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Reading My Grindr Messages

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Have a look at my previous video (Top 10 Moments Of 2016) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YF_dkSWtef4 This video has been in the works for almost 3 months, provoking men on Grindr was fun but the editing process was gruelling, it has turned out to be one of my favourite videos; I already have plans for a part 2! Please like the video if you'd like to see more - or suggest a different dating app in the comments. ------------Social Media----------- Twitter: @discovermeross Instagram: rossbickerdike -------------------------------------------- Thank you for watching!
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Text Comments (64)
curtis lawson (10 days ago)
you look like my ex he got killed by a Mexican drunk driver what a shame
Joni Marien McConnell (9 months ago)
OhLawrddd! to many Lonely People😰
Mark Edwards (11 months ago)
This is hilarious and makes me want to be a troll on grindr now LOL
Rick White (1 year ago)
I agree w/Grant Ward, as the pic gives him a air of knowing, though your sex life remains hidden.
Damien Cooper (1 year ago)
When you're young you're just looking for conversion and a beautiful man. As you get older you're more chill
BlindNightmare (1 year ago)
Oh my days haha was I the only one to get the plebs reference. You cheeky, basted.
Saturinus (1 year ago)
D: Your creepy guy impressions were so creepy.
jerry bennett, jr (1 year ago)
Pretty entertaining
Roshan Johri (1 year ago)
Haha, this is my grindr lmao!
AlecIsNostalgic (1 year ago)
You have a really charming voice 🌹
AlecIsNostalgic (1 year ago)
Haha cool video :3 I was planning on making one of these actually!
hellblazer TAS (1 year ago)
Omg so funny! I'm on another chat app and i have lots of entertaining conversations like these there😂😂 I could stop but those boys and girls always make my day😂😂
Dodahbay (1 year ago)
I had a guy message me and said "Nut in my gut"
Bradley Houlton (1 year ago)
loved this video!! I posted a grindr video too, would love it if you could check it out! :) x
jason david (1 year ago)
You're hilarious. Subbed!
David Wood (1 year ago)
another kid that thinks theyre better than anybody else on grindr. its grindr. people want sex on grindr. shock, horror
Matthew Zeller (1 year ago)
to me i do not like using Grindr for that reason, but love you video it was so funny
Austin And Patrick (1 year ago)
Hahahaha wait this is fantastic
UNSC INFINITY (1 year ago)
Send Nudes to @RealDonaldTrump 👍👍
Mike Hudson (1 year ago)
Made me laugh Ross, very cleverly done. Bravo. You are a very astute film maker.
DreamMasterASMR (1 year ago)
Lmfao out of all the other grindr msg videos people do, this is actually the only one that's made me laugh 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥
DiscoverMeRoss (1 year ago)
+Danny TheRainbowUnicorn omg thanks!
"sexy bastard" x'D
Damien Waller (1 year ago)
Really Cute Guy <3
mgonza123 (1 year ago)
Just found ur channel, loving the vids, make more please :D :D !!
DiscoverMeRoss (1 year ago)
mgonza123 thanks! More will be coming soonish, just on a bit of a break at the moment
ラモーンルカ (1 year ago)
who is triggered by nudes?
DiscoverMeRoss (1 year ago)
Luca Rhammon YouTube apparently with the restricted filter
Mobstar Hipstar (2 years ago)
u should do a storytime of a grindr date for the next video
Mobstar Hipstar (2 years ago)
yay! Ima subscribe
DiscoverMeRoss (2 years ago)
Machine Gun Mobstar it's like you read my mind...coming soon!
Venus Speechless (2 years ago)
lmao your face is so pretty btw
DiscoverMeRoss (2 years ago)
Venus Speechless haha thanks!
Grant Ward (2 years ago)
I liked the video but I preferred the guy playing "other guy". The Ross guy was a bit annoying. I give it 3.5 stars. Also, send nudes
Grant Ward (2 years ago)
DiscoverMeRoss that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me :') I knew there was a reason I allowed you to talk to me
DiscoverMeRoss (2 years ago)
Grant Ward you look like a magician in your profile
Grant Ward (2 years ago)
DiscoverMeRoss TBH I didn't get to the end. This video is almost as disappointing as sex with you
DiscoverMeRoss (2 years ago)
Grant Ward thanks for the comment obsessed fan
Alavini Lata (2 years ago)
so funny I download G to see all the fuss.
DiscoverMeRoss (2 years ago)
Scott McClintock hopefully you get some weird messages too, for your entertainment!
Joseph McGowan (2 years ago)
I fucking lost it at "Hitler is secretly my hero" Also this is exactly why I haven't used Grindr in ages. Full of assholes, creepy old dudes, and assholes.
Joseph McGowan (2 years ago)
If you're looking for stuff to laugh at, it's certainly good for that, what with people constantly making fools of themselves and whatnot. There's even a subreddit for it, r/lolgrindr.
DiscoverMeRoss (2 years ago)
Joseph McGowan to be honest I still have the app just to check daily what people have said
JohnAnthony Savino (2 years ago)
Slay me
DiscoverMeRoss (2 years ago)
JohnAnthony I will do, happily
Megan Cheeseman (2 years ago)
Laughed incredible amounts at this lovely😂😂😂
DiscoverMeRoss (2 years ago)
Megan Cheeseman good girl 😉
jamsta2k9 (2 years ago)
trolling the thirsty on grindr is so much fun 😂
Michael Metcalfe (1 year ago)
That's offensive.
jamsta2k9 (2 years ago)
+DiscoverMeRoss not even being able to reply to some of them due to laughing too much 👌
DiscoverMeRoss (2 years ago)
jamsta2k9 tricking the old men into thinking they have a chance 🤣
Taler (2 years ago)
I cried laughing so hard at this. Thanks for the laugh 😂
DiscoverMeRoss (2 years ago)
taler Johnson you're welcome 😜
Charlotte L (2 years ago)
Cry laughed at this. So hilarious
DiscoverMeRoss (2 years ago)
Charlotte L they're pretty weird ahah 😂
Matthew Sweet (2 years ago)
This is qualityyyyy! Couldn't stop laughinggg!
DiscoverMeRoss (2 years ago)
Matthew Sweet thanks!! 😆
Alex Oleynikov (2 years ago)
btw you forgot to edit here 7:33
DiscoverMeRoss (2 years ago)
Александр Олейников ahh I know, I lost the screenshot of that conversation somehow
Alex Oleynikov (2 years ago)
I feel like this video is waaaaay too long. I think just 5 minutes would be much better for this kind of video. Still hilarious though :D
Alex Oleynikov (2 years ago)
+DiscoverMeRoss yeah I just think it would be better to leave just the best ones. It would be shorter but better in quality.
DiscoverMeRoss (2 years ago)
Александр Олейников haha there was just so many conversations to fit in, glad you enjoyed it though!
bethanyholttt (2 years ago)
loved this
DiscoverMeRoss (2 years ago)
bethanyholttt thanks!

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