing career been a lie?
Oak Pyae (1 year ago)
german grip
Illuminati (1 year ago)
06subielover I'm afraid, you have been lied to for many years
Aidan Cafferty (4 years ago)
what the fuck are you playing the bass like that?
Stephane Petiet (2 years ago)
why the fuck aren't you
Emmet The Otter (4 years ago)
Such a fucking great video.
Darkfoxxfive ! (4 years ago)
This hurts my soul
Mandy Mawson (4 years ago)
Speedfreak (4 years ago)
Nice photoshopped background LOL
Lucy Foster (4 years ago)
That chest hair!
Johannes Moser (4 years ago)
Sowas von genial!
Henryk Iwan (4 years ago)
Haha, brilliant! :D
Bartosz Sikorski (4 years ago)
You made my day! Bravo!
Bri Bri (5 years ago)
I've been doing it wrong for years
keepthefunk (5 years ago)
I learned how to play the bass from this :)
MaQuGo119 (5 years ago)
Why the bow is in that position?
Diego Rada (5 years ago)
Que peluca!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alejandra Navarro (5 years ago)
Genial! hahahahahahahaha.... I love it...
freakuencer (5 years ago)
Emilio Yepes Martinez (5 years ago)
He's seating while he plays
Daniel Sorour (5 years ago)
Jau Man!! That's da real things! Nee, ehrlich echt geil. Ist das ein Toupee in der Brust? Und am Ende in dem Schwan bist du auch oder? Rock it!!
Anthony Barbosa (5 years ago)
Where's his left leg!?
Ashley Thomas (1 year ago)
Ceci Aivar (5 years ago)
Rosaaaaaa! Y yo pensando: me encanta el arpa! Y cuando veo un primer plano tuyo...!!! No me lo podía creer, jejejeje. Un beso enorme!!!
j4f2g7 (5 years ago)
Sergio Contreras (5 years ago)
Creí que era el único al que le daba por tocar en esa parte del contrabajo...
vwbassmaniac (5 years ago)
Super Geil!

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