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Upgrade Your Playstation 3 to PS4 for Free

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➤NOTE - This video is a joke, but I have switched to only making REAL tech videos, see some here ▶ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFr3c472VstzAUSTygS0YZKoqjNQCESAI I've gotten so many requests on how to upgrade your Playstation 3 to Playstation 4, and it's finally here! You just have to run a system update from a hidden safe-mode menu to install the Playstation 4 operating system. ▼ More Videos ▼ Upgrade Xbox 360 to Xbox One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fTThpnr114&list=PLFC04B20B5D258909&index=6 Upgrade Xbox 360 to PS4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDFmB862Eo8&list=PLFC04B20B5D258909&index=4 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (43212)
Brandon Evaro (9 hours ago)
He cut it out and went to ps4 input
Muzaffar Rafiq (11 hours ago)
Joke lol it has to be funny not stupid to be called a joke
tare 2007 (12 hours ago)
Thoes this really work for you cus im scared to it and ya know brake my ps3 or somthing
ChrizPlayz (12 hours ago)
this is fake!!! don't do it!
Jhonatan Perez Mostacero (14 hours ago)
i can update my tamagotchi to ps4?
Bryan Werefox (17 hours ago)
I upgraded my husky to cerberus, help
I Don't Even Have A PS4 Game Disk! 😢
Eu Gen (18 hours ago)
Gabriel Arenas (19 hours ago)
I upgraded my spermcell to a Gaming PC
Chrisman 321 (1 day ago)
Magaly Vega (1 day ago)
its like saying "how to get ur computer turned into a spaceship with TECH"
Elton Cani (1 day ago)
I plugged my 3inch dick in and it turned into a 4 inch pussy wow it works
Viros (1 day ago)
i see the Photoshop on the TV
Demonic Play (1 day ago)
Can I upgrade my mum to an iPhone X?
Demonic Play (1 day ago)
Guess what excited random person looking in the comments *This is fake*
sofonias alemayehu (1 day ago)
Doesn't work
Pramod Kumar (1 day ago)
That means Love from India :तेरी मां का भोसड़ा
Joe what do you do if the update is 4.82 we followed your instructions
SkullCrusher 6025 (3 days ago)
This video was unclear throughout the steps, it turned my 2004 TV into an Ultra 4k Samsung TV Flat screen.
Jonathon Hackett (3 days ago)
Did anyone try this
textingstory (3 days ago)
It doesn't even work!!!!! Even with the "xbox" theo ur such a dick
thabile letsie (3 days ago)
I used mine craft ps4 inserted it in ps3 did everything and it said no update found
Thio joe, why not working
Abhilekh Verma (4 days ago)
Would my Ps3 acount still be there
Brandon Hackbarth (4 days ago)
You think i could upgrade my shit into magic you idiot
Stevie Wotsa (5 days ago)
Wow it really works now playing Detroit on the ps3 thanks so much subscribed.
realarmydog142 (5 days ago)
Fake,click bait and he is a loser
SuperElectric UIF (5 days ago)
I can play Minecraft on my fridge !! Thanks Joe :D
briana villarreal (5 days ago)
I updated my Dodge Journey to a Dodge Durango SRT right on joe!!!
UK HACKZz (5 days ago)
Garantee this guy got bullied at school
Capricorn One! (5 days ago)
That turned my thumbdrive into a HOTDOG.... lame af!
SRtheGamerLIVE (5 days ago)
Please help my pubg upgraded to fortnite by your method . I followed your instrucions
Han Solo (6 days ago)
thanks. because of you my iPhone 1 is now a super computer with the government's secrets in it! your the best!😁also tried it on my Xbox 360 and now it can play PlayStation exclusives!?!
DRIFTY TIGER (6 days ago)
I upgraded my cat to a car thx joe
Youfoundalex_boi (6 days ago)
Why didn’t it work for me it said no applicable update data was found
baha Shajrawi (5 days ago)
It's fake
Mopsie (6 days ago)
Youfoundalex_boi really? It worked for me!
