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Falling in Love with my Straight Friend

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Hey guys, I know its been a very long time since Ive uploaded, however Ive just been super busy. Im still in the process of packing and now I'm working anywhere between 50-70 hours in a week. Ill post more soon, I really enjoy making these videos. Thanks for watching! :) -------------------------------------- instagram.com/phoenixrigney
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AjSlutboi (9 hours ago)
Your so Cute
rcaugh (1 day ago)
Variety is the best medicine when falling for the forbidden. Focus on the possible QUICK.
Alle Bethlehem (1 day ago)
Hey pretty. Stay cool.
Yopo Opo (2 days ago)
Hey cutie great video much love lil bro white guys are the hottest real talk sorry bro im gay
Juan Garcia (7 days ago)
I just told my friend that I like him. He is straight. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done and we are pretty close. He is literally the best human being that I have ever met and I simultaneously came out to him and told him that I have feelings for him. He was so understanding and he said that he didn't feel the same way but that he loved me. I felt so much better afterward. And we are 100% fine and close friends still. I knew nothing would happen between us but it felt great getting it off my chest and I feel so much more comfortable around him now. If only everyone had a friend like that:(
mgrella63 (8 days ago)
Im realizing my best straight friend doesnt like the gay part of me. Hes so critical of me . quick to anger.I decided to pull back and do other things. I dont advise gays and straight men to be friends. It doesnt work. my other straight friend wanted to sleep with me i was really attracted to him so when i brought it up he turned it all around on me and said he was tired of my propositions. he put it all on me. Im done what an asshole
Dog Brokedog (8 days ago)
Maybe you just ask him if he has found his G spot? U need to find u/r's first take your longest finger frontwards and push it in your anus one and 3/4 inch inward feel around until all of a sudden you feel the Wild sensation that is it - play around and turn yourself on. After you master it show your friend where it is and take the suggestion as far as it will go. Thru the years I have had several affairs with straight men, but I made sure they were man enough to keep it to themselves and not tell their buds.
Roxie Rodriguez (9 days ago)
Fredric Marquez (9 days ago)
I have been single my whole life well unless u count the 3 girls to show my parents I’m straight in middle school lol but anyways I’m a hopeless romantic and I’m not into the common feminine gays and I have nothing against them I’m friends with a lot of them but I just can’t make myself catch feelings for them. I prefer the masculine gays which are rare in my area lol and so I tend to fall for straight guys I’ve befriended and hope that they’re bi or gay. But I’ve learned to respect their sexuality like they do mine and I’m very blessed to have such a huge group of accepting and open minded guy friends and lol shoutout to my girl bffs! So the search for love continues!
Dennis Dowd (10 days ago)
I know, I have done this and been a complete ass of myself. But it was all my fault I felt, and i simply stayed away from them.
48acar19 (11 days ago)
I fell in love with a High School classmate; I felt ashamed about my advances and he was ashamed too. After 25 years I found that he was also gay, but he was extremely closeted conservative. The sad news is that he died as a closeted person!
Donovan Stevens (11 days ago)
Hey Phoenix I totally understand where you are coming from as I found myself in the same situations many times, it even happens now also. How do I stop, I'm trying so hard. Please revert back to me
Lemar Anderson - Sings (11 days ago)
no, you need to continue the story! sorry can't do that. build it up then not explain what happened next! did you ask him out? did it ruin the friendship? I have had similar experience one with a straight guy, who is now not a friend i will say when we cross paths we are okay and fine, frinedly but it was never the same! he advoided me for a long time. then another one recently with a in denial guy from church who was more scared of the rules and other people's opinion and now, he is just battling his feelings towards me. but scared of rejections from family and friends and yeah, basically he believed and held his heart away for a long time . as if he didn't believe in love cus he thought the bible saids marriage is for babies so he just dated girls not sleep with them, use the excuse sex before marriage is a sin but he werent in love til i guess he met me, but he was indisivive and scared and then i find out at least 2 or three more of the church friends are gay and fancy me as well i fancy them but the problem is the church preaches sexual imorality and they believe the crap from the pastors who tells them who to sleep with and how to sleep with some1 they run to the pastor for advice and opinions and he ain't got good to say about me, cus I am openly gay. and very comfortable and proud and was coming out to eevryone in the church but it was like do we reject him? or show christ like love. in the end I got kicked out the church!!
truth5689 (12 days ago)
ugly guy
Rainer Vilumaa (12 days ago)
It is even worse when you fall in love with a straight guy and you somehow manage to end up in bed with him. He is either curious or just so horny he doesn't care. Everything he does or says after that seems to validate your feelings for him and you presume he loves you back. He doesn't. They never do. It's only heartache and a bloody mess. Stick to your own kind and you'll be fine.
