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The king of Grindr

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Joel Simkhai is a single, gay man living in Los Angeles, and he's the king of Grindr. Well, technically, he's the CEO and founder of the dating app for gay and bisexual men. He created Grindr out of a "selfish desire" to meet more gay men, and he's still a very regular user of his own app. Find out what it's like to be the king of Grindr. Produced by Will Wei Read more: http://www.techinsider.io/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/techinsider TWITTER: https://twitter.com/techinsider INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/tech_insider/ TUMBLR: http://techinsider.tumblr.com/
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Text Comments (643)
John Smitherson (2 days ago)
He made an app that turned into an app for whore, gents, daddy, and homeless looking for money minus the actual dating part. Have you notice these people are white and in perfect shape? This is what's wrong with the gay community.
Jeff Young (8 days ago)
It's a hook up app if you live in or near a college town. Very very few guys looking for a bf. And most are so stuck on themselves. And most are not all they think they are. Lol Then there are the over 40 to 47 48 year old guys that still think they are as hot as when they were 21. A bit over weight with saggy skin around their belly and nothing special to look at Lol They are the sad lonely guys still holding out for the perfect 10 that will never come along. They will not accept the fact they are older now and most guys under 35 are not looking to be in a relationship with someone they have zero in common with.
l'homme de future (4 days ago)
Jeff Young painful truth🙍🙍
Jeff Young (8 days ago)
Lol it's a hook up site. Period.
Jeff Young (8 days ago)
Don't forget the married men that use it.
Venomous Cat (13 days ago)
Grindr is more like a sex app
Andy Orbet (18 days ago)
For someone that shallow, that insufferable and arrogant, he sure does not look that good. 0:16
Andy Orbet (18 days ago)
Invented grindr so that men can hook up and meet, fast fordward and now he is approaching middle age and STILL has not found the one. Finding THE ONE is not about grindr or not grindr…. it's about being humble, settling down, and accepting that no one is perfect. Mr. perfect with perfect jawline, chiseled abs, and studly vibe DOES NOT exist. SETTLE AND ACCEPT THE FACT YOU'RE BEING PICKY WHILE THE CLOCK KEEPS TICKING AGAINST YOU. I settled down with a guy that was not my physical ideal... Yet I enjoyed his company, I liked his energy, and had good conversations with him. Fast forward 11 years and we are still together and I am happy and he is happy. If I would had been like my long term friend who can not get out of grindr, and who is continuously being dismissive of guys because of their eyes, they dont work out, they are too short, they have a beer belly and so on. I would be miserable, lonely, and ageing (like he is). SO BURST THAT LITTLE BUBBLE, AND REALIZE, YOU ARE NOTHING SPECIAL, there Will ALWAYS be some one better looking, younger, and nicer than you… so you better settle like everybody else does, or enjoy being a washed up bitter lonely queen who has fucked so many men , sex is not even enjoyable anymore.
Rayne Michael (23 days ago)
Just deleted grindr after “All we have is our body.”
josh9959 (29 days ago)
the Truth about Grindr they take your money Block your paid account for no reason they give no refunds there are people buying & selling Drugs underage Kids who use Fake DOB to Join there are prostitutes
Oh Well (2 months ago)
So he's the instigator for legitimizing racism & bigotry on a digital platform for American queer folk at large #ohjoy #sarcasm (and still alone - just saying)
Anthony J. W (2 months ago)
Have heard the many rumors about grindr. But checked it out myself. It may have been 3 weeks and I deleted it.
Deny Artas (2 months ago)
I hope someday I have a relationship with guy from Europe 😂
memoranda1 (2 months ago)
i said it before and i'll say it again...being gay will get you laid anytime, anywhere.....