Max The Chiron (7 days ago)
I upgraded my rabbit and it turned into a ps4 slim lol
Resterive (7 days ago)
lm laughing for the ones who thought this was possible (read description )
soccer field (7 days ago)
I wonder why he got so much views
Elsewhere (7 days ago)
I cant believe I actually thought it was real 3 years ago
YOBOYSCOOP 1 (7 days ago)
2019 what about ps3 slim
Youfoundalex_boi (7 days ago)
Can you play PS4 games?
Osman Mustafa (7 days ago)
Can we play fortnite
Kingthief 21 (8 days ago)
Umm Joe I tried this on my microwave it turned into Xbox One X I'm freaking out plz help it's so stressful
Kingthief 21 (7 days ago)
+Resterive thanks but it's still an Xbox One X
Resterive (7 days ago)
Kingthief 21 to change it buy a PS4 Cost:200 or 150 problem solved now don't worry (This comment was just a joke or sarcasm)
XarTonEz Eshanh3d (8 days ago)
I have a PS3 super slim or normal slim
Rifki 12 (8 days ago)
Thanks for video i can play ps4 with my family
Stalker Stomper3 (9 days ago)
If anyone WAS to try this, could it ruin their ps3? If so, I'd hope that a class action lawsuit would be filed against you. I'm all for a joke if there's no harm involved. But IS there harm with this joke?
Jesse Redsven (6 days ago)
Nobody could file a lawsuit against this guy the desc says its a joke so if someboy didnt read it and destroys his/her ps3 its his/her own fault. And yes im pretty sure its gpnna harm you ps3
GroomingAttic26 (9 days ago)
My Porsche turned into a range rover
Lferda Tv Fm (10 days ago)
Hhhhhhh fuk you jojo
Breezy102 (10 days ago)
This work?
Luigi (10 days ago)
Bruh anyone who believes this is a retard sorry to say but it’s entertaining not real lol
Battle Echo (10 days ago)
My game boi is now an Xbox one x
Fraser progamer (10 days ago)
Slav Slayer (10 days ago)
Instructions wrong, penis severed inside of cheese grater
Ofentse Lentsoane (10 days ago)
Oh and can you also use PS3 games after you updated it to the PS4
Mopsie (6 days ago)
Ofentse Lentsoane yeah sure, you can even play some Xbox one games
Ofentse Lentsoane (10 days ago)
Can you use a PlayStation 4 controller for your PS3 after you've updated it
Zenical (8 days ago)
It's fake
Kiezoe_gamez (10 days ago)
dad why is the fbi here?
CrashingWings YT (11 days ago)
*Who here still has a ps3?*
IQJAZZ OJIOYV (11 days ago)
How can I download intel core i7?
Hay I Upgraded My Dog ! He Is Dragon Now :| Are You Think We're Fool ?
Wali Zain (11 days ago)
Thinks my civic turn into ps4 pro thinks joe
Random Man (12 days ago)
Rose's are red Violates are blue I just fell for a clickbait and so did you
Cooking And Gaming (8 days ago)
Bru, ya spelled violets wrong...
ATLAS (12 days ago)
Oh I misunderstood the instructions and accendential drove my alligator off a cliff.
Michael Cardrnas (13 days ago)
Next thing you know it turns into a PS4 fer 3 seconds and goes back to ps3
Kenneth Burke (13 days ago)
If we do this will the ps3 games work still
Kaan Kaan (12 days ago)
Kenneth Burke it's fake
Miri Alla (13 days ago)
Thanks to you now I have a PS5 Guys try that , is crazy , you just need to put an CD into ps3 and then think what you want it to be and then you gonna have it 😂😂😂
HorrificLandonYT (13 days ago)
Can I still play ps3 games?
4We2eb0 (13 days ago)
it's fake. This video was a joke bro
HorrificLandonYT (13 days ago)
Jordan Boiman (13 days ago)
Did he really say playstation won't patch this cause it's older hardware 😂 5:45
I eat kids (13 days ago)
Disappointed to say the least my leapfrog turned into an ouya
That is working on ps3 super slim?
