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I asked out my teacher and this is what happened

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So i asked out my teacher and this is what happened i did not expect this to happen its crazy please like and share the video and we are so close to 15k #roadto15k
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iGucciMoney (1 month ago)
Giveaway at 20k? 🤔 please like and share the video ❤️
Zymeir Duked (9 hours ago)
Hi I'm swag gangster you have to tell her that
This isn't even a bit realistic.. why do you waste your time posting this crap?
iKingCode (21 hours ago)
iGucciMoney Fake or not you got my attention Good job 🐍
Evan R - Mif0rcliEn (22 hours ago)
iGucciMoney n. Ig: G. E. R.
Kayo Hinazuki (1 day ago)
Bruh. "yes" "so is that a yes or no?" BRUH THATS A YES YOU UH UH EC ASS CUCK DONT MAKE ME vÉ>←Γs)ëÿ▼►óy
Esteban Martinezj (23 minutes ago)
She's is hot as f
WAR_ZON3 (2 hours ago)
These gotta be staged but the video was still good
Peace Love (2 hours ago)
Stop snitching...smh...
Asian Spider man (2 hours ago)
Dude there’s no f*****g way
V Sauce (2 hours ago)
Deneshia Lawrence (2 hours ago)
I no tjis is fake but adictive
Grace Playz (4 hours ago)
38 💀
Life with Camryn (4 hours ago)
How you get a teachers number this must be fake
KYGaming (4 hours ago)
FBI Open up
k leess (5 hours ago)
Jacksonian (8 hours ago)
Lol fake
Manhal XD (8 hours ago)
geelol420 (8 hours ago)
I give this shit four thumbs down 👎👎👎👎
MMS CLAN (9 hours ago)
Rgy rbygrfbfrugbegurf
MMS CLAN (9 hours ago)
• FSB • (11 hours ago)
Fakest video i had ever seen before
Rice Dck (11 hours ago)
Literally the fakest thing I have ever seen😂😂
Jon Bones Jones (11 hours ago)
Who couln't even type lol
Lets Ball (13 hours ago)
Fake or real....Bragging will get you nowhere #lowkeystatus
Bibek `s Official (15 hours ago)
How many scrolled to see pic ?😂😂
obrienSZN (17 hours ago)
obviously fake. in the picture she “sent” she had a iPhone X and well then the messes would be blue instead of green. so sad niggas do shit like this for views.😴
Steeve Waqanitoga (17 hours ago)
This video is fake, Fake ,FAKE...
Hype Royale gaming (19 hours ago)
2:48 here you go
Keyashia McQueen (19 hours ago)
He bold
Ali Hussein (20 hours ago)
Dam that's a ass
A jar of pickles (20 hours ago)
Just throwing this out there but you can go to jail for dating a teacher. Teacher student relationships are a big Nono
Mythic X (20 hours ago)
When u realized it was fake
Gacha Riu (20 hours ago)
Mrs Ann: u got a 38 Me:(>_<)
Che Guevara (21 hours ago)
Lucky Bastard 🍀
uma phrey (22 hours ago)
clap the cheeks
Mister BlackChristian (22 hours ago)
Am I the only one that thinks this is soooo fake
marcus gomez (23 hours ago)
You could tell it’s fake because on the photo that she sent him it was an iPhone. But the text messages were green
Money kid (23 hours ago)
VLONETHUG (1 day ago)
She said she dropped her shit in the toilet, what she doin grading ur test on the toilet while taking a picture with pants on 🤔
Enderplayz 2 (1 day ago)
Can I have her number
Dexter Jettster (1 day ago)
Fuck your emoji using headass
modistar Gurajena (1 day ago)
SCAAAAAAM!! You complete a survey, they get some money, you get absolutely nothing. Incentafan helped for me, you get free followers no strings attached, no human verification.
