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queen- youre my best friend w/ gay spiderman

36961 ratings | 58369186 views
gay spider man!!! 50,000,000 views! new videos!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IW-d6SexTs
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Kealoha Kanakawai'i (2 days ago)
OnlyHuman (20 days ago)
Why is this downvoted?
shortstackedits (24 days ago)
8 years later this is still peak cinema
When you win at Fortnite when he tried to troll you.
Mix N Mash (1 month ago)
this is what sparked the "spiderman and elsa" videos. It is a momentous occasion, one to start the downfall of the century.
Ryder DoubleU (1 month ago)
This vid is a work of art!
K I R B (1 month ago)
Yeah I hate this a lot.
William Simard (2 months ago)
This was constructive
robot bros (2 months ago)
WTF this is like the weirdest video in my life and who is gay
Frostalacritzx (2 months ago)
Tabitha Lorraine Wolf (3 months ago)
Cody And sofia (3 months ago)
Is the black Spider-Man a girl
Galaxy Squad (3 months ago)
I’m not gay but I can’t say I exactly like the vid
sydisticgoose (3 months ago)
You guys should’ve fucked
Tandra Maitra (3 months ago)
Spider-Man and black spiderman friends
Iosges Uspad (3 months ago)
This....will be denimeticeze
Mr. Interest (4 months ago)
Why does this exist?
SleekismBoyz (4 months ago)
The fuck
Cu bo (4 months ago)
poha é essa spider man de pau duro kkkkkkkkk
Chrystal Raymond (4 months ago)
58 mil views damn
Vasiliy Privalov (4 months ago)
Oh my god, this is very cute video))))🏳️‍🌈
Plantlinqq ! (4 months ago)
Moto2Sport (5 months ago)
This was great lol
Bonnie the Bunny (5 months ago)
To be honest this is cute.. even know im not gay.
Tuấn Hoàng (5 months ago)
Vừa hay vừa buồn cười
Blue Moon Lps (5 months ago)
I find this so funny 😂😂😂
SNOWMAN GACHA (5 months ago)
Who saw the chicken bucket said KFC in 1:49
The Reptilian (6 months ago)
Deep Web ... 😑😑😑
Pandapanda64 Boi (6 months ago)
I’m happy I chose to watch this
Athan Mikael Aquino (6 months ago)
Xiaver Ok i agree you
Abogado Nuñez (6 months ago)
Gayest vid i ever seen
chntl_ hld (6 months ago)
I was watching Dr Phil, how did I end up here...
Zainbow (6 months ago)
YouTube suggested that I watch the 2002 Toby McGuire Spiderman movie after this from autoplay. Good job YouTube.
The top head Goat (6 months ago)
But it isn't
The top head Goat (6 months ago)
This present look gay:/
SuperPC Gamer (6 months ago)
1:47 I just discovered that I have a new fetish
1:47 I feel like I'm watching porn hub
Mateiusca (7 months ago)
Heart touching
ItllCostYa (7 months ago)
This is not gay, just simple interaction between two independent males that rely on each other to make each other happy to prevent long term depression, therefore not making them gay just, as the video states, they are best friends.
Marco Samiel Jei Itable (7 months ago)
This ruined my childhood
eat_ sand (7 months ago)
This song makes me sad because i dont have a best friend 👌👌👌😎😎
Fernando Espinoza (8 months ago)
TV Boi (8 months ago)
Shadpoolroar's Art (8 months ago)
Jazzybeth Coolkat (9 months ago)
This was not funny... IT WAS JUST BEAUTIFUL!! 😂
Eldar Redzic (9 months ago)
DualWieldy _ (9 months ago)
2:06 im lmfao
TheGaming iPad (10 months ago)
I’m not gay but........THERE DOGS SO CUTE
Tiddles TheUnicorn (10 months ago)
So cute cute I’m not gay but this is still cute
hotkiller 2003 (10 months ago)
2018 anyone?
KORO SENSEI (11 months ago)
C mamut :'v
KillerKrocs (11 months ago)
Tom Holland
Where am I?
benyens12 (1 year ago)
lol venom would never do this gay shit
LevelFourTea (1 year ago)
Rezendeevil Minecraft (1 year ago)
Mr Durty (1 year ago)
lvl 4999 soldier (1 year ago)
there goesmy childhood
Sara Dragicevic (1 year ago)
Ok vreme Ja uzela komp sam švrlja a danas niš
Sara Dragicevic (1 year ago)
' 😊@ E zeznuta je zvala kad 😊sam mi to znam
Sara Dragicevic (1 year ago)
To znama za prijateljstvo. Ja to prebacio tad. To nevalja. Ja way To nevalja. @ E pošalji mi se opet blokira tel. 😙
clorox bleachV3.0 (1 year ago)
Cadmiel Hernandez (1 year ago)
Me gusta mucho ❤️ ivan 👍👌🏼👋🏼
Gustavo Elias (1 year ago)
Pyro’s Dad (1 year ago)
what has life become
Stony6512 (1 year ago)
End my life
Mckenzie Glen (1 year ago)
sooooooooooooooooo dank so gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Constable Sam (1 year ago)
Lovely And Wonderful Video And I Love That Song You're My Best Friend By Queen And I Sing It To Mum And Nana All The Time Cause I Love Them And They're My Best Friends
Ad Lim (1 year ago)
I thought this is ass slap
Edith Cantu (1 year ago)
i saw a black screen for the whole video
The Chuck (1 year ago)
I watched this when I was 5
rex guy 150 (1 year ago)
I remember I watch this video long time ago with my nephew 😢
Danijela Rajcic (1 year ago)
87r4cjy3onreevt34j0b (1 year ago)
Đức Trần (1 year ago)
Red Dragon Boy Gaming (1 year ago)
Gay spidey eww!!! 👎
Jack Gatus (1 year ago)
Gaaaaaay hahahaha hahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahaha hahahaha hahahaha I can't stop laughing ka la ka ka oops sorry hahahaha hahahaha kakaka I have cough
Daily Liv (1 year ago)
How did I end up here?
Loi Anh (1 year ago)
HotWheels 44 (1 year ago)
Why does this have 58 million views
Deadpool El AntiHeroe (1 year ago)
Have not gay this is a best friends ejemple:sulley and wawsausky
Gosthface (1 year ago)
Knight in Space (1 year ago)
My relationship goals right here
Issa Boi Telemundo (1 year ago)
My otp lol
Đỗ Nam (1 year ago)
Gorgus Didlo (1 year ago)
I'm wheezing
Spidey (1 year ago)
I remember seeing this at like a young age and I was like what's gay ? Now I am like ohh Gay is happiness
Jesús mane Rangel (1 year ago)
Mejores amigos para siempre
Alexia Woodhoudse (1 year ago)
Hoàng Huy (1 year ago)
adnan allami (1 year ago)
look at the eye in 2:34 it looks like a girl
Rebeeca Webster (1 year ago)
Opus YTP (1 year ago)
hi am opus and vvery gay
Maite balam1086 (1 year ago)
Islam Barisik (1 year ago)
ışte kardeşlik böyle olur
Lorran 9001 (1 year ago)
ah ahahah

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