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What Dating Apps Are Like For Trans And Gender Nonconforming People

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“Like shopping at Goodwill, you have to sort through a lot of trash, but sometimes you find something that's worthwhile.” Navigating the awkward terrain of a dating app can be a serious challenge, especially for a trans or gender nonconforming person. These four individuals shared their experiences with us—the good, the bad, and the unsolicited dick pics. They also offer advice to those who may be interested in dating a trans or GNC person but are unsure about how to approach someone in an app. Produced & Edited by Shane Whitaker, feat. Arisce Wanzer, Miles Jai, Get INTO more: https://intomore.com/ https://twitter.com/Into https://www.facebook.com/INTO/ https://www.instagram.com/intomore/
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HanToMyChan (6 minutes ago)
Lucīja (34 minutes ago)
How can someone be trans and nonbinary at the same time? That makes no sense
Alejandro Avalos (22 hours ago)
Face pic before anything, don't mind dick pic but pahleez no buttholes 👋
MrJason300 (1 day ago)
OMG MILES !!!!!!!!!!!!!
A Miller (12 days ago)
someone on tinder reported me for being trans and i got banned, anyone know of another low pressure dating app with nb gender options?
Transgender Date (15 days ago)
You should check out TransgenderDate.
classified552 (16 days ago)
But...non of these people are gender nonconforming... Gender nonconforming is not the same as being non binary or trans.
mason62100 (17 days ago)
Trans and non binary? I'm unsure how that works.
Thousand Miles Peach (17 days ago)
I came for Arisce, i don't even know Miles :D
Craig Harkness (18 days ago)
I’d date a bald headed Miles Jai in a heartbeat
A L (24 days ago)
Who cares what dating apps are like for trans people?
A L (12 days ago)
+JOEY the BITCH I enjoy watching trans videos because it's like watching a train wreck. Even though I don't want to look, I just can't turn away.
JOEY the BITCH (19 days ago)
Don't watch then
Gozewijn Goossens (1 month ago)
Just make a new app. Trander, Trinder or whatnot.
facepalm guy (1 month ago)
Whats the difference between a "woman of trans experience" and a "trans woman"? I'm curious as to why some people use the former term as compared to the latter. :)
May Coleman (1 month ago)
Really like this channel! Keep it the fuck up with side left shawtys golddiggin ass too sis👀🍵
Jake Dean (1 month ago)
It's not like dating is always unicorns and rainbows for cis people. People need to be honest. If you look like a man but have a vag, state that in your profile, same for people presenting as a woman but have a dick.
hey34 (1 month ago)
1:04-1:08, scream it girl, SCREAM IT 'til they hear it! Long story short, be descent!
NJ J (1 month ago)
The girls are beautiful!
Eli W (1 month ago)
I’m a trans woman and I think Arisce Wanzer is one of the most sane trans women I have ever met. She should be a spokes person for the trans community. So much better than Riley Justin Dennis or Zinnia Jones.
Jake Dean (1 month ago)
Eli W Riley is a fucking lunatic.
Glen Jones (3 months ago)
yes trans woman the straight men just love a tranny girl, you keep telling yourself that
JOEY the BITCH (19 days ago)
Fuck off
Morgane Gautier (3 months ago)
Be brave my dear transfolks! People are so uneducated!
Andy Jay (3 months ago)
Firstly, All dating sites are crap. The whole dating site industry need a good kick in the crotch to smarten up. They are all a scam. They all have fake profiles. Bumble and Tinder are a complete waste of time in anyone's culture, orientation and age group. Grinder a total waste of time for anyone genuine. I am an older straight guy and done the lot, that is EVERY orientation. I The trans dating sites are completely useless. I've tried nearly all of them. They are all tarred with the same brush and want to scam the genuine and/or needy guy for as much money as they can get out of him. I've been scammed and abused so many times looking for a nice trans lady I have virtually given up and live alone. Only way to meet anyone decent is get out into the REAL world.
Jasire Seduction (5 months ago)
Some Of You People In The Comment Section “Dont Be a Hater All Your Life” POF is discriminatory against trans people but I have had reports from trans that if you say you are trans on your profile you get blocked or if you are not passable you get blocked as well. Dating Apps Do Have a Target Audience So You Really Can’t Blame Them but This is The World We Live In. Grindr Does Include Trans Members Though. You’re all Beautiful and or Handsome.
panda dafuq (5 months ago)
Wtf is non binary
Danny Boy Jango (16 days ago)
I wouldn't worry about it.