OneFatKitten (2 months ago)
Never met a guy on grindr, those gay boys are all choosy and superficial. It's easier to hook up in person in dance clubs
Jony Quid (2 months ago)
Thank you for the countless hook ups over the years 🖤
Jake Holman (2 months ago)
I meant my husband on Grindr 5 years ago. We both downloaded it for a day, an we both saw each other. I introduced myself to him first. An he responded back. We ended up texting each other on Grindr for 3 hours. We ended up calling that night. We meant the next day at the beach an after that we saw each other everyday. We both uninstalled the app, an ended up moving in together a few months later because we couldn’t spend one day without seeing each other an he ended up asking me to marry him 3 months later. An this year of 2018 we got married on the beach in Belize on a Norwegian cruise on Valentine’s Day. Come this year 2019 we will be married for a year an will be together 5 years come August. An it was all thanks to Grindr. It’s not just a hook up app like the ceo said, it can be used for dating an you just might meet your future spouse on it like I did 5 years ago. He was 20 at the time, I was going on 22, he’s now 24 and I’m 26. So if used right you might meet your future husband on it. You just never know.
YEEE YEET (2 months ago)
thats sweet
Hyper Boi (2 months ago)
pnp stands for please no more pain
Midnight Killswitch (2 months ago)
I love grindr! It's how I found one of the best relationships I've ever been in
Doal Fernandez (2 months ago)
Grindr feeds into the extreme hedonism and narcissism that is ruining the gay community. You will never find anything meaningful on Grindr. To make matters worse, it is absolutely overrun with romance and cat fishing scams, mostly from Nigeria.
WTF_ENIGMA (2 months ago)
Thank u my best Judy always disappearing looking for d and your cousin tinder got my homegirl pregnant I'll pass on apps
Sodium Bulb (3 months ago)
Many physically died of HIV infection in the 80s. Today with the help of Grindr, they die emotionally, unable to connect real intimacy with love. If only there was a cure for both.
To Be Honest (3 months ago)
Too bad there's not workout for that face! "Block"
Hallo Hadi (3 months ago)
Omg u sick for sure. Men annot find a true love like that. It seems that sex is above everything for gays.
Jason Bellini (3 months ago)
I'm so glad they changed the logo and removed those horrible hanibal lectoresque teeth off of the mask. Hopefully maybe later on they'll make the mask even smaller kinda a subtle way in easing men into feeling more comfortable in showing their face. I know alot of us are proud in who we are but not everyone is there yet.
manish patyal (3 months ago)
You must meet me sir .i want to develop another as well with easy language .so everybodu can use .who they dont know even english
Andrea Chinazzi (3 months ago)
YOU will never find the "true love" in a dating app...never...love is not about an app..is about listening to your feelings..if it's the right one..no app can replace this...
Roden Generalao (3 months ago)
"hook up app" that's very true :(
MrBeantrees (3 months ago)
i wish i could meet my gay porn star friends on a casual hike.
ridinwithjake (3 months ago)
I met my boyfiend on Grindr. Thank you! Available for a testamonial.
BDiaz (4 months ago)
Gay douche bag
Butter Margarine (4 months ago)
Is he HIV positive? He has that tell tale pallor..
Yousef Fareed (4 months ago)
Lmao "Hi, I'm everything that's wrong with the gay community!"
Warren Alexander (4 months ago)
Grindr is a vile, exploitative app that encourages promiscuity. If I was young, good looking with a great body, I'd be using it ALL THE TIME!!!!!
Fishroads (4 months ago)
Grindr is really racist
someone (4 months ago)
Idk he seems sweet just a little awkward. Don't see the basis for all the malicious comments about his character.
Leuchtturm (4 months ago)
I never used it and never plan using it ....
d g (4 months ago)
Gee the founder of a digital whore house. That's something of which to be proud. "Dating app" my ass! SMH
Sandra Adi (4 months ago)
Thank you for making Grindr. The app helps me to find something good but even it has a "negative" thing as well. I apparently confused to most of people that has been using Grindr to find his sex mate even we were know that we have to find it soon. But, most of the time, people trying to find sex and they were thinking that Grindr could be the easier app to find sex. I'd suppose to not agree with people's statement and I believe that everybody is looking for true love not a real sex tho.
