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will.i.am - Scream & Shout ft. Britney Spears (Official Music Video)

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Buy Now! iTunes: http://smarturl.it/ScreamNShout Sign up for Will.i.am news here: http://smarturl.it/will.i.am.News Music video by will.i.am performing Scream & Shout. © 2012 Interscope #william #ScreamAndShout #Vevo #Pop #BritneySpears
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Text Comments (299252)
Rice Pudding (58 seconds ago)
Damn I remember my dad will blast this song every time it comes up and now that I’m driving and when I blast music he would literally yell at me
liang yu Wu (7 minutes ago)
1:08 we sayin' oh we oh we oh we oh shoot em now now rockin' (dunno last word) *SOMEONE'S SMACKIN' UOP MY DICK!*
Kociaq Music (2 hours ago)
2019? 😜
Cristian Varga (3 hours ago)
Best music
Nurali Tusupbekov` (3 hours ago)
Black & Gold... Perfect👌
Curie Thota (3 hours ago)
Why she sound British?
Dyénen (4 hours ago)
britney's more uglier than usual.. sadly. Even her voice.
Raffaella Ucci (5 hours ago)
There she goes. The BITCHIEST OF 'EM ALL. 🖤🖤 Mirror mirror on THE WALL, who' s the BLACKEST OF 'EM ALL? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Volaaaa mio miny pony voooooola, quante avventure tu vivraiiiii 😀😜 RINCHIUDETELO CO LA VECCHIAAAAA 🕯️🕯️🤙🤙🎩🎩 Occhi asmatici di APE MAIA eteroEBBASTA💍🎁🎁☠️👑 BORSELLINI SCOZZESI RIUNITI ACCOGLIETELO : È LUI, 🎀🎀 II Perseo dalle fantasie di CHITARRA E ROCK N ROLL sotto l albero di Natale 👑🎄🛍️🛍️, L'UOMO APE. RITIVO 🍥🍥 L UOMO HALLOWEEN. THE PROPHET 🍣👻👻🍜 Il gamberetto storno 🦇🦇🍜🍜 la zuppa DI MISO VEGANA 🦉, mi nonna ma anche mi cugina. E volendo, MIA ZIA 🦅🦅🐏🐏🐦🐦 Una madre, un gay, un abbacchio alla scotta dito e RULLO DI TAMBURI.... HELLO SPANK 👋👋 HELLO SISTER 👍👍 CIAONE A TUTTI QUANTI 💋
Frosty (7 hours ago)
I can’t see any 2019 comments because of all the people complaining of the 2019 comments
JED 1977 (7 hours ago)
I don’t think Britney has looked better than this before or since.
u gay (8 hours ago)
Bring the -action- Cancer ✔️
the redneck horror (9 hours ago)
I want to scream and shout
Dav Dancerplayer (9 hours ago)
*Who would like to travel back in this time, where we had party music?*
Nostalgia songs will never be forgotten…
JungkookLoves YouTube (10 hours ago)
Who is this? 1:13 it's Britney Bitch
Caroline Pozzi (12 hours ago)
Cage Jordan (12 hours ago)
yeet in my timwline it is 2019 4:27
Not Lion ツ (12 hours ago)
Best song #2019
Drew Jacobson (12 hours ago)
Help me
AJAMDIEN Ameerud-Deen (12 hours ago)
Ohhh nostalgia
Fabio Jacuzzi (13 hours ago)
2087 Who is here?
Alice Lucy (13 hours ago)
Omg this was 2012
Tania Bautista (14 hours ago)
creo que soy la única que habla español es muybuena 😍
Raffaella Ucci (15 hours ago)
Raffaella Ucci (15 hours ago)
O. Ma tutti sti mipiace? Niente per me??? 🙏😎 È ripartito il ROSARIO 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Raffaella Ucci (15 hours ago)
Marco 82 ma io ste dieci ore non me le ricordavo così chiacchierecce 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Vai col ROSARIO... NO... niente rosario. Vai col liscio 🍸
Raffaella Ucci (15 hours ago)
Ma quanto me la state facendo sudare???? ®️🤣 Ebbasta Co sta pubblicità 😭 vabbè vabbè le metafore, vabbè vabbè lo schermo rotto è il cerchio cromato maggiorato ma qui c'è carestia 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thorgo Berlin (15 hours ago)
jag älskar anime (16 hours ago)
Suelem Maia (16 hours ago)
Respeita q sou dessa época
Dahlia Koeppen (16 hours ago)
I would die if this song died
H.2.0 (16 hours ago)
Why's britney doing a British accent
Jesus Christ (16 hours ago)
0:46 anyone love those moves ?