Rissa Wilson (5 months ago)
If you're actually asking (I like to assume the best, but you get some trolls on here any time gender comes up) being nonbinary is when you're not a man or a woman. So like the nonbinary people in the video aren't women and they aren't men, and because our society is pretty into putting folks into one or the other of those two boxes that can lead to a lot of folks passing judgement on nonbinary people or just generally acting based on ignorance or fear to them. If you tried learning from the threads above and noticed some people who definitely aren't scientists trying to say there's no such scientific thing, that's why! As an archaeologist (so, as someone who has a background in both biology and anthropology) I can pretty well confirm that nonbinary people are real and that being nonbinary isn't a type of illness or a 'not quite this' situation- they're just a gender other than man or woman, like they have been through history.
Sad Boy (6 months ago)
Where's the best app to meet trans girls?
Oatmeal (16 days ago)
+Danny Boy Jango If I didn't have dead friend and friends of friends from it, maybe
Danny Boy Jango (16 days ago)
+Oatmeal Seems pessimistic to me.
Oatmeal (16 days ago)
+Danny Boy Jango No, they don't want us, they want their idealized version of us that doesn't reflect the reality of who most of us are. Usually, at best it's a doomed relationship based on unrealistic expectations. At worst, it's walking to our deaths.
Danny Boy Jango (16 days ago)
+Oatmeal I'll never understand this mentality. There are people that want you and because they want you you deny them? Seems illogical to me, but you do you.
RobertLove (1 month ago)
+Oatmeal I think it's a matter of respect, a fetish guy wont treat you the same as someone who likes you for who you are. The youtuber I mentioned said that a lot trans ladies (not all) have driven men away, they want to have the fairy tale man who loves her despite that she's trans. Seems like it would be better with someone who has no problem with your status and desires you, and appreciates all you do to become the true you. IMO, or so I would think (if that makes any sense, hope so).
Baka Baka (6 months ago)
Ari, I'm just gonna say something... Girl, u cute AF
Ryan White (7 months ago)
On Grindr e v e r y o n e is rude, won't say hi and send a dick pic instead. Has got nothing to do with being trans lol
aplsos112 (7 months ago)
when the word "transsexual" isn't PC enough
aplsos112 when it’s a different word
Oatmeal (6 months ago)
transsexual is _acceptable_. It just makes you sound really old.
Andie Hernández (7 months ago)
I think OkCupid is the best dating app for trans and non binary people. All these folks are lovely. Dealing with cis people can be hard and frustrating. I sometimes want to give up and to date only other trans and NB people.
Stevonnie Universe (11 days ago)
+Haittakari I mean, friend, you should date someone you like. No one likes whiny people.
Felicia A (17 days ago)
+A L Did you know you can get diagnosed for body and mind dysphoria? I think that proves that trans people are real And why would people just pretend to be a different gender than they are if they knew that some people would hate on them and stuff? And you can't possibly know if it's a real thing if you haven't experienced it, you don't know how they feel But I agree with that men are men and women are women. Trans men are men and trans women are women
A L (17 days ago)
There is no such thing as "cis." There are men and there are women. Period. In reality, there is really no such thing as "trans." "Trans" people are individuals who pretend to be something they are not.
A L (17 days ago)
+Felicia A As I said, normal, healthy people have no interest in dating trans people. What's unclear about what I said?
Felicia A (17 days ago)
+A L excuse me?
sasha sasha (7 months ago)
was just about to comment on how good miles looks in this video but 50% of the comment section is saying the same thing (MILES U LOOK LIKE A SPICE)
AkiraKira (7 months ago)
Edjumacte the bitches MILES <3<3
l s (7 months ago)
bennett is looking VERY keith haring
rc5chi (7 months ago)
It's funny that some of these people exude the definition double standard? but you get what you're fishing for on these apps, either positive or negative attention ( that's for everyone regardless of what sex you are, want to be or aspire to be?) But it's the same for everyone, we all just want people to be "honest", kind and not a serial killer and be the same person their profile pic shows them to be.
Crystella (7 months ago)
If you need to say that you are a supermodel, you're not a super model.