Jay (12 days ago)
why is this in my recommended?
Ive been there done that Fell in love with a coworker His name was Brian Crane He flirted with me and gave me The impression he was interested In me romantically but he wasn't I wrote a love song about him And he knew the song was about him he even said this song is about me isnt it i admitted and said yesthen he told me he wasn't Gay and it broke my heart
Rosalio Inojosa (13 days ago)
You are so right Phoenix. If you are falling for your best friend, just stop it. I kind of fell for my best friend in college. I did tell him that I was indeed gay. That happened on one occasion when he took me to a romantic walk on the beach to see the sunset. I asked him if he was hitting on me; he said no. I asked him if he saw ourselves getting somewhere in the future, erotically wise I meant. He said no. So then I asked him to please stop it. When finished college each one of us followed their own path apart.
Martin Kodarin (13 days ago)
Jacob Holland (15 days ago)
I fell madly in love with my best friend ever since middle school. I always tried to do gay things with him when I got the chance like smack his butt (btw he had an absolutely amazing ass) hug him, hold hands, cuddle for a bit, and wrestle, just as much physical intimate contact as possible and I did eventually get the relief I needed when I met a gay guy a church and we hooked up in his car. I’m still in love with him because he’s so cute
Gerardo Piedras (15 days ago)
If you're gay and you haven't had a crush on a straight friend you're failing as a gay man.
I'm in love with mines and he knows and he doesn't really care
Dexter Bentley (16 days ago)
Story of my life lol. I've only ever fallen in love with straight guys (or at least guys I thought were straight). The first guy I ever fell in love with was this guy Chris I met my freshman year of high school. I fell for him pretty quick and it lasted throughout all of high school and then some. I graduated about 9 years ago. About 6 months ago I ran into Chris for the first time in about 9 years in a bar. He introduced me to his lovely boyfriend. Turns out Chris is gay. He and I hung out a few weeks later and he told me he had the biggest crush on me in high school but never said anything because he thought I was straight. I'm completely regretting not saying something to him all those years ago.
Gucci Pineapple (17 days ago)
unfortunately, I'm not gay 😔but I can relate!!!
Donbar Welcome (19 days ago)
it do.i has it hapend to me.an it change him
Donbar Welcome (19 days ago)
this is my opinion on supposedly straight guys they are not gay in front of their friends but you get them alone and some beers and they trye colors come out and I learned that whenever you hear a guy talking about a boat gay guys it's because he's hiding who he really is and don't want anybody to know and that way he's always given gay people a lot of shit because he's gay and he's trying to hide his sexuality it's sad when somebody has to hide who they really are they are ashamed of what their family and friends would think about them that is so sad
Roc Star Studio (23 days ago)
Adorable. Thanks for sharing buddy
IamPogayJohn casas (24 days ago)
I like my workmate... He is a friend of mine too.. He has a girl and its really hard not to like him... His smile .. The jokes... Its killing me... I hate myself because i like him.. :(
Mark P (25 days ago)
We can’t help who we are attracted to or fall in love with. It just happens. I will say though it seems more straight married guys are now curious as to what it’s like to be with another guy.
kramden (25 days ago)
Well, we have all experienced this for sure.  I fell in love with my best friend in school, finally admitted it to him (OK, I'm sure he knew already....), he was very nice and comforting while telling me he was str8 and could never have sexual feelings for me.  I am so fortunate, he is still my best buddy.  I'm glad I confessed my feelings, so I/we could work past that and save the friendship.  Your advice is spot on, it is surely OK to have feelings for a str8 buddy, just don't ever cross the line or hope "you can change him".