Kaan Kaan (12 days ago)
Davidioan FORTNITE CHANNEL so don't lie me man
Kaan Kaan (12 days ago)
Davidioan FORTNITE CHANNEL Look at the his channel's description and he says all the "free stuff" tutorials are fake jokes.
Kaan Kaan (12 days ago)
Davidioan FORTNITE CHANNEL Did you upgrade your ps3 to xbox one ?? Are you kiddding me bro ?
+Kaan Kaan that is not fake i tested that on xbox one to ps3 and its worked
Kaan Kaan (12 days ago)
Davidioan FORTNITE CHANNEL it's fake man lol
buffalo gold (14 days ago)
Michael Games (14 days ago)
Ale ja nie mam żadnej gry na ps4
A.P MODZ1344 (14 days ago)
Yo my ps3 turned into a windows phone
Noah Zimmerman (14 days ago)
Will you be able to get updates for the ps4 or not?
MoneyMaker (15 days ago)
That TV looks old af upgrade that sht too
Farzad (14 days ago)
Halow XxX (15 days ago)
while he skiped he changed the console to ps4 fake
Robbo Ironink (15 days ago)
Will option 5 work to restore the system back to PS3 if you don’t like the PS4 or whatever other reason you want to go back to PS3.
Jamell Jones (15 days ago)
I wonder if work PS 3 that slides at the top?
Quantum_ Captian (15 days ago)
This guy is a living legend
_Metal_Squad_ 666 (15 days ago)
Knowlege World (15 days ago)
Toxic Karmzy (16 days ago)
You guys are bots on ps3 I got PS4 you bots think this is going to work
Zollnation (16 days ago)
what should i do if my upgraded ps3 went even further, now only jacking off everywhere, only burnmarks all over the room, have probally ddownloaded some new app, with solar sheit so he do not need cords no more all wireless, i have no controll arrrrgh, so annoying. Thnx ALOT Dickweed
ValMax _ (16 days ago)
Is fake or not ?
Stalh GamesTM (16 days ago)
Fake! My PS3 is trasformed on a microwaved!
Heyzr Kush (16 days ago)
Wow, genius true genius, your method worked. I wanna let you have it as a gift since i upgraded my whole wardrobe I upgraded my dirty underwear into a pistol you can now use on updated official firm grip to blow your brains out!
ORAD63 (17 days ago)
this is bullshit
Jjs Sejahtera (17 days ago)
DualShoc 4 Needs
Shaheer Ahmed (17 days ago)
Please im thinking about this is it fake or not
TheVirtualBomb (16 days ago)
Shaheer Ahmed It’s real, I now have a PS4 because of this video!
James Warda (17 days ago)
I did That but not returned to ps4
James Warda (12 days ago)
+Bruno7874 i try a lot nothing happens
Bruno7874 (15 days ago)
Happened to me but i tried again and it worked (i guess it doesnt work every time)
ESTEBAN 9 (17 days ago)
Do this video in italian
Bruno7874 (15 days ago)
There are subtitles
ExoticREA (17 days ago)
Well basically PS3 Is actually better than PlayStation 4
Youpo1 (17 days ago)
People are still falling for these lmao
NoobLand (17 days ago)
Its not free cuz ps4 game cost $$
Apply Pressure (17 days ago)
I upgraded my girlfriend and she left me
Hiie Ti (3 days ago)
Thats what happens when you give them awarness
iys joy Station (6 days ago)
Haha FUNNY joke
White_Bread904 (14 days ago)
damn, she got the awareness instalation
Owen fix (18 days ago)
This has to be fake, if some one tried this and it worked for them please tell me
DeathDemon (18 days ago)
.... u srs
NortexTv (19 days ago)
I don't know he said it will work for a while lol nahhh this cant be real if its real then im sold lol but im not going to f up my ps3 sorry.
Bruno7874 (15 days ago)
It works i did it a few days ago
lg telefono (19 days ago)
Me funcionado
Mazhar Rafi (19 days ago)
Its sayin "connect storage media that contain updated data version of 4.84 or higher" what does that mean ? We have tried numerous times. Please help
Let s upgrade poop into food
Sri mugan (19 days ago)
would we be able to use a ps4 cd after a ps3 update

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