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Rosswell Brighthom - In Love with my Best Friend

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音楽は人生です: once we have fallen in love with your best friend :') if he's not gay that's so sad :( Want the soundtrack?, so join me here : https://www.facebook.com/RosswellBrighthom https://twitter.com/AldoBrighthom Enjoy IT!
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Text Comments (33)
Fahad Naeem (2 years ago)
the song at begining.... can anybody tell me which song is it?
Lex cakes (3 years ago)
Where is this from
Meryem Yanmaz (3 years ago)
02:39 and 02:45 so cute
Thi Nguyễn Thị Anh (3 years ago)
Omg it's so adorable!!!
XxwhosrightxX (3 years ago)
At least he had the guts to show him. I was always too afraid to tell mine and now he's gone.
Caro Zoroark (2 months ago)
+XxwhosrightxX so true
Caro Zoroark (2 months ago)
+XxwhosrightxX for me I see friendship and love at the same level I can be your rival, friend, best friend anything and still fall in love with you
ZEKE V (6 months ago)
+XxwhosrightxX thank you so much but hey please use that link dont want it to go to waste.
XxwhosrightxX (6 months ago)
+ZEKE V Don't be afraid of who you are and don't be afraid of what the future holds. You have just as much right to be loved as anyone else! The path won't be easy, it isn't for anybody. But your young and have a long time to figure it out. Sometimes you have to stop fighting, sit back, and enjoy the ride! 👊💪❤
ZEKE V (6 months ago)
+XxwhosrightxX Add me as a friend on YouTube https://youtu.be/addme/3dWNQc7_kzWflLjETcV1RL2mSt8pNA here add me as a friend on youtube i know I can trust you cause I have had no one to talk to you helped me feel better and when me and my friend get older I will tell him or I will try
unknown092216 (4 years ago)
what was the title of the movie? or is it just it?
Sergio Boys Love Fan (3 years ago)
+unknown092216 this name is Mi Amigo jaime
Lexas jeje (3 years ago)
Its a short film

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