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Discord - Spell Checker (MAD SLOW EDIT) (50% SPEED)

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delete this

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Jayden Nguyen (14 days ago)
not one of my proudest faps
YouTube usersupport (15 days ago)
Still stupid, even at 2x Speed
su bac (19 days ago)
this is the 666'th comment and try x2 speed
DrawnRed (21 days ago)
i was 6 months late b a d u m , t i s s !
Evo Gaming (28 days ago)
Extra challenge: Watch it on 0.25x
Bevan Ellis (29 days ago)
Puts on 1.5 speed EARRAPE EDIT (normal speed but voice is an earrape)
Leon The Cutie (1 month ago)
slow this down to 0.25x lmfao
Antoine Spiteri (1 month ago)
I have that keyboard lol
NotOzzy (1 month ago)
x2 I was once a hacker.
Máté Antal (1 month ago)
If you put it on 2x speed it's basically the original video but with a demonic voice
rixio (1 month ago)
its 12 o clock
Worldmaster427 (1 month ago)
2 speed
iProgramInCpp (1 month ago)
And now I realised that behind YouTube, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and everything Internet... is just humans and computers!
*stop it. get some help*
ur momther gay (2 months ago)
Now put this video on .25 speed
Massgaming (2 months ago)
*NEEDS SLOWER* ... *sets to .25 speed*
Cybertron Laser Gamer (2 months ago)
delete this
lea's tanuki (2 months ago)
Playback Speed: 2x
Sweetie Bot (3 months ago)
its time to stahp
thesilverbow (3 months ago)
z e r o p o i n t t w o f i v e
TheReeKey (3 months ago)
turn on 2x speed
Shadow Storminius (3 months ago)
I'm dying here..
Nuno Soares (3 months ago)
Set speed 0.25
Journalizer (3 months ago)
no more
Pensive (3 months ago)
Where is the F on the keyboard, can't find it.
Mister Rhombus (3 months ago)
delete this
StealthShadow 1 (3 months ago)
Drown (4 months ago)
"omg the sax really moved me"
Aaron Ward (4 months ago)
It’s time to stop
resq2 (4 months ago)
plays this video at quarter speed
Yukaira (4 months ago)
Valkiwi (4 months ago)
Dont slow down the video you will regret
Brezerked D (4 months ago)
And to *further* slow this down, use the YouTube 0.25 times playback speed option
Hatty (4 months ago)
Is this vaporwave now?
Koxiu! (4 months ago)
2x speed is original video, just voice is kinda weird. xd
neoAviation (4 months ago)
I did 2x speed, sound different video in line.
DiamondTurtle (4 months ago)
Putting it at 2x does nothing.
Tricus (4 months ago)
idc (4 months ago)
where's the discovery edit tho
Arkadiusz Rękas (4 months ago)
killmoo (4 months ago)
ghostbuster song at 2x speed
Charlie Newman (4 months ago)
0.25 speed
VOLTOVSKY (4 months ago)
Time to die
Superealmario (4 months ago)
Put it on 2x
Miles! (4 months ago)
Aidas Tekorius (4 months ago)
No just watch this at 0.5 speed
Diamondstars (4 months ago)
Tobi01_ (4 months ago)
please unban KevinCZ#3042,Reason:Free ban
qCoffeeq (4 months ago)
synthels (4 months ago)
2x for normal tempo but *slightly* pitched voice :P
Justus Bruines (5 months ago)
Holy sh.. put it on x2 speed.. lol
Fly Mega (5 months ago)
speed x2
M!ST3R Néo (5 months ago)
My discord ! French only ^^ https://discord.gg/wmKat
alex lopez (5 months ago)
Human Being (5 months ago)
sounds like gay porn tho.
Crimsoncube181 (5 months ago)
Play at 0.25 speed... no
Deniz Mustafa (5 months ago)
2X speed tho
Akos 44 (5 months ago)
quackitye 7 (5 months ago)
It's time to stop this instantly!
Jason Zhang (5 months ago)
why are discord videos the best
Ghostly Dragon (5 months ago)
Watches this at 2x speed
Link Load (5 months ago)
Shadow Tux (5 months ago)
I put this video at 25% slower so now it’s extremely slow
Squad Fam (5 months ago)
watched at 2x speed
Blade Hunter (5 months ago)
Put it at 0.75 play speed
aubhey toor (5 months ago)
Toad Fish (5 months ago)
its just time to stop
Karen Gilland (5 months ago)
So much hate on this trash
Michale CatsonUGW (5 months ago)
Lies I speed it up by two and that ain’t slowed it’s slowed and the voice is deapend
asdfLuigiGamer (5 months ago)
Set the speed to 2x. It'll sound the same except it's low-pitched.
H S (5 months ago)
Seal Stealer (5 months ago)
9PM, about to go to sleep. (Spoiler: I wish I had a good sleeping pattern like thar :P) Friend: So, what did you do today? Me: I set the playback speed of a half speed video to half speed. Friend: ...
Koli (5 months ago)
plz no never again
Freddie2004.13 (5 months ago)
When discord is running out of video ideas
Prodawg (5 months ago)
Watched on 0.25
Gangplank (5 months ago)
putt it on 2 it made me laught
Lightning Jack (5 months ago)
the fuck......
RoyaleSlayer GFX (5 months ago)
Dominics (5 months ago)
Arrayro (5 months ago)
set this on the speed 2 and watch it its like the original video but ummmm... idk
ThundaBrotha (5 months ago)
Put it on 2 Speed
ThundaBrotha (5 months ago)
0.25 :)
Scribble Nerd (5 months ago)
set this to 0.25 speed... my life is a lie... ive watched 17 seconds in 3 minutes... wHhHhHhHyYyYyY
Spyko (5 months ago)
s p e l l c h e c k e r
DerpySiblings (6 months ago)
i'm trying to get into discord but it wont load it took half hour and still did'nt load....
Phantumix (6 months ago)
Okay i guess
Yurrupt (6 months ago)
SloozyModz (6 months ago)
SpaRkofFiRe (6 months ago)
JelNiSław (6 months ago)
Watching at 2x speed xD
Paul D (6 months ago)
Louie Horwood (6 months ago)
If you speed it up in YouTube its like the normal video just more demonic sounding.
yoshiclay9000 (6 months ago)
Discord spell checker but every time he says “word” or anything related to spelling the video gets slower
Ruel Matitu (6 months ago)
Where to suggest improvements?
Seth Kowallis (6 months ago)
and the best company award goes to...
Jude Hawes (6 months ago)
Most frames from that are now a emoji meme on my server
MrBlur (6 months ago)
please don't
TEAM FRANCE FR (6 months ago)
i am frenche and l like discord
RealSanoMano (6 months ago)
Is this what the kids call vaporwave ね営え?

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