PlaneHub_PH (25 days ago)
Hmm.. Sometimes guys are really bisexual🤔
Ellen Richardson (27 days ago)
Hi Phoenix! Wow didn't really expect to hear back so soon if at all. Glad I did. Well first off I have a gay sister. Then many years later as my baby girl was growing up, she proved yo be bi. Wasn't sure how to handle it. Watched her go through some painful times. Few months back she was head over heels for this girl, moved in with my daughter, that lasted only a few months. This girl went back to her husband! Im straight BUT I've had several deep crushes on guys that were really unattainable whether they were married or just plain out of my league 😒 I'll tell you one embarrassing story I fell hard over one of my daughter's boyfriends about 3 years ago while they were living together (yes shame on me)! Anyway obviously couldn't do anything about it. He knew cause he started the flirting and shit,and that was constant! Never never would I have crossed that line. But the feelings never the less were insane!!! Thought about him day and night. Had pics of him on my phone, snapshots of him by my bed. Then found some nudie pics of him at my daughter's house! Then the obsession got worse. Also what made it worse he was an incredible flirt with me and drop dead gorgeous 😘 Any goes to show you these crushes happen to everybody. If your just about one hundred percent sure it won't work out, try and move on otherwise you will just put yourself through alot of misery and torture! You are so young and so good looking you shouldn't have any problem finding someone. Just guard your heart 💝 Good thing I don't live too close to you or I'd be crushin on you...
Hydrangea Spawn (30 days ago)
I want a bf lmao.
Mark ledesma (1 month ago)
things we do in high school can be funny or embarrassing when we think about it years later plus i didn't have the guts back then so i suppose with experience i developed confidence.
Michael Miller (1 month ago)
I have been love with incredibly handsome straight friend for YEARS..
Mormegil (1 month ago)
you are really sweet and nice :)
Dennis Neftleberg (1 month ago)
You are a degenerate homosexual. You are sick get help. Do you molest little boys
Ellen Richardson (27 days ago)
Assss! Get you're head OUT of it!!! It's a brand new day!!
Vin Commons (1 month ago)
Someone hasn't shot you YET? SMH
Ellen Richardson (27 days ago)
Homophobic much?
David Mitchell (1 month ago)
Can’t help who you fall in love with. From the time I knew I was gay, I had guys in my life that just caught me off guard. I work with a guy who is one of the hottest men that I physically know. So obvious that I know I blush when we talk.
Ellen Richardson (27 days ago)
Awww 😞😌
K'sEO (1 month ago)
A lot of guys will let you get them off, but you really want a relationship.
Mark Shao (1 month ago)
There are a lot gays around me when opening blued app. So I never thought hooking up my best friend.☺☺😂😂🌹🌹
Eduardo Lomocso (26 days ago)
A straight guy doesn't fall in love with the same sex, but he can be a good friend to a gay, and eventually give in sexually out of the good friendship established. However, that "giving in" has no emotional content. It's more of giving his trust on the special friendship created, on a different level of emotion, unlike his feeling on a girl. Straight guy chooses a gay that he can trust as his buddy before he gives in his vulnerability for that situation. S.Guys are egoistic and they find sex as their most vulnerable moment. As if someone snatched their ego from them after sex. This is why when a Straight Guy gives in to a gay's desire, S.Guy normally withdraw his friendship with a gay for a while. If he comes back to the gay, It would mean that he likes their friendship, and trusted the gay intensely. S.Guys knows exactly the gay's sex desire, but S.Guy focuses more on the friendship that has been developed. S.Guy can't distinguish whether a gay is handsome or not. What matters to S.Guy is the gay's friendship, kindness, and care. A. S. Guy offers his "tool" on gay to make the gay happy but that's all. No emotional content inside him, its pure libido & friendship. S.Guys brain is wired to the opposite sex. Because S.Guys loved to be subdued by women. -This is the truth! I don't think there is bisexuality in reality. If you find enjoyment having sex with another guy, then you are gay. S.Guys go for the opposite sex and enjoy it immensely, and in fact, S.Guy shamelessly cries when they found out that their ladies did not enjoy having sex with him. S.Guys normally get easily recovered after break up with his girl but, he will never forget the pain. It still lingers on his head. S.Guys wants to show to the world that he can sow a seed to his lady and capable of creating his kingdom and proud to see the fruits of his libido & love. S.Guys, sometimes do not care anymore on his physical makeup if he is already contented with his lady. Does not care about his protruding belly anymore. When S.Guy having sex with a gay, for him it is just a pure gift on the gay's kindness for the things/time/effort that the gay gave to him. S.Guys sees that effort very well. S.Guys are not difficult to talk to. Just be honest to him on your desire, and make sure to find a good timing on his libido. He will give in for sure. Gays should never sneak on to his snake when he is under liquor for you will lose him forever. Gays' should wait and must be patient, because he knows very well on your agony. He knows your bucket of saliva. Just let him offer his tool to you according to his own libidinal term. Good luck. Don't expect. Just keep your mouth open and later close it without a single word. S.Guys hates gossips. Likewise, never tell tales how small his willie, unless you are willing to turn your face red & blue.
