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Discord - Spell Checker (Homework Edit) (30 MIN!!)

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**Lyrics** If you need a word Spelled pretty good Who ya gonna call? Spell Checker! If you need a word Not spelled wrong Who ya gonna call? Spell Checker! (COUGH) psst https://discordapp.com

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Text Comments (622)
Grim TheDog (11 days ago)
Great, now we know where all the money goes to. 30 min. COUGH wait 30:13 min video, sorry. COUGH.... COUGH... DISCORD IS.. Get discord, It's better for your health.
NickPDX (16 days ago)
mr. bleach (24 days ago)
Who saw the all video?
mr. bleach (24 days ago)
On 2x
llanyboy1970 (1 month ago)
omg the sax really moved me
Borys Barski (1 month ago)
can we have this as an mp3
Madness YT (1 month ago)
I'm pretty confuesd
Sideswipe (1 month ago)
omg the saxreally moved me
DiscordApp on YouTube says: If you need a word Spelled pretty good Who ya gonna call? Spell Checker! If you need a word Not spelled wrong Who ya gonna call? Spell Checker! (COUGH)
StaragmaitGT (1 month ago)
15 mins in
Sr.Torrada (1 month ago)
bless the souls of the people that did this
BlissannaJayden (2 months ago)
DiscordHelp (2 months ago)
74 people are the ones who use other calling apps instead of discord
i just spell higns like crap anyhways
-HaVoC- OFFICIAL (2 months ago)
this is the best
Police Bot Discord (3 months ago)
really ...
JojoMojo (3 months ago)
10 hours version plz
Mr Krabs (3 months ago)
i am watching a normal video
Cupcake - (3 months ago)
tis is stuk in may hed halp
Sling Blue-Eyes (3 months ago)
omg the sax really moved me
Space duck (3 months ago)
Perfect studying music.
Fifi 08 (3 months ago)
I might turn it to like 1,5x or 2x since i do homework pretty fast... So fast i need a *spell checker*
Jinsei no Owari (3 months ago)
1.5 speed lol
Jensofgens 9000 (3 months ago)
cringe company
blueberries are fruit (3 months ago)
if u ned a wurd speld prety gud hoo u gona caal spel checkurr if u ned a wurd nawt speld rung hoo u gona caal spel checkurr **kouff** (actual lyrics) If you need a word Spelled pretty good Who ya gonna call? Spell Checker! If you need a word Not spelled wrong Who ya gonna call? Spell Checker! (COUGH) ACTUAL LYRICS BUT SPELT RIGHTER If you need a word Spelt pretty good Who ya gonna call? Spell Checker! If you need a word Not spelt wrong Who ya gonna call? Spell Checker! (COUGH)
Jacob S (4 months ago)
Windex Cleaner (4 months ago)
Splel Cehcker
Adam Tulis (4 months ago)
If You need Word not spelled wrong... Who You gonna call? *NOT* SPELL CHECKER
Nubman41 (4 months ago)
Grey (4 months ago)
I watch this 2 times i need -help- spell checker
Decaticon (4 months ago)
the kinda advertisements i WANT to watch
CANAL BOBAGERA (4 months ago)
why i hear this all time ? kkkkkk o.O
Tobi01_ (4 months ago)
please unban KevinCZ#3042,Reason:Free ban
Nanoc (4 months ago)
loll wie dos yutub hass nott a Funktion lik dis
Grim Kitten (4 months ago)
*Me:* I'll probably just watch a few mins and skip through the rest of the vid. *Me 5 minutes later:* I'll just watch a few more mins and skip. *Me 20 minutes later:* There's no going back now.
synthels (4 months ago)
*S p e l l c h e c k a r*
_Blocked cabera_ (5 months ago)
spel chekr
Andrei Brănescu (5 months ago)
Nid 10 houer verzion.
It's the creator of Discord ?
JorgesVeryOwnChannel (5 months ago)
This'll literally never get old.
Aster the Astericalitous (5 months ago)
basically how ever discord company meeting goes
LancynicalYT (5 months ago)
i thought you're gonna stretch this shit to 30 minutes and not repeat the whole song for 30 minutes.
Big Smoke (5 months ago)
Best Discordapp Music Ever :D
xd NichtEnno (5 months ago)
