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Google Chrome Spell Check Fix! -Tutorial

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Fix the poor spell check in Google chrome internet browser, quick simple easy tutorial. Got Twitter?: https://twitter.com/YuTubeMedia How I Make Money online: ➡http://budurl.com/CrateMoney

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Text Comments (46)
Ben Dover (2 months ago)
is this possible for MacBook Pro?
Salih Karamovic (3 months ago)
Fardin Ahmed (3 months ago)
ROLLING STONES (4 months ago)
DaneStolthed (7 months ago)
Spell check doesn't even work in youtube comment section anymore...
Sledcat (10 months ago)
Spell check has stopped working with youtube.  Not even grammerly piks it up.
Wynki Babb (1 year ago)
Thank you very much. I was going crazy with a realy f**ked up spellcheck on gmail. My HERO!!
Sean Smith (1 year ago)
I'm not even getting the red underline for some reason.
zes123ize (5 months ago)
me too
DennisKyng (2 years ago)
Wow!! Made my day better with that... Thanks for the video. I knew there had to be an easy fix for it.
Christopher Alexander (2 years ago)
MsCode ™ (3 years ago)
Firefox is just as bad with Youtube for spell checking. They should fire the people that write the software and get someone really smart to do the work.
Jimmy Smith (3 years ago)
Thanks mate
xxpyroxx75 (3 years ago)
yea i  have it go though google too.  but recently spell check has been fucking up.  when i go to correct a word it corrects it but  makes the first letter  twice and deletes the space after the word when used.    wtf is that shit.     
1112viggo (3 years ago)
thank you so much for this!  My spell check worked fine until all of a sudden the spell check function would always remove the first letter in each word from the suggestion, for instance if i wrote rescourses and wanted to correct it, it would say escourses and never even getting close to the word i wanted, this little trick solved it in a pinch, iv been going mad looking for ways to fix this searching on google, but once again YouTube is supreme:P 
ybra (3 years ago)
+Daniel S Yeah it's so annoying
+ybra Damn, well: guess we can hope google acknowledges it.
ybra (3 years ago)
+Daniel S No. But it's been reported to google and they said it's a known issue. https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=445227
Did you ever figure this out? I have the same problem
TheGhostTrollek dejvu (3 years ago)
+ybra No mate :/ Still annoys me a lot.
anon ymous (4 years ago)
Here's my problem - In YouTube, when I right click an incorrectly spelled word to bring up the spell checker, I get the (Back, Forward, Reload, Save as, Print...etc) Menu instead.  Sometimes if I click enough times, the right (spell check) menu comes up, but ussualy it doesn't.  - Chrome/adblock
Adam Sullivan (4 years ago)
and did you know that every time there's a awkward silence that some where in the world a gay baby is born?
emmjea (4 years ago)
thanks, worked perfect - BTW, what software you use to make this ? this is a great tutorial, with the animations etc you put in etc? thanks
Bozo de Niro (4 years ago)
Hope it works -- THANK YOU!
Atanas Dimitrov (4 years ago)
thank you
DavidAELevyVideos (5 years ago)
Doesn't work anymore is version 28.0.1500.72 fing chrome browser has always been a spell check failure... one thing Google never has gotten right.
ChickenLady9763 (5 years ago)
Nevermind..... i hate it when i do dumb things! I didn't scroll down far enough on the page....the enable button is WAY at the bottom.... thanks for the great video and the help!!! :)
ChickenLady9763 (5 years ago)
I tried this... my spell check is checked to use a web service for spell check...also under Languages there is not a enable spell checking but it does say it is using english usa - this language is used for spell checking. My spell check just stopped working 2 days ago any ideas? thanks for any help! :-)
AveryProGreninja (5 years ago)
thanks man
yutubemedia (5 years ago)
Sounds like your spell check is turned off. Click the Chrome menu (the 3 horizontal bars button) Select Settings. Click Show advanced settings. In the "Languages" section, click Languages and spell-checker settings. In the Languages and Input dialog that appears, use the "Enable spell checking" checkbox to turn the spell-checker on or off.
AveryProGreninja (5 years ago)
if i spell it wrong it dose not say anything! not even the red line on the botom
CRYPTO COMPARE (5 years ago)
By the way does any body know why spell check doesn't work right in youtube. It does correct spelling but when you ready to post it comes out wrong. Some words are complitly out of place and some times they spell check can't even suggest the right words even if they are common words. For instance words complitly is unrecognizable in Youtube spell check and it's underlined with red.
horrocrux88 (5 years ago)
i enjoy these kind of videos :)
yutubemedia (5 years ago)
Ya, Ikr! I totally would prefer tutorials over product reviews, its just difficult to find a universal tutorial that applies to everyone, since everyone uses different software's and interests, etc...
yutubemedia (5 years ago)
Welcome!! Glad it helped
Kasim Fatmi (5 years ago)
Yay! new video! You make the best videos
AXHEJAZ (5 years ago)
DUDE!! thank you sooo much, I too have been going crazy over this "issue" thank you again!
Huffle (5 years ago)
I miss these videos. I'd enjoy some more of these if possible.
yutubemedia (5 years ago)
Welcome! Glad to see Im not alone lol
Rekkemmo (5 years ago)
This is one of the most useful tutorials ever. Thankyou so much Chrome has been doing my head in so much because of this thankyou xx
yutubemedia (5 years ago)
Awesome! Glad it helped, Yeah, not sure why they set up chrome like that.
yutubemedia (5 years ago)
The Wallpaper at the end of the video or start? The one at the end, go to Google images and type: "windows wallpaper vs walls", there are different sizes of it.
TOXIXIFY (5 years ago)
That's awesome! I can't count how many times I've had to go to google to spell check something.

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