Ellen Richardson (27 days ago)
Wow, very insightful.
Bourges Florian (1 month ago)
it took a lot of times to figure out that I was head over heels in love with men but the problem is that when you love someone from the same sex you often tend to Wind up alone until you come up with the right guy but not always !!! but FROM my point of view, you are a drop dead gorgeous person !!!
Aidan Mackey (1 month ago)
I know that falling in love with your straight friend is bad and I understand why and how you mean that, but how do you “detox”, or like stop feeling for them?
Aaron Glisson (2 months ago)
This is currently happening to me right now!
Ritu Chouhan (2 months ago)
And there is my life despite being a straight girl, I always get bro-zoned..😢.. anyways loved ur video..
Alain Brice (2 months ago)
U should tell him what to lose he might say am bie or i love you as a friend and u could take him to gay bar be open around him there's alot you can get from him beside sex 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Chad Hourie (2 months ago)
I understand.
The Emerald Knight (2 months ago)
Well so I’m going through this right now😅
luis gonzalez (2 months ago)
Karen Lopez (2 months ago)
you gay that cool barely seeing this video first one I see and I thought u were straight but whatever nice video
M Ryan (2 months ago)
One of the cutest and seemingly sweetest young fellas on Youtube. ;-)
Hong An (3 months ago)
It's hard, being in that situation.
Jaime Arango (3 months ago)
What for ? No thank u 😎
Aaron W (3 months ago)
I fell for a straight friend and never considered the consequences of letting them fester so it went on for years. I was so obsessed with him and would get so upset when he didn't want to hang out and stuff. I did eventually tell him after he got engaged to his now wife but we're not friends at all anymore and honestly I think it's for the best just because of how long I let my feelings go on.
Olav M. (3 months ago)
Been there done there. Not fun
Teo Tkalec (3 months ago)
I had a very best friend years ago and we were very close.. he asked me if i mastrubate and I answered "yes" and then we mastrubated together xd... like.. 4 months later we were riding a bike like we always did and we were at the place where were no people, then he unexpectedly told me we can mastrubate together again and I said no. He was mastrubating there and I just saw his back (mybe he thought I would join him), but I didnt and now im sad cuz hes very attractive and we are not best friends anymore. If i said yes we would still be bf now... he has some girlfriends rn and I dont know if he is straight or gay, but im trying to get closer to him and... idk
FlowingStatue 18 (3 months ago)
I can honestly relate to this because i had a friend that was straight that I fell for he was hot and all but it went really downhill
Alex Shuysky (3 months ago)
Don't even try to pursue the feeling. It's heartbreak after heartbreak if it didn't work out.
Remy Fagerstrom (3 months ago)
Yeah, I had a big crush on a guy in middle school. We knew each other, but never really talked. But the thing is, he had a crush on one of my best friends, who was a girl. _it sucked so much_
Ellen Richardson (27 days ago)
Aw, feel bad for you! Its hard..
Juzheng Zhang (3 months ago)
Maybe you don't change them but you help them discover their true selves...
Hi my name's Catrina (3 months ago)
That's the worst feeling ever
marc emerson (3 months ago)
Gay men love MEN. MEN are 95%+ straight. So gay men have to navigate a sea of sexually attractive men who can never be available to them. And straight men are hotter because they are straight. Being gay doesn't limit your interest to only gay men, but you are limited to sex with gay men even if yiu find straight men more attractive. Plus being gay often ruins friendship with straight males because their friendship opens you emotionally to them but there is no reciprocity.
Markian Ramchuk (3 months ago)
I'm straight and I have fallen in love with my lesbian friend, love is tough! It is so powerful
toby43078 (3 months ago)
It sucks. im still in love with my best friend, he has his girl and 2 small kids...
NATHAN M. (3 months ago)
This phenomenon isn't exclusive to gay people. Straight people experience this too, it's called "the friend zone."
Astronomical Armadillo (2 months ago)
He's very clear that it happens to straight people too, but it can be worse when you are a gay person in love with someone you know you can never be with since they are straight. With two straight people, it's way different.
