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My experience and review with online dating. Hear as I mention the best and worst apps/online websites for gay dating. ------------------------------­------------------------------ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/luisluxe TWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/luisluxe FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/luxebyluis LIKED this video? Give it a thumbs up! Any questions or comments leave them down below. SUBSCRIBE https://www.youtube.com/c/luisluxe BUSINESS INQUIRIES Email: lluxe.business@gmail.com REQUESTS OR QUESTIONS Email: lluxe.business@gmail.com *Music & Sound Effects provided is royalty free from audiomusic.com *All items mentioned in this video are based solely on my own opinion and experience with the use of the products.
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Text Comments (96)
Anaqi Binish (6 days ago)
I'm 12 n I'm gay
Orji Makuo (2 months ago)
Stop talking nonsense, young man.
Hecatonicosachoron (3 months ago)
If you are young and gorgeous then you won't have any problems. A young person, spoiled for choice, makes everyone jump through hoops before even meeting. It's sadistic. But if you're a regular human being, prospects are bleak.
Kandy Krush (4 months ago)
Your forgot Scruff.
aaddaadd bbssbbss (4 months ago)
What annoying bunch of fucking cunts you faggots are... Still I wish you the best. Thought I must admit I would hope you stopped with the faggotry, and just did the gay thing. Why ya'll gotta be faggots, just cus you interested in your own sex...?
Wian Goosen (5 months ago)
anyone want phone sex?
ronel gonzales (7 months ago)
Searching for someone who can understand and love me.
A Hopkins (8 months ago)
I need someone I'm open to options
Celestial_being (6 months ago)
A Hopkins hi. I'm 16
weirdisspeltweird (8 months ago)
Omg why are you so cute
Floyd1504 (8 months ago)
All you American boys are so camp it's painful!! 🤣 Honestly it's such a turn off. Quite revolting.
muzic man (9 months ago)
Every time I check a site out...they claim to be free but once you sign up you have to pay for endless upgrades or you can't talk to anyone.
May Ann Galamgam (10 months ago)
are you gay? you talk like a gay😕😒
Copainization (10 months ago)
I'd never suck you until I know you. are a true love. That is how I can prove my fidelity! Aids is by choice.
Scou1y (10 months ago)
*I'm Telling The FBI*
Count Ravendark (11 months ago)
I thought Tinder was just for straight people? If i was looking for a man on Tinder, is there not a huge possibility they are straight?
Xander Frost (1 month ago)
Count Ravendark You’d only show up on their tinder if they’ve also selected men
Robert Angel (1 year ago)
Jack'd is great. You can search a city anywhere in the world that you are visiting before you are there. Met my Philippine boyfriend that way 2 years ago. Have visited twice last year.
Fareed Jaz (21 days ago)
Hi dear
Robert Angel (10 months ago)
yes, you can do it.
Pau (11 months ago)
OMG! I'm happy for you! And I've been searching Dating Online tips then I saw your comment cuz I Can relate! I'm a Gay from the phillipines. And yes THIS MY FIRST TIME to try Dating online (even dating outside) ZERO Experience. I'm an introvert and mostly anxious about myself and I'm tired of being alone. So I need a lot of dating tips before I #1 create my profile, #2 pick a great LGBT dating site #3 How to DATE. So basically I'm happy for you seeing your comment leveled up my confidence on hoping my true love will accept even though I'm from the PH.
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Drmcx (1 year ago)
The entire gay community is wtf
Ben Ampao (1 year ago)
I use Gayquation, prefer matchmakers to do that work for me
Vlad zh (1 year ago)
dear try seekingarrangement ahaha
Titus Luckett (1 year ago)
Kenneth Mamo (1 year ago)
So what would be the best gay dating app now a days' I've been single for about 5years already please help me😂😂😂
TJ (1 year ago)
im sure it is "fun".... if you're attractive...shame gays are so fucking shallow
Connor Fasnacht (1 year ago)
it was hard for me to come out
Bubbly Bubbles (5 months ago)
Connor Fasnacht how are you doing now?
Erick Evans (1 year ago)
am looking to meet someone nice good looking message me
Mark Romulo (1 year ago)
Shazada Khan (1 year ago)
Erick Evans hi
jaquarius butler (1 year ago)
Duty James (2 years ago)
Aries Magdangal (4 months ago)
Okuwada Green (2 years ago)
ugh nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Romeo Reyes (2 years ago)
paid apps I think are better because anyone who is willing to invest into their future, takes it seriously
Fareed Jaz (21 days ago)
But dear friend some are the poor people also in this world with good heart
andrew ramos (1 year ago)
Romeo Reyes so true
Alan’s mobile gaming (2 years ago)
not sure why you lost your love cuz your really cute
LuisLuxe (2 years ago)
Lorenzo Sorrell (2 years ago)
jackd is mostly a hookup app mostly black dudes be on their
SecretInvasion (2 months ago)
+Daniel Haight lot of the guys i talked to on jackd were flakes as well or racial hang ups
Daniel Haight (2 months ago)
Where I live is mixed but we have a lot of Hispanics
SecretInvasion (2 months ago)
Lorenzo Sorrell i think it depends on where you live cause where i live its mostly asian men on their
Daniel Haight (3 months ago)
I try Jackd I hated it because people don't want to talk. They are sometimes totally flakes.