Ellie (7 months ago)
free food? where? i thought most guys these days will do split bills only.
lucky pine (7 months ago)
I think they misunderstand just how much cis women receive unsolicited dick pics, and messages asking “how big are you?” (Breasts), etc. I watched this video going, yup, yup, yuuup. Now you’re having both a trans woman + cis woman experience.
sunnymas (7 months ago)
Lee (black hair) is so charming and beautiful. Just to fall in love with her. It doesn´t matter if she is a woman: VIA trans* or not. I label transpeople not transgender. I say, that they are, what they are VIA trans*. So Transition is only their tool, to become complete what they are.
John H (7 months ago)
These dudes are hilarious. Trying to impose their morality lol hypocrites. Yep you are people. One of two possible genders... male or female.
Why is that lady with the light purple hair so attractive 😍😍😍
Kyland (7 months ago)
It should be a check option on dating apps for people that would be okay with dating trans people 🙄
Daniel Cervantes (7 months ago)
statistically 2 of these ppl are gonna kill themselves
Jasper Ghostly (5 months ago)
+Daniel Cervantes Well yeah, They dont have to spend their time doing that for a person on the internet.
Daniel Cervantes (5 months ago)
they send me a vague link, but never explained how my statistic is wrong.
Jasper Ghostly (5 months ago)
+Daniel Cervantes I don't think they (idk what gender the brony is) was triggered, they're just educating you.
Daniel Cervantes (6 months ago)
holy fuck it would be a brony getting triggered ur prolly other kin trynna get some horse dickk
Oatmeal (6 months ago)
morgan nicholls (7 months ago)
I'm sorry, but I'm really I'm really confused. I dont understand how you can be trans and non-binary?
A L (17 days ago)
You can't be either. One is either a man or woman based on your biological sex. In other words, if you were born with a penis you're a man, born with a vagina you're a woman. Pretty simple.
A Tissot (6 months ago)
lol no, please educate yourself Haittakari
The Screaming Salmon (6 months ago)
Haittakari im sure people love you
Haittakari (7 months ago)
Don't believe their lies. Trans is the colloquial term for people who suffer from gender identity disorder. The people who have co-opted an illness for their political goals seek to confuse the terminology until none of it means anything.
Ben- G99 (7 months ago)
morgan nicholls Trans doesn't mean "I was born female but identify as male" Or "I was born male but identify as female" It just means you don't identify with the sex you were assigned at birth. So, trans masculine, trans feminine, or neither. That's actually what the white stripe in the trans pride flag stands for, it's for nonbinary individuals.
sofia X cosmo (7 months ago)
*...is that the pan flag I see in the thumbnail*
李睿航 (12 days ago)
sofia X cosmo more like Andora
Conner (7 months ago)
N. J. Saroff (7 months ago)
Being nonbinary I love this so much, I get the question so often "okay but what are you?"
A L (17 days ago)
There is no such thing as "non-binary." Stop living in a magical, fantasy world.
Jake Dean (1 month ago)
N. J. Saroff That's because nonbinary isn't a thing. Based on your photo you look like a female presenting as a woman.
xoanwahn (7 months ago)
OH DADDY! Bennett is FOINE!
Lotus_Wolf (7 months ago)
been there with the "show me your pussy" like um...my cat is asleep and she prefers to be called Mila. Oh, you mean whats in my pants...naw!
Jen White (7 months ago)
I don't put that I'm trans in my profile because I don't want it to be a first impression. Instead I tell them after I've been talking to them for a bit (usually before a first date) and the only time someone has had a problem with it was when they just wanted to hook up. On average guys tend to be more ignorant about trans things than girls but I suppose that's because the girls I talk to are already at least knowledgeable about gay things.
A L (3 days ago)
+Lucy Towey The people who need self love and acceptance are trans people because they don't even accept what they were born as. They hate themselves. Which is why they often mutilate themselves with hormones and surgeries.
A L (3 days ago)
+Kmine Channle not yet complete My wife is not a "cis" woman. She is a woman. My daughters are not "cis" girls. They are girls. Trans "women", OTOH, are men.
A L (3 days ago)
+Kmine Channle not yet complete At least I'm not delusional like trans people are.
A L what a shallow person
A L Cis is a slur?? Who fucking died over the word cis?? Fucking whom
C Diaz (7 months ago)
i like that theyre under the impression that cis women get treated with respect on dating sites lmao last time i checked i was a fuckhole with "great tits" and "fat chicks give the best head" but ight
Quaz (7 months ago)
Bennett's beards is goals!!!
salamander jones (7 months ago)
see miles jai in thumbnail *clicks on video fast af*
Gerald (7 months ago)
I love Miles. lmao. Talkin' about "I don't mind unsolicited dick pics. Send them to (insert email)." Lmao.
