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Water | Vattnet (2012) - gay short film

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WATCH OUR NEWEST FILM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3S-Tjt_eqok MAKING OF WATER | VATTNET: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MazT4ZOjjM Vattnet on the Internet Movie Database: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2509008/ James leads a lonely life in a luxurious castle in which his parents run a hotel. He never goes out with friends, spends his spare time in his room and peeks at the hotel's guests out of boredom. Generally hides in his room, to stay away from his wannabe-controlling mother, who has no insight in the life of her son, James is forced outside when a group of handsome Swedish soccer players staying at the hotel capture his interest. When he finds one of the boys injured at the hotel's swimming pool, James offers his help and smuggles the boy into his room and locks the door. Locked up with a strange boy in his own room, James experiences the complexity of his own sexual feelings and insecurities for the first time. WATER | VATTNET is a short coming-of-age film about family, loneliness and sexual identity. It examines the confusing period of adolescence and the first homosexual feelings of a young boy in a refreshing, open and stylish way. STARRING: Tobias Kersloot, Serge Mensink, Barbara Labrie DIRECTED & WRITEN BY: Marco van Bergen PRODUCED BY: Lucinda Verwey DOP: Winant Veldhuizen
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Text Comments (2012)
Gerald D'Artisan (18 hours ago)
Swedish men are very handsome, I've been there once while working on ship I couldn't keep my sight off them. I wish I could meet someone someday
Lina Olivieri (1 day ago)
This video is the reason I started to learn Swedish. haven't done much with it recently though, been more into Norwegian lol
If you want to see the gays, just open the litter box and apologize for the litter
Love_ kimtaekook (3 days ago)
اكو عرب بالتعليقات😂😂
Aybüke Ayhan (3 days ago)
Evan Ahmed (4 days ago)
hi guys, I'm from Bangladesh. I'm gay boy. I'm 18 years old. anyone marriage me??
فصيل الجهني (4 days ago)
6 مليون ما كل هذا هل الجنس مهم الى الحد ذلك 😒
Chris h. (5 days ago)
Laser mole removal is highly recommended for the Swedish athlete.
gamer girl1 (4 days ago)
Wait do they ever see each other again? And there was no kiss I am leaving this goodnight I always cry will he says thanks for helping me and I don't know why I am just a baby😢😂
Zainab Asif (6 days ago)
my bad habbit, >>>>>>>>>read comments before watching the movie/video/film, <<<<<<<<<<<
Bharti Garhewal (6 days ago)
If u guys don't want see a bad or sad ending in gay couples, u should try some japanese anime or manga they have good story lines and love stuffs. That really is enjoyable and lovely.
rebeka jerala (9 days ago)
I...expected.....kiss......i stayed awake whithout them to kiss...........goodnight evryone😂😂
لولو حلوه (10 days ago)
ولد ويحب ولد...يععع
Leo Moralea Morales (11 days ago)
Reino unido
blackberryboi (12 days ago)
When he was sneaking over to the bathroom when the Swedish guy was showering, I got a little wave of anxiety lmao.
Jesse Dawnchen (12 days ago)
Some say love, it is a river. That drowns the tender reed. Some say love, it is a razor. That leaves your soul to bleed. Some say love, it is a hunger. An endless aching need ... I say love, it is a flower. And you it's the only seed ...
bixo piruleta (13 days ago)
excuse where's the kiss
Junior Colina (15 days ago)
Oh! It was nice and sweet!
PFC Thomas Blackhawk (16 days ago)
Pull his hair n Kiss him Damn it
So silly!!!
whetner Reyes (19 days ago)
Beloved Goddess Oshun (21 days ago)
So where was the other kid from.
Hassan Jatoi (23 days ago)
Sy Che (24 days ago)
O. Kay
PFC Thomas Blackhawk (24 days ago)
adorejiiminx (25 days ago)
i was all prepared for it to be swedish but it's dutch- fuck sometimes i really am lucky to be a dutchy
مشاكس مشاكس (28 days ago)
الي عايز يتفشخ يجي هنا
+حمودة حمودة قهوجي من وين انت
+حمودة حمودة قهوجي من وين انتي حبيب
PFC Thomas Blackhawk (30 days ago)
Add hair pulling
Boudewijn (1 month ago)
Slap verhaal, lekker veilig
Hassan Sadat (1 month ago)
Oh den vad döt kille hoppas jag träffa dig 🤗🤗😍👼
Ray França (1 month ago)
ok what the fuck i just watched?
Mr BELLS (1 month ago)
his mum needs to fuck off and give him some space.
REYAH FLORES (1 month ago)
X_Nobody_x 666x_ (1 month ago)
Lucas Souto (1 month ago)
I was wondering in the beginning “what language is this?” And just after a wild Sweden flags appears Thanks I think skksksk
Lucas Souto (1 month ago)
Okay, now I’m confused
Lucas Souto (1 month ago)
god dammit there’s more than just one language
flower boy. (1 month ago)
um...MCSCUSE ME?!?!
jikookproof (1 month ago)
Хачю Певко (1 month ago)
Melissa Guerrero (1 month ago)
“ do you like Sweden” “ yes” “i’m Swedish” me: oh ooooooooo
Foxy plays games (1 month ago)
Welp I just got click baited *Cri*
Lunardo Nicocia (1 month ago)
Gay reality..!