Ian Robertson (3 months ago)
I had a horrible time when I denied I was Gay so I joined the Army and ended up falling in love with my room mate and that was so difficult as at that time being Gay was illegal.It hammered me wanting to tell him If was more difficult showering with him sleeping in the same room as him.Worse time of my life
Budder Maniacz (3 months ago)
Lmao this is me with a friend I had, but I told him and he didn’t care lol
Dunno TV (3 months ago)
Ahhhh I totally can relate to that! I always have the problem that I get nervous around guys, but it is usually just me being nervous on the inside. I overthink stuff a lot and when a cute guy comes up to me it just wipes my logical thinking out, even though I know he's straight.
Elie Moufarrege (3 months ago)
Same thing bro happened to me but i already told my friends and they was like okay your gonna stay to us the same we love u as our bestie i just love them so much they are my support
ro ben (3 months ago)
Why Youtube keeps suggesting to me the same type of videos, this is the second one this week all of them are about gay guys in love with their best buds.
ro ben (3 months ago)
+audience2 because they is like a lot of them
audience2 (3 months ago)
It's the algorithm. Trying to tell you something. 😂
mark g (3 months ago)
I'm a 63yo gay guy and I [free] massage lots of younger men via posts on doublelist. A large number of the guys that I play with identify as "straight" (meaning they only have sex with women), but they are usually open to "more" ... they are not going to hop into bed with you, but they will allow you to do a lot to them. One attraction is that they know they are safe with me and will get the attention they are not getting from their partner. However, most are bi-sexual, which creates a lot more possibilities. Once in a while, the unthinkable happens ... a guy that I thought was straight will make a pass at me. I find that younger guys are far more likely to experiment. The gay thing is less of an issue for them, and when they are horny....... I've been doing this for over 10 years and it is very fulfilling for me. I've met a lot of very handsome, buff, masculine guys.
raymond lopez (3 months ago)
Phoenix wear something subtle but symbolic like a rainbow bracelet or ankle bracelet or a rainbow ring or a necklace with a symbolic pendant remember subte but exposed and wear every day. Keep the ring, bracelet, necklace, pendant etc classy. You are 9 (hot) in the looks department and seem smart and level headed so allow the symbology to advertise who you are. Guys will see and there you go. Good luck.😍
Louis Graham (3 months ago)
So cliche, come on gays
Jacob Snell (3 months ago)
And that why I don't HAVE straight friends anymore lol
The Lonely Boy (3 months ago)
Don’t apologize! Just up and kiss me now!!! And stop working come live with me :P
Leatherkid01 (3 months ago)
I went thru that .....haha
SCOTT WASCHER (3 months ago)
I did this once.... it backfired so badly... cause I fell way too hard for the guy and he couldnt handle it... screwed me all up....
Zeddicus (3 months ago)
Phoenix what a freaking great name and you are uber handsome... I wanna give you a hug!
PHOENIX MINISTRY (3 months ago)
Omg! I’m in love with you Haha 😍
Alexis N. (3 months ago)
I've had the same situation a few times throughout my life and I figured out what it is that leads to this for myself, maybe you as well. I realized after long periods of critical thinking that what makes me develop such strong feelings and attachments to some of my straight friends is the knowledge that this person genuinely likes me. They like my personality, they forgive me for things they may not like and choose to value aspects about myself that I generally do hope people would. They like my company, my experience, what I can bring to the table... They have value for me that I often find is hard to come across when actively dating other gay men you almost need to force yourself to meet, be it through Grindr, scruff, tinder, some gay bar or event.... Your straight friend isn't physically attracted to you but they are attracted to you as a person. That is what makes it refreshing, is to feel valued as the person you are, the good qualities you embody as a friend, what you can contribute to a relationship, seem to be finally acknowledged and appreciated. You end up with this taste of what it could feel like, but the knowledge that it won't play out that way. I could write volumes on this but I have to run.
Bill G (3 months ago)
Glad to see you face reality really well.  Great narrative!
Johnnyrising (3 months ago)
I love your story's, they're so relatable and you tell them so well❤
Paul Aidan (3 months ago)
The attraction (such as that which is felt by a gay guy towards a heterosexual friend) is primal and biologically programmed into us - from way back in our evolution. It's driven from the biological imperative to reproduce (although, obviously biological reproduction is redundant in the case of same-sex attractions). At a human level, it's very tough to endure, both emotionally and mentally. It is not limited to same sex attractions. Heterosexuals experience it when a deep attraction to a particular member of the opposite sex is not reciprocated. It hurts; and hurts deeply. Gays are better understood and emotionally safer when among their own kind.
m f (3 months ago)
I have crush so bad with my best friend :'(, i never confess my feeling because i know he a total straight.
an alien undercover (3 months ago)
i fucking love you
luis esparza (3 months ago)
200k views with only 18k subs!