Jesus Christ (16 hours ago)
remember the time you played minecraft while listening to this ?
xAnime_GachaBunny (16 hours ago)
I know this sounds kinda embarrassing but: When I was little I used to lay down with my dad and sing "Britney Baby" XD
Marco Tuttoilmondo (16 hours ago)
lunimite (16 hours ago)
I think M-
Joshua Geoffrion (17 hours ago)
1:09 You are now now rockin with Will I Am and Brittney B**ch!
Emina Nashar (18 hours ago)
GachaGamer (19 hours ago)
*Sara : EW!*
Dobrý susedko (20 hours ago)
1:13 best part
Bethel Girma (20 hours ago)
2012 songs were way better than music right now like if you agree 👌
JN Chen (21 hours ago)
We say oh we oh we oh we oh~~~
Bbilleskov B. (22 hours ago)
3:11 good camera
289 million left easy
Alexandra Grande (1 day ago)
The intro doesn’t sound like britney
lucas p. da silva (1 day ago)
música gostosa da pourraaaaaaaa♥
Bob Skaggs (1 day ago)
Someone in my high school played this song in my gym it was lit
Barbara Parsons (1 day ago)
day want me dead bad
Barbara Parsons (1 day ago)
check fort meade 4 cathy n other from andrews. getting checks
Diego Bahena (1 day ago)
oof :v (1 day ago)
Ice cream and shout :v
Milena Różańska (1 day ago)
hej, jestem Mila, britney bitch
Jacob Mayani (1 day ago)
1957 anyone?
Gghj Gghjj (1 day ago)
this is pure nostalgia
Who the hell is Brittany Spears
Arjay (1 day ago)
Mr Krabs in Mall (1 day ago)
Road to 1 billion
Miguel Prado (1 day ago)
Justino (1 day ago)
Brasil vs Brasil
Anja Macantosch (1 day ago)
Baloon Yellow (1 day ago)
Still fav
Tony Stark (1 day ago)
4:21 You are now now rock'in with Will . i . am and Britney b¤tch....
the redneck horror (9 hours ago)
Tony Stark same man
Tralepix Official (13 hours ago)
britney botch.
Amcia Kawcia (1 day ago)
2012 superrrrrrr 2013 superrrrrr 2014 superrrrr 2015 superrrr 2016 superrr 2017 superr 2018 super 2019 superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👇
Amcia Kawcia (1 day ago)
Yachuprodukcja kto od?
Okayimepic (1 day ago)
So much nostalgia of the old days :(
Notagenius (1 day ago)
Does the car at 3:11 really exist?
Rossella Giannini (1 day ago)
Just ABasicBixtch (1 day ago)
เฉลิม ธนาวุฒิกูร 🙋‍♀️
Naomi Yessica (2 days ago)
my childhood jam ayy!!🙌
E J (2 days ago)
That drop is addicting
teospower (2 days ago)
"Your gonna turn this shit up" ... Britney would be excellent at Cinema Sins.
walker81 mont (2 days ago)
Like si estás after party
"I want this night to for ever" well is 7 years good enough?
T_ BOY (2 days ago)
garbage garbage (2 days ago)
amazing forever.
Mr.WanTon (2 days ago)
Just remember this guy made "Big and Chunky" for Madagascar
Andy Aleman (1 day ago)
Autistic pfp
Marex Kai (2 days ago)
The video was so far ahead of its time, its unbelievable
Marex Kai (2 days ago)
Get this to a billion views!!!
Mini3cene (2 days ago)
0:48 Oreooo eo eo say Oreeoo eo eoo
King Jenise (2 days ago)
2012 was the prime year for pop music 😭. No one can change my mind.
Maykon colombo (2 days ago)
Yanuze (2 days ago)
Boring... Never really got to savour anything from Will.I.Am, just was not interested 😕
134 340 (2 days ago)
SWEET SAMURAİ (2 days ago)
Mc QUEEN (2 days ago)
La unica de las canciones q Britney canta bonito :"v
swift 13 (2 days ago)
3d printer in 2012?.......
Estuchi :v (2 days ago)
Esto nunca pasara de moda <3
M- PUBG (2 days ago)
Screm shot
Karen Nuñez (2 days ago)
Iceycoolman (2 days ago)
hmmm, so if somebody is big and chunky, will will.i.am scream and shout?
Frank Tank (2 days ago)
is it bad that my teacher would play the uncensored version of this song when we were in grade two..??? whatever we still had fun X3
Theme park Adventures (2 days ago)
Little did we know that that will.i.am is MOTO MOTO
Nils Tercier (2 days ago)
Is cool
MrAqness (2 days ago)
britni dziwka
Gedaante Lupos (3 days ago)
_Papa mama Pietje Nick_
Zero 2 (3 days ago)
M o t o M o t o
p9nt6gr6m (3 days ago)
back in 2012 when fashion almost became cyberpunk 2077 but then something horrible happened. we just don't know what.
VESTEN LIFE (3 days ago)

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