*rightclick* *loop* *suffer*
magic school bus (5 months ago)
this is a professional unprofessionalism video
BrettPlayzGamez (5 months ago)
Kacper Burczyk (5 months ago)
0.75 speed
DemianGamer (5 months ago)
Erekle Gvinashvili (5 months ago)
looping vid for 30 mins lol
PolyDogePlays (5 months ago)
DedGhost (5 months ago)
Please, tell me what kayboard is that
Lilyfurs Rblx (5 months ago)
My new ringtone
Bengie Plays (5 months ago)
writes lol gets kys
IlusionKitten (5 months ago)
ha 1:54 (COUGH)
IlusionKitten (5 months ago)
Adrian Maulana (5 months ago)
fucking gay lmfao literally cancerous music xD
pancakepuffball (5 months ago)
10 hour version pls
Noel Yosia (5 months ago)
They rewind this for 30 mins 😂😂😂
Blizzard Plays (5 months ago)
What what?
Shyliac (6 months ago)
i love how this is 30 min
KodeyTheNeko (6 months ago)
Yes please
luis fonsi (6 months ago)
whos hurting you
Delir3X (6 months ago)
Isak Winter (6 months ago)
This is my new homework music
MinermaxtheGamer (6 months ago)
The greatest invention ever The world will change now Now banana will grow on Apple tree
Delir3X (6 months ago)
Spell Checkers CALL NOW! 1-800-YourMom-Gay
iSo_Happy (6 months ago)
Wasted my time
TheWackyRobot (6 months ago)
My new ringtone!
RattyCZ (6 months ago)
Galaxy Skyz (6 months ago)
Avenging Catz Draws (6 months ago)
If you need to screenshare on mobile, who you gonna call? I would show you but I'm on mobile so..
BlueScope819 (6 months ago)
I died of cringe.
AWProductions (6 months ago)
how do I enable this?
Luke is Hyper (6 months ago)
Gud stuf br0 dats sum stuf u g0t br0 kep it Up
xXAskJeremyThatXx (6 months ago)
Just 👌
Scqrs (6 months ago)
Uh okay? 😂
sy (6 months ago)
llzermll (6 months ago)
10hr version would be amazing 😂
That Guy (6 months ago)
discord doesnt take itself serieously
Black Shibe (6 months ago)
spelled pretty gud
SvenGamingNetwork (6 months ago)
imma keep this on and actually listen to this for the coming half hour
Vuk Andreas (1 month ago)
SvenGamingNetwork Replace YouTube.com with listenonrepeat.com. let the rest of the address stay. BOOM! Hours, not half an hour! (I know, there is a feature like this on YT, but lor can also give you the ability to choose what parts to repeat)
11annguyen (6 months ago)
I watched 1:30 seconds of this stuff.
The Danik Com (6 months ago)
10 hours version in studio!!!
Slakoths Disciple (6 months ago)
Best company ever...
Granny Player (6 months ago)
R.I.P Teamspeak
Paper Benni (6 months ago)
My favourite voice calling service is hangouts. let's see how many "kil uslf!" s This comment will get.
Sirius B (6 months ago)
zThundy-SC (6 months ago)
finally done... whole 30 minutes.... i'm crazy
the dislikers (6 months ago)
that's what every company should be like XD
Jeck0_0 (6 months ago)
listening this from 2 hours (dying inside)
Jeck0_0 (6 months ago)
I'm actually doing homework with this video looped. It works!
Jeck0_0 (6 months ago)
*right click on the video --> loop: on --> wait 'till I die*
Dabi gOd (6 months ago)
mr. kiwi (6 months ago)
If you need a word Spelled pretty good Who ya gonna call? Spell Checker! If you need a word Not spelled wrong Who ya gonna call? expand dong! (COUGH)
Ankit (6 months ago)
So proFEssIonAL
Dom Gaming (6 months ago)
Pro editing
MasterCraftYT (6 months ago)
Discord is the best company ever
Charles H. (6 months ago)
if u nead a wurd spelled pretty gud who u gonan coll SPLEL CHEKR if u nead a wurd not spelled rong who u gonan call SPEL CHEKR (coff)
VladNex (6 months ago)
The main reason i use Discord
Linkushi 🍣 (6 months ago)
who makes this channel this is stupid
sherm (6 months ago)
why discord better is then teamspeak and skype? it has these cool videos

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