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Sweet Soul Cafe 1 Live Stream From Chaweng, Koh Samui, Thailand | Live HD Webcam | SamuiWebcam

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If you like our webcam please hit it up with a like 👍 and please subscribe to our channel. Support Us On Patreon ► http://bit.ly/realsamuiwebcampt Leave Us A Tip ► http://bit.ly/realsamuiwebcamtip Subscribe to Samui Webcam ► http://bit.ly/realsamuiwebcamyt Comments Page ► http://bit.ly/therealsamuiwebcaminfo Facebook ► http://bit.ly/realsamuiwebcamfb Website ► http://samuiwebcam.com/ Questions? Comments? Business inquiries? ► Email us at info@bluechipsamui.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SamuiWebcam welcomes you to our famous camera featured at Sweet Soul Cafe on the iconic Soi Green Mango, Koh Samui Thailand. Located opposite Green Mango, Sweet Soul is dark and sexy, an unmissable Koh Samui dance venue with an energetic and electric crowd. Clubbers head to the central Sweet Soul bar for Samui’s infamous Sangsom Thai whiskey buckets. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ▰ Please do not abuse the chat function or you will be permanently banned. ▰ Chat Function - Rules: • We ask that you're polite and respectful. • Everyone is entitled to their opinion. • Do not start a fight because their view differs from yours. • Don’t discuss the Thai Monarchy. ▰ Chat Function - What will get you banned: • Profanity. • Making demeaning/defamatory/slanderous statements against others. • Being intentionally disruptive, creating arguments or any other idiot-like behavior. • Discussing the Thai monarchy. ▰ Moderators Team: @Matt Cinderey, @Mr.Black, @Jon Ainsworth, @Maxi Mum, @Demonix, @S1alker, @Johnny Franco, @Deadman Inc, @Dave Holden. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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