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Channel 4 Adverts & Continuity - August 1997

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A new longest continuity upload but this one strangely has no idents. 17 advert breaks. Watch at your own waste of time Ad Break 1: Vauxhall Frontera, Argos, Currys, PC World, Spontex, Sensodyne, IBM, Hellman's, Argos Ad Break 2: Faberge, Comet, Eagle Star Direct, Faberge, Corn Flakes, Allied Dunbar, Cuprinol, Renault Clio Petrol Torque - Next Ad Break 3: Colgate Total, Party Time, Renault Clio, Courts, Brie Couer de Lion, Event Horizon, Currys, Ronseal, Autoglass, Spontex, IBM, McCain Home Fries One False Move promo Jackie Stewart: Weekend of a Champion - Next Ad Break 4: Event Horizon, American Express, Hovis, Elmlea, Autoglass, Allied Dunbar, Chatterbox, Renault Clio, Fruitibix Football Italia promo Ad Break 5: Vauxhall Frontera, Advil, Mcdonalds, Inland Revenue, Dove, Flora, Chatterbox, Ronseal, Powerhouse Ad Break 6: Cornhill Direct, Budweiser, Gay Network, Poli-Grip, Renault Clio, Comet, Salon Selectives Ad Break 7: Gay-Chat, Clearasil, Pantene Pro-V, Worldvision Lil-lets, Diet Pespi, Friends Network Petrol Torque - Next Ad Break 8: Feberge, Gay Xchange, Weetabix Advantage, Faberge, Event Horizon, Tampax, Dulux, Tony's Cocktails, Muller Nine Days in Summer - Next Ad Break 9: Friends Network, Kitkat, Muller, Event Horizon, Tampax, Sony Trinitron, Robinson's, Royal Air Force PIF, Gay-Chat Ad Break 10: Party Time, Spontex, Courts, Carlsberg, Comet, Mastercard, Worldvision, Chatterbox Ad Break 11: Foster's Ice, Conspiracy Theory, Sony Trinitron, Dulux, Worldvision, IBM, PC World, *some chatline which they can't even be bothered to give the name of*, Currys Petrol Torque - Next Ad Break 12: Fanta, Castrol GTX, Tony's Cocktails, BNFL, Listerine, Mastercard, Gay Xchange Sieg Rekord Meisterschaft - Next Ad Break 13: Worldvision, Listerine, Blackthorn, PC World, Friends Network Ad Break 14: Orange, Courts, Brie Couer de Lion, Listerine, Budweiser, Whiskas, Vision Express, PC World, Friends Network Petrol Torque - Next Ad Break 15: Event Horizon, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, Glade, Mastercard, Blackthorn, *some chatline which they can't even be bothered to give the name of*, Orbit/Wrigley's Extra, Courts, Michelin, Southern Comfort More Petrol Torque - Next Ad Break 16: Diet Coke, Fruitibix, Foster's Ice, Adidas, Zovirax, Nytol, Setlers Checkpoint - Next Ad Break 17: Cornhill Direct, Muller The Rank Organisation Presents logo
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pickledegg1989 (6 months ago)
The irony of an advert for British Nuclear Fuels being narrated by the same guy who narrated Threads...

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