TurtleKing777 (7 months ago)
If it aint a mood
Aeron Neff (7 months ago)
i don't think i heard it if they did, but did any of them mention the HUGE number of chasers, especially on grindr? i swear 90% of the 'trans' tribe when i signed up was just cis men wanting 'a tr***y or a ts to take my load'
Oatmeal (6 months ago)
Jamie, that sounds like Grindr alright.
Jamie Mika (7 months ago)
It's so disgusting and respectless.
Gerald (7 months ago)
Audrey Newsome (7 months ago)
Black Star (7 months ago)
What is it like?
Ct wing (7 months ago)
Omg yaas. Online dating is like thrift shopping. Damn.
loverainbowsmiles (7 months ago)
"ya I'm catfishing, but at least it's me" PURE GOLD!
etre belle (7 months ago)
I want to date the person in red, sadly she seems to be into dudes.
Agnes S.H. (7 months ago)
They all look fabulous!!
FangirlInAFrenzy _ (7 months ago)
“Yeah I’m catfish but at least it’s me” MOOD
David DeHarty (8 months ago)
What dating app?
Kai Decadence (7 months ago)
Grindr most likely. That or Tinder.
pantsuck11 (8 months ago)
"yea I'm catfishing, but at least its me!" 😂😂😂
Zuko Sama (8 months ago)
Sasha notsofierce (8 months ago)
miles is sitting bitch
Fox (6 months ago)
The need to label ourself with 50+ identity all of a sudden...
It’s not all of a sudden, cultures around the world have had up to 6 genders for millennia
Conway (6 months ago)
Fox dude, when you say "50+ identity madness" the reality is that people are trying to find the right way of describing being something other than just male or female, when there isn't really a globally agreed upon term. Like I said, the language is new, the experience they're trying to describe is not. Google "third gender throughout history" and you'll get a load of examples of people and groups who identified as neither make nor female, from all over the world, and recorded as far back as ancient mesapotamia - not just from modern, western nations. Saying they're narcissistic and want attention isn't based on anything other than your assumption, but even if that's the case, who cares? You still haven't been able to tell me how it hurts anyone?
Fox (6 months ago)
Conway, never in history there was a claim for 50+ identity, this is wrong. I think it's says a lot about young people and our modern society... I think the young have less and less core values, less and less traditional models and families but they still want to belong to something, I think there is a lot of narcism as well feed by social medias and the crave for people to stand out. You will notice that this 50+ gender madness doesn't exist amongst poorer people and poorer country. This is a rich country problem. People have everything but they are deeply bored, they need a cause something to defend.
Conway (6 months ago)
Fox why does it concern you, though? In answer to the concern you raised, while the language of these "labels" might be new, people who are neither male nor female, or who are a little of both, have existed throughout history and all over the world, but they have also been discriminated against, killed, and had medical treatment forced on them, so many of them lived in secrecy or fought to be "normal". The way I see it, that caused lots of harm, whereas people identifying how they like, causes no harm at all, so why is it a concern for you?
Fox (6 months ago)
Conway, im not mad, im raising concerns and questions do you have a problem with that ?
Thors Domenech (8 months ago)
Get your own app....whine whine whine...
A N G E L A (8 months ago)
No Madge (8 months ago)
Yay! It’s Miles!
No Madge (8 months ago)
Looking like a whole ass snack
BEVDOG (8 months ago)
More like "What dating apps are like for mentally ill people"
Oatmeal (6 months ago)
I've met enough narcissists on dating apps. I'm pretty sure their experience is mostly the same as non-narcissists.
Nplos Le (8 months ago)
Depends if the trannie still has his dick or not
GreyAlien〈3 (8 months ago)
People in the comments saying that non-binary people are not trans - who the fuck are you to decide if  someone can identify as trans or not!.
SIRAH (8 months ago)
They are all so funny <3 I would always date a trans guy Id have to get used to pussy if it were the case but I wouldnt be put of by him if he doesnt have a dick. Its new but Im open to it.
Flower (8 months ago)
whenever I hear a binary I just roll my eyes and just stay I the corner
Farrah Coulee (7 months ago)
Colton Martin lmfaoooo decimated!!