Brother Andy (3 months ago)
I have been in a fifteen-year-long relationship with someone who self-identifies as straight and I have never felt so loved or have ever loved so much. It starts with being honest with yourself, honest with them, and understanding that every human being's sexuality/emotional dynamics is on a spectrum. To expect any two people to match perfect in all ways is a set up for hurt, which is why there is so much divorce, loneliness and heartache. Everyone makes compromises to be in relationships. Everyone has agendas and needs and desires. What you mostly see in couples is accepting less, expecting and hoping for more, being resentful and repressive, instead of giving more, listening, and expressing yourself with fear, doubt, guilt or shame. Doing all this isn't about giving something up. It's about sharing experiences as friends, as lovers, as partners, as a team. My question for most people who have never considered any other way is, "If you can't handle someone being attracted to you, no matter who it is, how can you handle your attraction to someone else?" Love starts with self and is found through being open to it in its various forms -- love for a dog, love for a child, love of a hobby, love of family, etc. and soon passion finds you.
BoyAdventer (3 months ago)
This is why i have friends who are girls i cant handle falling in love with boys
Decipher Code (3 months ago)
Just be direct and ask the guy if he wants a blow job, it's a simple yes or no question. I tell this upfront to straight guys. It's a very easy method.
Decipher Code (3 months ago)
+m f I rather take direct flights than dancing around the subject, life is to short....if you have feelings, tell the person right there, if yes good, if no...move along.
m f (3 months ago)
Jesus crisht, are you want to break your relationship
Sandro Anthony Langello (3 months ago)
Wow your hot
James Tarr (3 months ago)
I've seen many of your videos and many of them start out with an apology about not posting. If I were you, I'd just come to terms with and accept that I can't post more often than a month. It'll take pressure off you and you wont have to apologize so often, in addition, every time you _can_ post more often will be a treat for both your fans and yourself! *8) Its all about realistic goals and expectations.
Jeff Morse (3 months ago)
Fell in love with a close friend who was still a virgin at 25 (seriously). We were extremely close for almost a year - did everything together. I kept thinking that if I was just patient he might come around being he'd never had sex with a woman. He never did and it was heartbreaking when he eventually married a woman. I mean gut-wrenchingly heartbreaking. Held a torch for him up to that point. Yeah, really a hard lesson to learn.
Ivan Ivan (3 months ago)
Then he dont deserve the best thing in the world-when guys live together and love each other. Hope you will find your love soon!
No1More1Mr1Nice1Guy1 (3 months ago)
stop apologising for not uploading. at this stage its a cliche...
randomsanta (3 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your "sweaty" story. It's adorable, and I strongly relate. You can't help who you're attracted to, just like you can't "help" being gay. I think it's harder for gay people, because most people around them are non-gay, but that doesn't make (some of) them any less hot !
Esza Mimba (3 months ago)
i used to have this experienced back when it was in high school. when im around him i couldnt even talk (not a single word), i remained silent and couldnt even look at him. when he knew i liked him (i never told him btw, i think he knew from our friends) he never speak to me and hate me until now.
saibot (3 months ago)
it's really weird how things work. i've had 8 sexual experiences (sex, bj, hj, etc) so far in my life (im 19 and gay). 5 of those were with straight guys, and 3 were with gay guys.
Thanos apokapouallou (3 months ago)
A am gay and i think my best friend is gay (we did not admit it to each other yet) he is goodlooking and kind like all girls wanna date him but i really can't even think dating him, he is my besty im not feeling Sexual attracted to him. I don't know, real friendship doesn't change to anything else i guess, we are best friends for 15 years now
Dan Thomas (3 months ago)
Is there even a gay boy alive who hasn't had a crush on a straight boy? I think not. Broke my heart and almost did me in. Never again. Even still, I've had more straight guys in my life than gay ones. Sex is different than love. So if that's all you want go for it. Just don't fall in love.
Mark ledesma (3 months ago)
phoenix you're young and goodlooking, have fun!

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