GAMING FAN pH. (1 day ago)
the name of the teacher is mrs.ann? so he can't date a lady with a husband sorry for my bad english
Qasim Yusuf Yusuf (1 day ago)
Fbi joined the chat Pedo teacher leaves the chat
Wafels gaming (1 day ago)
My balls just went up
Fire Wizard990 (1 day ago)
Trey Groff (1 day ago)
I like how he's on an Android but has the apple layout
Trey Groff (1 day ago)
You can't even get your teachers number
MysticBunBun YT (1 day ago)
Fake you put mrs she married
Damn bruh, you talk and act like you keep it 💯, but this shit fake af. Did a quick scan of your channel and everything else look fake asf. Clout chasin ass kid😂
BirouCosmin (1 day ago)
so what is that a yes or a know?
raj mason (1 day ago)
Deven Avant (1 day ago)
She had an android 😭
Zahra Burnett (1 day ago)
If it were real it would show the three little dots to show she is typing but it didn't 😑😂
I love these fake vids wtf
lechar roper 023 (1 day ago)
3.9k people who liked I gotta tell ya something This shit is faker than the news
Banana Squad (1 day ago)
kuban mangos (1 day ago)
Plot twist!! It's actually authentic!!
Amy Baker (1 day ago)
Stop with the fake vids.who would ask a teacher out??
Charlotte Amy (1 day ago)
She is a Mrs She is married oh lawd...
Suba Kanna (1 day ago)
Whatttttttttttttttttttt. This is obviously clickbaiting video
Amy Rose (1 day ago)
It's fake... She's a Mrs. Means she's married...
It’s rewind time (1 day ago)
Bruh I be getting lower
38 over?
Rock Lee (1 day ago)
i just realized if you asked her out, why is it Mrs? wouldn’t it me Ms otherwise she’d be having an affair with her husband. caught in a lie 😂✌️
Fool you a straight snitche,that's some hoe ass shit u did to that lady,u a pink if that's real🖕
pokc pokc (1 day ago)
GamerXD 419 (1 day ago)
TheOne Mike (1 day ago)
Lol fake asf
ZEN GAMERZ (1 day ago)
This crazyyyy
NKUW XD (1 day ago)
Its fake cause u cant get a teachers number
金正恩 (1 day ago)
This is real bro
Sparklequeen XDme (2 days ago)
No one can talk to there teacher like that ? What the ?????
Randi Emig (2 days ago)
This is fake your manager was the same picture!😡😡😡😡
4015339 (2 days ago)
I still watched the whole video knowing it was fake XD
m p (2 days ago)
sara haider (2 days ago)
fake vid
Caiden Colburn (2 days ago)
Ohhhh shit Boi
TikTok (2 days ago)
Glownack gaming (2 days ago)
windycitycrew21 (2 days ago)
Child protective services
oh hell nah (2 days ago)
Oh hell no
Rozario Quiroz (2 days ago)
This Boof Head lol
Aditya K (2 days ago)
Y can’t he make up his mind what he wants to say
kyung mi wee (2 days ago)
It’s MRS.ANN is already married
Detective X. (2 days ago)
Riverdale Edits (2 days ago)
Hahaha when you say mrs.Ann which means she’s married hahaha so that means she either a cheater or your beo
Herbal Giles (2 days ago)
69 messages 😏😏😏
Aaron Hall (2 days ago)
The ass
jamima smith (2 days ago)
Anyone else wondering how he spells so much wrong
Noah Hampton (2 days ago)
She just said she was grading the test she post be at the school and for one she don't post be dressed like that
Noah Hampton (2 days ago)
That ain't yo dann teacher
Millie Naismith (2 days ago)
So I’m the only one realising he has 68 messages 💀
So fake
Cherry Blossom 356 (2 days ago)
Is it real?
verzex (2 days ago)
Faker then my girl friend
Jamaal Bailey (2 days ago)
He was makin me so mad trynna text and shii
Swurvis IOS (2 days ago)
Says the reason he spelling is messed up is because she dropped it in a toilet, but in the pic she has an XR which is water Proof. Also when you text someone with I phone it’s blue it’s green when your texting an android user. EXPOSED KIDZ!
Sophia-playz Gacha (2 days ago)
Jeremy Huth (2 days ago)
i like lowkey got...ya know
Judgester999 (2 days ago)
Tell me your not 12 asking your teacher out

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