Eliška Mahovská (7 months ago)
Colton Martin (8 months ago)
Please stay in that corner
WEL LARA (8 months ago)
I really need a crash course for all of these sexuality types.. I'm super confused
C T I mean gender is more of a basis in psychology and culture than anything else, though there are roots in biology
Rhia Coke (7 months ago)
Charlie Thrasher also ash talks about their own experiences qith gender and sexuality as well as others and is very factual about it, it's a lot more than "just feelings"
Rhia Coke (7 months ago)
Charlie Thrasher I didnt say anything about them being a scientist? They have information about gender and sexuality, if you want a scientist to tell you you can find some on the internet
C T (7 months ago)
Rhia Coke ash hardell isn't a valid scientific source lol. She just talks about feelings.
Rhia Coke (7 months ago)
The internet is a valuable resource! Ash hardells videos on gender and sexual identity are really informative
Germaine Ir (8 months ago)
Penny Campbell (8 months ago)
Anyone here using OKCupid? I find it's one of the least discriminatory apps.
Felicia A (17 days ago)
I look forward to start using it once I'm older
Mandas Journal (8 months ago)
Miles with that red outfit and the yellow background, i'm liviiiiing
MadSkullKing (8 months ago)
Mandas Journal Serving Billie Eilish REALNESS.
QwertyGirl789 (8 months ago)
Read the fucking bio
San Sib (8 months ago)
"Use these dudes,free food is free food" Hold on one second... *gets pen and notebook*
Sam Walker (7 months ago)
Girl, we are out here for equal rights. Trans women are women - please don't set us back.
Joshua Santos (8 months ago)
miles looking UNCLOCKABLE
Giovanni Gabriele (16 days ago)
No way, you can definitely tell he used to be a dude. It's all in the face.
Joshua Santos (6 months ago)
issa compliment
cc diez (6 months ago)
omg ive been in that 2 am come over and i dont even have brows on face situation XD
Terry H. (7 months ago)
thanks b ruth. really if anyone who i wasn't close friends with told me i was "unclockable" i'd rip them a new one.
Alyssa Zerbe (7 months ago)
b ruth I think we all know what a man or woman looks like lmao
cherrie (8 months ago)
ahmed essa (8 months ago)
Came here for Miles Jai
Bradleehawkinz (8 months ago)
Oh no your on hookup apps.. and people want to hookup with u...🤦‍♂️ whine whine whine
Haittakari (7 months ago)
The trans guy complaining about not even getting a hello on grindr before they start with the sex is hilarious, that's not a trans thing, it's just what grindr is like
Julie Breslin (7 months ago)
There are people looking for relationships on these apps! And as a cisgender woman I can say I've never had to deal with the things trans people do. It's not because they are hookup apps it's because discrimination and fetishization .
Bradleehawkinz (7 months ago)
No I wasn't "destroyed" lmao and I can get some points..but you cannot go on grindr,tinder, etc and expect a serious date. Regardless of gender experiance.
Star (7 months ago)
Farrah Coulee destroyed them
Farrah Coulee (7 months ago)
Girl bye actually listen to the legitimate criticism they said or shut up with your no empathy having dumb ass
Brandon Coyle (8 months ago)
Yaaasss Miles Jaii 💕🙌
YiYi (8 months ago)
Dating apps are trash. With Lyft you can at least meet someone who has a car.
ey bb (8 months ago)
ForestyFox (8 months ago)
BennyB5555 (8 months ago)
Not sure how I clicked on this? Have no idea about anything they are talking about. What’s a Sis? Sister? Transformer?
senpai16 (8 months ago)
BennyB5555 lol if you are actually asking "cis" is short for cisgender meaning a person who identifies as the gender the were assigned at birth, and "trans" or transgender is an unbrella term for someone who doesn't.
G* G (8 months ago)
miles jai wears a bra full face of makeup and wigs everyday....he is a cross dresser....
Kai Decadence Because you don’t have dysphoria so you don’t get a say
Kai Decadence (6 months ago)
I'm willing to take that moniker because I think "non-binary" is nonsense and not a valid thing.
Kai Decadence (6 months ago)
That has nothing to do with this. Miles has said numerous times that he's not transgender, he's just a guy who likes to look pretty or "fabulous". So no, what you said here does not apply to him at all.
hellspawn137 (6 months ago)
how about we not define someone's identity or experience for them? straight up, when someone says they are genderfluid, genderqueer, trans, nonbinary etc and someone else acts like they know the person more than they know themselves, you come across as kind of a dick. you dont fucking know their life so take a step back honey, they ain't you.