George Manus (4 months ago)
Sad as the gay grindr bubble we are fed all the apps have only negative impact in the socialisation within the gay community!Is in our hands to destroy this and all the similar apps, we become more isolated as a social minority instead of blending in, go out talk flirt socialise delete the apps live the real life not the substitute you hold in your hands!
Mart Charman (5 months ago)
ıs that pornstar topher lmfao
Oleander White (5 months ago)
Bryan Samars (5 months ago)
lol, the guy at 1:20 is an Andrew Christian model 😂
njbhcolio (5 months ago)
Grindr founder himself is lonely himself
Jonathan Sharp (5 months ago)
Worst app ever, I've had a few bad experiences on this app and found that it wasn't the best way to meet "the one". Online dating has changed and is getting a lot more easier for people. But this app.is dangerous. Would not recommend it to anyone.
Robert Angel (5 months ago)
Silluet88 (5 months ago)
Only for good looking and sexy guy. Hookup app, no more. I never and will never use this app, gross.
Ensign MJS (5 months ago)
After hearing about it for years, I downloaded Grinder last week. I had a short pleasant conversation with an attractive man the night I downloaded it. He was horny and I was cleaning my apartment. Was not looking to hook up anyway. He had someone else "on the way." I then got a text from someone who wanted to blow me because he was home alone. He wanted to "mess around." The next day I got a message from someone a couple hundred feet away who wanted me to "stay close." He was horny too and lost interest after I let him know I was still debating on keeping the app. During that time I got two random dick pics. Grindr was deleted less than 24 hours after its download.
HeartOfSky (5 months ago)
"All we really got i sour body, right?" - This is a man who clearly doesn't know himself very well.
Roy B (5 months ago)
I downloaded the app & used it for all of 10 minutes. Uninstalled & never looked back.
Richard Grant (5 months ago)
I have so many questions....
James May (5 months ago)
Oh god he makes me cringe so much
James May (5 months ago)
He seems like an arrogant prick
4glue (5 months ago)
What a slutty whore.
LosAngeles.323 (5 months ago)
He sounds like a socially awkward douche.
Moutton Noir (5 months ago)
What a shallow empty sad dude he is.
Mr. Lincoln (5 months ago)
His trainer is hot.
Sam Worth (5 months ago)
this guy has a face that screams "STD's" 😂😂😂
Movie Buff (5 months ago)
Didn't they sell Grindr to a Chinese company?
Atheist Paravian (5 months ago)
He literally represents everything Grindr is about... superficial narcissism.
figgypudding (5 months ago)
is it me? or does he give off unhappy unfulfilled vibes.
Jerald Collins (5 months ago)
I was once In Paris, and Grindr hooked me up with Quasimodo. We didn't get it on (it was a Wednesday, and hump day is very busy for him), but he showed me around his bell tower, and it was very interesting.
LILITHS LAIR (6 months ago)
A sexy city ! 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂
Kiddo Ino (6 months ago)
Body comes first
deano2000nz (6 months ago)
what a weed
Lee Tharachai (6 months ago)
Did anyone noticed the guy he kissed was Topher DiMaggio and his boy friend Matt was right there lol.
VillageKevTalks (6 months ago)
So disappointing that he's exactly like the superficial userbase of Grindr...I figured he'd be a genius, inspirational CEO who tapped into a market without succumbing to its vices...
Dark (6 months ago)
It's necessary evil I made a guide how to improve your experience
Antonio Kinsey (6 months ago)
This guy is gross. When I’ve met guys like this in the past, I turn and run the other way.
Don Bing (6 months ago)
I've had the app on my phone for years but never bothered to use it. Too busy with other interests and pursuits.
thnktank1 (6 months ago)
I'll be single forever. Time to go focus on my job and savings.