Valnetta Foster (5 months ago)
MrDelvoye (2 years ago)
bla bla bla stupide who dont know this
Brooklyn Hralo (6 months ago)
Ryan11949 (2 years ago)
i like you a lot. let me know if you want to see a pic of me.
eoin mcbride (2 years ago)
Skype name??
Allen (3 years ago)
That was sorts insightful. Never used any of them. All but 1 you mentioned is as if you went to a club, but internet wise. I'd  think actual human interaction is better. Easier to weed, clean, not bother with guys you know you don't want. As faster to. Unless your work is to a screen.
II__JERIICHO__II (3 years ago)
I whould date u if i were 18
Colby Glen (3 years ago)
does he remind anyone else of Tyler Oakley like allot lol.
ishie mooh (9 months ago)
Colby Glen i agree. He reminds me of tyler oakley
Mario Mtz Castillo (3 years ago)
for some reason the one that I liked the most was Jack'd 😊... add me on Facebook
Snoe (3 years ago)
ugh marry meeee i love you <3
LuisLuxe (3 years ago)
+Snoe ummmm…OK! :) lol
Larry Banks (3 years ago)
Wow I love your video great job explaining more information about the dating sites!
Larry Banks (3 years ago)
lol yeah
LuisLuxe (3 years ago)
+Larry Banks you're welcome! hopefully your luck is better than mine lol!
Just Looking (3 years ago)
putting up selfies is ok?
Daniel Randall (2 years ago)
+Just Looking lol yea if you put regular ones with it
Just Looking (3 years ago)
+LuisLuxe​ edited ones? 😬 😬
LuisLuxe (3 years ago)
+Just Looking of course:)
Francisco Catacutan (3 years ago)
add me on skype privite22
J.U.B Channel (2 years ago)
+Francisco Catacutan skype; jerald.ub
Aaron N (3 years ago)
Of course you got plenty of guys that wanted you. In reality those dating sites really suck. People are fucking rude. I was a trying to engage a man in a normal conversation today on POF before I know it says he not only didn't read the message but DELETED IT!! I could not figure out why he was such a dick to me. Like I said normal conversation and that is what I get. Yes your beautiful and guys adore you. As for me I'm beautiful but for some reason I am cursed in the sense that every guy I message is an asshole. Sorry for bieng "negative" but not everyone has a walk in the fucking park with dating sites.
mystic sands (1 year ago)
Aaron Nickerson I agree everyone that ssys they're looking for a genuine guy ends up asking for sex. all the apps are filled with horny guys
marte torcende (1 year ago)
Aaron Nickerson I agree
Raumiction (3 years ago)
OMG! you remind me of tyler oakley. :D
Raumiction (3 years ago)
+Mark Pellegrino ???
Mark P (3 years ago)
Tyler Oakley has AIDS
Raumiction (3 years ago)
+Ricky Smith Mmhmm.
Ricky Smith (3 years ago)
Literally nothing in common except for the fact that they're gay but whatever
LuisLuxe (3 years ago)
+Aiden Smith lol! i don't watch much of his videos but i hope that is a good thing! :)
Nplos Le (3 years ago)
I didn't get tinder, why do you have to login with fb and how do you put on gay settings
Philip Pomeroy (3 years ago)
You never mentioned match.com
Lan Doh (1 year ago)
LuisLuxe hey whats the best gay dating apps for this year?pls answer me.tnx..
LuisLuxe (3 years ago)
i probably would have but i've never used it:(
altlover85 (3 years ago)
Cool vid!
LuisLuxe (3 years ago)
thank you! :)
Multi Sassy (3 years ago)
Spill the tea!! Well maybe not all of it, but I'm sure there are some stories you can share here on the YT w/o using names etc. :) Online dating & dating in general for that matter is always a topic of convo ya know?
LuisLuxe (3 years ago)
for sure! lol! yeah, i'm debating. i do have some interesting stories to tell for sure lol. stay tuned;)
Zoe Sturges (3 years ago)
I saw one of your videos and... Wow. I immediately fell in love with your personality and your charmingness (is that a word Idek 😂). I love you and your channel. New sub 😘
LuisLuxe (3 years ago)
awe, thank you so much +Zoe Sturges! i'm glad you enjoyed it. i'm starting to find it much easier to be myself lately. i appreciate all the love! <3
LaToya Ebony (3 years ago)
You better SHARE those stories. #StoryTime
LuisLuxe (3 years ago)
oh boo, you knowzzz <3
marlon jiles (3 years ago)
Please!!!  Share the stories!
LuisLuxe (3 years ago)
the thought is tempting, lol!!
ohitsROME (3 years ago)
OMG! Share the stories!! hahah 
Fabian (1 year ago)
This was great, I been tryin to find out about "good speed dating questions" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Lebellarna Satisfaction Smokescreen - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my partner got amazing success with it.
LuisLuxe (3 years ago)
yeah? lol! maybe i will:)

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