Kai Decadence (7 months ago)
Yep.. I mean Miles is cool and all, nice to see people like him be confident in looking the way they do but i just don't understand why he uses these frivolous terms. Like dude, unless you're trying to transition, you're just a effeminate guy. Nothing wrong with that at all. I dunno, as a feminine guy myself who dresses GNC, I just don't see the point in making up these terms.
Davis Fountain (8 months ago)
The trans man is so hot
Yandere Venom (2 months ago)
Bennett isn’t a transman, but trans non-binary. There’s a difference :/
I Have No Life (7 months ago)
JJ Uzumaki No, what you're thinking of is nonbinary, which can be considered trans but it's not what trans means. Trans means they identify with a gender that is not the same as the sex they were born as. So a transman is someone who was born female but transitioned to male.
JJ Uzumaki (7 months ago)
Charlie Thrasher if they are trans, doesn't it mean they indentify as neither male or female. How can you call her a trans men then?
C T (7 months ago)
JJ Uzumaki there's only one trans man in the video. The one wearing the tank top.
JJ Uzumaki (7 months ago)
Which one?
Greson Soyle (8 months ago)
How can you be trans and ”non binary“ Isn’t that paradox ? You couldn’t be trans without the binary Male to female Female to male I‘m not trying to be rude but that is weird
Greson Soyle Trans just means you’ve transitioned socially from your given sex at birth to whatever gender you are
wigflew (8 months ago)
Miles 💝💝💝💝💝💝
Shadowkiller 123 (8 months ago)
Reminds of buzzfeed
Screeching Crab (8 months ago)
Im confused.trans,non binary,non conforming and all this. Wtf.your what and how God created you when you popped out of that vagina.Simple .
God created most people as about 1.5 feet long so
Dilona Somford (1 month ago)
Ohhh if only God existed wouldn't that be just great
Proper Gander (8 months ago)
Trans people are in high demand among ‘straight’ guys Those guys love girls with dicks
Idorandomstuff (8 months ago)
How can u be trans and non binary?... doesn't non binary mean you don't identify as a certain gender, how can u be transgender ?
Shenia Reedus it’s not just on social media though, it’s real life
Cheetahjammerplays AJ (2 months ago)
There are trans masculine and feminine people which means there are times some non binary people prefer having a look of either one
Pixel Bytes (2 months ago)
Please help, im a trans person im stuck in a community of bull shit. send help
Ishan Ali (3 months ago)
mikey dude end your life thanks
Chris Holmes (3 months ago)
Trans is anyone who’s not cis. Non binary falls under the trans spectrum because non binary people aren’t cis. It’s pretty simple tbh
iJonel (8 months ago)
Good video.
LatinaKamilla (8 months ago)
POf is anti trans. It’s sAd
Laurel Dunn-Scott (7 months ago)
From what I heard, they are one of the worst.
Samuel115s (8 months ago)
Interesting. I always never understood why trans people were on grindr but then I remembered that bi guys exist.
Kai Decadence Cis women sometimes also lack the ability to conceive, some may not even have a uterus, a uterus is not part of a vagina dumbass
Kai Decadence (7 months ago)
In the case of post-op trans people, while Dennis is correct that a surgically inverted penis is not a vagina as it has no cervix, no menstrual cycle, no ability to conceive children, and no eggs. I personally think that I could look pass that and think the guy was still straight.
Kai Decadence (7 months ago)
I have to somewhat agree. I don't mind trans people being on Grindr at all but when it comes to the meat of it, I do think that attraction towards trans genitals (because let's be real here, genitals matter to most people), it does touch a bit on the bi scale. Because there's no such thing as a "Female penis" or a "Male Vagina". A penis is a male sexual organ and a vagina is a female sexual organ, that's how we determine the difference of sex. And well, one thing I've noticed with a lot of trans-attracted people is that they specifically seek out pre-op trans people, especially those into transwomen because they want the dick but still want to be thought of as "Straight" because it's a transwomen which is just... Yeah.
Imagination Lord (8 months ago)
Dennis but what if they literally have the genitals that match their gender identity (through surgery). If a guy is attracted to someone who identifies as a woman and who has a vagina and boobs how is that bi?? Same with trans men.
Dellen Brochure (8 months ago)
mikey If you date a trans person whose genitals contradicts their gender identity your bi
Leroy Brown (8 months ago)
Shit show.

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