Emi Jhang (1 month ago)
The frustration
maybelevi (1 month ago)
i fckn need a 2. part-
Jack Frost (1 month ago)
film team made a great jop! nice story! how not make a whole movie ;)?
King Of China (1 month ago)
This deserves a part 2
احلا شؤؤاذ ❤❤💜
حمودة حمودة قهوجي دز رقمك
حمودة حمودة قهوجي شو نوعك
كبريااء مغرؤر 😍😍😍😍
Hendra Humena (1 month ago)
Where's the kiss 🤣 lol
Richard (1 month ago)
If it went any slower it would be running backwards! Utterly pointless video
Perry Weebo (1 month ago)
We need a continuation of this please
i think he have's sex and i opened video.
fuck you -_
David Guerra (1 month ago)
mas esoticos
kebs kebs (1 month ago)
i always trying to look handsome and cool infront my crush.....but in reality im just skinny guys who always get bullied
Jose Ailton (1 month ago)
Mia Fitzpatrick (1 month ago)
Sofia Olsson (1 month ago)
LMAOOOO it’s VERY obvious the ”swedish soccer player actor” is not a native Swedish speaker The movie is good tho, great job
MAHAM KHAN (1 month ago)
I see last seen for six times. ..it was owesome....realistic....coooooollllll
Alejandro Alarcón (1 month ago)
+57 3235128324 para hablar y conocer y hacer la paja por vídeo llamada si quieres
Marco munar (6 days ago)
7869918866 llamameeeeee
aloways look for love (1 month ago)
WTF movie ??????????????????  tfooooo
Aaliyah White (1 month ago)
So cole sprouse likes a dude and dude rejects him for no reason. I'm confused.🤔
11:55 Казалось бы...
Muhamnad Rafay (1 month ago)
No kiss but it feels good
Sumon Khan (1 month ago)
Luis Sanchez (1 month ago)
Omfg 🤦🏽‍♂️
_sxrcastic _ (1 month ago)
Berenice OriKcy (1 month ago)
Amigo esto me da mucho cringe, por como actuan jajajaj
Julien_kiff La cagoule (1 month ago)
J'aurais voulu voir la suite
مجانين 😂 لعنكم الله
967777923446واتس ياحبي
TheNamesAdam (1 month ago)
"I'm Swedish." well im hella gay sup
Johanna (2 months ago)
Just to be clear; us swedish people aren’t this rude 😂
Depressed Bunny (2 months ago)
one more gay film and I'll go to sleep
Talib Ali (2 months ago)
live in poor conditions and are threatened with death because I am homosexual and Muslims kill homosexuality I am a gay young man from Iraq who is threatened with death and may Hello friends, I live in bad conditions where human rights are right to homosexual rights I am speaking to you in the name of humanity, have mercy on me and saved me from this hell I ask you what you worship to do from this hell I am afraid to run away in a killing table. I live now in the underground sanitation area. Two days ago, I did not eat any food and drink water. I beg you to get me out of this hell I ask you to do something Do something for me Helping me out of Iraq To any European country🙏😭
boy models (2 months ago)
Very good ,,beautiful BOY
blue salad (2 months ago)
مغربي مجنون في تركيا المغربي مرحبا
Marshmallow_owo (2 months ago)
Sorry, but am I the only one who thinks the acting was kinda bad, the plot was confusing the ending was badly executed and the silence at the beginnig is bleak? I do not me to insult the actors or the creators of this film but the mom was the best aspect of this short
CŕØşš ƪe-CØdę (2 months ago)
fadaih chaba sabah
Ruanzinho Massuquetti (2 months ago)
So many questions
A Crown (2 months ago)
HAHAHA!! Okey, it was a good movie, I lreally liked it. But that "swedish boy" is not swedish at all,, that's not how we speak in sweden, if he is a born swedish I mean of course..
Vinicius Felipe (2 months ago)
parece eu na escola encarando o crush
Dit Kind (2 months ago)
Sooooooo..... I didn’t know there were cute Dutch boys... Why do I never meet somebody this cute?????? I wil be forever alone...
Dit Kind (2 months ago)
“You know what we said about girls is your room.”
Sny YT (2 months ago)
I'm confused, Swedish title and flag but they're speaking Danish Edit: oh shid it was only that family that spoke Danish
Zoie Vasquez (2 months ago)
Soy un melón :v (2 months ago)
mint ice988 (2 months ago)
not scene kissing or something? i hope this story continue with kissing and happy ending haha lol
M Sh (2 months ago)
Luca Caldari (2 months ago)
I'm rating this: 🍆🍆 🍑
Luca Caldari (2 months ago)
Now I have to watch a porn with similar blonds guys 😆
العاب وافلام (2 months ago)
Homo net good😡👎
prohooks chainwarden (2 months ago)
How tall is the the man is i predict is 5 feet 8 inches
prohooks chainwarden (2 months ago)
Is what spell of to is two right
Chirag Jiyani (2 months ago)
Liar (2 months ago)
I got an ad for Yubo
Cunt Barton (2 months ago)
10:11= is that a Sherlock poster?? that sure looks like Benedict to me.
Gabriella Pineres (2 months ago)
Did anyone realize that when he got out of the shower, his hair wasn’t even wet?
Robin Lagelius (2 months ago)
Haha, that is the worst Swedish accent I have heard in a short film 😂 I too wished there would have been a kiss.
Sam Jam (2 months ago)
I see that sherlock poster in the back.

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