Marc B. (6 months ago)
yea your so ugly and poor and fat, and drive a crap car,...you never met anyone. So you 'invent' find a BJ on your phone. Whoopie! You must have been alone all the time. Didn't see a 'normal/regular' man in that entire video. All the men in the video were the 'typical young' gay gym built guy, that is screwing anything that walks, as long as you are as HOT as they think THEY are.
C Sanchez (6 months ago)
I deleted em.
Maddie Schilling (6 months ago)
God everyone’s got such a stick up their ass about grindr. If you don’t like it don’t use it
Unkown Unkown (6 months ago)
Hello grindr
Edward Miessner (6 months ago)
So this is the mastermind behind the app that's driving gay bars out of business!
Isaias Classen (7 months ago)
It's a hook up app. Nothing good of being the king of grindr. Most guys in that app are prostitutes.
Hugo Fabian (6 months ago)
Isaias Classen so what?
DIJITALSON (7 months ago)
Adam Donovan (7 months ago)
Theres something very creepy about this: turning "relationship" into a disposable commodity like Kleenex. Putting technology at the service of the gay male habit of always looking for "my new future X-boyfriend" (or X-husband). He makes a very telling remark @ 1:10. He says, "All we have is our bodies, right?" Grindr is the end result of a (gay? LA?) view of life as nothing more than a collection of bodies. Sad. Sad. Sad.
summer wine (7 months ago)
He's cute
Max Brown (7 months ago)
they should ban trans women in grindr i beats the whole idea
Manni Interrupted (7 months ago)
hello world (7 months ago)
"The us still isn't there yet with equality" *Drives a BMW i8*
Emmanuel Bobadilla (7 months ago)
The good use of it😂♥️
Bollie B (7 months ago)
In Holland its also used to trade drugs
Unknown Truth (7 months ago)
I represent to you the decline of humanity
he is such a sweet heart and im glad he tries to be inclusive by including ethnic minorities in his advertising practices. I know it's hard to include everyone, but he tries and i appreciate that . i don't use grindr anymore, its hard meeting normal people on it but it's nice to see there are other guys out there i guess
Arturo Ramos (7 months ago)
Who is that handsome guy with blue shirt at 2:50, someone please!!
James Bradford (7 months ago)
"All we really got is our body" is exactly what I would expect to come out of this guy's mouth.
Flower (7 months ago)
Isn’t Grindr just a easy way to have sex. Never thought u could find love on that app.
Stefan G (7 months ago)
I hate this guy. YOu created a platform for gay men to make us feel even more alone. These apps attract the worst of gay man kind.
Cryø (7 months ago)
Lmao casually meeting Topher DiMaggio, I wonder if they hooked up before.
septriyana putra (7 months ago)
Joel simkhai . . . . . . this is the first time I see him and heard his name, and this is the first time I watch his video but his face looks familiar like I've seen him before, but I don't know where is it. maybe he has a vlog or show up in someone vlog? I dont know but its feel weird lol I Know Grindr but I don't know much because I never use it.
Ash A (7 months ago)
Thank god I stopped using that useless app.
Tawny W. (7 months ago)
@1:23 thats a porn star right, i love him
Lek TIN (7 months ago)
Maybe he didn't start Grindr as a hookup app, but the fact is it is only for hookups now and it is too late to change how people use it. Sad but true, sorry Joel
Lei Pei (7 months ago)
Currently looking jobs in software engineer field. I am assuming you have to be gay to work here and pay is horrible.
rahul Bhadoriya (7 months ago)
Hit like if u also use grindr.
PhucketThugLife (7 months ago)
3:51 "Millions of men everyday cum on Grindr"
Ben Dover (7 months ago)
hookup then "turns to something magical". HAHAHA GTFO! Unless there's pixie dust and unicorns involved, ain't nothing turns into magic.
Ace RW (7 months ago)
Topher dimaggio casually walks by

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